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Surprise Microclimate WIN

Slept sporadically. Before getting into bed I kicked the quilt off, and the BnB with it. At about 5 am I woke up not being able to see very well, kind of a spectacular optical migraine or something like it. It was like there was a barrier between my eyes and the world. I've had this before, it's a new-ish symptom of low blood sugar. And yes, Hgl was 63.  Klondike bar and time in the recliner helped. Almost ate another or had some Lactaid ice cream, but knew that would raise my Hgl too high. Awkward timing, I needed sleep to be able to function well enough to drive to work, and < 2 hours till alarm time.

I decided to start out half an hour late. Back roads traffic was heavy, exacerbated by yet more road-blocking work on the sidewalks of new buildings going up, and two HUGE Google buildings opening along the short cut route. It will only get worse. At least by the time I got on 101 it was moving well, after 9 am the commuter lane opens to all, which takes some pressure off the entry lane. But there were many more than usual idiots not paying attention to the exit-only indicators.

Got to work at 9:15, and as I walked to the break room I was surprised to hear the hole's aircon unit fired up, and there was a repair truck in the parking lot. Coming back from the break room, the tech was also coming back - I'm guessing he had to find a building with a security guard to let him in to use the facilities. The hole door was locked, and there were no security people at the break room building, no more events today.

My room was actually being cooled - a vent which the previous tech said was inoperable was letting in some cold air.

By the end of the day it was 90 outside and 77 inside. That was with keeping my door closed. Tomorrow I'll keep it open because the rest of the building was at about 72.

Very quiet day. I read the docs which I was told about yesterday, but they don't shed enough light to write tests from. The appendix looks a lot like one I saw at Netflix when I worked there, showing possible new looks for the GUI.

Couldn't get the not-broken TV to update, and no reply from the guy in Europe who sent me the files. I may have emailed him too late. Maybe I'll hear tomorrow. So I punted and put new firmware on another box which was almost due for its weekly test, and ran the test.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini and cookies. It was pretty quiet, only two other people sitting, and maybe four drive-bys.

Break time I made an egg cream, and took back a glass of ice to pour my coke into.

Got a voicemail notification. No missed call indicator, phone did not ring even though I get 3 bars of signal. It was youngest sister, whose birthday was the 19th, returning my call and putting off doing her homework. We talked for about 90 minutes.

Stayed till almost 6, and made the same mistake I did last time of taking Charleston north to get to the Great Clips on Charleston & Middlefield. I forgot that Charleston ends at a frontage road, and going north takes me to San Antonio, and that intersection is insane, moreso because people were exiting the freeway to get to Shoreline (where I was coming from). Only a couple of cars could make it through at each green light, things were backed up in all directions. It took me more than half an hour. Next time I'll take Shoreline to Middlefield. And luck of the draw, I got the one male barber. He told me his Mom was Thai, and he spoke a little, but he didn't have a clue when I asked him in Thai if he spoke Thai. He's Vietnamese.

Walked through Piazza's on the other end of the plaza, looking for sheep milk cheese, but they had none. They had some goat brie, but it's not as good. IMHO. I did pick up a package of frozen matzo balls, and some muenster was on sale. They had my favorite Scharffenberger chocolate on sale half price, but there was only one bar left. I also got some other brands.

Put the chocolate & cheese in the lunch cooler and drove home. Ran out of battery about a mile from the house. Kind of expected to run out sooner.

Gnats are back. Maybe this weekend I'll drive over the HMB and get more sundews/butterworts. The ones I have are mostly dying. I tried spraying some Raid, but these guys ignore it. Considering the weather, HMB is not a good idea for this weekend.

Dinner was 4 white castle sliders, cole slaw and pickle chips. Ice cream topped by chocolate pudding for dessert.

Watched the news on NBC, way too much about the weather. At least they aren't doing the "drink lots of water" reminders like the other stations. But they did downplay the fact that the temps in my area are down from Monday, and will stay that way. Concentrate on the areas breaking records. Weather sensationalism.

They had too much national health care bill coverage, but they tied it in with local protests. And they showed a clip of Nancy Pelosi being an idiot/diva. She really needs to be replaced by someone with a personality. She was praising SF as if it was Her City™, but she originally represented the counties north of SF, where the rich kids live. I see she has moved to the city. Diva.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe see the show at The Pear.

Another warm day in paradise

Up just after the alarm, feeling like I could use another night's sleep. Turned on Irish Pub Radio on the chained speakers, the bedroom one works well carried into the bathroom/shower. I sit it on top of the shower's radio.

Spook apparently has been hiding under my bed. That's new-ish.

Called AG, got his voicemail, he called back just as I was approaching my exit, but I was early so chatted while parked in the lot. He has a phone interview with Apple on Friday.

There was a bit of a crowd in the break room, had to navigate to the bananas & cokes, and forgot all about the egg. There are Kind bars, but not a flavor I like.

The hole stayed above 76F all day, got up to 84 eventually. But the fan and the open windows help.

Lunch was crowded too, I had to sit in one of the comfortable seats. Not as good a view. Lean Cuisine (?) Thai ginger beef. Yummy. Cookies for dessert. Rushed a little, in case Boss kept her appointment with me.

And she did. And she brought along the manager for the European/Australian STBs. Apparently one of the manufacturers will be making their own rules for some of the things which Android TV used to tightly control. So I'll be getting some specs, and we'll be working out appropriate tests.

Boss says if it gets to 85F I need to come into the official office. It may happen tomorrow afternoon. Which is okay since there's a TGIF (at Google F stands for Thursday) right out front of the main complex.

Break time I made an egg cream. Yum. And there was above-average eye candy, but it was all takeaway.

Boss had managed to get a TV set for me to test from next door, to replace one in my room which is seriously broken. I got farther with it, but it didn't like the update files on the USB drive. I'll try one more thing tomorrow, before sending email to that manager, who is in London.

Straight home, very pissed off at Ford because the car chose the worst spare the air day to refuse to work on battery. I'm going to file a complaint.

Spook is both very vocal and doing a lot of rolling over in my path, for no apparent reason. She won't play, she moves away if I try to pet her, she won't let me pick her up. Maybe I should throw her in the shower and turn on the cold water.

Delivered was a 12-pack of tissues, and a 6-pack of what I thought were soda can caps, but they turned out to be bottle caps. Looked on Amazon and yes, I had ordered the wrong thing. :-(

Got a "tuit" urge. A long-planned project which I thought the technology was ready for. Scan all my letters home from Thailand and run them through OCR software so they could be made into a publishable book. The first one is handwritten, and my 2013 software can't make any sense of it. It did better with the next one, which is typed. But it was far from perfect, and so was my typing. Reading them, it is clear that what I remember of those years is out of chronological order, and I'm a little bit miffed because there was almost a month between the first two letters, so I missed telling about language training. Or maybe I did later, the second letter is halfway through, when we had a break at a boy scout camp. Maybe I should just read them into dictation software. I think I have Dragon around here somewhere.

Watched the news while dining on MC roasted chicken. I changed from ABC to Fox last night, but the signal sucked so today it was NBC. Good signal, much more professional newscast. Unfortunately it means they send people out to "news" sites which could be covered just as well from a desk. That report on the Golden Gate Bridge re-configuring for the SF marathon did not need that poor reporter standing on the sidewalk past the toll booths, competing with rush hour traffic noise when nothing she is doing there illustrates the story. And then there is the guy who was sent to a neighborhood where some crime took place in the morning, but it was all off limits so there weren't even any police cars in sight.

But at least they refrain from telling us how we should feel.

Still hungry, had a plumcot from Lee and some halvah. Tried some fruit from her carport vine, and it's yummy, but think pomegranate with teeny tiny seeds.

Watered the plants. I think I'm losing 3 of the new ones. It smells like radiator fluid evaporating - the ground is so hot.

Plans for tomorrow:

Start out in the hole. try one more time to update that TV. Probably go to the big building after lunch.


Late start, missed AG's call at 8:45, too busy packing lunch.

Really weird, outside the temp was a comfortable 67, but inside the hole it was 80. It stayed between 80 and 85 all day inside, but it didn't reach 85 till 5 pm. The manager of the test group on the other side of the building added a nastygram to the work order to get that fixed, and the reply was ambiguous.

The scholar retreat was still in progress across the street. This time they left some bananas and diet Coke for me.

Did nothing useful for work.  Played the pre-release app on the prototype board just to do something. Mostly watched live feeds, animal cams. The Hellgate MT osprey nest is empty, apparently an intruder osprey wiped out the mom & chicks. The web site had not updated the info so I'm guessing from what they said from the weekend.

Lunch was tuna casserole & cookies. Break time I poured some chocolate syrup into a cup, added soda water and ice.

I've read enough of Too Like the Lightning to make it #3 on my ballot, which I just updated. It is speculative fiction set in an imagined future, there is technology and societal changes which qualify it as not fantasy. But it's an experiment in writing styles, and after three chapters I was ready to throw the book across the room and into the trash. Except I'm reading it on a tablet. It's a case of throwing too many experiments at the reader all at once.

And it tweaked several of my "give me a break!" flags. One is she invents a new word for the family unit. The flag is she ends it with an apostrophe. And a second flag was set when the author explains the basis for the word (it's from a Japanese word which basically means exactly what she is trying to make her word mean). The apostrophe is (choose one) (a) in the wrong place in the word, (b) not needed (c) annoying, because in most linguistics it denotes a glottal stop, which obviously is not the case here. Another affectation is she interrupts the narrative with "kind reader" notes when she ought to just narrate. And another flag is, in her attempt to show that language has changed to eliminate the gendered pronoun, she uses "they" instead of inventing a singular neuter pronoun. Many languages have one. In Thai there are three - "kao" is informal, "ter" is for songs and "taan" is more archaic. Thai also has gendered "me" for informal use (pome for men, dichan for women), but in songs they us a neuter "me" (chan). Stephen King in Dark Tower invents his own gender neutral word for Mr/Miss/Mrs. It's not hard to do, and doesn't confuse the reader by calling an individual by a group pronoun.

Yes, those are all nitpicks, but for me they make the book unreadable. A pity, because there are some interesting ideas hidden behind the obfuscations.

Just out of curiosity I looked up paw paw trees to find out why the two saplings I bought months ago didn't take. And found an Oregon nursery which had them on sale, three in 5.5" buckets plus fertilizer for about $100. Already established, 12-15" tall. I can start with the buckets on the retaining wall behind the house, no planting required.

I had the hole all to myself until about 5 pm, when a couple of the engineers next door showed up. I left at 5:30, drove straight home.

Beef pot pie for dinner, watched the pilot for a Netflix series called Travelers. People who die become host bodies to a group from the future who have come back to save the world. There is some decent acting. Videography is mostly okay. Not a lot of humor in the writing, yet.

In the park tube was an invite to the 4th of July party, they also are calling for desserts for the "cake walk". Doesn't have to be cake. Not sure if I'm going. But I may.

Email from the person in charge of the mobile home activist group with lots of details which they did not put on their flyer about what they have done so far, the link to their incredibly ugly web site, and a "hope to see you Saturday" - an event also missing from the flyer. I have a photo shoot, otherwise I would have gone.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, such as it is. Maybe Boss will come and sync up.


Cooler today, but still too hot

Up and out early, while I was grabbing my usual breakfast from the break room, the annual Google Scholars Retreat (GSR) was taking theirs from a separate buffet table across the hall. These are kids who were awarded scholarships in tech, and if I was the GSR head I'd be ashamed to have put them in an off-campus lecture hall. If I was one of the scholarship recipients I'd be insulted.
In the hole, no aircon, so I got out the vice grips (I forgot the WD-40 - and my eye drops - on the laundry room counter) and released the locking pin on window #3. #2 I'd done weeks ago, and #1 I discovered was already done. So three windows facing Charleston Rd were open, and so was my door. And I relocated the fan to hit me in the face. Oddly, while it only got up to 82° on the outside sensor, it was > 85 inside.

The Google Home test lead came over to ask about it, we added her name to the facilities request. Dead silence from those guys.

One of my Facebook friends from theater recommended a movie on Netflix, so I used that for today's testing. Queen of Katwe. It is about a young girl from the slums of Uganda who becomes a chess prodigy. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Everything about it is superb, right down to the closing credits. Gorgeous cinematography & lighting. Spot on directing, extraordinary acting all the way down the line. Costumes are from real life, the extras probably wore their own.  Very well written, the whole range of emotions, and a message of hope against all odds, even when you don't win them all. Especially then. Based on a true story, at the end of the movie, the real life person joins the actor/actress playing that role. It's clear they all built a special relationship.
Boss canceled our sync again. I'd actually forgotten about it.

Lunch was fried chicken legs and cookies. The scholars were fed in the lecture hall. Long folding tables, it looked really cheap. There wasn't a lot of diversity, most of the women were Asian, which isn't an endangered species in tech, or white.

Finished Ninefox Gambit, which I really liked a lot, and started in on the last Hugo nominated novel, Too Like the Lightning. It starts by saying it is set in the 25th Century, and there is a page and a half of notices from censorship boards (the European one is kind if clever), and its ratings on the multi-level rating system which might be a logical extension of what we have now. But I'm having trouble with the actual writing style, and from the first chapter I'm not sure if we're talking sci-fi or magic. As I posted earlier, at the moment it's #3 on my list, but the jury is still out.

Break time there were little sandwiches set up on the counter for the scholars, but they were elsewhere. I stuck around for 20 minutes, but they didn't show up.

Back to the hole, done with Netflix, switched to the pre-release app, which failed early and often in the same way I'd seen before, so no sense recording logs or filing bugs.

5:25, started closing windows, and was on the road by 5:31.

Did not go to the movies, because the only one I was marginally interested in was Pirates of the Caribbean 27. They jumped the shark 3 sequels ago.

Traffic was not so bad, except for 101, so I stayed on the frontage road which was pretty light. Only had to wait a minute or so at the IFH. No call today from AG. Probably will hear from him tomorrow.

Delivered was the smaller garbage bin, and the green garden waste bin. Sometime around next Sunday I'll shovel the contents of the second compost bin into it. I don't think it will hold the contents of both. The bins will need to find another home when they are empty. They fold down to the size of a garbage can lid. They don't work for me, the back retaining wall is too raked. It's about 2 feet higher at the back than the front, and those bins need to be level. I may shift some bricks from the other side of the house and make a higher wall, maybe. But not in this heat. And not for compost bins.

In the park tube was a flyer from the Sunnyvale Mobile Home Action organization, which I'd expected to see a week ago. I sent email with some comments, and said it's okay to put me on their email list.

Watered all the gardens. Lee was trying to chat with me about something, but I sometimes don't understand what she is saying. A guy about my age on a bicycle stopped to ask me if my house was having bug infestations. I told him about carnivorous plants, but he meant ants, so I showed him what I've been using. Borax, basically. But he said that didn't work for him.

Dinner was Banquet spaghetti & meatballs. It's a lunch sized portion in a dinner sized package. Their containers warp in the microwave. Halvah for dessert, watched the 6 pm news, and a little of the bachelorette. She's very pretty. And over-accessorized.

I've had enough of ABC's local news, they really suck - they feel compelled to tell us how they feel about each story, instead of just telling us the news. I'll try channel 2. That's not as solid a signal, and even though it's a Fox station, it is broadcast from Oakland, has an ethnic cast with no Fox News overtones.

Ordered soda can lids, since I keep drinking about half a can at lunch, and often want to bring half a can home in the cooler, but it always spills.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not work

Hugo Novels

I've read enough to rank my choices:
1. Yoon Ha Lee - Ninefox Gambit - bogs down a wee bit at the end, but for Reasons™. I could have used a companion workbook. :-)
2. Cixin Liu - Death's End - a distant second place, it just keeps on going, but unlike the Eveready bunny, well past when its batteries have died.
3. Ada Palmer - Too Like the Lightning - I may change this to 0. It's set in the future, but it's a future based on magic. Also the writing style is a slog for me. YMMV.
4. No Award
0. Charlie Jane Anders - All the Birds in the Sky - not science-fiction, pure fantasy
0. Becky Chambers - A Closed and Common Orbit - every page watermarked, making the copy unreadable.
0. N K Jemisin  - The Obelisk Gate - Can't judge a movie award by a trailer, can't judge a book award by an excerpt
In other Worldcon news, I don't remember if I posted this here. I will be on a panel in Helsinki, early in the con, so probably not a big audience, but like minds:
Science Fiction and Fantasy in musical theatre
Thursday 16:00 - 17:00, 103 (Messukeskus)
Wicked, Into the Woods, Rocky Horror, Little Shop of Horrors - fantasy and science fiction have long been represented in the musical theatre. The panelists discuss their favorites and also perhaps some not-so successful SF musicals.
Emily January (M), Sari Polvinen, Ada Palmer (whose novel I just panned), Greg Machlin, Sami Mustala, howeird

Sunday, bloodless Sunday

Except in the UK, where Scotland Yard and MI-whatever continue to FAIL to stop vehicular terror.
Slept in, played with the Fabriques a bit, out and about by 10-something. Lowe's, bought a sturdier nozzle for the front carport hose, and three Venus flytraps, because lately the flying insects have been too big for the gnat-catcher plants. Again, there were long lines and too few cashiers, but at least there were cashiers, though there was also the asshat at the front of the line who had to argue about the price of something. And the cashiers were not finding a manager to take this off-line.

On to CVS, where they had every form of eye drop in the known universe, and for each brand name there was a corresponding CVS generic. I found my favorite in 1-oz size and bought three. I wanted to also stock up on chocolates, but (a) they were not on sale and (b)it was starting to get warm.

Next stop was home, where I tried out the nozzle, lots of my flowers were wilting, set the fly traps in strategic places in the kitchen, put away the eye drops, setting one aside for work, along with a cube of tissues and a can of WD-40.

Home, set the aircon from 78 to 76, went online for a bit, tried a few more TuneIn stations on the Fabriques.

3 pm, headed for downtown Svale, parked underground, hacked a few portals on my way to Starbucks. Janice arrived a little after 4, as planned, and we had a good chat to cover the last 2 weeks. She put up with my 5 minute rant about why I didn't like Wonder Woman. She insists Wonder Woman's eyes are brown in the comics.


But I had to wait till I got home to look that up...

Did the full Ingress walk on the way back to the car, about a mile out of my way. Two of the portals are at the train station, and they announced that the SF-bound 6:15 was arriving, so I stuck around to see whatever eye candy got off the train. Hot day, I figured on some shorts, sun dresses, etc. The train was not arriving - it was 10 minutes late, and only one person got off. A guy. That was a surprise. Usually that train dumps a small crowd.

Home, did the garbage thing, watered all the plants, chatted with Lee, who came over soon after with a bag of apricots and one with a couple of plums and one of the fruits she is growing on her carport webbing.

Dinner was a cold plate, ice cream for dessert, while watching a Graham Norton episode.

Yesterday on a whim I made root beer (diet) from SodaStream syrup which hasn't been used in a while. I used to love root beer because A&W sold it in brown tinted gallon jugs which were perfect, after the root beer was consumed, for mixing and storing darkroom chemicals. I prefer cola nowadays. But this is root beer float weather, so I've just had one. Forgot how messy they are. Root beer foams a lot when it meets ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on whether or not the aircon is switched on. And whether or not one of our app partners has given me access to one of our hardware partners' projects. If the latter is yes, I can take my gear to the break room and run the automated tests. If the former is yes, the latter doesn't matter, I can continue testing the pre-release app.
Maybe see a movie?

Pretty Much As Planned, plus boredom

Took a lot of stuff to the SMART station which had been collecting on top of the office file cabinet and on the counter next to the carport door. Batteries, CFL bulbs, dead phones & ipods, Cat <5 wires, SCSI external jumpers, recalled Cuisinart blade, about a gallon of used cooking oil.

Since it was close by, Baylands park, which was breezy and about 15 degrees cooler than the rest of Svale. Not much RC action, but there was an Ultimate Frisbee scrimmage - they worked out together at halftime, looked like one team playing as two. Lots of people in the party spaces behind me waiting for the BBQ to heat up, but it was early yet.

Read more Ninefox Gambit from the new tablet. It's a little awkward to hold, it also isn't as bright. Even in the shade in that park there is a lot of ambient light.

Left at about 1 pm, Caribbean Drive which the park is on makes a left turn and becomes Mathilda, which is the fastest way to get to Target. SodaStream exchange completed, then I went looking for their generic liquid tears, 1 ounce bottles. They didn't have any in that size, not only that but the goniffs who market this stuff have added a 1/3 ounce to the 1/2 ounce choices. Like what the ice cream thieves did a few years ago. Try to find a half gallon. I dare you.

None of the 157 offerings were straight lubricant, they all had ingredients I do not want (for allergies and/or red eye). So I left with just the CO2 tank.

My next impulse was to park underground down the block and hack all the portals, but my tummy actually started hurting, in a "better go home where there's a toilet nearby" kind of way. I should have gone back to Target and used theirs, but my brain was not working.

Home, took care of the tummy issue. Played online. Played with the Fabriques, learning how to make them use Alexa to play TuneIn radio stations on all three speakers. Made a call on Alexa to Janice, but she didn't know how to answer it. I tried a message, and she texted me. We talked on the phone, and then she called me on her Alexa, and my echo dot just needed "Alexa, answer" to connect. Pretty low volume at my end, but she has the big speaker. Arranged to meet tomorrow.

Grabbed the bag of pistachios and poured some ginger ale, and sat in the recliner eating the nuts, as Spook stared at the shells as I threw them into the garbage. I threw one to her, and she walked away. Typical.

Read some more, decided to brave the high temps outside and at about 4:30 went to Specialty's and had a diet Coke and a pecan bun. And read some more. Only one example of eye candy came in, but she was worth the trip. The minion sweeping up made those tight pants look very good, but the rest of her was also tiny.

They close at 6, I bailed about 10 till, back home.

Brushed Spook, which is to say I sat on the sofa, she joined me at arm's length, and when I held out the brush she pushed her face against it. She wouldn't let me brush her back, which needs it the most, and the undercoat comb is not her friend, though it harvests a lot in every little swipe.

Dinner was Boston Market meatloaf, to which I added 5 silver dollar sized slices of sourdough topped with minced garlic. Yum. Caramel ripple Lactaid ice cream topped with magic shell. Watched an episode of Dark Matter. They continue to make it interesting. And they have toned down the violence.

The online time sheet finally recovered from weekly maintenance, so I filled it in. Last week's pay landed in my account Friday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Enjoy the air conditioning
Lowe's, need to replace a cracked hose nozzle.
CVS, look for eyedrops
Put as much stuff from behind the house as can fit into the garbage bin. Tomato trellises, stakes, netting. And so on. I have put in for the standard 35 gallon bin to replace the 65 gallon one I needed when I first moved in and had a lot of things to throw out. Haven't needed that much space since I got em ployed. They will also be giving me a green bin, into which my failed composting experiment will go. It may take two loads.
Maybe drop off the old bike rack at Goodwill, though maybe I'll hold onto it for my next car in a year.
Janice at 4 in downtown Svale

8 inches is too big

But I'm going to learn to live with it. §§
An extremely boring day. Up late - 7:45 before I woke up, 8 or so in the shower. Made it a Dramon Green shower.

Took the back roads to 101, traffic from there was light, I was only about 5 minutes late. Parked my cooler in the hole, went to the break room and snagged a banana, HB egg and diet Coke. It was already 76° in the room, even though it was 10 degrees cooler outside. It got up to 85 by EOD, the engineers next door opened all the doors to outside, which only helped a little since it got up to 100 on the outside wall.

I finished what I'd started last night as far as testing goes, which took till about 11, then launched the pre-release app and mostly set it to running live feeds, since that's where I'd seen the worst issues. The thing with live feeds is unless they are corporate in-house things, the source is usually unreliable. At Moto we specialized in making the unreliable feeds reliable for the consumer. I miss that.

The one I like the best, a very high quality feed despite it being atop a tower in Montana, is this Osprey nest cam. There are babies in the nest.

This afternoon a freight train went by, and they also rotated the camera a bit (it's on a motorized tilt/swivel mount).

On another unit I was watching "trending" videos and I am here to tell you that a lot of the rappers' videos are NSW.

Home, traffic was light on the back roads but too heavy to get onto 101. We can add Tesla drivers to the BMW list.

§§Delivered was a used but can't tell by looking at it Samsung Tab2 tablet, 32GB RAM, but it complained there wasn't enough space on it to copy all my apps from the 8GB TabA. It took 3 tries. Turned out the TabA didn't have enough room to run the transfer app. I thought my TabA was 8", but it's only 7", which makes it easier to hold in one hand. The Tab2 is 8" and more square, but it's also thinner and lighter.

Most of the evening after dinner was spent configuring it.

Dinner was Boston Market beef & noodles with a side of cole slaw. Ice cream for dessert. Halvah chaser.

Right after dinner I went outside (after sunset) and watered all the plants. My rose cuttings are not going to make it. Lee says wait till winter. Maybe if I put them in the fridge?

Watched the news. I am astounded that the judge found the suicider's girlfriend guilty. IMHO he was a case of Darwin. Also not surprised but disgusted that the cop who killed the motorist got set free. As for Bill Cosby, those years it was pretty common to consensually get high and screw. Jimmy Buffett wrote a song about it. I'd say there's reasonable doubt. I'd say that anyhow, considering how long she waited to file a complaint.

Interesting quote from the Warriors co-owner Peter Guber, the one who produces movies. He was asked if winning the championship was as good as winning an Oscar. He said "It's way better. Oscars are just votes, championships you win."

Plans for tomorrow:
Take some recyclables to the SMART center
Hang out at Baylands Park and read
Target - exchange a SodaStream cartridge and buy some eye drops. And maybe also some tissues.

Shortest Ever

Late start, on time to work but AG kept me on the phone for another 15 minutes.

Mostly watched the live feed of the Warriors celebration on NBC (Tivo at home was recording on ABC). NBC's Ros something interviewed lots of players & staff & was deeply knowledgeable about basketball and its doings. And she's DDG.

Ran the short automation suite on the box from yesterday. EOD updated a TV and another box and started the suite on the box.

Lunchtime a group of about a dozen people were let into the room across the hall, and came out with rolling carry-on. Some serious eye candy, including a tall blonde in gold lamé sandals and very tight white chinos. White blouse, very well proportioned. Also some very short skirts on a couple of petite women. The men were not dressed to impress.

Break time was quiet.

Traffic was impossible due to a concert at the amphitheater, so I went to Safeway and got generic nyquil/dayquil liquid and frozen dinners. Traffic was still a mess, so I took Central, which adds about 2 miles. Odd, but there was still 40% battery left. I guess the car used gasoline.

Dinner was Marie C honey roasted chicken, ice cream for dessert. Watched the whole Warriors parade, ABC's coverage was epic, but majorly FAILed due to incompetent director highlighting horrible camera work and audio switching. And the booth announcers were annoying. I FFed to the ceremony, checking in just enough to know it was 3 hours of inane chatter trying to predict the future of every player and coach, and I wanted to throw a shoe at them and shout "just stay in the moment!"

They had better coverage of the ceremony than NBC, but they didn't have Ros.

Plans for tomorrow:
Adjust insulin upwards

Heating Up

It got up to 84° in the hole this afternoon. Manager from the big building for the engineers next door noticed when he brought me a new box to test, and re-opened the facilities request. Aircon unit hasn't been on in 3 days. One of the engineers was chatting with me in the break room, he said there is space we might be able to use on the other side of the campus. A portable aircon unit might work too.
Early morning, Spook was in the BnB when I woke, she sprawled outside of it when I went showering.

Packed a very light cooler, just a pair of fried drumsticks and some grapes and a couple of snack bars. Of course there were no bananas today. Cheeses, and HB eggs though. And about a dozen interns having sit down breakfasts. Many wearing Howard West T-shirts - blank T-shirts with just that name across the top center. The deal is Google is recruiting black kids who might have wanted to go to Howard University in DC and given them internships out here. Maybe I'll wear my Howard U t-shirt to work tomorrow.

Almost time for a haircut. Maybe this weekend? Definitely going to change into shorts in the morning. Been wearing Tevas.

Work morning started with a guy at one of the partner sites showing a complete lack of understanding of why I can't log into his site. It did not help that Tall Engineer exercised his powers of obfuscation.  I looked the guy up on LinkedIn, and he has so many kudos from others it makes me wonder about those others. It's really very simple, my login on his site doesn't have access to the Tall Engineer's latest project. I was hoping Boss would straighten this out, because it's her main partner, but she didn't. She just teased Tall Engineer.

So I spent most of the morning trying to break the pre-release app, managed it once. Then the afternoon was spent re-testing the new box mentioned above. Not a new box, actually a re-test of new firmware on a box which was badly messed up. The plan was to only test what was fixed, which was about a 2-hour job. And the good news is the really important things got fixed, I only found one item which wasn't. Sadly, it's probably a show-stopper. But I'll let the engineers figure that out from the logs.

Lunch was the drumsticks, and mint milano cookies.

Break time I added chocolate syrup to the hot coco and managed to spill fling half of it on the way to a table. Lots of paper towels were harmed. Added marshmallows and topped it off. Wanted to have some pudding, but there were no spoons. Thanks, interns.

Home, back roads all the way, traffic on 101 was impossible.

Another cold plate for dinner, this time with velveeta melted onto toasted sourdough with a slice of salami.

The last baklava a la mode for dessert.

Played with the wifi speakers, they work well together, but the app sucks, and won't play my favorite TuneIn stations. However, I can get Alexa to play them through those speakers. But that's where the engineering FAIL comes in. To make the wifi speakers talk to Alexa, you have to unplug them from the USB cable, because the button you need is on a flap which won't close when USB is connected. And the speakers only have 5 hours of battery, so if you want all-night music, you need to re-connect them.

Watched the TV news, not a lot of information on the UPS shootings, but too much on the ones in DC for a local newscast. I love it that the gun rights reps were the ones who were shot. Also glad they will live to re-think that stance. Police blew it, killed the perp in a hail of bullets.

Reporting on the UPS shooting was useless. Zero info on what led up to it, or who the guy really was gunning for. Police blew it again, let the perp kill himself.

Delivered was a cute dino hatching figurine. I thought I was getting a bigger one, having seen a similar one for too much $$ at Yamagami's, but this one is too small to put in the garden. Or maybe not.

Also delivered was the set of 4 readers which apparently were shipped from China. I already am using a set ordered later when I saw how long delivery was going to take.

Ordered a Samsung Tab 2 on eBay, used, to replace my Tab A which doesn't have enough memory and is kind of lame in the wifi department. Also ordered another 200 generic immodium tablets. I use 1 a day.

And I signed up for another photo shoot, a week from Saturday, same place as the last one, this time there will be nudity. Looking at the Model Mayhem portfolio, I'll be doing a lot of work-safe pictures as well. Very exotic face.

Plans for tomorrow:

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