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30 Pages, 2-sided

Printing my tax forms from Turbotax. My ex-brokerage finally delivered my forms by snailmail, which I wanted to have in hand to compare with the download. They matched, and that was the last thing I needed to file. My current brokerage beat them by a week.
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Okay, forms printed and stapled and ready for the file cabinet. Also replaced two ink cartridges which were almost empty.

Slept strangely last night, some very brief dreams which made no sense, which I think I said so out loud when I broke out of them. Was not feeling rested when the alarms went off, so I took an other half hour to doze. 15 minutes late getting out, forgot the HB eggs, and was still packing my lunch box when Automation Guy called. I'll have to phone him tomorrow when we're stuck in traffic.

Traffic was reasonable today, both directions. Nice clear dry day. Cold, though.

No HB eggs in the fridge this morning (there were some yesterday). But there were Kind bars. And bananas. They have kiwi fruit but try to peel those with plastic ware.

Lots of testing to do today, Engineer came by to look at another TV in my room, I finally got to show him the bug he had not been able to reproduce.

After lunch Boss messaged that Monday she will come visit me with The Test Laptop so I can finally start doing the work I was originally hired for. So far all my work has been on someone else's products. This one will be for her product. She would have come tomorrow, but she's taking a vacation day.

I was thinking about another short trip this weekend, maybe a bus to a casino, but all those are aimed at the hard core gambler. There are usually two sets of buses, one leaving around 8 am and returning at about 3:30 pm, and the other a red eye, leaving at 8 pm and returning at 3:30 am.  Maybe some other time, right now most of those casinos are on the wrong side of "chains required" or "flash flood alert". Overnight is out of the question - room rates for Saturdays range from $300 to $700. Some of them have good food, and they are all a scenic daytime trip.

CHM has some interesting Thursday evening talks coming up, I signed up for two of them.

Solved a puzzle which I thought would be a weekend project. Could not figure out why Book of Mormon was the only musical my car said was on the USB drive. I'd copied all my tunes. Or so I thought. It seems I had saved my musicals to a different folder than the pop/rock tunes. Needed a bigger memory stick, which I happened to have on hand. I hope the car can read it.

While that was copying, I managed to delete all my photos from Google Photos. Yay! Useless "service". I'll keep my fingers crossed that Flickr stays afloat after Yahoo bows to their new corporate overlords.

Lunch was Stouffers sesame chicken, which had no sesame seeds, and used thin spaghetti instead of rice or chow mein. Thin mints for dessert. Two very brief visits by cute, petite women.

Dinner was more smoked turkey drumstick, this time with mixed veggies.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone Automation Guy from the freeway

Wait! I haven't had dessert yet!

Never mind, now I have.
Good sleep, once again woke up 15 minutes before the alarm, but I wasn't feeling rested and had a headache so I took some aspirin and lounged in bed till 7:45. On the road on time, maybe 5 minutes early. Traffic on 101 was a mess at Sunnyvale, I'm glad I took the back way, but at Ellis I was able to get onto 101 almost at speed and there was no backup at my exit.

Was expecting another day of boredom, but early on two engineers in the big building pointed me at a new build, so I started another round of tests. So far not so good. All the usual bugs are still there, plus one. And I'm only 1/3 of the way through. Decided to watch more and longer video. Some of the 4K music videos are not safe for work, so I made a note of them and watched at home.

Lunch was tuna casserole. Dessert was thin mints. Some eye candy, there seems to be a new class of newbies plus a lecture series. One young woman was in the front booth creating emojis by hand on a paper pad. Looked like illustration for a game. Very well drawn. And so were the emojis.

4 pm I took a break and she was there, with a stash of food. Salad fixings. Phone rang, it was the blonde from Denver, my original contract rep. Just checking to see how I was doing, and to let me know she isn't a Google rep anymore. I made sure she understood that the former co-worker I referred to my rep who was referred to her was good for more than just Google.

As 5:30 rolled around, I was up to an overnight test - make sure a video can be paused for a long time and play correctly when the remote is pressed.

I had some fun playing a farm game using the game controller. And it also made the rolling ball game a lot easier.

Drove across to the garage & plugged in, fired up my laptop in the upper deck of the auditorium, the crew was noisily setting tables back up, there had been some sort of internal recruiting fair. As usual, 5 minutes before the cafeteria opened there was a mob scene, which never let up. I grabbed some desserts to take home, none of the soups appealed to me, and the lines for everything else were too long. So many beautiful legs & bottoms, though. One particular redhead pixie...

Home by back roads, good call because even though it was 7 pm and hadn't rained all day, 101 was a mess southbound. The service road was clear right up until the Intersection From Hell. And clear again past that.

Home, a letter in the mail from the CU which holds my mortgage. They are changing their name to something incredibly stupid from something incredibly misleading. Nothing else is changing. San Antonio CU is now Credit Human. Go figure.

Spent a bit of time on FB doing non-political things.

Janice probably spent the day in San Jose as a Red Cross volunteer, but I didn't see her on TV. About 150 families evacuated, many to a high school. From the flood area coverage, victim cries of "I lost everything" appear to be extremely inaccurate. One home was split in half by a huge tree, but in most cases we're only talking about soaked floors. I hope.

NASA's report of possible earth-like planets comes at a suspicious time. And is unusually vague. And too far away to do us any good any time soon.

Dinner was Marie C chicken, while watching erotic YouTube videos. And the news.

Ordered a lot of paper goods from jet.com which I used to get at Costco. Free shipping for the amount I ordered, so why pay a membership fee, dodge the BMW drivers of shopping, and stand in line forever to pay higher prices?

UPS sent an update - I had misread the last one, the lens is not due here till next Wednesday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably plug in and admire the legs & butts again.
Think about places to go this weekend. Research non-Amtrak bus rides.

Mundane Tuesdane

Slept okay, woke up 15 minutes before the alarm and was on the road about 10 minutes early. By the time Automation Guy phoned, I was in the break room collecting bananas and diet Cokes. So I called him back when I got into my office in the hole.

Nothing at all on the agenda today, but over the weekend the app which had the buggy update was magically installed on my test machine, and it was worse than the Engineer described. I removed the update and all was well. Just for practice I re-flashed the memory on the device and continued watching TV. I'm seeing an intermittent issue, but it is not a blocker, more of a customer experience thing which is probably due to the unit being a prototype.

Lunch was Smart Something Swedish meatballs, smaller and inferior to the other brands. Dessert was thin mints. I'm running low, but forgot to look on the cookie app to see where I can buy more.

Nothing special this afternoon. At 5:30 after I put the cooler in the car I hiked up to the creek trail, and was rewarded with a rare view of running water. Not the elevated levels I expected, though. Enough to float a duck, maybe.

Home traffic was light until I got to Shoreline Blvd, and I got stuck where there was no way out. Usually by that time all the traffic is coming from Google, in the direction I'm going, and the insanity comes from idiots trying to get onto the freeways, which are on the right-hand lane, from the middle and left-hand lanes at the last minute. I stick with the left lane, so when the idiots move right I get to move forward. But tonight there was a ton of traffic coming off the two freeways, and turning into my lane. I spent half an hour on that 1-mile stretch which usually worst case is 5 minutes. Took an hour to get home.

In the mailbox was a check for an Avis overcharge class action settlement, for about $13, which is way more than I expected. Usually it costs more to deposit those things than they are worth.

Another nice surprise is UPS emailed that the lens will be delivered tomorrow.

Fired up TurboTax and was finally able to slurp up my Scottrade 1099's. The gains came in at about $100 less than what I'd calculated. I think I'm ready to file now. Maybe tomorrow.

Dinner was Marie C turkey/mashed/stuffing which was not up to par. Used to be turkey medallions, now just chunks of white meat, and a bare minimum of stuffing. Good veggies, though. Watched the most recent episode of Elementary which wasted a whole segment on "previously" from a few weeks ago, about the subplot, and the main plot was an epic example of how to solve a case with the most esoteric collection of facts possible. The herrings were redder than usual, as well.

Tonight's FAIL was trying to delete all my stuff from Google Photos. It's a truly useless service. Turns out the the official "how to" is only good for a handful of images, not the thousands the app scooped up off my PC. I think I managed to delete all the nudes. The only almost efficient way is to tag a day's images at a time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plug in the car and wait until after the cafeteria opens before hitting the streets. 

A Birthday

I have so few LJ people anymore, birthdays are rare. So happy birthday to the very rare collection of talent, grace and charm which is quadrivium!

At Conflikt 2017.

Well, that was a nice surprise

That lens I couldn't find yesterday? Found it. Instead of Amazon, I looked on Nikon's site, found a really nice 50mm FX lens, and it pointed me to places to buy it. Adorama, which is a reputable company I've used a few times in the past, had it in stock, with a free filter kit (about a $60 value) and free shipping. But they wanted 446.95. Too much. That was for the very fast f/1.4. Under "related items" was the same lens, but a little less fast - f/1.8. Minuscule difference for the kind of shooting I do. Other than that, the specs were the same. Smallest lens opening is f/16, which isn't as good as I would like, but fine for a 50mm, it's almost a macro, it can focus as close as 18", and it has the built in S focus, lightning fast. For $216.95. Sold!
Last night sleep was on and off, couldn't really settle in. Tummy is still a little bit iffy, and I was running a low grade fever. Very low grade. Like C-. Maybe D+. Thought about aspirin, but forgot.

Playing videos on the Samsung tablet has been erratic lately, Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Puffin and Safari knock-off browsers all had problems skipping around the timeline. Found a 2017 internet app which is rock solid, and wasted two hours putting it through its paces. Got out of bed a little before 11.

Turned on the radio and was zapped by the emergency broadcast system telling me there were slides and flash flood warnings for Alameda County. My big gripe with Bay Area radio is it "serves" a huge geographical area, so I am forced to hear alerts and traffic reports which are the East Coast equivalent of hearing about Boston traffic in Portland, ME or Providence, RI. Not applicable. Not interested. And useless, even for those who commute in those areas because by the time it is on the radio, it has changed.</RANT>

Plan A was a surgical strike to Target, which was completed mostly successfully. Did not buy anything not on my list, they had an exchange for my SodaStream cartridge, and everything on my list sort of. They were out of Lactaid 2% milk, so I bought one fat free and one house brand ($1 more) 2%. There were enough frozen meals that I didn't need to go to Safeway.

Stopped off on the way home at Grocery Outlet, still no PayDays, but they had a good price on eggs and Tillamook dark chocolate mint ice cream.

Home, hard boiled the eggs while eating the ice cream. There's still a little bit of ice cream left.

Relaxed, spent minimal time online, and at 4:15 headed to MV and chatted with Janice till 6. She's a Red Cross volunteer and it looks like she will be helping at shelters in San Jose, which are crowded because the usual homeless camps are now rivers, and probably will only get worse until Thursday. She went to SF to see the 20th anniversary performance of Rent, but she and her friends hated it and left at halftime.

OTOH she also went to see Allegiance and was blown away. She is puzzled by why it only ran for 5 months on Broadway. She figures a less than all-star cast could easily have taken over and run for a long time. I suggested she write to George. I may too, now that she mentions it.

Before we left, I looked up the rain report - more than 2" in Mountain View today. Looking again, 2.77" in 24 hours. Wow. YTD 29.17". Average annual is 39.28.

Back home by surface roads because it was raining hard and it was after dark. For dinner I gnawed on a couple of smoked turkey wings. Probably should have had some veggies but instead opted for an ice cream sandwich and two aspirin. Watched Elementary, from the week before last, on CBS All Access. It was also recorded on Tivo, but the signal sucked. This time there was no soap, just drama, and only one plot line. Some excellent acting by Isiah Whitlock Jr. as the antagonist, not to be confused with "bad guy". You had to be there. Episode name "Over A Barrel" is pretty lame. Comes from a minor plot point. Kind of like naming "E.T." "Bicycle Ride".
Delivered was a wet, broken package from OnTrac, three times bigger than it needed to be and filled with not enough packing paper to make it crush-proof. 16 lb bag of cat food, 3 bottles of shampoo, 3# of walnuts. In a box the size of a police dog kennel.

Did a load of laundry this morning, another is in the dryer now.

Plans for tomorrow:

Home early

Last night was horrible. Bedtime, I felt like I was coming down with a cold, not too surprising because I was out in the cold and wind a lot. My first pit stop I was shaking like a leaf, which I blamed on the illness, but it also is a symptom of low blood sugar. Kind of ruled that out because dinner was high in sugars and starch, and I didn't shoot up any more insulin than average.

The other theory is it was chilly in the room, so I looked at the thermostat and it was off. Turned it on and set it for 70. Or maybe 72. Next time I woke up the chills were gone, but OCD was there to replace them. I was up to look on Amazon for a Nikon lens. The fast 50mm I shot the Hmong exhibit with is old and doesn't auto-expose very well -- after a few shots I switched to manual mode. It was built for a pre-automatic camera, the f-stop ring actually works, but not on the newer cameras, which error out if it's not at the highest setting.

Did not find what I was looking for. What I did find was either too bulky or too expensive or both. I shouldn't be buying toys, anyway. I can always pull out the D90 and use its DX 35mm lens.

Woke up way too many times. As the morning progressed, the pillows went from heavenly to rockyard. Most wake-ups I checked the webcams, and saw that Spook was restless too. She was on the livingroom floor, on the guest room futon, the bedroom cat bed and the porch-view cat tree. I had closed the bathroom door before I left, hoping she would sleep on the bed, but she didn't.

Finally 9 am rolled around, I got dressed and went next door for the buffet breakfast. It was a pretty nice buffet, similar to a mainstream hotel's. Scrambled eggs, sausages, potatoes, a variety of juices. Only two problems: no plates and nowhere to sit. I saw people with to-go boxes, but none were set out. I finally got one from a staffer.

It was drizzling on the walk over there, so Plan B was invoked. I fired up the Amtrak app and changed my reservation to 12:10.

Ate in the room, watched TV, and spent way too much time on the crapper. Blaming that on the impending illness. At about 11, when my tummy agreed, I checked out and walked down the block and across the street to the train station, and spent another round in the loo. There was someone sleeping in a sleeping bag in one of the stalls. Homeless are all over Sacramento. One would think the state capitol would be more sensitive to its image.

Speaking of image, there is a huge mural depicting breaking ground for the trans continental railway in January 18-something. I suspect it was not well researched, because most of the crowd was wearing shirtsleeves and nobody was wearing an overcoat. That does not seem accurate for January in Sacramento. And the clock above it is stuck at 3 o'clock.

I was ready to go half an hour before train time, but had to wait, because they only start running the shuttle at 15 minutes till departure. Not a good plan, since by then the best seats are taken. As usual I lost my bearings, and when the train pulled out it was going backwards. It was more than half full, none of the forward-facing seats in my car were free, so I had to put up with it. Traveling backwards makes me mildly carsick.

A couple of stops later, I was able to move to a better seat, it turned out to be the same one as the one I rode up on, except that one was in the front car, this was in the back car.

There was a lot of water in the landscape. The Sacramento River looked like about 6 feet below crest. There are some fields in the delta with water halfway up the trees.

Here and there we slowed way down near flooded areas, there were lots of small landslides on the cliffs along the bay by Martinez. Here and there we rocked hard going fast.

For the most part it was an uneventful trip. There were a lot of babies on board, but they didn't land in my car. And being 4 cars back, the horn wasn't as invasive. I was able to read from the tablet. Amtrak wi-fi is not bad, so email and antisocial networking was available. I ate half a PNB&J and a Payday and drank lots of water. My tummy behaved itself for the whole ride.

Got to the station on time, the experiment worked - my car was where I'd left it. Home in 10 minutes. Considered stopping off to get my nails done or do some shopping, but no.

Home, unpacked in stages, downloaded the pictures, which can be found here. Here are a couple:

Pointing out pictures of people they knew in Laos, or in the camps.

This is the great-grandfather of the woman I chatted with yesterday.

A volunteer guards the display case. Not really, she was mostly there to welcome visitors and direct traffic.

Paul was in Peace Corps/Thailand from the year before I arrived to about 3 years after I left. I'm sure I met him.

My favorite of all the costumes on display. I was told long ago, and it may even be true, that the coins were her dowry.

Dinner was a Healthy Choice sweet&sour chicken thing. Four thin mint cookies for dessert. And some cheap caviar on ritz crackers as I watched the Bloomberg technology report. They had on an ex-NSA executive, and he had the same take on Trump as I do. Unlike all other Presidents of living memory, he immediately started fulfilling his campaign promises. And by jumping in with both feet, finesse was not a consideration.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shopping at The French Store and Safeway.
Coffee with Janice


Spook camped out on the bed most of the night. I got up 3 or 4 times, she meowed but stayed. At about 6:30 I woke up with low blood sugar -72 - two Klondike bars and half an hour in the recliner. Spook kept me company, playing with her ball-in-a-circle toy. If I pointed the phone cam at her she stopped and walked away.

Low hgl saps my energy big time. I got a half hour's sleep, pushed myself to do my morning routine and finish packing. I had about an hour free before I needed to decide whether to go or just stay home. Filled up the dishwasher and started it up. Camped out in the recliner with Famous Amos.

9:30 I was in the car already out to the Tasman intersection. Got to the station and there was a parking space right where I hoped. walked out to the station, it was way windy, but not raining. Two other people were there early too. On went back to his car the other looked for a place out of the wind but there wasn't really any. I found a place under the overpass which was less windy, but after a while I noticed there was a lot more platform, and the train would probably pull up to the other end. So I stood around there.

Train was on time, but only 3 cars so I had to walk back a bit to get the first car. Bike car, but upstairs I found a good seat facing forward with window views out both sides.

Life was good until Berkeley, when the four seats ahead of me which had been marked off limits (for crew) suddenly became a day care center. Three adults, three children under 5. Apparently the rest of the train was too full for then to sit together.

I had my earbuds, and music, but gave up after a while because babies crying and almost constant train horns made it impossible.

At Martinez someone sat next to me, we chatted a little. A 42-year old widow with a boyfriend in Martinez and a job in Sacramento checking wristbands at NASCAR races. I guess someone has to do it.

At SAC, made the mistake of walking from the tracks to the station. It's at least a half mile, and it's a steep downhill ramp followed by a steep uphill ramp. I could have waited for the courtesy golf carts. It was a mistake because I still had a half mile more to the bus stop.

Bus stops here are not well marked. Most of the Bay Area, they are red zones and often indented. Here there is a blue on white sign with the numbers of the routes, but you have to find the sign first.

It was a long ride. 45 minutes, but felt longer because I was looking for 47th ave, but after 44th the bus turned 90 degrees and started anew at 6th. And a lot of streets were named not numbered.

I did spot my stop in time, thanks to a hint from Google maps.

Then it was a walk to the corner and deciding which way to turn. Made easier because in one direction was 47th, in the other it was a named street.

The exhibit was in a school administration center of some sort, and in the basketball building next to it, with a too-small art show in Room 15, one of a set of trailers. We had a name for those temporary-turned-permanent classrooms in high school but I forget what it was.

A very impressive exhibit, lots of work went into it, apparently it was created two years ago, and has been shown other places. As impressive for me as the exhibit was the number of Hmong-American volunteers helping out. Most were just greeters and guiding children's fingers away from the exhibit cases, but a few were giving guided tours, or explaining a section of the exhibit they helped build.

Lots of verbiage on big posters, lots of photos, walls of photos of ex-soldiers and a wall of photos of individual refugees holding a board with their name on it. Makeshift ID cards. One room held a Plexiglas container with about half a dozen pairs of mannequins dressed in Hmong finery.

I'll have photos in a day or three.

Had a conversation with a woman who was a small child in a Thai refugee camp for 4 years, showing her children a hint of what she went through. She said food was scarce, sometimes a few pigs were split up between clans, sometimes it was rice, there were military rations as well.

I did not get to the building with the veteran's presentation and vendors before they closed at 4.

Walked to the bus, Google maps told me when the next one was expected, and it was almost on time. Long trip back, the return bus stops one street right and one down from the going-there bus.

Walked to the Vagabond Inn, checked in, took off my shoes, plugged in my phone & tablet and took a nap. Pooped from all the walking, but also residual poop-edness from the morning's hgl.

Up & out at about 6:30, found a Thai restaurant hidden downstairs from the Wong Center, there was only one person eating there, and it was early so I walked further in search of other places, but there were none. The new stadium was all lit up and lots of people were walking there, so I hung out in front, there's something like a fountain with a circle around it to sit on. I kept watching the reader boards, but while they told me stuff in March through summer, there was no hint of what was on tonight. But since there were lots of children, many of them dressed as princesses and Tinkerbell, and some parents in mouse ears, it was clearly Disney On Something.

Back to the Thai Lotus, the waiter is from Bangkok, he came to work on his masters, but needs to work on his income first, and his mother is the chef. And that's pun, because in Thai the head chef is called "mother chef" or something which rhymes with that.

The tom ka gai was wonderful, the pot si hiew was a little overdone with too much soy sauce, and the sticky rice was super but the mango was not quite ripe. Close enough. Reasonable prices. I hope they find more customers - the location is horrible.

Back to the motel, I've finished off two diet Cokes and need to put some pants on and get some more out of the machine.

Plans for tomorrow:
Free breakfast buffet next door
Plan A: If it's sunny and not too windy, walk around Old Town, have lunch there and take the 3:45 back home
Plan B: If the weather is bad, check out at 11:30 and take the 12:10 home.

Ready 2 Go

Slept well, I think. I did have one nasty dream where it felt like I had been struck by lightning from the inside, like near my liver, and it woke me up. As I awoke I thought it was the beginning of the neuropathy my doctor warned me about.  But after a minute it was clear it had been in the dream and did not hold over into real life.

It was raining pretty hard, and windy, but when I got onto my usual freeway entrance it was almost at the speed limit, and stayed that way to the exit. I was 10 minutes early.

Morning routine has been messed with. Those HB eggs I complained about have been discontinued, the minions pulled them all out of the fridge, and nothing replaced them. Also the Tillamook cheddar was down to only a couple of jalapeño ones which I think is a horrible thing to do to cheese of that quality. These are plastic packages about an inch high and an inch and a half long, thick cut. There was mild yellow and sharp white. All gone.

But there were Kind bars this morning, and I had also brought one from home.

I was hoping to run the 24-hour video test, but Engineer had found a bug and asked me to try it. I told him I'd do it as soon as the test was done, but after an hour OCD set in, and I figured 18 hours was good enough. But it turned out the version he was testing was one later than what I had, so all for naught.

But it gave me some other things to test which I had not been aware of, so that was good.

Slow day, towards the end I did a factory reset and started an automation test just for grins. 3-day weekend means it will be done before I'm back at work.

No eye candy at all at lunch or break. Only me and a fridge maintenance guy at break. Rained very hard on the way to break, my Scotchguard experiment worked, but not as well as expected. I forgot about my jeans, which got soaked. 

Headed out at 5:40, traffic was not as light as it should have been for a Friday before a 3-day weekend when there is a lot of snow in the ski areas. Around here people like to be on the highway to the hills by 3.

As planned, I took a left instead of a right on Tasman, past Levi's Stadium, left into the country club then right to "Stars And Stripes Dr." where the Amtrak station  is hidden. I was right, there is 72-hour parking on the street but in the dark & rain it was hard to tell if there were available spots. Another block and there is the parking lot originally meant for the soccer field, but the sign says it's fine for Amtrak parking for 72 hours, plus weekends.

The bad news is it was a 20-minute drive from there to home, so I'll need to leave around 9:30 tomorrow morning. It's mostly commuter parking, so I expect a lot of cars will have gone by the time I get there. Fingers crossed.

It's going to be a wet weekend.

Home, watched some Korean girl bands on YouTube. They are way too cute. And so many have blonde hair. Even some of the boys in their dance troupes do. I'm almost regretting Peace Corps did not send me to Korea. But it was on the list as one of the toughest assignments, between the harsh winters and the difficult language. And crappy food. Though I think they make the best short ribs.

Dinner was Banquet Man Meal of ground pork substance in mild BBQ sauce with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. While that was heating up I made a couple of PNB&J sandwiches to take along tomorrow. Also put my meds in zip-lock mini bags. I'm all packed, except for last minute things. Not much for a one night stay.

Ordered some shampoo, walnuts and cat food from jet.com.

After I get back I need to go to Target for a SodaStream cartridge exchange. Monday...

Spook has been a nudge, I had to pull her claws out of my office chair too many times. I waited an hour before putting meat sticks out for her. She has full food & water, her litterbox can go another week, I think. Definitely the weekend.

Finally got around to a long awaited 2do list item - loaded a lot of my favorite albums onto the phone and got an app to play them. Sounds great on the Bose earbuds.

At lunchtime I tried the new tablet stand, and it's not a FAIL but it isn't better than the metal one. It is way too thick and makes a loud ratchet noise when opened. Doesn't really fit in the case's outer pocket -- makes it look like my tablet ate a puppy.

Delivered was a new bamboo steamer set. The old one is in the trash now. The new one is exactly the same design, but not burned.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at 7:30
Finish packing and out by 9:30
10:25 train to SAC
Bus to Hmong exhibit
Find dinner
Bus back to the hotel

Kinda boring

Today's challenge was to find other things to do when my test machine was running a 24-hour video. It's on the test sheet...

Traffic was pretty light where I got onto the freeway - 30mph, didn't have to slow down to merge. Usually it's at a crawl there.

The bug I had reported was responded to, but they were wrong, so I added a detailed step by step. Turns out part of it is a known problem with one particular app, but that's not what I filed the bug against.

Spent some Quality Time learning how to better use the logging tool.

Lunch was Thai coconut chicken, which wasn't Thai at all. Except for the pineapple, which I could do without. Not much traffic today. More at break time, some pretty women.

Stuck around an extra 15 minutes and then drove to the garage and plugged the car in. Took my laptop upstairs and wrote the previous entry, which had been bugging me all day. No dinner service, blamed on the upcoming 3-day weekend. Makes no sense at all to shut something down on Thursday for a Monday holiday.

The car didn't need much of a charge, it's been running on gas the last couple of days. It doesn't like it that I don't use the gas engine, so it overrides my electric setting from time to time. I thought about driving to Sacramento this weekend to exercise the gas engine, instead of taking the train, but it's going to be raining.

Home at about 7, spent too much time on FB, need to step away again. Except I need to post cat photos.

Canceled my indeed.com email updates on technical jobs in Huntsville, Alabama and KC, KS. Those are places with aerospace companies which have lower costs of living, and being in a double-wide is considered affluence. Now that my job appears safe till next year...

Watched the latest Match Game. Some pretty women on the panel this time. All 4 contestants were losers, and it was clear that the first win was faked, and the dummy went on to win the grand prize. The $25,000 question was hand picked for him. I think I'm done with this show.

The plastic tablet stand I ordered arrived, and while it is lighter than my metal one, it is much bulkier.

Marie C herb roast chicken for dinner. Ice cream sandwich and some grapes for dessert. Got on the exercise bike till my legs hurt, which was not very long. I don't know how long because the display was blank. After I was done I put new batteries in. It had the original batteries, which I think dated from my knee surgery. A lot of years.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe scout out the Amtrak stop where I'm catching the train Saturday. Got home too late to do it tonight.

Too-close encounters

Just after I posted last night, I curled up in bed again with Encounter with Tiber and got another huge dose of Buzz's unfortunate predictions. He has the stepfather of the narrator hosting a big meeting of billionaires and patrons to whom he is going to be selling his plan for a huge push to commercialize outer space. He has the climax scheduled to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the first moon landing, after a week-long lead-up. His big PR coup is his special guest will be JFK Jr. to honor JFK's memory and moon landing program.

The moon landing was July 20, 1969. In the book, the conference was scheduled to be from July 16-20.

IRL, JFK Jr.'s plane crashed, killing him on July 16, 1999.

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