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Battle of the Job Pimps

Up with the alarm at 7:30, Spook climbed on me a bit so I went to the kitchen and gave her treats food. After feeling bad about her not eating any of the kibble from 3 different brands, I took a look on theTemptations web site and saw that the treats are as nutritionally wholesome as any of the other dry foods, and have the official cat food judges seal of approval as regular food. All the ingredientsCollapse )
So Temptations is now her one and only regular food.

She will only eat it off the floor. Putting it into a food dish or tower makes it invisible. I have no idea why. Maybe left-over Spot-ophobia.  She used to eat from food towers just fine.

Back to the bathroom for my usual prep.

Lots of job activity. Many phone calls and email messages from a job pimp agency. They wanted to submit my application to a contract agency. The first thing they did was talk me down $5/hr, then sent me a "right to represent" email letter quoting that lower figure. That letter said they were submitting me to Accenture, the company which pulled the plug on the job I was supposed to have after Google. I wrote back that had I known it was Accenture, I would have insisted on that $5. The response was it was not for Accenture (their mistake) but HCL. Well, I already had a direct connection from HCL so I told them to shove it. I was also not impressed by the typos in their email or the pressure tactics.

Two other applications, one resulted in a phone screen and an appointment for a video interview next week. And yet another canned rejection message from Roku. I need to give up on them. Sucks, because they make the stuff which most closely matches what I want to work on.

Nothing in the mail, delivered was a pack of 10 filters for the cat water fountain.

A phone call from Miracle Ear, which I hung up on immediately.

8:30am call from AG, asking where he could buy valentine flowers near his work. The answer was Safeway on Shoreline was probably his best bet. And don't buy the stuff on sale at the gas stations, they are probably stolen.

It rained most of the day again, I plugged in the car knowing I wouldn't be using it.

At the computer, looking out at the patio of #6, they were outside micro-sweeping. That woman is crazy, she plucks every last stray leaf no matter the weather. She spends a lot of time behind my big Russian sage bush, which probably drops leaves and flower bits on her side.

Not much storm chaser activity - all the usual places were clear and dry. Watched TWC for a bit, they completely botched the story of the house races in Sasalito. Actual story: landslide knocked a house 300 feet down a hill into another house, both houses now toothpicks, firemen rescued a woman from the second floor of the top house, she was covered with mud. TWC story: A house was hit by a flood but no injuries and a woman was rescued. Hours later they got the correct story from the fire chief's press conference.

5-ish, got into bed with the tablet for 2 hours.

Breakfast was a banana with the last piece of coconut pie. Lunch involved ha gow and baked pork buns with a lot of lamyay for dessert. Dinner was a repeat of roti and Penang curried mini meatballs. I have enough of the latter for one more meal, much more than that of the roti. Dessert was cantaloupe chunks. Spook mostly slept on the sheepskin rug as I watched TV and ate dinner. As soon as I tried to take a picture she ran away. Almost.

And another hangout - this is the table I won at the auction, with shelving added for a top, and the place mats from the auction to add ambiance

On Tivo was PTI and then I binge watched MTV's ExOnTheBeach which, like the now finished Floribama Beach show, feature a lot of female flesh only nominally concealed. Lots of male flesh too but between my being straight and most of those guys way too tattooed, I'm not paying attention.

I've had four of the six bottles of Thai Tea from Ranch 99, not nearly as good as the larger canned brand from Wing Yuan.

Plans for tomorrow:
Goodwill drop near Wing Yuan, then to WY to buy some of their thai tea. And maybe crab or lobster.


Humpday the 13th Part 2

After the pacemaker clinic, down the road to Ranch 99 which did indeed have a ton of Lamyay, I bought three bags - about 5 lbs, some tangelos, limes which it turned out I didn't need, and when I couldn't find frozen egg rolls I went to the dim sum line and bought three and three fat bombs.

Home, a straight shot down Wolfe road. All of this in cold, driving rain with lots of gusty wind.

Lunch was the egg rolls and fat bombs.

Watched some Oak Island, deleted two because one was a repeat and the other was mostly blah blah blah "digging deeper". You know the treasure hunters are not finding treasure when they get excited about an unrecognizable thumbnail-sized scrap of parchment and drain pipes in a concrete wall.

PTI is less interesting for me as they are not covering the new football league and most of their news is basketball politics and off-season baseball negotiations. And (yawn) golf.

Dating Unfiltered was FFed for one couple because they are gay and one was so flaming I'm surprised his kimono didn't spontaneously combust. The hetero couple was a mismatch, an example of when a woman who considers herself to be the best at everything goes on a date with a mediocre man who sees right through her and beats her at everything.

Dinner was shrimp and mac but this time cheeses were mozzarella and American. Spook didn't like shrimp with cheese on it. I know she likes shrimp plain, will have to try that another time.

In the mail was a new mouse pad, palm trees and ocean, to replace the old & dirty clouds motif. Also the official 8:30 am EDD appointment in Menlo Park, with a form to fill out to say where I have looked for work in the 2 weeks before the appointment.

Skeechers wide shoes feel uneven on my feet, and the OrthoFeet need a shoe horn and are digging a hole in the side of my left foot, so I ordered a pair of New Balance Velcro-ish closure EE shoes on Zappos.

Two late afternoon job leads, one for a post at Apple for which I had applied. They hired someone else, and recruiter said the new hire got himself fired within 3 hours. That takes talent. Or a loaded AR-15.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay out of the rain as much as possible
Job hunt
There should be storm chasers to follow.

Affairs of the Heart

Posting while it is still fresh in my mind. First things first.

Last night did watch The Bachelor. For a change several things went right. First thing is the two women were sent home who had continued to shout at each other even when the B sat down next to them to try to defuse the situation. They did not get roses in the ceremony and B canceled the cocktail party during which they would have had a chance to corner him with their issues. Second thing is when super-obnoxious pocket blonde walked to B's apartment expecting to be Ms. Fedex ("when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight") he sent her home. She was, from the start, all about winning the game, the prize could have been anyone. Look for her to resurface on one of the spin-offs, because she is super-hot for a miniature person, and provides hours of narcissistic sound clips.

Not a Thing™ but a thing, he had a fun one on one date with someone who may be his soul mate. The only Thing™ which did not happen is Southern Pageant Airhead was not exposed as the phony she is. A Thing™ which made no difference to me is the Tall Mixed Asian cheerleader/dancer sent herself home because she did not feel B could make a connection with her.  She was right, but after pocket blonde left she might have had a chance.

And in other news, I did go to the pacemaker clinic this morning and found out two important things:
Thing the first: My atrial fibrillation is gone, hasn't occurred since I started taking Sotilol. The pacemaker had nothing to do with that.
Thing the second: Without the pacemaker my heart rate wants to be ~ 40 beats per minute 54% of the time it's below 60. So the pacemaker is keeping me alive. Good to know. I guess I won't have it removed after all.

Cardiologist's office called while I was en route (through a major wind and rain storm) and made an appointment for the 28th, late afternoon.


Weird Dreams/Thoughts

Last night was another one of those waking up half an hour after falling asleep thinking it was almost wake-up time times. I turned off the lights a bit before midnight, and woke up at 1:30 with Spook sleeping on the bed, and this weird thought in my head that she wanted to go to Redwood City with me to get her DNA tested. In my dream I kept telling her it would not show anything, we are not related.

Took a while for me to get back to sleep but Spook didn't wake up. I woke up again at about 4, same dream. I did hear her jump off the bed when I got up to pee at 6:30, and found her on the floor of the guest room, between the carpet washer and the keyboard stand. Left her there - she never lets me pick her up, no sense trying.

7:30 alarm woke me up, and I got into the bathroom right away. Breakfast was a piece of coconut custard pie and a banana. No job prospects online. email from recruiters were for NC and San Ramon.

Drove downtown, had my nails done. The place was quiet, walk-in not a problem. Only one other customer.

Got my laptop from the car and walked a few blocks to Starbucks, watched storm chasers in upstate NY and Allentown, PA. Tuned into my favorite one at 1:30, heard that one of the Michigan chatters had a heart attack, but was able to get an ambulance in time. New Orleans chatter talked to her on the phone. Both are fans, neither of them stream. It's a friendly supportive group.

Long walk (for me & my sciatica) back to the car, then home. Watched PTI, had a bagel with HB egg & salmon cream cheese. Also watched Dating Unfiltered which had two hetero couples. The first couple looked like they might click but the guy was all about himself and she took him to a sushi place where he ate the edamame whole, and she fooled him into eating a California roll with a whole glob of wasabe. He was clueless. She dumped him before dessert. The other couple were made for each other, plain looks, but both had their act together and they kissed on a second date.

Cardiologist said to come in tomorrow for the pacemaker check. She will schedule an appointment with her some other time.

Looked online at the EDD site to find out where my $$ was. They don't say in what form I will get it, but it takes 10 days after they certify it, which is next week. There was also a note that I'm supposed to go in at 8:30 in Menlo Park for an appointment on the 27th. That's a long slog that time of morning.

6 pm, off to the photo shoot. Rush hour, so I took side roads, which meant I had to get most of the way there before punching in the address on GPS. The Leaf GPS has trouble hearing me, it took three tries and typing it in by hand. Got there at 6:25, early. Yay. But the pizza did not arrive for another 20 minutes. Lots of photographers, eventually lots of models, as I was leaving a couple of make-up artists appeared. It was a mess, the host had set up three shooting areas very close to each other, and a couple of the photographers hogged them. I did not get any shots worth keeping and left early. A shame, some of the models were hot.

Found out about another meetup group which uses the same studio. I may sign up for a shoot there.

Home, uploaded the pix. Deleted a lot of bad ones.

May watch The Bachelor later.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual morning stuff
Kaiser by 10:30


A little sleuthing in Quicken showed that the reason there was about $1k missing is I had entered a full week's pay for my final week at Google and did not delete it when the 2 days of $$ cleared. I only worked 2 days that week. So now the discrepancy is only a few $$, not worth worrying about.

Up and at 'em at 7:30, AG called as usual at 8:30, we may have talked for an hour. He asked why his Indian co-workers say that Pakistanis are terrorists. They did not get any British Empire history in Vietnam. The hard part was explaining East and West Pakistan --> Pakistan and Bangladesh. But now he also understands Faux Buddhist Burma's issue with Muslim Bangladeshis.

Facebooked a lot. Much snow info from the PNW. Not much on Twitch. A couple of midwest storm chasers were in Atlanta to talk to TWC about stuff. TWC buys clips and interview time from them.

Got a call from cardiologist's office wanting me to come in tomorrow for a pacemaker check, but I told the nurse she needed to check that my data had been processed. She called later, the tech said okay,  and I'll go in Wednesday morning. I expect cardiologist will want to see me in a few days. Meanwhile, this morning my BP was higher than usual, it came down closer to my normal this evening. Taking 2 readings a day as ordered.

Only went outside to bring in the garbage bins. I need to get out more. Or do I? It's cold out there.

Watched the AFF game between Birmingham and Memphis. It was okay except for one thing. They have a rule which limits defense to 5 rushers, which is okay, but violating it is a 15-yard penalty, which seems extreme. The play clock is much shorter, there are no commercial breaks - they show the ads in a half screen on the right while still showing the game on the left. Usually they wait for a time out or some other lull in the action. No kickoffs, but punts and Field Goals provide jobs for kickers. One FAIL is the officials are not in zebra stripes, they wear solid black with a white feature along the arms. Birmingham's uniforms looked almost identical. The booth announcers never shut up, but they also never stopped calling the game.

Watched PTI as well.

Breakfast was a banana and a piece of coconut custard pie, lunch was mac & shrimp & cheese made with leftover fondue, which was a mistake. For dinner I fried up two roti chanai and reheated some Penang curried mini-meatballs. Yummy. Ice cream with walnuts for dessert.

There was a storm chaser to watch at 1:30, a marbles game at about 5 and after dinner the chaser coming back from Atlanta had flown to DEN and was in his truck headed home. The usual suspects were in the chat sessions.

The Pear advertised auditions - general auditions for next season, I signed up for a slot March 30. Now I need to prepare 2 contrasting monologues, one with a British accent.  I happen to have one humorous one with a British accent, a poem, sort of. Reprise of a song, but spoken. Cyril Richard did it on Broadway.  Now I need something serious.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
6:30 photo meetup, $10 special to introduce photogs, models and makeup artists. Limited actual photography, but there will probably be pizza.

Why I'd rather go it alone

Up on time, no cat in sight.

No job prospects online. Incremental backup was done before I was awake. UPS said the new cat food wouldn't arrive till tomorrow.

No storm chasers, but three streamers in Thailand enjoying the Farang (tourist) night life. Also a Thai female DJ with her super-cute also a DJ friend out at the night market getting drunk. Both DJs have impressive implants and know how to use them.

Not a lot on FB either except for once in a lifetime snow pix from the Puget Sound region.

Email from my cardiologist asking me to do two BP readings a day. I keep forgetting to do that. And she nudged the pacemaker group into asking me to upload my data, which I did. Pisses me off, they are supposed to be able to do that from their end. They are supposed to do it while I'm asleep.

Played the piano for a bit, Spook didn't know what to make of it.

Since she didn't want to go near the food dispenser, I took out her old food tower and put treats in it as she watched, but she wasn't interested.

Watched some random TV. Tuned into metal detector stream until it was time to go wait for Janice. She was 10 minutes late, we barely got to the theater on time, which meant lousy seats. She still has a cold, and should have canceled - for the first 10 minutes of the show she was coughing and struggling not to, and finally climbed over people to get out.

Met up with her at intermission, apparently the house manager got her a bottle of water and sat her in the front row in what is usually the house manager's seat, so she got to see the show. She watched the rest of it from there, then joined me in the front row for the talkback session.

Spending The End Of The World On OK Cupid was great. Fast moving, brilliantly directed,  lots of diverse characters, lots of humor and pathos. The plot is simple: half the world's population has vanished without a trace, and the self-proclaimed prophet who predicted it to the date and time is announcing that the end of the entire world will come at midnight. People who don't want to spend the world's final moments alone log into OK Cupid. Some are first time users, others are regulars.

There are two things missing from the script. There is no talk of looting, and none of the characters runs screaming from anyone who has messaged them online.

It was superbly directed, the complex lighting plot was executed seamlessly. Lots of talented actors, some playing several characters. Costumes were mostly street clothes but kept simple because most of the changes were quick and some were done while on stage. Very few props, and the only set changes were rudimentary signs which slipped into slots. The art work on those could have been better. The set was a solidly built many level arrangement which looked like a cross between a wooden stair and monkey bars.

The talk back session was minus the playwright and the main female character, so not as good as it could be, and an annoying hardly audible French woman hogged a lot of it at first.

Since she was so late, Janice drove us to the theater (no time to change cars) and after she took us to my local Pete's for coffee and a chat.

Home, burned a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches made from leftover fondue & sourdough bread. Mochi for dessert. 

UPS lied - there was a box with one of the two cat food bags on the front steps. I poured some into a little cat food bowl, Spook dove in, then pulled some out to eat from the floor, and then walked away. I'll leave that in place and see what happens overnight.

Watched a short Oak Island teaser and an episode of the Hendersons vet show. Also caught the second part of the AAF league teaser. There was a game today which Tivo is holding for me. The good news is Ronnie Lott is a coach, the horrible news is smarmy cheater Neuheisel is too.

There's also a Graham Norton to be watched.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt
BP measuring

Immodium's Revenge

2:45 am I am sleeping, Spook is splayed across the quarter of my bed just out of reach, and my tummy starts to hurt like there is a methane generator in there about to burst. Stumbled to the loo, and after maybe 20 minutes of pain, there is massive relief, lasting about 5 minutes. Back to bed, but in another half hour it's time to do it again. That's what I get for taking 3 immodium instead of just my usual one in the morning, I guess.

Back to sleep, when the alarm sounded at 7:30 I just laid there for an hour. No cat. Webcam showed her under the Casio keyboard in the guest room. Google went through its morning routine, announcing I had something on my calendar for 10 am. Looked at my calendar and saw there was an auction nearby I wanted to go to. They have them every 2 weeks. I used to go often, but it has been years. Thank You Facebook ads.

Got there at 9:45, auction started at 10, there were more than 700 lots. Most lots had more than one item, some were entire china sets. I sat through the whole auction, ended at about 2:30. I bought the last item, which turned out to not look at all like the photo. And there were three items, not two. Earlier I bought some "textiles" including a Thai 3D wall hanging and a pair of Native American style place mats. The final item was a patio table set, they were happy to dispose of the large 3rd table which I didn't want and had no way to get home.

Home, forgot I wanted to go to Target - I was halfway there. Moved the tables into the house, one in the livingroom and one in the guest room, both by windows. The tables were missing their glass tops so I put a couple of shelves on each. The plan is to pit my orchids on them. One orchid has sprouted two out of three flowers, very pretty deep purple. And Spook is jazzed to have two more things to hide under.

Starving, had a snack, then on to the new Target in the other direction. No, their pharmacy doesn't take sharps drop-offs. But I did exchange an empty soda stream bottle. Bought some food items and a small bag of IAMS cat food.

On to GO, plugged in the car, went shopping for fondue makings. Mostly cheese - I had everything else. It's been ages since I used the fondue pot. The charger ran for an hour - 97%.

Home, Spook begged for treats. I put some IAMS in her bowl, she took one look at it and begged for treats again. Sigh. This morning I had changed the programming on her food dispenser to 1 cup of Purina One a day. The bowl was almost empty, I think she actually ate it.

The fondue was a minor production, it called for more white wine than I remembered. I have a mostly full fifth of kirschwasser, but the recipe only called for a little bit of that. There was a good bottle of white wine in the liquor cabinet, but stored upright so the cork broke off. Fondue skewer to the rescue. Mochi for dessert.

Watched White Water Gold,  during which they ran out of fuel and hand built a pipeline to get gas down to the dig site from way uphill. They still have not hit the vein of gold they dream about finding. But they are very close to where they think it is.

Also watch Dating Unfiltered,  three episodes, six dates, no hook-ups.

Email answer from cardiologist that it indeed is time for me to see her again and to get checked by the pacemaker crew. She will work on that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast - banana because I had cramps in my legs this morning, need K.
Janice says she'll come here by 1:30 and we'll go to the show at The Pear together. She'll be at a friend's a mile or so away in the morning.
Spending the End of the Universe on OK Cupid at The Pear theater, followed by a talkback session.


Doesn't really matter in my forced retirement what day it is, except on Fridays-Sundays there is very little hiring activity.

Up at 7:30, on the tablet till 9. Toward the end of that Spook reminded me she was hungry. This is bothering me because I spent a lot of $$ on Purina One kibble and on a food dispenser which pushes out a cup of the stuff twice a day, and unlike most food towers it drops into the bowl without jamming up. Spook seems to think the treats are her main food.

I need to do two things about that:
-Make it one cup a day
- Find kibble she likes better

Not much on the job hunt today, lots of Indian recruiters who can't read. Jobs all over America, all for developers.

In email was both younger sisters answering big sister's therapy questions. The universal theme was Dad loved you, but don't expect him to dance for joy about it. Or even show it. The truth is harsher - my father did not like or want children. It was a main reason he was engaged to my mother for 5 years and it was 3 more years before they had a child. But he loved my mom, and made babies for her.

No storm chasers were out today except the daily one at 1:35. Metal detector guy got a lot of my online time. I had a Safeway salad for lunch when I tuned him in the first time, and later he was hosting a marbles game.

No mail for 2 days. Hmmm. But in the park slot was an announcement that they were getting back to regular inspections on the 27th, which is insane timing with all the rain we've been having. No way are we going to weed or do any significant gardening, let alone painting.

Spent way too much time in front of the PC today.

Dinner was reheated BBQ pork & rice and some duck pieces. Spook stared at me until I threw her some duck bits, which she pounced on immediately. She also went ape with many of her spherical toys, on which she has played with so much over 4 years that it's falling apart. Golf ball sized, spongy material. She prefers the yellow one, the blue one is not as torn up.

Watched two episodes of Floribama Beach House, the finale and the reunion. PTI, of course, and I channel surfed to the Warriors post-game show in which the coach said the win was only because the team has so much talent. He thought the opponents played a better game.

PTI mentioned that the winter answer to the NFL kicks off soon, the AAF. I set up Tivo to record two shows which will hype the teams in the league,  and I set up a season pass to record all the games. This is full scale, not arena football, not CFL with its stupidly huge field and 3 downs. I'm skeptical, but IMHO the worst NFL-style football is a better show than any other sport. Basketball is too fast and random, so is hockey. Baseball season is over, and bores me to tears anyway. YMMV.

EDD had an online message that my first week's claim won't be paid as it is a waiting period. Which makes me wonder about the prior weeks they sent me a paper form for.

I'm also puzzled because Quicken thinks I have almost $1k more in checking than BofA does. I have not been able to find where the mis-match is. Not critical if EDD pays me this month.

Plans for tomorrow:
Water all the indoor plants
Toss the orchid in the livingroom which was over-watered and under-sunshined
Expecting another day of rain.
Find a place to toss my sharps. I think there must be someplace closer than Kaiser. Maybe CVS. Or the big Safeway.
Maybe make egg nog.

Got Out Some

Up at about 6, Spook joined me when the alarm went off. And jumped off the bed when I got up - she wanted treats. But I have my morning routine to do first.

Interesting email from older sister, she's been seeing a therapist, probably coping with the death of her husband a couple of years ago. It hit her very hard, they had been together since about 1971, maybe earlier. He heard his cancer diagnosis just after his 70th birthday and just gave up. He was gone in about 3 months. Sis has always been her own person, one of the first things she did was take a tour of China. Anyhow, she asked me to tell her about Dad, especially whether I remembered him doing Dad Things with her. The answer was basically no, except I do remember him playing card games and Monopoly with us. She asked if I remember him teaching her chess, and I don't. He taught me chess, and we played a bit, but I never got very good. Sis would have absolutely sucked at chess. She also asked if Dad helped us with math homework, and the answer was no, Dad was a math genius, he did not understand why we weren't born doing differential calculus. He couldn't explain math problems to us because he did them all instantly in his head, not step by step. He seriously asked me once why the school required algebra as a pre-req for calculus when calculus was basically shortcuts to avoid using algebra.

On the job front what looked like a promising Android test opportunity turned out to be in LA. Indian guy working for a NJ contract company had no idea how to use a map.

Nothing else new.

The usual breakfast.

10, drove to what had been an all the shipping companies place but they are now a USPS contract post office and don't do UPS anymore, so onward to the one in a hard to find nook in the Great America Marriott. Starbucks mercado is on the way home, so I used their restroom and then set up my laptop and had a criossant and an iced mocha. There was some eye candy, but it was too early for the movie crowd and too cold for much foot traffic.

Home, fired up the PC.

Four storm chasers were streaming today, two in Ohio 16 miles apart, where it was raining and the tornado warning were bogus, and two in the snow, Indiana and Michigan? Wisconsin?

Dim sum for lunch while watching metal detector guy and then my favorite storm chaser. Found myself almost falling out of my chair, so I got undressed and took a nap. Woke up 2 hours later and Spook was curled up on the comforter near my feet.

Up & dressed. Dinner was grilled cheese on rye.

Watched PTI, Masked Singer and will probably watch a Mysteries at the Museum later.

Plans for tomorrow:
None, really.
There probably won't be new job postings till Monday.
Maybe there will be EDD $$
Last time I was on unemployment they gave me a BofA debit card which they direct deposited into and I auto-transferred it to my checking account. This time it looks like they are back to mailing checks.

Jobs I Wish I Could Do

Up with the alarm, Spook started in the bed, left sometime during the night and came back around 6 and left when I got out of bed. I think she climbed on my arm once. This is amazing, before Spot she never stayed on the bed for more than a couple of minutes. She is far from a lap cat, but she's more affectionate than ever.

Tried on one of the new box of socks, but it was a FAIL. Too small, not the material I thought I was ordering. Rolled it back up and the box will go back tomorrow. Good thing I did the undies/socks laundry yesterday.

Recruiter call but it was a contract with Google. Email about an AV job, but it was coordinating construction projects, not something I do. A video editor job caught my eye, but it mostly showed me how far behind I am in that technology. It's a job I would love to do, but would need more OJT than employers give. I did find a job at Roku to apply for. No idea why I haven't gotten snapped up by them yet.

Text from my old Modis rep, who now works elsewhere, saying she knows someone at Microsoft who may have ideas. I looked him up, he's mostly in network security, so probably nothing will come of that, but I appreciate the gesture. Unfortunately all the people I worked with there were sold off to Erickson and laid off.

Delivered was an 8" chef's knife to replace the one with the bent point. Same brand & size, but not quite the same. Lighter, no handle guard. What's that called on a sword? The guard. Okay. No wonder it cost $5 less. It'll probably do. I really ought to Goodwill most of my old knives.

In the mail, finally, was my EDD (unemployment benefits) packet with my ID#, so I was able to go online and claim 4 more weeks of benefits. pre-tax it's $450 a week, for a year. That will cover the car, food and let me pay down my credit card. And maybe upgrade the PC. $11.25 an hour.

But I hope I land a real job much sooner than that. Like next week, maybe.

Also in either the mail or email was a notice from Lowe's Iris program that Lowe's is shutting down their home hub system as of March, and here's $100 to refund most of what the hub cost, and good luck. A royal PIA because I spent a lot of time converting from the Samsung hub. So the Samsung Smartthings hub is back in place, and now I need to pair all my switches and light bulbs and home theater to it again. Most of those things are controlled by Alexa and/or Google Home but I'll need to disconnect the Iris hub to see. The only things which showed up automatically were my Sonos speakers.

Also in the mail was a map showing what improvements are going to be made on the Intersection From Hell. They are talking about making a mess until Summer 2020. Looking at the map, they will not be improving the bottleneck where Ross Dr. meets Mathilda, and they will be removing the two surface streets I use to access Moffett Park Dr. and will be replacing those with an off-ramp from 237, effectively making my commute to MV impossible. And also bike commutes.

Breakfast was the last piece of the first coconut custard pie and a banana. Lunch was corndogs and cole slaw.

Tivo had a Below Deck reunion, the two fired crew members declined, but the remaining women were in red carpet dresses and makeup. The men not so much. The green eyed well endowed redhead looked stunning.  Also watched Oak Island, in which the brothers were told the big rock did not contain runes, but the "expert" was too interested in another paycheck to come right out and say there is no way the patterns on the rock were man made. To me it is clearly running water erosion. Metal detector guy found a coin, but they didn't clean it off. One thing these clowns haven't figured out is finding an old coin doesn't date the find, except to say how far back it doesn't go. Anyone can drop an old coin any day. And of course I watched PTI.

Channel surfing brought me to an incredibly boring show about game wardens in Washington State who harass fishermen and hunters and random people just enjoying being outdoors.

Dinner was BBQ pork on rice & mint chip ice cream. I also had a few thin mints during the day and a cup o noodles.

Plans for tomorrow:
After rush hour drop the Amazon box off at UPS
Maybe hang out at a Starbucks

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