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Nest egg

Slept okay until a little after 5 when it sounded like the cats were fighting, but on further inspection the next door neighbors had returned home (haven't seen them since last year) and one of their dogs got loose, Spook tried to fight him through the porch window. Dog was about 20 feet away.

Fewer wake-ups, but longer times getting back to sleep.

Working from home today, so got up 15 minutes later than usual. Set up the work laptop & signed in, which took a while because it has been a long time since I used that [secure] macbook, and my password had changed, which meant registering the laptop with the new password in several places.

Rewarded with several messages from Big Unnameable Company closing a couple of bugs I filed as duplicates, admitting there was still at least one stumper, and telling me that the latest release had fixes for two more. So nice to get feedback on bugs.

Later in the day were announcements that the team was moving half a mile away to it's own small building. Much was made of the stupidity of having a fire pole, and smaller restrooms than needed. And hyping the large outdoor patio when it's cold & raining. It's a clear demotion for the team.  The good news is my lab will stay where it is. The bad news is this will make it more difficult for the product managers to visit me.

A FB friend recommended a free Amazon Prime show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I watched the whole series. Normally Tony Shalhoub bores me to tears, but he does some actual against-type character acting in this one. Marin Hinkle, on the other hand, plays his wife erratically, hard to tell if it is bad acting or inconsistent writing. Very impressed with Alex Borstein playing androgynous wanna-be agent. Not sure how I feel about the title role. Rachel Brosnahan has her moments, but the roller coaster script doesn't always give her a chance to shine.

The episodes are salted with a truly enjoyable sound track of eclectic music, each piece setting up the scene in which it is playing. Very surprising to hear  A Wonderful Day Like Today by Cyril Ritchard from The Roar of the Greasepaint. I think there were two different renditions of I Enjoy Being A Girl from Flower Drum Song (covers, not Broadway cast). Peggy Lee, Connie Francis, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, David Bowie, The Barrie Sisters, Blossom Dearie, Dinah Washington, The Mills Brothers, Paul Revere and the Raiders, many more.

Thermostat installer window was noon-4, he showed up around 1:30. Did a quick professional job, and was puzzled why the installer who put in the analog thermostat about a year ago claimed the furnace didn't have the right wiring to install a network-enabled one I had bought. The Nest was installed in about an hour, online, and registered with the phone app and Google Home.Atlas-Trillo, highly recommended. The price was less than expected.

Email from doc saying if my temp was >100, come in for another lab test. It was, I did. Initial results came in, there's an infection, but lower grade than before. Maybe another E. Coli batch, but I won't get culture info till tomorrow night.

Stopped by the ATM, then back home, Finished binge watching, shut down the macbook at 5:30.

Lunch was a lox on rye sandwich, dinner was chicken soup.

Pharmacy doc emailed that the Hgl monitor is only for Type 1's, and he finds no evidence that cannabis extracts help with sciatica pain.

Ordered a round table for the model RR tracks. It will probably go behind the recliner.

Got the Verizon Samsung and unlocked Huawei phones erased and ready for sale. Need to take pix.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bay area photo shoots, drop off a calendar
BB&B, soda stream exchange & syrups
Maybe set up new gate after cat swap

Boring Day, less boring night

Slept well, did not wake up as soon as the alarm/lights came on. Close, though. Zoe was on the bed most of the night, toward the end near my ear purring, but she bolted when I got up. Then came back to inspect the shower, tub and sink. She decided the sink had too much stuff on it to climb up.

Packed lunch, was on the road on time, phoned AG partly as a test of the Pixel phone's BT, and partly to say hi. The good news is the connection and cell signal stayed strong, even in the work parking lot where I usually lost it with other phones. I was early enough to chat in the parking lot for 10 minutes. AG has started taking CalTrain to work, parking at SJ Diridon and taking the Amazon shuttle from PA to EPA. He missed his train and was waiting at the station. One thing he brought up is yesterday trains hit cars and people three times, so why don't they make all the train crossings go away and use underpasses/overpasses?  More on this later. **

Banana, egg, Kind bar scored in the break room.

Watched a lot of CES live feeds. A couple were clips from the power outage & the floods. Signed up for pre-sales of an aromatherapy item called OBlend. 50% off when they start shipping. Looks like they will make most of their $$ on the oils. One of them is a legal cannabis derivative. All the vloggers were jazzed about an LG TV which was hidden from public view, but somehow everyone with a press credential saw it. All 10,000 of them. It's a TV which rolls down into a box about 65" long and 8" tall. With handles. Prototype, no ETA on production. Looks like a fad to me.

Way too much not-ready-for-prime-time VR gadgets. One company with a name which will get them sued is selling a full-body haptic suit which can deliver impacts a player might feel during a game - hits, punches, bullets, etc. Problem is they have no game companies signed up yet.

Peeve: What marketing cretin came up with calling it "The Internet of Things"? STUPID. and inaccurate. We've been calling it the interoperable network for 30 years. Interop for short. Also toasternet, because the first "thing" ever shown working on a trade floor by remote internet commands was a toaster. It even had a bagel setting. Humans had to load it. At the same show, someone in Australia controlled a boom box via Intenet in Las Vegas. I was there. It has also been called the connected home, connected office, etc. But things? Give me an effing break.

Lunch was tuna salad sandwich and diet Coke, and a small bag of fruit from one of the Safeway tubs. Unfortunately most of the mango was unripe.

Also found a beautiful Hawaiian live cam, which shows views of a whale protection facility, though I saw no whales. And there were baby eagles in a nest at a real estate office, of all places. Very happy a business went to the trouble to set up a quality cam feed.

Got a call from a Dexcom rep, who explained that I am qualified to get one of their Hgl stick-on monitors, they provide a reader so no phone app is needed (Medicare will not pay for it if you use a phone app). We talked about Kaiser, and later I received email from them that Kaiser has been asked to send a PO to them under Medicare, and I should hear from Kaiser some day. I will also send email to my diabetes doc.

Boss couldn't come sync, she has the start of the plague. She was okay with me WFH tomorrow to wait for the thermostat installers. And she reminded me that Monday is no-work/no-pay MLK Day. I truly do not like honoring that person with a national holiday, especially at the expense of a President who did way more for equality than any loudmouthed gospel spouter.

5:30, drove to the garage, plugged the car in and went upstairs expecting a quiet cafeteria (they normally don't open till 6:30). But there was some kind of special event, which meant lots of people, food being served, and limited seating because the event had converted the cafeteria into an auditorium. I found a seat anyway, and read from the tablet for an hour.

**While I was reading, AG interrupted with messages saying his train was stuck in PA because a previous train had hit a car in Sunnyvale. My guess is it was at the south end of the station, where the crossing is designed to kill. Two lanes become a right-turn lane and two straight-ahead lanes, which then merge into a single lane very quickly, and people often get backed up onto the tracks with traffic close behind. And it is not a very visible crossing gate. He was delayed almost an hour, which is odd because Sunnyvale can be single-tracked easily. Bottom line is they need traffic police at that gate to keep cars off the tracks. Or an overpass.

6:30, car was 80% charged, more than enough to go home, and traffic had let up some. Also, the exit from the garage has no stop lights and is an easier turn onto Shoreline than the road from the Hole. Back roads traffic was light, and there were no bicycles.

Home, swapped the cats. Spook is out, Zoe is in the room.

Delivered was an LED torchiere lamp for the office. A long time ago I had replaced the low wattage CFL lights - 6 of them - in the office lamp with 60W or 75W equivalents, and recently noticed the lamp shade (plastic) closest to me was melting. Pulled out the lamp and saw that they all were melting. The LED lamp looked like a FAIL at first, very dim, until I saw the +/- button, and now it is as bright as the old lamp. WIN!. 

Prior to that task, I pushed, pulled and heaved the smaller (but not small) recliner from the office, where I had parked it to get it out from under the thermostat, to the far side of the livingroom, under the windows. Had to re-position all the throw rugs and sheepskin before & after. Whew.  Spook saw that as a challenge to get onto the window sill behind it. But the shades were down. Vacuumed where the recliner had been.

At work I almost bought a round table for the train set, something on the back burner for a couple of months, but I needed to measure the tracks again. The two standard sizes are 48" and 60". Turns out the tracks will fit on 48", so I ordered a table.

Watched another episode of Oak Island. They are making progress, but the producers keep repeating stuff several times an episode, which makes a 1-hour segment worth 15 minutes. Also watched an episode of Shark Tank, which was almost all enthusiastic amateurs with stupid ideas and wildly over-valued companies. Two guys selling gym shorts which look just like standard lined men's swimsuits wanted $800k for 1.5% of the company. Usually sharks want 33-50% for that big a stake. There was also an update on a company which had made a deal with Mark Cuban, but could not come to terms, so Kevin O'Leary hijacked the deal and made them into a billion dollar business.

No PTI, I know not why.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fire up the MacBook, log into work email. Monitor it till the thermostat people arrive
Fire up Amazon Prime and watch highly recommended The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
There may also be some live CES feeds on YouTube. I think there's one more day of the exhibition.
Hopefully the Nest thermostat gets installed & connected to Google Home & maybe the Samsung hub

Boring day, not so boring night

Slept okay, but Spook didn't keep me company the way Zoe did. Had a series of dreams I have had before, which I can never remember except that they are in a format/formula unrelated to real life.

Wasn't ready for the alarm, stayed in bed till 8. Spook jumped onto the bed for a second and then ran to the livingroom. Usually that's a hint for treats. Yup.

Not on the road till 9:10, traffic was okay, but without the commuter lane (which opens to all at 9) a bit slower.

Banana, diet Coke and egg acquired, and a small navel orange. And a Kind bar.

In the hole, there was some more email from the London manager, and Boss gave me a new command line command to grab a lot of data from the London box, which I sent along. Asia manager did his usual job of misinterpreting the data. He has a talent for that. I have no idea why London manager brought him into the conversation.

Started watching live feeds again from CES, until they suddenly disappeared. Turns out the biggest consumer electronics show in the world had a power outage. The excuse from the show reps is yesterday Las Vegas had more rain than ever in its history, and lots of underground conduit was inundated. The live streamers (there are about 6) moved out of the main hall, and out into the peripheral show areas. It apparently was a very nice day, the show reps encouraged the geeks to play outdoors for a change.

Two of the more interesting streams came back online late afternoon, but not CNet. Engadget had a very young MC who was way more impressed by some of the items than they deserved. That was the only stream which didn't have audio issues, too.

Called the locksmith about the problem getting the key into the shed door knob. He said graphene was their first choice, wd-40 would work.

Bit a couple of bullets:
-Withdrew $$ which had been accumulating in my brokerage account from funneling dividends into a money market. Enough to cover most of my 0% credit card debt, which is soon to be 15%.
- After some research, called an installation company to install a Nest thermostat. They will be here Friday noon-4 time frame.

I forgot I had a lunch date with my contract rep for Friday, tried to change it to tomorrow, but he's booked so it will be a week from tomorrow. Kicking myself because Nest installers gave me tomorrow afternoon as first choice, but I said no because Boss sync is scheduled. Which may not happen.

Nails place told me 6:15 instead of 6, so at 5:30 I drove down the block and parked at a car charger at another Google office. I should have taken the tablet inside and read till 6, but just stayed in the car listening to the radio.

No color this time, clear nails.

Safeway, bought everything on my list except graphene. They no longer have an automotive/hardware section.

On to CVS downtown, bought silicon lube and a small WD-40.

Home, unpacked all the things. Big envelope, unmarked, in the park slot. Those always make me nervous, but it turned out to be gas safety info from PG&E.

In the mail was my license plate tabs.

Delivered was the taller pet gate. Maybe this weekend. I suspect Spook can slip through the bars.

Swapped the cats back. It was easy - when I picked up Zoe, Spook came into the room, I just walked out and shut the door. Brought Spook some treats later. Zoe has been very active, up on tables, tried to jump onto the dryer but there was stuff up there, so that didn't work. Had to push her off the livingroom table, she kept trying to eat things.

Part of the Safeway trip was tuna salad makings. They had low sodium tuna. I think what messed up the salmon salad was not sticking to the recipe. I now have it in Google Keep. It's pretty simple, but even a double batch uses a very small amount of each ingredient. 4 Tbsp of celery & onions, 2 Tbsp of mustard and relish. 2/3 cups of Miracle Whip. I added 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts, so needed more Miracle Whip. A couple of grinds of pepper, and a squirt of lemon juice. Came out great. Made almost a loaf of sandwiches and ate the 1/2 sandwich worth which was left.

Dinner, though, was 2 corn dogs and some sauerkraut. And a small piece of black forest cake, now that I can have dairy again.

Still no word from my doctor. I should send some email.

Watched PTI, and an episode and a half of the Oak Island "mystery". Treasure hunt by amateurs. Well funded amateurs. Hit a funny bone - on a suspicious treasure map was the name La Rochefoucauld. The first high school play I was in, The Madwoman of Chaillot, my sister has this line:
"I think Madame La Rochefoucauld's whippet is getting rather thin"
It took her a long time to memorize the line.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch more CES if they have power back
Sync with Boss if she remembers
Home, cat swap

Still no word

Woke up about 5 times for pit stops last night. Zoe started at the foot of the bed, ended up near my ear. More on that later.**

Experiencing some cramps in my sides, almost armpit height, too high to be kidneys, I think. Winters I usually get cramps, but usually in my calves. Probably a side effect of kidneys dumping potassium.

Expected to hear from my doctor, but nothing today.

Tried calling Kaiser customer disservice person, whose voicemail says her name is Cristal Villa. No wonder she doesn't sign her letters with more than V. I looked her up online and she's several condos in Mexico. But seriously, she was on LinkedIn 8 years ago, from the looks of her two listed jobs, she's minimum wage. She didn't return my call, I kept getting her voicemail. Will try again tomorrow.

Finished the spreadsheet for Boss, was hoping she would come down for sync, because I need more work to do, but she didn't.

Lunch was beef with broccoli steamer.

Spent most of the afternoon watching CES live feeds. There was an interesting panel on the future of medical wearable tech, and two items caught my attention:
A wearable Hgl meter, looks like a patch on steroids, from Dexcom. I qualify, but don't want it because the bozos at Medicare won't pay for it unless I don't use my phone to check my results. Kind of useless that way.

Something susandennis might consider attaching to her swimsuits: called Spire.

CNet's "streaming backpack" was a great idea, but horribly implemented - it kept losing its internet connection. Takes talent to do that at CES. They seemed obsessed by robots, none of which were impressive or practical.

And way too many of the female reporters had British accents.

5:30, headed home, which was a mistake. Should have charged the car for an hour. Traffic was insane. Worse than yesterday, even without rain. Many people had their wipers on, even though it was not raining. WTF?

**I re-read the humane society instructions on the cat swap, and missed the part where I was supposed to swap them daily. Zoe has been out a week, or so. So I swapped them again, the point apparently is for Spook to sniff around and get used to Zoe's scent in Spook's favorite places. She appears to have done so.

To make up for it a little, I gave Zoe her favorite wet food, topped off the kibble and water. She did some climbing on the cat trees and the keyboard, settled on the futon, and is now under it. Spook is on the cat tree by the porch windows.

Dinner was clam chowder, use it or lose it by the expiration date.

Still not feeling 100%. Some dizzy spells. I suppose I should check my BP.

Plans for tomorrow:

Ho hum

Normal-ish day. Migraine in the morning caused by borderline low Hgl. Zoe kept me company all night. Recycle truck came by way early, I was able to wheel that bin back where it belongs.

Very wet outside, took the back roads and was happy that there were only a couple of bicyclers, and they didn't stay the course.

Bananas, no eggs in the break room, so I grabbed a baby cheese.

Figured out how to report the testing from Thurs-Fri, and sent email about it to Boss and product manager. After some back and forth, they determined that the TV needed to have a different model number hard-coded. Or maybe it was a different secret code. Anyway, Not My Probem™.

The London product manager wanted me to re-re-test his box and make videos. Pain in the butt, that guy. He could have asked for that last week when he asked me to re-test. And he refused to believe that one of the features which wasn't working correctly was the updated version. The videos will set him straight.

Lunch was salmon salad sandwich, and it was awful. I need to go back to the steamer bowls. Awful waste of salmon, but not surprised since it had been in the freezer more than a year. Table scraps bin will get the rest on Sunday. Eggs and Kind bars magically made an appearance in the break room.

Back to the hole, rainy but warm. More like Seattle spring than Bay Area January.

Had a respite from inane requests, so I was able to fill in a spreadsheet for Boss. Need to do another tomorrow for a later release.

5:30, headed home, last week's time sheet already approved.

Long slow drive. Rain & dark are not a good combination. The bad weather ruled out the cross-bay trip to BASFA.

Park person had put the garbage bin back, blocking the stairs as he always does, even though there was plenty of room for it between the aircon unit and the recycle bin. Yesterday I put the cover on the aircon unit, but probably need to get another cover, the glue holding the straps has deteriorated, can't seal the cover all the way.

Watched a lot of the football game, turned it off when Bama tied it after being down all game. Georgia players don't know how to open field tackle.

In the mail was a letter from Kaiser's alleged customer service, completely missing the point of my complaint that when you send a bill to someone who has auto-pay, it needs to say "don't pay this" or "this amount will be subtracted from your xxx account". And after getting it right on the boilerplate twice, she spelled my name wrong in the personalized part. She signed herself Cristal V. How unprofessional. She did include her phone number which I shall be using tomorrow.

Dinner was beef merlot steamer bowl, coconut popsicle and a late snack of walnuts and frozen blueberries.

I turned on the Bolt laser toy, it took Zoe a while to figure out that she was supposed to chase the dot. But when it had run its 15 minutes, she curled up on the floor and took a nap.

Checked in on Spook, she allowed petting, but when I rubbed her tummy she nipped at me, so I left.

Did not hear from doctors. Maybe tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Boss sync
Home. Nap?

Did way too much for a relaxation day

2:30 am Hgl was 50. Zoe followed me from the bedroom to the kitchen to the livingroom as I dealt with it. She seemed confused.

Back to bed, more pit stops than I wanted. Finally up around 9.

Eggs for breakfast again. I still have 4 left.

Watched football on and off all day, and also switched between Animal Planet and the History Channel. Wildlife law enforcement in Maine and NH on the former, BS about Templars in New England on the latter.

Unpacked the new pet gate and installed it. This one was much easier. Opened Spook's door and she jumped the 3' fence like a steeplechase horse. Amazing, I have only seen her jump a foot at a time in the past. Caused Zoe to panic and make rude noises till I put Spook back in her room with the door closed. A pity. it's a nice gate.

Did a bit of installing apps on the new phone, I have everything essential installed and signed in, including pairing with the car's BT. Need to pair the Hgl meter at work tomorrow. Figuring out how to add my own ringtones took way too much effort. But it's done.

I had the baked salmon and a bag of shrimp thawing overnight. Peeled the shrimp and put the meat in the fridge for later. Used the Cuisinart to pulverize the salmon, and a red onion, and some pickles. Added Miracle whip and mustard and a handful of walnuts. Set that in the fridge for later because that was a lot of work. Later used the hand held electric mixer with one mixer thing to make a decent salmon salad.
Had a weirdness moment, the phone kept telling me the guest room camera was offline. I went in there and repositioned it, and while I did that I saw my face, but in a different camera. Remembered that I'd taken out the guest room camera and replaced it with the one from the kitchen, and put a new camera in the kitchen. Phone was restored from an old backup. I was able to use my tablet to set that right.

Collected all the garbage and took it out to the curb. Ditto the recycles. It took almost an hour to break down & bundle 3 weeks of online shopping boxes. Took that out to the curb, just in time for Amazon to deliver two pairs of pants. Broke that box down too and taped it to the bundle.

The trees across the street have blown lots of leaves into the gutter in front of my place, I took a broom and swept them back into the street. The park runs a street sweeper regularly, but rarely gets out the hose which has to be hand held, to suck the leaves out of the gutters. Rain is expected tonight & tomorrow. Maybe a lot.

Filled the hummingbird feeders, which were completely empty.

Toasted some whole grain bread and made enough salmon salad sandwiches for a week +. Froze two 1-sandwich servings as well. 5 sandwiches in the freezer, 2 in the fridge.

No lunch. too busy.

Dinner was pasta shells and shrimp and lots of spices. Delish.

Sad that the Bills choked, happy that Drew Brees' defense had his back when it counted. No, they did not play each other.

Updated the laptop - it took about 6 Windows updates and a Dell BIOS update.

Watched the news, they are still doing fire follow-up stories. And pot legalization follow up, with the Federal stupidity twist. And too much weather.

Took the shirts out of the dryer and arranged them on the bed. Zoe has been guarding them all evening. Need to hang them up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Expecting to hear from my doctor
Maybe go to BASFA - with calendars

A day went as planned, plus

Zoe kept me company last night, but bailed when I decided to sleep past 8. Not long past, though, 8:30 I was up and doing my morning routine. Sunnyside eggs on rye for breakfast.

Yesterday on the way home, the replacement Samsung phone kept disconnecting with Bluetooth, a known problem. Decided to bite the bullet and buy a Google Pixel phone. Car GPS said there was a Verizon store in the Mercado, where I was going to see a movie, but that space is now a Krispy Kreme, so I drove to the other side of town to the next nearest one. Got the phone quickly, but since there was email and maybe messages and calls I needed to be ready for I didn't fire it up.

Got to the Mercado, turns out the Samsung had been deactivated. Boo, hiss.

Movie at 1, checked in at 12:30. Only 2 other people in the theater. By showtime only about a dozen. Jedi movie, 3D.

Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose, knocked it out of the park. Very emotional seeing Carrie Fisher. And Mark Hamill. I liked what they did with the Supreme Commander and the crystal foxes, but not the porgs. The final minute was epic, very Les Miz. All in all I liked it more than I expected. One thing which I am torn about is they filmed it with the look & feel of the first movie. I liked the effect, but it also meant fewer ILM fireworks.

When I emailed Janice that I was seeing it, she arranged to see a different movie in the same theater half an hour later (hers let out just before mine) and we met at the Starbucks in the Mercado. She's off to PV next weekend. Annual trip.

Home, Zoe was on the laundry countertop, guarding the carport.

Watched the Falcons/LA game on and off while copying data from the Samsung to the Pixel. PIA entering all the passwords and pairing devices all over again.

Dinner was turkey leg & mixed veggies on rye, popsicles for dessert.

Shirts are out of the dryer and in the laundry basket on the bed.

Checked on Spook, she allowed some petting but ran under the futon when I tried to pick her up. Typical.

While I was watching TV, Zoe jumped up and curled up on my tummy. When I got up she took over the seat. 

Unloaded the dishwasher.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch football
More phone updatery
Take out the garbage

One More Round

Kind of sleepless night, Zoe kept me company again. Did sleep better than last night.

Killed the lights & alarm at 7:30 because I had time. Out at about 9, dropped off eBay sale at PO, then to MV Kaiser, substitute doc whom I had seen before checked me out, ordered another round of tests.

Down to the lab, gave them pee & blood. Then to work.

Mob scene in the break room, got a banana but nothing else. Went back in an hour for drink & Kind bar.

Checked the overnight test, it went well, the three tests which failed also failed when I re-ran them. Then on the the manual tests, which was a summer festival because the test suite thought it was a set top box instead of a TV and many of the tests didn't apply. And to make things interesting, the hardware was broken, so no audio tests. I'm still trying to think of how to report the results.

Lunch was a steamer bowl, chicken something. Lots of tiny broccoli. I can tolerate it in tiny pieces. Mostly quiet except for a couple of Type A's across the hall on their cell phones.

Finished the tests about an hour early, played Thai music videos on YouTube till quitting time.

Lab results trickled in, I think they will want me to go to the big clinic for kidney tests. Kind of scared about that. Not the tests, but the inevitable.

Home, took a long route out to Central, it's dark and wet, did not want to battle bicyclists on the back roads. Central has bike lanes, mostly. And the bikers usually are well lit & aware that sharing the road is a farce.

Zoe met me at the door, she had been camping out on the bed. I gave her treats & took some to Spook, who almost escaped. Petted her as much as she would let me. Maybe this weekend is time to put up the gate. Maybe.

Falafel & hummus for dinner, fruit popsicles for dessert. Loaded the dishwasher. Need to do laundry.

Watched PTI and the news.

Zoe is sleeping on the 2nd highest platform of the office cat tree. Keeping an eye on me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
1 pm Jedi movie 3D, try to get there by 12:30
There's probably some football to watch in the afternoon

Another early to bed, early to quake

Went to bed early, fever was creeping up on me but my thermometer said it was normal. Did a lot of reading, on my first pit stop Zoe took a tour of the bathroom, but went back to her cabinet top.

At about 2:30 am, the house shook me awake (4.4 quake about 50 miles NE) and when I sat up in bed, also sitting up was Zoe, who was near my feet in the corner of the bed I am most likely to not occupy. Petted her, went back to sleep. She was still there every hour after that - it was one of those nights, hourly pit stops. She followed me into the bathroom and was exploring the rim of the tub when I brushed my teeth, and then she jumped into the tub, looked like she was chasing a spider.

When I got out of the shower, she was still in the tub - she was batting around a plastic ear wax remover (kind of like a Q-tip, but plastic bulb with criss-cross pattern on one end, spoon-like scoop on the other).

She bolted when I got dressed.

AG called at 8:15, way early. Turns out Amazon has moved his team to EPA, a 20-minute longer commute. The story is the building near their current one which they were supposed to move into this week was not ready, so they will be in this highly inconvenient, high crime area for 6 months while the crew gets their real digs ready.

Discovered that with the carton removed, the steamer bowls fit easily into my lunchbox.

101 to work, the only slow traffic was the on ramp. If I hit the lights wrong, it adds 5 minutes. Grabbed a banana, still no eggs, so I grabbed a baby round cheese for protein.

Reset a James Bond machine and started running random tests from the newly revised automation suite. Also continued testing another TV which was good enough to fail in a similar, but more graceful way. Kind of like the way MSFT mostly did away with the BSOD.

Lunch was pretty quiet. Beef & broccoli steamer bowl, cut fruit, meds.

Balmy weather after yesterday's cold rain. Must have been high 60's. Very picturesque cloud formations.

Boss visited a little early to give me a unit from Europe which needed a quick test, which she forgot I'd given back to her. She gave me a couple of projects, told me to expect a TV from one of the other managers, and I filled her in on Things Medical. She reminded me to fill in my time sheet as if I had not taken time off for the doctor.

After she left I called for an appointment - my doctor is out till Monday, Kaiser's web site isn't smart enough to let me make an appointment with her backup. I had to call to do that.

Other manager brought the TV at 5:15, just enough time for me to set it up running an overnight test, and go home.

Back roads till 101, then IFH, which was backed up 2 light cycles worth.

Zoe was on her counter top by the carport door. It was tricky getting the pet gate box inside without her going outside.

Set out treats for her & topped off the water fountain, then did the same in Spook's room. Spook took almost all the petting I offered, something she doesn't do when she has the run of the house.

Watched the news, and maybe PTI, dinner was chicken soup with matzo balls and a small piece of Banquet fried chicken plopped in. Fruit popsicles for dessert.

As I was typing this, Zoe walked across the desk twice. She has also explored the cat tree, window sill and one of the boxes under the table. And now she is sitting on the floor yelling at me.

This morning the AT&T phone sold for about twice what Verizon offered as a trade-in. Also, they give credit toward crap I don't want, not cash. I prefer eBay. Someone left two scam messages telling me I should mail it to her friend, and a second person had left a barrage of questions less than an hour before the auction ended (I was still asleep). I was won by someone in Chicago. It is now in a USPS small flat rate box, ready to be mailed.

Also delivered was a 3-month supply of Kleenex. I like the little cube boxes. More expensive, but take up less space.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO - drop off eBay package
Kaiser MV - doctor, probably labs

Swap not-Meet

Last night was a bad one for me, went to bed around 9, feverish, could not get to sleep for hours. Spook was not liking being confined to one room, even though it was a room she use to spend most of her time in. Zoe was very nervous about having the run of the house, and ended up on the laundry room counter which was her safe escape place when Spook was chasing her.

At about 2 am I made a pit stop, and Zoe joined me. When I was done she was on the bed, and let me pet her momentarily, but jumped off when I got under the covers. The same thing happened a couple of hours later.

She did eat all the treats I set out in the kitchen.

Was just barely feeling OK for work when the alarm went off, gave myself an extra half hour.

At work, looking at the web cams. Zoe mostly parked on top of the laundry counter, Spook was mostly hiding (either under the futon, on the window sill or in the closet).

Continued testing what I had been testing. At about 11, Boss scheduled a sync for 3:30.

Lunch was PNB sandwich, satsuma, and strawberries and blueberries from a Safeway fruit cup. Diet Coke. It was noisy - two women, one with a babe in arms breast feeding, the other jabbering away about her (sounded like Hawaii) wedding/honeymoon plans. They were so loud!

Back to the hole, definitely sleep deprived. Diet Cokes helped.

Boss never showed up, never messaged. Typical.

Netflixed the last of Travelers and some Magicians, then switched to Attenborough's The Earth.  Better production values, more believable plot.

Out at 5:30, the engineers next door were already gone, leaving me to lock up.

Home by all back roads.

Took Zoe off the laundry counter and put her in the kitchen and gave her treats, and took a handful of treats in to Spook, after shooing her away from the door. She let me pet her a little, but was happier eating the treats and then hiding under the futon.

Feeling feverish again, but temp is normal. Will take my bedtime drugs soon and head for bed. Hope I get some sleep this time, and maybe Zoe joins me.

Delivered just now walnuts and Breathe-Right strips from jet.com

Brought Zoe into the office and put her on the cat tree. She parked on a lower level for a while, is now exploring behnd the boxes under the table.

I straightened up the calendars, there are about 40 left.

Started pouring rain in a torrent, lasted 10 minutes. Sounded like a train going by. Or a C5A.

Plans for tomorrow:

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