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A truly Senior Day. Running late, I remembered to grab the DVD player & some discs to bring to work, and packed lunch but forgot to measure my Hgl,  take my meds, shoot up, and left my reading glasses and insulin pen on the kitchen counter. The glasses were just an inconvenience, I have computer glasses at work and spare readers in the car.

Engineer had left some messages which made me rearrange the desktop so I could test something I didn't know the TV had, with too short a cable. And found a bug. He had me bring in the guys nextdoor for a second opinion, they agreed with me, and had me file a bug. Engineer had tried another bug at home and it worked, but that's on a different unit, so I made a video and sent it to him.

The DVD test failed, so I packed the machine up to try on my TV at home. Should have done that last night.

Lunch was crowded. Some Israeli jerk was sitting at the table I usually camp out on, talking on his cell phone. I was tempted to let him know I understand Hebrew, but decided not to. When he was done on the phone he left his mess there and moved to a couch on the other side of the room. When he was gone I pushed his mess aside and took my rightful place. Lunch was a small Banquet Asian BBQ rice thing and some mac & white cheese.

There was some eye candy. Not as good as yesterday, though.

Followed up with Boss, asked to meet to talk about the contract, but she wanted to do it over messenger. She's been working on it, and forwarded to me the message confirming that the process has been started to extend my contract by a year, now we wait to see what other hoops she needs to jump through. I called my rep, but got voicemail. She called back late afternoon and we talked. She squeed over the 1-year thing. I'm pretty jazzed about that too. I hate looking for work. The pay isn't fantastic, but it's fair, and it's more than Social Security after taxes. I've already started paying down my credit card.

Lots of not-busy time this afternoon, I explored YouTube and Netfix and some of the live TV channels. Took a break at 4:30, the break room was crowded, so I sat on the sofa by the classrooms.

Reading a book by Buzz Aldrin which is proving to be painful to read. Encounter with Tiber. It's his predictions of a successful space program, written in 1996, 10 years after Challenger, but 7 years before Columbia. It starts with Endeavor experiencing a total rocket failure, and the astronauts escape using a plan & hardware designed by Story Musgrave. The shuttle is totaled as it crashes into the sea. It talks about a successful retirement of Columbia, and the space program being given a big boost when France hires Rockwell to build a 6-person Apollo II craft by 2013. And by 2017 the US was building our own Apollo II craft.

All of this wrong predicting is wasted, the main story doesn't need the buildup, and now that part of the book is so dated and Just Plain Wrong™ that it hurts.**

After work, out at 5:30, drove straight home. Traffic was very light until the Intersection From Hell, but I got home by 6. Wanted to have the PC fired up, my state senator was having a web town hall meeting at 6:30.

Jerry Hill has a touch of a NYC accent, I chalk that up to his Italian heritage. The webcast was technically perfect, no glitches, solid bandwidth, good audio, attractive law office setting (shelves of a thousand law books), articulate co-host, and they used the pop-up tech to show the emailed questions from viewers with the viewer's first name and town writ large, but the "from" address was the admin who forwarded them to the host. Jerry answered all the questions, spent just enough time explaining his stand on things. One of this things is sponsoring a bill which would send notices to all the states encouraging them to get their electoral college numbers in line with the popular vote numbers. Another is to make it a crime to smoke or eat weed and drive, though he admits there is no objective evidence of what levels of THC in the blood cause impaired driving. He says undocumented persons get no public assistance, but I think he is very naive about how easy it is to forge documents. And he seems to have forgotten that in CA they can get driver's licenses.

They used the full hour, and it was good. I wrote him a note thanking him for the webcast, and to thank his techies who did a first class job.

Next on the list, I plugged the DVD into my TV and it worked fine. Something is definitely wrong with the test machine. I had emailed Boss today with a short list of thing to buy for me, and a region-free DVD player with component outputs was on the list.

Watched some Netflix, but kept having to abandon shows because they were shot in the dark. What is with that? Finally landed on The Fantastic Four which I thought I had seen before, but don't remember any of it. Watched about half before it was time to write this.

**I was thinking of 1984, which was way off base with the date and form Big Brother would take. But Orwell was using the date as a warning, not as a prediction. Some of what he predicted has happened, but to a lesser extent, and it happened in Great Britain where IRL it happened more in other countries. I think part of the art of science fiction is to know when to fudge.

Plans for tomorrow:

Second Monday

Slept well, except for when Spook pushed open the bathroom door, which I had left open just enough so she could sneak in. However, having WD40ed the hinges recently, her 13# push slams the door open and hits the little table next to it.

Up and out a little early, remembered to bring extra batteries and my gamepad.

Finished what I could of the testing, copied Boss and Engineer on the results, got some feedback from Engineer which said to ask the guys next door for help. I hate doing that, I'm supposed to be certifying their work, after all. But they were happy to loan me some equipment and show how to pair the gamepad which I'd brought batteries for. Everything online said it was plug and play but it needed a special set of keys pressed. They also loaned me a DVD player for a component video test, but it has RGB signal issues, so while I was able to perform the basic test, I'll bring my VCR/DVD player tomorrow. Annoying, because my spare, compact player doesn't have component output, nor does the one in the bedroom, nor the one in the livingroom. My TiVo bolt doesn't, but the two older ones I don't use do, but I don't trust their copy protection to allow a signal through. My own gamepad was useless, it's wifi and won't pair to anything except the NVidia boxes.

I have plenty of home made DVDs with no DRM.

Ran out of tests to run after lunch. Lunchtime was an eye candy adventure. There is one woman who has been hanging out with her laptop on the sofas outside the lecture hall. Yesterday she was wearing a form-fitting pair of fitness stretch pants, and while she wore a baggy sweater, from the waist down she looked amazing. Today she was wearing thin skinny jeans, and it showed off her athletic calves and thighs and butt. She was joined by another woman who also was doing the baggy top/tight pants thing, but #2 was skinny, not toned at all. There were also a couple of tourists who came through, very petite and cute. I'm guessing the athlete will be there all week. She seems to have something to do with the classes in the lecture hall.

Back at work, I fired up Netflix and hunted for 4k content. Watched three episodes of The Crown before I figured out why I could not stand the actor playing Phillip. Matt Smith, who turned me off of Doctor Who a couple of years ago. I'm done with that, switched to a Crouching Tiger knock-off, and kept getting confused because there were two pretty young girls, but they were on opposite sides. And a third who was a mercenary who looked a lot alike.

Left at 5:30, stopped off at Grocery Outlet for misc. stuff. Grapes, smoked turkey wings & legs, chocolates, frozen lunches/dinners and what I hope will be tartar sauce - sandwich spread and relish.

Home, heated up some of the smoked turkey and opened a container of garlic stuffed green olives while watching the rest of the Chinese movie. Gave up on it before the end, too many of the good guys got killed, and FFed through a lot of fighting-in-the-dark. WTF was the director thinking? Moved on to Sherlock, but all that was left was "making of" clips. :-(

Got email from my ISP that they found some suspicious files on my site. One was a standard access control file, but all the others were php fies, placeholder web pages which definitely were not put there by me. They were in innocuous places, most of them were buried among my photo gallery images. Pulling them up on a browser, most of them did nothing, at least one redirected to a blocked site. I got rid of all but the access list.

It's Valentine's Day, but I'm not paying any attention. It has been so long since I had a love life, I forget who wears the handcuffs.

Got email in the morning from my contract rep, she said she was sent a message to approve my end date of 3/4. I think that was supposed to be my original end date. I need to talk to Boss about that, and find out how long she really wants to keep me.

3-day weekend coming up. Bought Capitol Corridor tickets from the Santa Clara/Great America station to SAC and back. Google maps shows street parking for that station, and it's closer than SJC which is hit and miss with parking. Also reserved a room at Vagabond Inn across the street, but I'll catch a bus to the exhibit before checking in. It's just overnight, I'll pack light.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, bring A/V unit & dvds
Talk to Boss

Not Bad for a Monday

Slept well, woke up fewer times than average. Spook did the leg climb at about 7 am, but jumped right off the bed and parked herself on the cat tree by the front porch windows. Garbage day, neighbors to observe pushing their bins to the street. It's an interesting neighborhood that way. Garbage trucks never show up before 9 am,  recycle trucks around 2 pm, but most people wheel their bins out on Sunday.

Much of the insanity on FB has died down, so in the morning I'm logging in just to look at comments on my postings. Mostly photos. Only takes 5 minutes so I get on the road on time now.

Traffic was relatively light, but the stop lights made up for it. It was eerily misty at home, but cleared up by the time I reached MtnView.

Automation Guy phoned while he was stuck on 101, I had already passed his office 5 minutes before. I wish Google had set me up in that neighborhood.

Work was routine +: I was able to spend more time watching video than when I was first starting out. I finished all the required stuff, and am now on to adding apps which Boss asked me to research. Only two crashes, in a row, but not related. At Moto, we had a rule that anything which rebooted the system was a show stopper, no matter what caused it. So for example, if we found that the crash was caused by the producers of the video not following the format specifications, it was still a show stopper until engineering found a way to gracefully handle the "exception".

Tomorrow I'll bring my game controller from home, and batteries for the one in the hole which isn't lighting up. I like my NVidia one better, mostly because it is rechargeable.

Left fo home at the crack of 5:30, there was just enough light & time to fill the new spray pump with RoundUp and dose the cracks in the driveway and the borders of the gardens where weeds were growing that I couldn't pull out because the rocks were in the way. I also sprayed some CA poppies and Bee's Friend plants which were growing under the border rocks, just to see how specific RoundUp is.

While doing that UPS delivered a can of Scotchguard, so I put my Sharks jacket in the wash. After the dryer was done with it, I sprayed it generously, hanging by the carport door. I expect it will be dry & wearable tomorrow morning. No rain expected till Thursday, I think.

Dinner was Marie C Beef pot pie while watching Amazon's Red Oaks, a cross between Animal House and something a lot less exciting. Lots of pretty girls, sometimes topless, and young buff boys in tightie whities -- for them what likes that kind of thing.

The last of the almost forgotten fudgesicles for dessert.

Vanguard emailed that my 1099s were available for download. According to them, I lost a few dollars when I sold half my Apple stock. Scottrade still hasn't made their forms available, which is all I'm waiting for to file. I sold some stock through them while unemployed, but have no idea if those were gains or losses. Oh wait, I can look it up on their gains/losses tab - I made about $750, mostly long-term assets so there's a tax break on those. Which is why I have to wait for their forms.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, probably finish the test suite I'm working on. Maybe start running the automation tool.

Getting Out Of Bed When You Don't Have To

As usual, the TV and radio and lights woke me up at 7:30, but being a Sunday with no plans till evening, I turned off the radio (KNBR does golf on Sunday mornings, my interest in that activity approaches zero from the negative numbers). TV news was interesting for a while, but then they walked off the cliff into a piece on fake news, which is when I hit the remote's off button because journalism fails when it becomes the story.

So I turned to my Samsung tablet, caught up on the latest non-political videos, checked the weather, searched for, downloaded and tried an app which could tell me my Clipper card balance (It also claims to do Orca cards) but it didn't work. Also found some more Thai music.

Spook was happily curled up in the cat bed by the laundry hampers, which inspired me to stay in bed until almost 11.

Finally up & showered & drugged, it was also time to re-load my two pill dispensers (a big one for mornings and a smaller one for bedtime).

Watered all the indoor plants, both my older Thai lime tree and my dwarf orange tree are blooming.

Had so much time to kill that I swiffered the kitchen floor, and then re-swiffered it with the steamer. It could use an industrial polisher.

Sat on the porch reading, it was in the 60's with little or no wind. Two hummingbirds came by the feeders, which were down to the last inch, so I refilled two of them, and recycled the third. That one was the oldest model, and it requires a funnel to fill - poor design - the newer ones have wide mouths, easier to fill and they don't need to be burped. Small mouth = bottleneck, literally.

Just clear sugar water this time, no food coloring. Hummers checked them out, I counted three.

Lunch was ad hoc - a small banana, half a packet of smoked salmon. Not exactly lox - it was thicker and didn't peel apart like lox. But close enough. And some slices of Muenster cheese. Ginger ale for my tummy. And cola too. When I had tummy issues as a child, dad would dose me with straight cola syrup.  sold it at his brother's pharmacy, I think. His brother & sister in law were both pharmacists. Mom's Rx was ginger ale. Baby sister got me to adding fresh sliced ginger to the bottle. SodaStream makes that easy.

Watched some TV, I forget what. Made a PNB sandwich, poured a glass of diet cola, and went back onto the porch to read.

At about 4:30 I was about to drive to MV to meet Janice, but while I was on the porch I saw a couple of weeds, so picked a few, and made a note to spray the borders. It's been staying light later, maybe there will be enough light after work.

The drive to MV which takes half an hour on weekday mornings took <7 minutes. I was early, but that meant I was able to snag one of my favorite tables and check for laptop updates. Barista was kind of slow.

Janice showed up early, expecting to have beaten me there. :-)

She was miffed that I had not told her about #SFGFest, so I showed her the pictures.

I told her that next weekend I will probably take advantage of the 3-day weekend and take the train to Sacto and then bus to the Hmong exhibit zyzyly posted about. http://www.hmongstory40.org/. She would like to go, but probably has other things on her calendar. As a (retired) social worker, she has a special interest.

Home, Tivo pointed me to a PBS genealogy show which was tracing Bill Maher's, Bill O'Reiley's and Soladad O'Reiley's Irish roots. It was painful to hear how often the host tooted his own horn. Yes, the research is tough, we get it. But don't knock a free trip to Ireland.

Finished the second Corwint book, Whispers From Exile by C.E. Kilgore. Pretty sure that's a pen name, considering she mostly writes slash and sci-fi with a lot of slash content. Kilgore Trout was the porn novelist invention of the late, great Kurt Vonnegut. And so it goes. Did not buy the next book, my OCD was being tweaked too much by her misuse of English, and the senseless typos. The first two books were free... My biggest gripe is she kept using the word "inhale" where she meant "breath". There is no such thing as "an inhale". She also invents some alien language words, and sometimes misuses them, or uses them inconsistently. Instead I paid about $8 for a Buzz Aldrin/John Barnes book Encounter with Tiber from long enough ago that one of the jacket comments is from Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

Dinner was a small chicken teriyaki Safeway frozen thing, I wasn't feeling too hungry after a venti mocha and a butter criossant.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. I have at least another full day's worth of testing the latest bits. And one more overnight test.
Home. Maybe try out the new weed sprayer.

Surprising weather

It has been cloudy and raining for a couple of weeks, so this morning's sudden sunshine was a nice surprise. But it meant not going to a going-away party for a pair of neighbors so I could get to the one express train to SF on time. In my rush I forgot my phone, but I did have my tablet with ebooks loaded. It's a wifi only tablet, and there's no wifi on Caltrain. The big event was the annual SF Giants baseball team's fanfest #SFGFest. I'd never been before, probably because usually in mid-February it's cold and wet in SF.

I wore my Hawaiian style Giants shirt, standard black with orange letters SF baseball cap, and a heavy faux leather SF Giants stadium jacket with lots of branding. I bought it at a discount when the same jacket plus championship patches was being sold for 3x as much after the 2nd world series win. Orange lining, quilted inner sleeves with quilt batting. Very warm.

It looked like at least half the train was going to the same place. It was packed - the bozos who designed the new trains made all the seats 4-somes, two facing front and two back, and pretty close together so the person you are facing needs to negotiate foot placement with you.

10:45 arrived at SF at about 11:30, a long 3 blocks to the stadium, where they had the usual metal detectors and TSA style inspection, but without the shoes idiocy. And I could keep my jacket on.

It was a long and winding path to the field, and I had to dodge several pairs of people playing catch with actual baseballs in the outfield on my way to the stands in front of the KNBR stage. The player I most wanted to see, Buster Posey, was long gone, he was in the 10 am slot. But I got to see the coach and several other key players over the next couple of hours. There was other stuff going on around the stadium, but it was a warm sunny day and after half an hour I scored perfect seats for taking photos of the interviewees. One seat for me, another for my jacket & knapsack.

Photos can be found here. There are a lot of good ones. I didn't get nearly enough eye candy pictures because mostly people were in a crowd and it was a game of peek-a-boo, or they were rapidly walking up the aisle. The police person who was stationed between the main body of standing fans and the stage was guarded by a woman wearing short sleeves and sporting ornate arm tattoos.

During commercial breaks (the fest is a KNBR event) the players would take off their headsets and go to the edge of the stage to sign autographs, and often this police person would help by handing items from fan to player and back. Most of the players eventually jumped into the crowd and signed stuff, as well.

The one down side is my great photo shoot seats came with unhearable audio. There were a couple of low-powered speakers aimed sort of at us, but the bass was up so high the words were not understandable. The audio was also being piped around the stadium, so the seats way up by the concourse could hear, but they were too far for photos.

There was a lot of swag for sale, but I have everything Giantish I need.

The event was due to end at 3, the next train home was 3:15, so when it was clear that no new talent was going to come on stage, I bailed at 2:45. It was a long walk to the station, the exit was on the opposite side of the stadium from the one I entered. But I got there with 10 minutes to spare. This was an older train, which has lovely single seats facing front in the south half of the car and facing back in the north half. Downstairs there are 4-somes, but usually there is a table between the facing pairs. Anyhow, not very crowded going home.

At one of the stops, there is a sign written on the side of a Mexican restaurant facing the station which says "Birthplace of the Mission Style burrito" which I finally remembered to make a note of and look up. Total BS. Turns out the reason it is called the Mission Style is it was invented either in SF's Mission District 30 miles away, hence the name.

I was home in time to go to the retirement party, but my tummy declared a glorious revolution which kept me from going far from the throne room until well after the party was probably done. So I processed the fan fest photos instead.

Also caught up on email, and checked FB just enough to see reactions to photos I posted yesterday, and to post some fan fest pix. Lots of fans and baseball freaks on my friends list.

Dinner was ha gow and steamed bits of roast duck while watching Shark Tank. One of the applicants was a former Peace Corps volunteer looking to help the villages he worked in with a sustainable acai-based fruit snack. Nobody bit.

Plans for tomorrow:
Spray for weeds in the driveway cracks.
Maybe weed the garden
If it's nice out, sit on the porch & read
Coffee w/Janice
A memory miracle happened, and I found most of the photos I took while being a studio cameraman in 1969 at the Seattle ABC affiliate. In addition to the news, we had a daily talk show, and sometimes there were famous guests. The one set of pix I didn't find in the stash were the ones of Tiny Tim, or of Don McGaffin. McGaffin started out as the station's investigative reporter, but he ended up hosting this talk show. I was a fan  until he started showing up drunk. His news crew kept him from getting on the set that way. There was always someone ready to stand in.

What I did find was my infatuation with the very sexy Shari Lewis. I'd watched her puppet shows on TV since forever, but seeing her in person was a whole 'nother thing. On the TV all we saw was her head and hands, but IRL she was this super-hot, petite strawberry blonde. Gymnast thighs, and well endowed for such a tiny woman. I remember one of the kids in the audience asking her if she bought her clothes in the little girls' section, and her answer was that while she was as short as a child, she was not shaped like one. That got a chuckle from the crew.

Another sexy guest was Charo, who was a little on the chunky side, but boy could she play guitar!  And what a forceful personality.

And they put her on the same show as Mrs. Miller,
https://youtu.be/fw07CDid0JM whose husband was rich enough to get her horrible voice on vinyl.

And of course the main reason I was looking was for photos of Prof. Irwin Corey who passed away recently at the age of 102. He looked that age in 1969. I found some of him too.

Photos here:

How did I sleep? Not too badly, l not too well. Could have used some Ibuprofen. Spook started out the night camped next to the shower, but the first time I woke up she was in the cat bed by the laundry hampers, so I kept the bathroom door closed the rest of the night. The light from the street lamp bothers me.

Out of bed & on the road 15 minutes early, traffic was fairly light, I could have taken the freeway all the way had I known.

Automation Guy called as I was gathering breakfast from the break room, I called him back later. One of the new hires eating breakfast recognized the ringtone's singer, and was wearing a musicals T-shirt from wherever he was from.

I had the hole to myself till after lunch, and just before lunch Boss got me access to the bits I needed to upgrade the TV on my desk and start testing. So I had actual work to do all afternoon. Much of it was watching Youtube movies. Monday I'll move on to movie movies, and maybe Netflix. It's no longer a challenge to find 4K videos, but it's rare to have actual movies, especially free ones, with actual talking heads. Mostly it's nature with a narrator and audio loops.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini, and Thin Mints. Two different groups walked through on tours. 6 others were parked there on laptops or having lunch.

Left work about 15 minutes late, wanted to make sure the screen saver kicked in, because there's a >1 day test for it.

Not a lot of traffic, I'm guessing lots of people were headed for the ski slopes this weekend. Apparently there is a lot of snow up there and the weather forecast is for sunny & clear.

No snow in SF, but the forecast is for sunny & clear, so Plan A is the Giants Fan Fest.

Dinner was a trio of steamed pork buns, and ice cream sandwich while watching Sherlock. This one was a beast, as they tried to put us inside his head as he was high on 7% or more. It was a strange and forced ode to women's suffrage 100 years ago. Probably the worst episode so far.

Scanned in the photos, several at a time and then used some Photoshop tricks to cut and paste them into individual pix and straighten them. 6 of Charo, three more of her with Mrs. Miller, 7 of Corey, 18 of Shari. Also 2 of Mr. & Mrs. Leisy, who were elderly mentors for my big sister & me back then. I got them audience tickets for one of the shows.

Huge discrepancy in what Quicken shows I owe on my Visa card and what Visa says I owe. It's in my favor, but only half of it was my entering the Conflikt hotel bill twice (once when I made the reservation, which had not cleared, and once when I paid the bill on exiting, for slightly fewer $$). And my Conflikt registration has also not cleared, I'm chalking that up to Beth not being available to handle con business. But those two items are only half the amount.

Plans for tomorrow:
Caltrain to SF, wear my Giants jacket, bring my camera. Free fanfest at AT&T park.
3-ish back to Sunnyvale, maybe will get home in time to got to my wife's retirement party.


Woke up at several strange times last night, had some vivid dreams, woke up at least twice talking back or shouting at someone in the dream, but each time I woke with a WTF feeling. WTF was I dreaming about that for? Can't remember any of it now.

Raining lightly, took my time getting out of the house, about 15 minutes later than usual, and it was clear sailing right up until my exit, which was three lanes of nobody moving much for about 2 miles. That last 2 miles took 15 minutes. The idiots who designed the new! improved! exit took two lanes dumping into the freeway from the main E-W freeway, and made it one lane exit-only for the next two exits, so two lanes of freeway are trying to merge right while two lanes of incoming are trying to merge left.  And the signage makes it look like there are two lanes of exit-only until the last 20 feet, where magically the rightmost lane disappears. The only good thing to say about it is it's new, so the roadway is fresh blacktop. With the rains, that probably won't last.

Took my stuff to my desk then went across the street and grabbed a banana and HB egg and a cola. Remembered to bring my egg slicer yesterday, and the good news is sliced egg, the bad news is now I know the eggs are old and dried out. Possibly previously frozen, because the plastic wrap they are sealed in is 1/8 water.

Boss didn't come to visit, I didn't expect her to with the crappy weather. It's a nasty walk. I spent the day mostly exercising the antenna feeds, and found this wonderful Korean show on one of the 26-x channels called King of Mask Singer aka King of Masked Singer. They take the basic idea of The Voice to another level. I like it. A lot. The setup: There is a panel of judges, apparently a core of 4, but as many as a dozen, a live studio audience in 3/4 round, and a pair of singer contestants. Each singer is dressed in a costume meant to hid his/her figure, and each one wears a unique mask/headgear arrangement, often cartoonish, always totally hiding their face & hair but allowing unmuffled sound to come through. Each singer does one number, the judges choose a winner, and the winner walks to the back of the stage, facing away from the audience, takes off the mask and turns around to a 5-count. The judge and audience reactions are priceless.

During the singing, judges may shout comments, or make faces in response to the level of talent, and there is a video graphic artist who can paste hats and other funny stuff onto a judge or three.

They do two contests an episode, and the next episode those two winners face off. There are solos and duets as well. Today's big winner turned out to be, as apparently is often the case, a ringer. Gorgeous voice, she sang a Korean language version of a Broadway musical number, I think. I was too busy being awestruck by her performance and the quality of the antenna feed to figure out what the song was. It was live, so no chance to rewind & replay, and today's episode won't be online for 2 more days. Rats! What I did get is the singer was one of several excellent voices from a K-pop team called Apink. They often dance up a storm cheerleader style as they sing. Impressive.

Here's a sample of the Mask show. I love her voice.

And the reveal

And in looking at music videos, I got caught up with Thai pop music a little. Seems there is a song called แพ้ใจ (PaeJai) [Surrender] which has dozens of covers, and pretty much every teen girl in the country can sing the words. The original video is very sweet, and has more than 18 million views:

Thai, transliteration, translation hidden here:Collapse )

Was watching the PBS news hour over-analyzing the travel ban when the decision came in. The two judges they interviewed pointed out that this is how our government is supposed to work, and the next step is the appeal to the Supreme Court. And they both noted that the President is perfectly within his rights to say rude things about the courts, and added there have been Presidents in the past who actually ignored Supes rulings.

Home in a drizzle, lots of slow drivers, too many aggressive drivers barging into lanes they were too impatient to line up in. 

Delivered was a big container of cat treats, just in time. I would have run out by the weekend.

Watched an episode of Match Game, dinner was chicken wings & creamed corn. And ice cream sandwich. Lunch had been shrimp fried rice, Famous Amos & chocolate pudding. Some of the usual suspects conferenced around the cereal bar, seems they work upstairs. Meanwhile my building is getting more populated.

Tried to watch on Tivo an episode of Genealogy Roadshow I saw at work, but it was a poor signal, and after I caught a couple of words I'd missed live, I nuked it. Next episode will be recorded from channel 54 instead of 9. Also went through the Tivo one pass settings and deleted anything which needs cable.

Did I mention that I demoted SlingTV from $40 everything package to $30 not-ESPN? Not interested in anything they have to offer. My favorite talk show is not available on Sling.

Another day without reading Facebook, blood pressure is lower and I'm typing less.

Plans for tomorrow:


More Time

Hit the pillows around 10 pm, and was asleep in minutes. Woke up several times, a hazard of going to sleep early, but got back to sleep quickly each time. I kept the bathroom door closed (the light from the street lamp bothers me) so Spook was exiled to the bedroom cat bed.

Not getting caught up in Facebook gives me lots more time in the morning. At work I've switched to Twitter, an entirely different and shallower medium. BBC made me laugh. A whole article speculating on what "- D" meant at the end of one of The Donald's tweets. It's his signature, assholes. Now get your heads out of your butts and cover Parliament approving Brexit, and eviscerating Windsorcare.

Overcast all day, tiny scattered drizzles. Last night chatted with Baltimore sister, 67° yesterday, snow expected tomorrow. Lots of it. My reading of the satellite images says no, they will only get the tail end of the snow, but a ton of rain. CT and PA look to be the snow target.

All day in the hole, had some work to do, but mostly watched 4K videos. Engineering manager wanted me to install new bits on one of my units, but I don't have access to that site. Meanwhile I hunted for apps which run on the TV and are not for videos. Found hangman, weather radar, alarm clock.

Lunch was Swedish meatballs. Many transients in and out of the break room.

Waited an extra 15 minutes in case EM came by with the bits on a USB stick, but no. So I drove across the street to the garage, plugged the car in, and went upstairs to read. WTF again - some jugglers were doing bowling pins and > 5 balls, indoors, in front of the main entry doors.

6:30, cafeteria opened, I waited a bit, then went in to grab a few slices of thin soggy pizza, and snagged one of the small tables in the hallway. As I was eating, Boss appeared from down the hall, so we chatted and caught up on stuff. Such as extending my contract. She wants to, but doesn't know the process. Apparently she has the approvals.

7:15, home. Back roads were lighter, the 45 mph road was clear.

I'd brought some desserts home, 3 out of 4 were edible. None were really very good. Typical.

Answered Michi's email, finally. Out of curiosity, after I filed hers, I looked through the "women" folder. Only a handful had more than one letter. I'm still in touch with all but one of those. That one was quite a surprise. In 1988, when I was working at HP, they sent me to a class in New Jersey and put me up in a 4BR apartment with three other guys. One night we piled into a car and drove to Atlantic City, and me and one other guy picked up a couple of women on the beach and brought them back to the apartment. Mine was a part time showgirl, and part time Tropicana "brand greeter" which meant she dressed in a banana suit. That kind of stuck in my mind. Valentine's Day 2011 she found my email address and re-connected. IN '88 we had written letters a few times, then she got married & we lost track of each other.

Nibbled on trail mix, watched the last two episodes of Shannara. What a lame cast. Jed Brophy was outstanding as the heavily made up and CGIed demon, Emilia Burns did what she could as the token Strong Black Woman™ without much support from the script, and Brooke Williams suffered the same fate as the Obligatory Sexy Blonde Not Quite Supporting Actress. Everyone else either phoned it in, or had a really weak cell signal. Or both.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss may come by for a visit, hopefully with update bits

Let's See If I make It As Far As Dinner

Last night was horrible. No matter what I did, I could not get to sleep, or even within several miles of it. No idea why. At about 3 am I gave up, and parked myself in front of the PC with a glass of chocolate milk, which soon became two. I even did a load of laundry.

Got to sleep around 4, but was up at least three times before the lights came on.

Somehow got through the morning routine, Hgl was a high 250, but between no sleep and the chocolate milk that was a reasonable number.

Luckily, by the time I hit the road I was fine. Left the shirts in the dryer. It was drizzling steadily, the route which had become routine was not as slow as it could have been until the exit.

Got my banana, diet Coke and HB egg and took them to the hole. Waited till Boss showed up as online in Hangouts, and sent a message asking all the things, and updating on another thing. 45 minutes later she responded. Turns out all the things were a case of a staffer misunderstanding what my assignment spreadsheet was for, but it raised a serious question which kept me busy for the rest of the day - going through the huge lists of Android apps, figuring out which ones can run on a TV, and trying them out to see which ones could be added to our test suite. Anything which required a provider was out (Comcast, DirecTV, etc.). Anything which needed add-on equipment was out. And if it required a keyboard or a microphone, it wasn't highlighted. I found a few.

Unfortunately, my main job is still on hold, waiting for specialized software. Disappointing because if things work out the way I hope, I'll get to re-connect with some friends from a few years ago at what is now a partner company.

Lunch was Asian Beef. At a little before 5 I took a hot chocolate break, and was treated to a brief walk-by of eye candy.

Thought about avoiding traffic either by going to the main building, plugging in the car, reading, and grabbing some dinner at 6:30 or going to the movies ($8 senior night) and catching Lion. Remembering how much higher my credit card debt is than I am comfortable with, I decided against the movie, and since the rain had let up, just drove home. It only took 17 minutes.

In the park mail slot was a soggy flier inviting the citizens to a going away party for the couple who have lived in the big corner house at the start of my block. Lovely people, I've met them a few times at Bingo and movie nights and on their long porch. Apparently they are heading to Reno. Party is Saturday, which is also SF Giants' fan fest, so if the weather is nice I'll go to AT&T park, but if not I'll go to the party.

In the mailbox was the Oregon Systems temp/humidity sensor to replace the one outside the bedroom window which had died of rain and rust. I installed the batteries and put it outside where it belongs, and changed the indoor unit to channel 3. It had been on channel 1, which is the sensor over the front door. That one is the whole length of the house away, and tended to cut out, especially in foul weather.

At work I saw that one of my favorite comedians had passed away at the tender age of 102. Professor Irwin Corey. I wanted to post one of my photos of him, and ended up going through all my B&W print albums before finally facing the fact that my folks had thrown out my poster which had a couple of shots of him. In the summer of 1969 I had an internship at KOMO-TV in Seattle as a studio cameraman, and always had my B&W film camera with me. On that board were also photos of Shari Lewis, Tiny Tim, host & legendary investigative reporter Don McGaffin, and a very attractive rep from the national whiskey board who had shown our resident chef how to make orange whiskey chicken,  something I still make from time to time, except I use salmon and sometimes pineapple. I suspect I am leaving some famous guest out, but just can't remember without photos.

Corey took over the show, I seem to remember him doing a mock Victor Borge routine as part of his appearance. At one point he zoomed up to a young woman in the front row who was wearing an above the knee pleated dress and said "You have beautiful legs, miss. Do they go all the way up?" Oh how I wish it was safe to use that line today. It served me well at college parties.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get rained on
Maybe plug in at the main building and read until dinner.

Another thrilling day

Went to bed way early, which means I woke up early, got on the road early and at work on time. Automation Guy phoned during the commute, so I chatted with him in until time to be in the office. Not that anyone cares.

There was nothing new to do, Engineer said the upgrade I was expecting last week is not done yet. So I exercised Youtube and Google Movies.

Lunch in the break room was very quiet except for a brief flurry of young visitors. High school class, I think. And a small group of employees whom I have seen before, one a very young looking woman with a brilliant smile.

Afternoon break time I walked to the company store, looking for an android logo jacket, but they have none. 1/3 of the way back I found a GBike on the lawn, so I rode it to the hole. Rear tire was a bit soft. Very weird riding a 1-speed. Left it in front of the hole and waked back across the street to the break room - I was out of diet Coke.

It was going to start raining in earnest, so I left on time and went straight home. Very slow going, stuck behind a corporate bus on what should have been the 45mph stretch.

Home, considered my options and took a nap. Which turned into reading in bed.

Dinner was pretzel dogs reheated, chips & dip, this time adding chopped clams and bacon bits to the dip. And thin mints for dessert. While I watched Sherlock.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay off Facebook. The paranoia level is disgusting. The ignorance level is even worse.
Work. Maybe ping the boss.

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