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Feeling Like A Cold Coming On

Took some Nyquil with dinner last night, slept too well. The usual "where am I?" feeling waking up. Got up and out and at work a few minutes early thanks to allowing half an hour for a 20 minute trip. It took 25.

Nothing at work of interest, really. Reply to my bug report was that it was a duplicate, but looking at the one it referred to, it was for a different manufacturer and different symptoms. Meanwhile I tried it on the same manufacturer and saw what the original bug said. Note to buganizer: there's a difference between no video and garbled video. And there's a difference between how a TV handles a signal and a streaming media box handles a signal. I'll have to chat with Boss about that.

There were bananas today, and I got the last diet Coke and a HB egg.

Spent the day watching programs on the pre-release app. Saw one bug but couldn't reproduce it. Watched the senate session with former Senator Sessions. Watched Kamala Harris get slapped down for not letting the witness answer her barrage of questions. Also found a new old Thai talk show, one which was the predecessor to Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice. The format is the host of those two shows one on one with famous singers and actors, the set is like the bar in a high class house. It's very informal, and the audience is mostly college aged kids.

Lunch was chicken a la king and chocolate mint cookies.

Grapes were the afternoon snack.

It got pretty hot in the room, the aircon was not on.

Google Home tester put in some time at the other end of the hole. There was a conference of Suits from China next door

Break, for aircon. Still enjoying the Hugo Nominated novel #2, Ninefox Gambit. Gave up on #1 Death's End - just plain too long and tedious. It's a ranked vote, I will rank them both (the three fantasy novels I won't rank).

Went to the Nameless Beauty Salon in the Bailey shopping plaza. I used to live across the street. Twice. It's next to the nearest Safeway to work. They have three or four barber chairs (but I think only one barber), 5 pedicure stations and 4 manicure stations. They paired me up with a very young and tiny manicurist who did a fine job in the style I like best. She got rid of the yellow and thinned the tips. And it was $2 less than Capri. I'll go again in 2 weeks.

Home after a stop at Grocery Outlet - should have gone to Safeway, but forgot I needed Nyquil/Dayquil. GO only had the solid tablets. I prefer the liquid-in-a-cup. Also picked up 3 more Thai ginger chicken lunches.

Watched the news on Tivo, on the station which carried the NBA championships. Guess what most of the hour was spent on.

Dinner was a cold plate: two HB eggs, some pickled herring in sour cream w/onions, kippered herring, lox, marinated green olives. Baklava a la mode for dessert.

The third wi-fi speaker arrived, and they are working as a group, one in the bedroom, one in the office and one in the kitchen. But they can't talk to the echo dot, and they cannot see my favorite radio stations on TuneIn when they talk to Alexa.

Time to take drugs and get to bed.
Plans for tomorrow:

The usual


I Am Soooooo Tired

Another 4 am low Hgl attack. 61. By go-to-work time it was only back up to 90. As always, a crash drains me for the rest of the day.

On the road late, but 101 was moving along at 45mph most of the way, 65 for the last stretch so I was 5 minutes early.

Boss gave me >her< password to my stand-alone test machine, which meant I was able to change mine. And write it down this time. But when I finally remembered how to set up this very complex test framework, the prototype board wasn't recognized. Boss figured out what was amiss, with some help from me & Tall Engineer, but it will take loading on a new build to fix. That will probably be a while.

Lunch was Lean Cuisine Thai style ginger beef, which was excellent. Next time I'm in Grocery Outlet I'll buy more. No bananas today, am regretting not buying my own now. The room across from the break room was being used as day care, so all the snacks were gone quickly, except for the inedible ones.

In addition to the Italian soda syrups, there was Ghirardelli dark chocolate today, so break time was more flavorful than usual.

Left about 5 minutes early, went to the 5:30 showing of Wonder Woman 3D. It did not live up to the hype. I hate when they shoot movies in the style of the era in which the story takes place. Please, I'm fine with seeing 4K ultra HD movies set in WWI London & Germany. Slight over-use of slomo. Careless makeup jobs revealed by the close-ups, actors tended to keep their own accents, so we had Amazons from LA, Texas, Scandinavia and Israel. Mad props to Lilly Aspell, who played young Diana, though IMHO that was half an hour of wasted backstory which made no difference to the plot. Time has not been kind to Buttercup. Again, makeup FAIL because she looked great in House of Cards. The plot did not grab. The woman sitting next to me bailed after half an hour. The two women next to her took long bathroom breaks halfway through.

Home, two out of three wi-fi speakers were delivered. The last one is due tomorrow.

Dinner was Boston Market Beef & mashed. Baklava a la mode for dessert.

Turned on the TV in time for the Warriors' championship trophy ceremony. Did the NBA actually hunt for the least charismatic executive in the known universe to head their organization?

Plans for tomorrow:

Done. You Can Quote Me.

Put 5 more plants into the ground today. That's it. I am done with adding to the gardens. More on this later.
Slept well. Spook thought I was getting up for reals at 6:30, and I let her head butt my hand a couple of times but rolled over and went back to sleep till almost 9. Took my time getting out of bed - I think it was noon by the time I was out of the shower.

First order of business was the short trip to Grocery Outlet for flour, because I didn't think there was four cups left in the bag. And marjoram, the only spice in the list of DYI (that's DIY for dislexycs) poultry seasoning ingredients I did not have on hand/grow myself. There was flour, but no marjoram. No big deal, it's not a spice I use anyway. I also picked up half a dozen HB eggs - at $2 they compete well with raw eggs and the PIA of boiling and peeling them.  Got more lox. And Kind bars - they had what I thought was my favorite flavor, but on closer inspection it was not quite, but close enough. Marinated artichoke hearts (rung up as grilled), and three kinds of kippered herring (a good hot weather snack). And lean cuisine Thai style ginger beef to try for lunch. If it's any good I'll buy more. They had a lot.

Home, used the mini Mr. Coffee grinder to make poultry seasoning. Paprika, thyme and dill seeds from the cabinet, rosemary, mint, sage, oregano, bay leaf and Thai lime leaf from the gardens. Also used the grinder to powderize some black pepper. Much faster/easier than a pepper mill.

It's a 2-part recipe. One part is dry - flour, spices, salt, pepper, garlic. The other is a batter from flour, salt, pepper, eggs. Dip the chicken in batter, then bounce it around in a zip-lock bag with the dry mix. It gets messy as the batter clumps up the dry mix. I used chicken drumsticks, so not as messy as it could have been.

Then deep fry in corn oil - it takes a long time to reach 375°. Four or five drumsticks at a time for 10 minutes. After two batches I found a clue and let the oil heat back up to 375 again. The final batch I experimented, since there was batter left, I re-battered the last 5, and dropped them in wet. Not a huge mistake, but not as pretty as the original recipe. I ate two for a snack (it was almost 3 pm) one out on the porch with some cola, the other indoors a little later.

Delayed the inevitable long enough, got the shovel out of the shed. Pulled up two lemongrass plants which were mostly dead, and a couple of Blue Hawaii clumps next to them which looked like they were starting to bloom but on closer inspection it was blossoms blown off the sage plant. Then stepped to the other side of the sage and dug a hole where the sage cutting didn't take root and planted the Cane's Hybrid Bottlebrush there. It looks good there, red tinted leaves next to the purple sage plants on either side.

The two Buddleia went where the blue Hawaii/lemongrass had been, one has blue flowers the other is red leaning toward burgundy.

Two more to go. I yanked out a bunch of gone to seed poppy plants at the driveway's edge of the front garden, between a star jasmine in the ground and a star jasmine in a clay pot. Dug a hole and put the summer berry Agastache there. Around to near the center of the front garden, dug a hole front and center of the two shrubs. Needed the tiller to cut through the hard clay. Pisses me off - I added compost and 1,000 earthworms to the front garden a year ago, the worms were billed as the kind which love to dig through clay. Anyhow, planted the very pretty mango tango Agastache there. Watered all around, including yesterday's plants.

So now I'm done planting. I've spent way too much time and $$ considering I want to move in a year and a half. And it wipes me out physically.

Back indoors, took out the garbage. Looked up how to recycle a gallon of cooking oil. Sunnyvale SMART® station will take it in a capped plastic bottle, so after it cooled I poured it all back into the original container. Next weekend I'll drop it off.

Did a dishwasher load. The fryer pot will be in a future batch.

Dinner was a packet of khao mok gai rice, which was way oily, needed several paper towels. And two more fried drumsticks. With black olives and marinated artichoke hearts on the side. Dessert was baklava a la mode. The baklava is stale, expected from the Taj Mahal grocery which rarely rotates any of its stock. Typical Arab/Indian/Mexican market. And this one is all three.

Watched the ABC local 6 o'clock news on Tivo. I am surprised and disgusted that local news can't find enough to report on, and copies national items of zero interest locally. I really don't care about a window washer in Florida needing rescue when one of his lines breaks. Not on local news - fine on national. And how many times in half an hour do I need to hear the weather? Once, please.

And get off my lawn! Oh wait, I don't have a lawn.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully Boss will be back and can remember my password
Maybe see Wonder Woman. I am not thrilled that they have chosen someone with dark eyes, and less thrilled that they have dressed her like Xena.
My nails are way overdue for a manicure. But I need to find another place. Capri, as much as I like them, has gone to a new method which makes them thick and yellowish.

Why Do I keep Buying Stuff?

Yesterday I spent about $90 on plants at OSH. They filled all the obviously available spaces - two pots, a cutout alongside the driveway, and three spots in the front garden replacing plants which had not survived the Bees Friend and California poppy onslaught. Digging those holes and doing all that planting seriously pooped me out.

The plan for this morning was to go to a coffee meeting with my local state senator, but when I looked on the map last night it was a long and painful drive. So plan B was to go to the new resident meet and greet at the community center, but my antisocial side told me to stay in bed.

It's actually a longer (in miles) drive to Yamagami's nursery, but it's all freeways, and pretty direct/painless. I told myself I was just going to see if they had any of the 4 plants on my list (from the CA master gardener site at UC Davis) of allegedly bee-attractant, full sun thriving plants:
1. Callistemon ‘Violaceus’  (violet bottlebrush)
2. Isomeris arborea (California Cleome AKA Bladder Pod)
3. Eriogonum grande var. rubescens (Red Buckwheat) - these had also been recommended by beekeepers at the county fair last year
4. Concha Ceanothus (California Mountain Lilac)
5. Salvia spathacea (Hummingbird Sage )

But I also told myself that I love just walking around this forest of flowers.

This is only about 1/8 of the nursery.

I walked around, observing which flowers had honey bees on them.
1. Did not have flowers. There were three big pots and one small pot, the small one was $15. I came back around to it later and bought the small one as my last purchase.
2. None in stock
3. They had several small pots with flowers, not looking very healthy, and the bees avoided them in favor of the blue lavender-like flowers next to them.
4. No flowers on these, and I remembered there are two in my garden already, not doing so well.
5. I have enough sage/salvia already

Besides the bottlebrush, I bought these, interrupting lunch for several honey bees:
Agastache summer berry
Agastache mango tango
Buddlaia CranRazz
Buddlaia Tutti Frutti

Before my walkabout, I checked out the fuchsia society's display and chatted with the two reps. About 150 blooms in glass finger bowls. I love those things, but there's nowhere I can put them outdoors where they won't fry.

There was also a sale on fountains, and I've been meaning to put one near the spirit house, but none of the ones they had on display appealed to me. Some were Just Plain Ugly but most were too big and/or abstract. I like Lee's - she has an off-white ceramic one of a boy riding a dolphin, the water goes out the dolphin's mouth into a birdbath.

On the way home I figured that tomorrow would be a good day to make classic southern fried drumsticks, so I stopped off at Lucky's and bought some eggbeaters. Also stocked up on Lactaid ice cream and milk, both were on sale. And they had big limes. And grapes were on sale too, I was out of turnovers, and also bought some cookies and cookie dough. Then on to the Taj Mahal market for halvah, also picked up two dozen frozen falafel and baklava.

Home, one thing about being marginally OCD is when I put away food, the same things go into the same spaces. Which is how I discovered I already had eggbeaters and a dozen and a half falafels. I did not buy bananas, remembering I have a metric tonne of instant oatmeal. I forgot to buy hot cocoa mix.

Put all the things away, read some more Hugo novel. As planned, took the spirit house inside, brushed off the cobwebs and sprayed it with lacquer. As I was starting the third coat, the tiny spider finally abandoned his nest - he had spun new silk between coats 1 and 2.

At a little before 4 I unplugged the car and drove to MV to meet Janice. As I was pulling into the Starbucks parking lot she texted me to cancel (I was an hour early). I went inside, much to my surprise there were lots of empty tables, I got a mocha and banana bread and plugged the laptop in. It needed updates. One of the updates was from Dell, it was a new update app. Much prettier than the original one.

Home after about an hour, vegged on the porch for a while, inside made falafel and mixed veggies for dinner. Outside for a while again, with ice cream & magic shell - wore a coat. 

Fired up YouTube and watched three sessions of UK's Got Talent, a 12-year-old shy chubby girl with a very strong voice and a ton of personality when she is singing, none when she is not. She did Defying Gravity (from Wicked) for the audition, and If Someone Like You from Jekyll & Hyde for round 2. She was a little flat on a couple of the long tones in the latter, but got the same applause and standing O from all the judges. The final she did Gravity again, which was disappointing - I was hoping for a new song. And she did not sing it as well this time. But again, the judges were wowed. IMHO this girl will probably wind up as a serial best supporting character on London's East End.

Outside to re-plant the spirit house, and placed the ceramic elephant at its base. Looks much better.

Plans for tomorrow:
Oatmeal for breakfast, if I remember to have breakfast
Plant some plants
Make fried chicken
Take out the garbage


It's almost Saturday.

There were no bananas or snack bars when I got to the break room at 9. I went back at 10:30 to claim a banana and some French cow cheeses.

Today was marginally better than yesterday. I brought wi-fi and Bluetooth USB adapters from home to try to rise a signal on the prototype board, but those didn't work - they need drivers. They worked fine when I plugged them into my linux machine. It took a lot of 'splainin' to get Tall Engineer to understand this. And also to understand why changing one setting on the board magically made the phone remote control app work with it.

After much procrastinating, I finally buckled down to building that spreadsheet for boss' boss. The routine he suggested almost worked. Close enough. It works best if there's a separate sheet for each model of device. I should have it done Monday.

Lunch was invaded by a screaming kindergarten class disguised as full time employees. WTF is the attraction/excitement over access to a professional espresso machine? I guess most programmers had summer jobs as baristas. I had to use my THEATER VOICE to get the crowd to move away from the microwave when my lunch was ready.

And in 10 minutes they were gone, dead silence as they returned to their classroom down the hall.

There was some eye candy, but the shoe size IQs negated any attraction.

Break was late, the place was empty. Hot chocolate machine is back to 100%. I have two bags of marshmallows at home, I should bring some next week. I remember buying a bag of large and a bag of mini, but not why. Probably on sale at Grocery Outlet.

After work was an OSH run. While I was wandering around not finding plants to buy, a very helpful man named Justin not only made some good suggestions,he knew both the common and Latin names for the ones he suggested. And he found a couple out front after the gate had closed.

Bought 6 plants, which is 2 more than I planned on, but the big ticket items were the bucket of earthworms and a ceramic miniature Indian style elephant. The tag says "BOHEMIAN ELEPHANT BLACK NURSERY" and it's made in Vietnam. I will place it at the foot of the spirit house.

After OSH, across the street to BestBuy. Out of the 237 different wireless speakers on display, only four did wi-fi, and they were all > $150 each. The others were bluetooth, which is nice for a pool party, but turn on the microwave and the signal goes bye-bye.

Home, took surface streets till Ellis, 101 traffic from there was very light and almost at the speed limit.

Pulled out the two Paw Paw saplings. One had white root and both were dead. Replaced them with plants from OSH. Pulled out a dying aloe, and put in one of the OSH plants. The other three went into the front garden. It totally wore me out, I should have taken a break after #4.

Dinner was beef pot pie & ice cream with ground pistachios. Watched another episode of Dark Matter in which several sharks were jumped.

Outside, watered the plants.

Was planning on attending the morning coffee klatch with my state assemblyman, but then I looked up the location, and it's in deepest darkest Woodside. Half an hour drive at best, way out of the way for me. Instead I may go to the monthly new resident "tea".

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am tea
place the elephant
Take the spirit house inside, clean it and apply another coat of lacquer. Plant it back in the garden after making a deeper pilot hole.  
5 pm coffee with Janice. Location TBA because there's a huge rock-n-metal festival at the amphitheater. 30 bands, 11 am doors open.
Maybe call the nail place for an appointment for Sunday?


Comedy of Errors

Sleep was intermittent. By the time I woke up for real, the quilt was about 70° askew, and the flat sheet was hiding under the BnB. Slow getting up but once up I fired up the BT speaker and had Alexa play one of my Pandora stations. The speaker is water resistant, works well in the shower. Easy to carry around.

Out early enough, traffic on the back roads was slow but once on 101 it was better. And then worse. And then 65mph to the exit. It disgusts me how California freeways are designed with built-in bottlenecks and accidents waiting to happen. On Long Island we had cloverleafs, so traffic entering the freeway was not fighting with traffic trying to exit.

Grabbed breakfast from the break room, reproduced that bug once more, this time with all the logging things running.

Got one last note from boss' boss showing he didn't understand the problem, so I'll just have to deal with it.

Tall engineer came down with a prototype board, wanting to do a test which needs my off-the-grid laptop, which I have not used in months. I never wrote down the password hint, because the password was so easy to remember, so of course I couldn't remember it. Boss knows it, but she's on vacation till Monday. Tall engineer sent her email asking for her to send it to me, I replied all to not send a password by email. He should know better than that.

Drove to the contractor meet and greet, I had to cut through a parking lot from a parallel street because the direct route was closed because of egret nesting. I will have to bring a camera and walk down that street. Maybe Sunday.

I didn't see anyone, there was another group on the patio which was not them, so I took a tour of the adjacent cafeteria, but it was slim pickings, and nothing edible. Eggplant sushi? WTF?

Rep phoned that she saw me, it was just her and the district manager, on the far side of the patio. They had lovely bundt cakes for us. People showed up for a few minutes. I had found a charger, so hung around to get the car juiced, and also was running a screen saver test so no rush getting back to the hole.

Instead of the automation test, I ran the usual manual tests on the board, it was missing some features but worked okay for what it had.

Took at break at 4:30, the hot cocoa machine is working again. Goes well with chocolate pudding. Read another chapter in Cixin Liu's Death's End. So far I have it as my second choice. I haven't read my first choice, it's just that I don't think the writing, especially the character development (or lack thereof) is award-winning. As science-based fiction it is superb, though.

Headed for Lowe's at 5:30, after it was too late to turn back, my phone reminded me that I was signed up to get free food and a lecture at CHM at 6. Grrr. At Lowe's, entered the garden department, took a while to find 4 plants, and back to the check-out counter to find they had closed the ones for the garden department, and locked that gate. Wheeled all the way across the store, there were no human cashiers, just the self-checkout and (a) the line was 10 people deep and (b) I don't use those unless they pay me minimum wage. So I wheeled a few feet back, parked the cart somewhere random, and walked out.

Home, dinner was lunch - corn dogs plus pickles, cole slaw and mustard. Chocolate popsicles for dessert.

Put a load of shirts in the wash, they are in the dryer now and the dishwasher is running, lots of glasses and cutlery, not much else.

Watched another episode of Dark Matter which redeemed itself with an almost happy ending.

Listening to the Jimmy Buffet station on Pandora via BT speaker.

Plans for tomorrow:

Done and Done

Another night of waking up at weird times. Spook did the head butt thing at about 6 am, even jumped over my body for more, twice.

Listened to KIRO radio on the Echo Dot. TuneIn radio is pretty neat.

Got to work, parked in the garage in one of the three e-car slots, but two other cars were using the charger. Went upstairs, found my new desk, unpacked my boxes, took away everything except my Microsoft Ship-It award, which I left as a placeholder. Said hi to my new clustermates, let them know it was fine to use that space.

Drove back to the hole, grabbed breakfast from the break room, which was fully stocked for a change.

Got that bug to occur again, added the video to the bug report. Same app on another unit was too slow to even test.

Lunch was tuna casserole, pudding for dessert.

Spent all day watching videos, lots of America's Got Talent which are in two formats - the official ones only show the performance, there are unofficial ones which show the whole segment start to finish. I'm not as interested in the bio as I am in the judges' comments. There was an incredible performance by a 9-year-old girl. Why do they always cry when they get a standing ovation? I never do. :-)

I'll make an exception for this one - the bio makes it all the more inspiring. The song is Rise Up by Andra Day. I like the little girl's rendition better than the original.

Toward the end of the day boss' boss asked me to create a spreadsheet which I've already been doing for weeks, and shared with Boss. Boss is on vacation this week. Boss2 had made a suggestion a week or so ago about a way to get the info from another source, but it didn't work. We went back and forth a few times, each time his suggestion did not work. I'd of course tried all the things a week ago.

It would have been nice to have more detailed instructions. It would have been nicer for the person who coded the source to have exported the info into a usable format. And it's not like they hired me to be an admin.

Straight home after work. Walked to the community center for the mobile home park social group's board meeting, and it was a mess. Board elections were billed as the same board as last year, but they added one person to replace a resigning member. After the usual business was done, the Prez opened up the floor, but things got out of hand because he doesn't know how to run a meeting, the VP shouted everyone down, and the Prez suddenly gaveled the meeting adjourned. No rules of order. No wonder no one wants to serve on the board.

Walked home, Lou wasn't out and about. Maybe this weekend I'll find out what happened at the Monday meeting. The board refused to talk about it.

Thought about going to Lowe's for plants, but did more research instead. Lilies of the Nile are in the running, but now so are:
Salvia spathacea
Callistemon ‘Violaceus’
Isomeris arborea
Ceanothus 'Concha
Eriogonum grande var. rubescens

Watched the news on Tivo, nothing except follow-ups and rumors. Dinner was the sourdough salami and swiss sandwich I made 2 days ago. Ice cream with honey and walnuts. Home made limeade. I need to buy more limes.

The weather has turned again, it was cold and cloudy and windy, and may rain soon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Contract rep meet and greet in the afternoon
Main building is having a TGIF with a DJ outside the cafeteria at about 4. Not sure if I'll go.


Had a tough time getting to sleep last night, that damned park inspection thing again. So tonight's thoroughly awful dinner was accompanied by Angry Orchard. And now my eyes want to close.
Got to work on time, there were bananas and Kind bars and HB eggs and real Diet Coke. Yay! And no conferences, though yesterday's signs were still up.

Got the pre-release app to install on all three units, just had to sign in in the order I originally had done. And as soon as I played a clip, it showed me the bug I needed to video, but the clip ended before my work Nexus phone could launch. So I had to do it all over again, and this time I captured it and uploaded it to my secret YouTube stash. And filed a bug.

The new app has other issues, but they seem to be device-specific.

Anyway, spent all day playing video clips for testing. Lunch was Asian Beef on rice. M&Ms for dessert.

Break time was quiet as well.

Half an hour before quitting time I went to the new digs and found my official desk. It's even more crowded, and still open plan. Tall Engineer also arrived, carrying a box of his stuff, and one of the other partner managers also did a walk-by. I had parked in the garage below the new place, was able to plug in (there are only 2 ports nearby).

Nice day, stayed up at first floor level watching the volleyball game and people passing by. Much eye candy as the fitness center is right there too. 

Back to the car when it was about 90% charged. h

Home, ordered pizza delivery from Domino's. The idea is the echo dot can take an order, after you have set up an account and a favorite order online.

Note to Domino's: It's nice that the pizza was delivered earlier than promised, but it would have been nicer to have it baked until it was done. And WTF are you delivering the pasta dish in a metal lined container for? And it's really rude to not list prices until the final check-out page.

Bottom line - worst pizza ever. Pasta was almost as bad. Not going to use them again.

Fired up Netflix and watched about 2/3 of the next Sherlock episode, but now I'm done. They have gone way way over the top. And under the bottom.
Still enjoying the current Hugo novel nomination. The author has thrown in some cool writing tricks, including a very compelling way of presenting flashbacks.

Was too late coming home to ask neighbors what happened at last night's meeting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Start at the new desk, unload the boxes, take everything back home except maybe my MSFT award.
Home, ask the neighbors about last night's meeting
Maybe stop in at Lowe's for a couple of Lily of the Nile plants. They are growing all over the grounds by the hole, they do well in all day direct sunlight, and have large clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers.
Meanwhile my paw paw saplings appear to be dead. :-(

Only a Little Bit Early Tonight

Slept well, but woke with an Hgl in the 60's, so ice cream for breakfast. Up well before the alarm, Spook wanted to do head butts, but after a couple I got up and did my morning stuff. I'm really tired of her not allowing me to get close.

Packed lunch -- two, actually, in case I had to eat at my desk. I don't know what gave me that premonition. But almost true, because when I got to the break room, it was bare. Nobody had stocked any of the usual breakfast stuff, but there was a small buffet in front of one of the conference rooms, the meeting was already underway before 9.

The pre-release app was still not on my machines, so I installed Netflix and watched a couple of sci-fi movies. Jupiter Ascending was one. Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum. Horribly written, confusing directing, crappy cinematography and crappier special defects. The "Noplace like home" claim falls flat when home is being a slave to your Russian in-laws cleaning toilets for a living. Watched an episode of Sherlock.

The air conditioning was on full blast even though it was chilly outside.

Lunch was chicken and noodles something, there were a few strays from the conference, suits, no eye candy. 

Tried to go back for a break, but they had completely taken over the break room, which they are not supposed to do - there were tables set up for them elsewhere - as well as the foyer. Grrr.

At 5 I drove to the garage, plugged in the car and went upstairs with a Fry's shopping bag filled with books and stuff. Put them in two moving boxes, closed those up and put labels on them. Checked my old desk's cabinet, nothing of mine was in it. 

Almost went to the move-to location but wanted to get to the 6:30 park meeting, so I scooted.

Traffic wasn't too bad, got home by 6, checked in online and then walked to the park community hall, got there right at 6:30, and could hear from outside they had already started. I had expected to grab a seat in the back, figured on maybe 50 people showing up in a hall which can hold about 100. It was SRO, not a single seat free. And many of these people had to be wheeled in, or assisted to get there. I left, went back home, there was nothing I was going to be able to add, and the number of people who got there early was a clear signal to the corporate shill that she had fucked up in an epic fashion. The last inspection was a total sham, as was the park manager's letter, and her apologist letter was even worse.

Dinner was alleged chicken fried hamburger, not at all fried. It was okay. Ice cream for dessert. Watched another episode of Sherlock. 30 minutes of action jam-packed into an hour and a half. How does Stephen Moffat do it?

Watered the front garden and the potted plants on the porch. The rose cuttings don't look too good and out of 6 sage cuttings, only one is thriving, one more looks like it my not die.

Delivered was the bigger BT speaker, which I may send back because for the same price I can get a wi-fi speaker. Almost bought three at work, but didn't really want to spend $150. The wi-fi speakers can daisy chain up to 10, BT is 1:1. Wi-fi also holds a signal when the microwave is on.

But with an expensive vacation coming up, probably not a priority.

Plans for tomorrow:

Another Busy one

Was up till 3 am trying to upload the second set of model pix, but both my flickr app and the direct upload burped. More on that later.

Stayed in bed till about 10, it was a decent night's sleep, aided by the BT speaker in the bedroom cranking out music from the new Echo Dot. It has a free TuneIn radio app, which is one of the apps I routinely test at work. It found me a new station which I enjoy a lot: Irish Pub Radio. That link is their web site, this link is the TuneIn live stream. At work my favorite station in Fung Fung Fung, a Thai pop music channel, which really ought to be spelled Fahng Fahng Fahng, (in Thai ฟังฟังฟัง) which means "listen listen listen"). It tends to get loud, especially the commercials. And there is a lot of rap embedded in Thai pop songs.

I am enjoying the BT speakers, even though only one can connect at a time to the dot. They are portable, and water-resistant and play for 8 hours on a charge, so I can listen in the bedroom, take it into the bathroom & shower, then tell dot to connect to the one in the kitchen. Or just carry it in there with me. The is one snafu - the two speakers have the same BT name, not changeable, so the dot gets confused (and so do I) which one I want to connect to. So I have the larger version on order, which should have a different BT name.

Hgl was a tad high, but within range, so I shot up the full 150 units.

Lou came over wanting me to go over his lease, but I don't have time for that. I'm not going to play lawyer for anyone except myself. And I was on my way to the loo when Lou rang the bell.

After said pit stop, I put on shoes, grabbed the tiller, and attacked the center of the front garden where I was going to put the new shrubs. It was amazing. Even though it only bites about 4" deep, it very quickly chopped up the dirt and grabbed any loose dead branches. Made it very easy to create a clean space where I wanted it. Also, with the area cleared, it revealed that four plants I thought had died were alive. Lilacs, I think. The Bee's Friend and poppies had covered and choked them, but they still have some green leaves.

Off to Lowe's, found exactly the barrow/cart I was looking for, on sale for $40. And I also picked up a pair of small Philodendron Cordatums to replace the two plants hanging in the bay windows which did not look to be thriving. 

Home, shoveled compost into the barrow, grabbed the rake, shovel and tiller and went up front. Raked and bagged the loose stuff, dumped the compost and raked/shoveled it somewhat evenly across the center 1/3rd of the garden. Dug the first hole, ran into hard clay way too soon, but the tiller broke that up with some effort and a lot of shoveling. Planted the first Golden E, it was plenty deep and there was more than enough dirt to pack it in place.

That was exhausting, so inside for a breather. Back outside, repeat the process, and then put the tools in the shed, take another breather and decided to finish later when it wasn't 80° outside.

Read some of the second Hugo nominated novel, the sequel to Three Body. This time the translation is better, and maybe the basic story as well.

Drove to MV, one of the Starbucks we used to hang at a lot, but then it was torn apart and remodeled and the Blockbuster next door which had been a main source of foot traffic closed. Panera took that space, so business is back up again.  Some Friends of Spandex contestants to look at before Janice arrived.

Home, grabbed the tools and planted the two star jasmine shrubs. They are probably too close together, and the second one is too close to the lilacs, but jasmine can be trained, so I'll deal with that later.

Watered everything, jet sprayed the loose dirt down the storm drain.

Uploaded the second set of photo shoot pix, nuked the duplicates and made an album. Updated the links in my previous post.

"Part 1 - Neon"

Part 2 - Steampunk

Dinner was herb roasted chicken and the last of the cookies & cream Lactaid ice cream. And some halvah chaser. Watched the news until it was clear it was last night's.

So much blather about "I am London" and similar crap. As far as I am concerned, when there's a terrorist strike on London Bridge, and then the country is on high alert from the Manchester bombing, there is no excuse for police to be 8 minutes away from London Bridge when a repeat attack occurs. And no excuse for killing the terrorists, especially when they are armed with only knives and you're wearing bullet proof flack jackets and allegedly are trained in hand to hand combat. So much lost intelligence (in more ways than one).

Meanwhile my UK cousins are more concerned about their PM starting a nuclear war - in a time when there is no PM because she dissolved parliament prior to elections. If you think the US has a stupid legislative system, I give you the UK.

Took out the garbage, put some things in the car to put into boxes tomorrow for the work move. Books and my Microsoft "ship it" award.

Still need to flatten some boxes and put them out for recycling.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - start in the big building in case the movers have the boxes/labels ready.
If not, end the day there.
Home, walk to the community center for The Meeting.

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