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The Day Nothing Happened

Up early, but read on the tablet till 9. Hgl high again. The usual breakfast.

Brought in the garbage bins as they were collected.

Called Alaska reservations, they said yes, I can take Spook as cargo from SJC to LAS, just make reservations well in advance. I expect I'll have plenty of time.

No news from Realtor. :-(

No activity across the street.

Lots of hummingbirds in the area.

Skipped lunch, but got munchies so had some Famous Amos, coffee, Top ramen, wontons.

Read all the news, won a game of tiles and solitaire, and found out what was growing in the garden is a weed, common mallow. Looks a lot like legit flowers.

Dinner was tom kha gai. Ghirardelli's brownie-for-1 for dessert not nearly as good as Duncan Hines chocolate cake-for-1. Maybe I'll use the remaining packets as ice cream topping.

Watched the Lions almost beat the Packers. Gave the game away in the last minutes.

Watched PTI. Nothing else on Tivo.

Recorded a NatGeo series on ancient cities buried in the jungles of Central America.

Sent email to the big purple bear people asking for an ETA. It's been 2 weeks.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get outside
Maybe Baylands

Football, snoozes and lastminutery

Spook grabbed the spot at the head of the bed again, but I kept waking up. As usual she bailed at 4 am. I was up and showered by 8. Hgl was a wee bit lower but still too high. BP was low. Weight was slightly down.

FB and the news and solitaire and tiles, then watched football on the TV. Made two cups of coffee, had lunch. No one was streaming. Watched more football and fell asleep in the recliner a couple of times. Made a root beer & coke float.

Chatted with a neighbor outside.

Put another coat of hardener on my nails and trimmed the loose bits. Thought about getting a haircut and charging the car, but Sunday is not a good day for that. Being retired means Mondays are good for daytime stuff.

Stripped the bed, put the linens and quilt and bathroom towels in the washer.

Watching the 49ers game on Tivo, very sloppy first quarter, they were playing in LA so I was not too hopeful.

3:45, text from realtor, can one of the colleagues show my house at 4? Sorry for the late notice, but realtor was in SF watching Hamilton, her phone was off.

Okay. Took me almost 10 minutes to throw a spare comforter on the bed, hide the meds and the denture stuff and get gone.  On my way out of the park I saw an open house sign with the colleague's name on it, showing #120. Smaller 2br 2ba house, much less expensive.

Drove to GO, luckily the charger was available so I plugged in, and watched the cameras for the visitors. Attractive Vietnamese woman realtor, she did a good job of explaining to the clients, who have not lived in a manufactured home before. They took the full tour inside and out. 55+ Asian couple. They were still at it in half an hour, so I set the car up for another charge session. They hung around in the street chatting for another 15 minutes.

After an hour the coast was clear, I unplugged and went home, as a Chevy Bolt plugged in where I had been. A Tesla tried to back in earlier, but they can't use these chargers.

Home, FFed through the rest of the 9ers game. The score said they won by a wide margin, but the actual play was much closer. 5-0, though. I'll take it.

Also FFed through Sunday Night Football, Steelers and the other LA team. I hate those commentators, they have grating voices and they never shut up, and rarely have anything to say that I need to hear.

Macaroni and cheese with turkey frank slices was good, but the clams were too chewy. Good thing I didn't add many. Chocolate cake for dessert - I finished the pumpkin pie at lunch.

Earlier I checked the Alaska Airlines page, and they do offer pets in cargo on the same flight, $100. Have to talk to reservations about availability.  

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy
Call Alaska reservations
Follow up on the big blue bear fraud
The pattern repeats, mostly. Got into bed, Spook joined me, looked around, made a rude noise because the dolphin was missing. She curled up near the head of the bed anyway. Dolphin was in the closet because I took it off the bed for yesterday's visitor and figured I'd leave it there for the open house.

4-ish, Spook left for other climes.

More sleep than the night before. No "wake up early for the power wash" anxiety.

Out of bed by 9, Hgl was way high, maybe because of the fried chicken dinner. Or it could have been the root beer float.

The usual breakfast. After FB and some Twitch streams, watched some college football. Saw a couple of upsets.

1 pm, headed for the Old Siam restaurant, a hole in the wall in a strip mall, I think it was Thai Spoons years ago. I'd gone there a few weeks ago when I needed to kill half an hour before a massage appointment, and was impressed that the menu was all in Thai with names transliterated pretty accurately. The staff spoke Thai. It needed a return visit. Ordered fried fish, oops I meant fried vegetables for an appetizer. BBQ pork, and white rice. Khow Khao. She offered brown or sticky as well.

Good food, but enough for two, and the bill was enough for two as well. I took home half the pork & rice. The friend veggies were mostly alleged vegetables. Thai iced tea was good, would have been better with a straw.

Decor is very old Siam. Lots of old photos and artifacts on the walls, no sign of the current King, but also I did not see the late great Rama 9 either. Very odd.

The food took a while to reach the table, but I was taking my time, checking the phone - all the webcams - to see what the open house was like. One pair of friends whom I had expected to show up last week, and I think three other sets of people. All the latter were Asian. Probably still are.

Realtor started out by moving my surround speaker off the stool by the front door and parking herself there. Later she went out onto the porch to wait.

She arrived 15 minutes late, but closed up at 4 exactly. I don't think she missed any visitors. Earlier in the day I had to re-stock the flyers out front.

I have not heard from her, so probably no bites. Maybe we'll have more activity now that the open house ad is up and there are photos.

From lunch I went to Target because I needed to use the restrooms. Also bought a bottle of nail hardener. And sat in the Starbucks area with a view of the up escalator and admired the eye candy. There was a lot. One young woman especially, in a tight red top which I think was a leotard, under form fitting jeans. Pretty face, nice hair, maybe a model.

Home, rescued most of the stuff I had to hide for the open house. Spook came out while I was on the PC watching storm chasers, and she clawed my chair and my side. I picked her up, sat us in the recliner, and trimmed her nails. She didn't fight it at all. But she was gone like a shot when I left her go.

In other cat-related news, I took a look at the carrier in the shed, it's 23", rated for 25 lbs. 23" L x 15.25" W x 13" H by a company called N2N. Monday I'll call Alaska Air Cargo and ask if that will work, and how much $$ and logistics.

Streamed from 6-7, one chatter joined halfway through, claimed I looked like the late Billy Mays. I don't think so.

Dinner was the last of the chopped liver with schmaltz, onion, HB egg on Jewish Rye. And a pickle. Pumpkin pie for dessert. One more piece left.

Noticed today that my toe nails are back to normal.

Plans for tomorrow:
No idea
J is traveling for the rest of the month
Read (Amazon Prime gifted me a trilogy by one of my favorite authors, Alan Dean Foster). The first chapter is a bit like Qouzl.
Play piano?
Watch football

Sleepless night, Power Wash and visit FAIL

Spook curled up on the bed near my head, so you would think it would be a restful night, but I kept waking up every hour or so. I had set the alarm for half an hour early so I would be awake and dressed by 8 am when Mike of Power Shine was due to wash the house.

As usual, Spook jumped off the bed when I got up around 4:30.

I was up at 7, dressed by 7:30 and at the computer when Mike passed by the office window at about 7:45. Nice guy, he remembered doing power washes for a few others here, including Mary, who was 101 years old when I moved next door.

It took about 2 hours for him to do the whole job, which included the house, the driveway, the patio on the north side, and enough of the carport gutter to pass muster. It could use more, but he wasn't keen on doing the work and I wasn't thrilled with what it would cost.

AG called while that was happening. He offered to have his wife give me a free haircut, but her salon is in Redwood City, too far for me.

When I paid Mike, Lee came over to add her opinions, I had to shoo her away. New neighbors walked by also, I introduced them and Mike gave them his card. In this neighborhood houses need new paint or a wash every couple of years.

He did okay, but frankly I did not see much of a difference what with the house being a bright blue with white trim to begin with. The biggest difference was the outdoor carpeting and steps. The patio looked a lot better after it dried.

Lunch was a turkey steamer bowl which I won't be buying again. Sweet potatoes. I thought they were carrots. DH single serve coffee cake for dessert. drank through three more coffee k-cups.

Watched a storm chaser on a shakedown drive through Cincinnati. What a dull town. But the crowd was familiar, and entertaining. Then Gary's drive home from work in Chicago to Kankakee.

I bailed at 3 so I would have time to clear the countertops and be gone by 3:45 for realtor's bringing in a potential buyer at 4. Vacuumed the livingroom rug which needed it. First stop was the recycle center, where I dropped off a full container of sharps. Then to Baylands Park, sat on the grass under the trees, watched the mini drone races. It was more of a scramble than a race.

Watched the security cams on my phone. Visitor was on time, realtor was a few minutes late. Switching to the indoor cams, they were in the livingroom chatting instead of touring, so I turned on the audio, and listened to her tell him that this is a 55+ community, which means his daughter cannot co-sign his loan. The house has to be in the name completely of over-55 residents. She suggested the family mobile home parks down the street. And that was that, she was done in 10 minutes. I'm a bit miffed, because she should have had this discussion with him over the phone, without inconveniencing me. No, I won't tell her I was listening in. I doubt she will tell me what happened either.

Open house tomorrow 1:30-4. I'm fine with that inconvenience, I think. A better chance at finding a buyer. Not sure how I'll spend the time though. Click for photos - click the right arrow > to scroll through the collection

Watched PTI, streamed from 6-7, lots of followers. No chatters. Two people made clips, which I erased. And banned them.

Watched Ex on the Beach.  There are two men who look so much alike I cannot tell them apart. Both huge hunks and both involved in three-ways. One with two women and one with a man and a woman.

Also watched 49ers and Raiders wrap-up shows on one of the minor sports channels. Made sure Sunday's 9ers game is set to record.

Plans for tomorrow:
Clear the countertops & sink
Kitchen garbage to the outdoor bin
Late lunch - maybe at the Thai place near the car wash.
Check on the webcams from time to time.

Nail Polish Trail

Spook woke me up a little before 7:30 when she jumped on top of the stuffed dolphin and started kneading it. Looking at the bill from her vet appointment, they did not trim her nails. I should probably do that. I think what triggered this was the power wash guy was here, checking to see what work he needs to do tomorrow. Security cams caught glimpses of him walking around the house. Which reminded me just now to boost the sensitivity on the cameras.

First stop was New Wing Yuen market for extra garbage tags, coconut water and any rambutan they might have. They did not have my favorite coconut water, just ones with pulp, and no rambutan. So I left only spending $18 on three tags. I forgot to look to see if they had nail polish, but I don't think they do.

On the Grocery Outlet, bananas, salad greens and whipped cream, plus mochi & toll house frozen ice cream sandwiches. The only nail polish they had was glittered.

Home, pit stop, then to Lucky's, where they had all the nail polish I needed, and a buffering pad. Also got herring and sugar free caramels.

Home again, and stayed there. Buffed my nails, and applied a base strengthener coat, a clear coat and a fast-drying top coat. They still look a bit worse for wear, but mostly human.

Salad and herring for lunch. Ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Was falling asleep watching streams on Twitch, so I made some K-cup coffee. Kahlua was good.  Donut shop was okay.

Watched PTI and once again nuked Gold Rush because it was pre-season BS.

Streamed for an hour, only one chatter, for only a minute.

Brought the laptop inside, the new battery made no difference, it was down to 1/3 just sitting in the car for three weeks. I charged it and did several overdue updates.

Watched the football game, time delayed on Tivo. Second half only. Giants fell apart.

One more container of tom kha gai, more than half was inedible stuff I had to pluck out: Thai lime leaves, galangal, lemongrass, chili peppers. Tasted great, though. Pumpkin pie for dessert.

Spook spent a lot of my time away in the bedroom closet, she opened two of the three doors. While I was watching TV she was curled up and catatonic on the livingroom floor against the wall, between the basket of toys and the window platform. I'm tempted to buy her a bed, but the last  4 times she peed in them. That was well before there were other cats here.

Power wash guy called, we settled on a price, and he'll be here at 8 am. I moved my car to one of the slots down the block so I won't have to get up early to do that. Closed the two open windows as well. And printed his check.

Nothing left on Tivo to watch.

Realtor emailed, she has scheduled a showing tomorrow at 4, and the open house is confirmed for Saturday 1:30-4. Yay!

Trulia notified me that one of the houses at Tropicana has dropped the price to below $45000. Wow. And there's another one on sale for <$70 k

Can't afford that till my mortgage is paid off and I'm not paying rent any more here.

Once again forgot to call Alaska about flying the cat.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up and dressed by 8 just in case
After the all-clear, retrieve the car
Check the info on the cat carrier in the shed & call Alaska
The usual Twitch streams
Clear the sink & counters and be elsewhere before 4. Maybe get a haircut?

Photo Finish

The usual breakfast, Hgl at 9 am was 111. Cleared the kitchen and bathroom counter tops, read FB and the news, then 11:45 to Specialty's, plugged in the car and tried the Chinese chicken salad with green ice tea. Chicken was tiny diced pieces on a chopped bed. Should have been bite sized pieces on shredded. The tea was good.

Kept an eye on my house security cams, around 12:15 the photog showed up. She parked on the street and came to the front door and rang the bell. The lack of a car in the carport should have been a clue. She checked her phone and got the memo about the lock box. Spook had been lounging on the platform by the livingroom window, but disappeared when she heard a person on the steps.

Photog was a pretty good looking woman, 20's, nice build, striped pants and puffy sleeve white blouse. She took pix inside and around the outside too. I stopped paying attention as soon as I saw her start work and Spook wasn't out and about. My tablet was out, and I had a novel to read on it.

30 minutes, plugged the car in for a second shot of electric.

Another 30 minutes, packed up and drove to Target. Found four kinds of acrylic nail remover, a cuticle pusher which would work well to pry under the acrylic, a pair of nail boards and a little ceramic ramekin perfect for soaking fingertips. Mint chip ice cream was on special, and I was down to my last Famous Amos.

Home, took the last BBQ turkey leg out of the freezer. Too late for my Twitch streamers, watched TV. Oak Island was doing their BS "25 most important finds" filler, of which exactly zero were actual treasure. It's amazing how the TV station continues to pour so much $$ through that hole. Only half watched because the tray table was set up with all the nail remover stuff, and a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

After the pie was done and the plate set aside,I wrapped my left thumb in a foil pouch which had an acetone-soaked pad inside. 10 minutes later I was able to push a little of the melted acrylic but it needed another 15 in a fresh pouch to remove the buildup. Next step was a pouch for each finger on my right hand, 15 minutes was enough for the middle fingers but the thumb and pinky needed something more intensive, so I opened the pot of acetone designed to soak a single finger at a time. 15 minutes and the thumb was done, then 10 for the pinky.

So now all 10 fingers are au naturel, but they all are a bit ragged on top, despite a once-over with the nail board. I think they need a coat of clear polish, there are some fixit kinds. Grocery Outlet probably carries them.

Salon would have charged at least $50, the whole shebang including cookies and ice cream was $28. The stuff I used came to $9.

Channel surfed after nuking the turkey, adding a piece of bread and a pickle. Ice cream for dessert. Famous Amos chaser.

Plans for tomorrow:
Power wash Mike may show up early morning to check out the work. I don't have to be awake.
GO for nail polish
Realtor should be letting me know about the open house plan
New Wing Yuen for extra garbage tags & coconut water
Masked Singer on Tivo
Football Giants/Patriots should be interesting.

Spook's Annual, and my nails

The usual morning routine but I slept in on purpose. Hgl was low-normal. 240 yesterday 106 today at 10 am after pretty much the same meals, but a lot more exercise yesterday than Sunday. That probably had something to do with it.

Very active morning started with email from Realtor saying there was only one Open House visitor who was not a neighbor. She suggested I call the power wash guy (she was supposed to have done that a month ago) so I did, and we have that scheduled for Friday. I also said okay to a photographer, who is expected tomorrow at noon.

She will get back to me by Thursday regarding a Saturday open house.

Made that pumpkin pie, but the mix was twice a much as would fit in the pie shell, until I accidentally dropped the mixing bowl into the shell as I was pouring, so that solved that issue. Splat. It took an extra 10 minutes to bake, and I'm not sure it got done. Will try it for a snack later.

Soaked the finger tips on my left hand in acetone based nail polish remover, was able to pull off three more acrylic nail covers. Thumb needs more soaking. Also need more solvent & a glass bowl.

Lunch was a couple of corn dogs & a pickle, chocolate cake for dessert.

Watched the drive home on Twitch, and while there saw Spook on my webcam app go take a nap with her dolphin on the bed. So 3 pm, I was able to scoop her up and put her in the carrier in the livingroom with minimal fuss, though she did her best to claw her way through the mesh. I used the collapsible carrier, not the aircraft rated one.

She cried all the way to the vet but was quiet while there and mostly hid under the bench until it was time to be examined. She got a routine checkup and a rabies shot, she's up to date on everything else. Also got a health certificate (cost $75!) good for 30 days, but I may need to have that done again because the airlines want it to be within 10 days of the flight.

Home, I watched Below Deck, they are in Pangnga Bay, Thailand, my vote for most beautiful place on Earth. I have spent a lot of time there. The show is a bit ragged, to be expected for a season opener where they are introducing everyone. Once again they have a red-headed woman on deck crew, but unlike the last one, she is wiry and has startlingly blue eyes. And no chip on her shoulder. Two deck and one interior crew are from Africa. Two of them are very white. The chef got Montezuma's Revenge after he made a very spicy Thai dish for the guests. Not coincidence, though he doesn't get it. Apparently he had worked in a Thai restaurant once upon a time, but he is seriously Farang.

Spook avoided me for about 15 minutes, but she's back to normal now. Curled up on the livingroom floor between her toys basket and the window sill platform. I hope she joins me in bed tonight.

Dinner while watching PTI and channel surfing was the last of last night's tom kha, followed by a packet of rice with margarine - the way we ate it on Long Island - and mochi for dessert.

Looked online, and it seems Alaska airlines has a pet cargo service which looks like it would only cost $180 SJC-LAS. I need to call to confirm. The catch is all their passenger flights are 1-stop in LAX with long layovers, so I may need to work out logistics with them. Or fly nonstop on another airline.

Plans for tomorrow:
After breakfast - Clear off the bathroom and kitchen counters for photography
Be elsewhere by noon for photographer
Buy some more acetone & a glass dish to soak my fingers in
Try to remove the rest of the acrylic

Spook napping with her dolphin.

The usual breakfast at about 10, with a very high HGl and forgot BP till later. Gained 2 lbs as well. Go figure. Turkey must be fattening.

Getting real tired of the pundits who don't know the difference between juvenile and treasonous. I'd like to see him kicked out, but not on trumped up charges, pun intended. I'm fine with having the distraction of an impeachment process, and I expect the House has the majority needed to send it to the Senate, but there is no way the Senate has the 2/3 required to convict. It's pretty much the same as the Clinton impeachment as far as the numbers go.

Garbage collection was back to normal, with the garden trash picked up early, the regular garbage at about 11, and the recycles after noon.

After taking the regular garbage back to the carport, I took the extra garbage bag from the shed and tossed it in, then made the mistake of trying to pour the huge lawn bag of Styrofoam peanuts in. The bag had been on top of the cabinet for 5 years, and was falling apart.  Went inside, grabbed a couple of kitchen garbage bags, and started shoveling peanuts into them from the bin using a dust pan. After the first bag was tied off, I pulled out the bag of garbage and set it aside, so I could get at the rest of the peanuts. Ended up filling one bag and most of a third. Had to hose down the outside of the bin to get rid of the static charge. Very low humidity, you see. Put the garbage bag back in the bin, and the three bags of peanuts in the shed. I need to buy 3 "extra garbage bag" tags for next week's garbage collection. They sell them at the Chinese supermarket. The bin is good for one more real bag of garbage.

That process was done in 85° heat in the sun, and took more than an hour. Back inside, plopped into the recliner and turned on the fan. 20 minutes to recover.

Lunch started with a small salad, then a beef teriyaki steamer bowl. Single serve chocolate cake for dessert.

Online, looked again for a way to display my stats on the stream, but did not find it. I know it can be done, one of the other streamers has it.

Spook took a nap with the dolphin, I was tempted to join her.

Started watching Gold Rush on Tivo, there were three episodes lined up, but after half an hour it was clear these were several years old. Tivo's info button said they were new this week.

Streamed from 6-7, one chatter kept me busy. No followers but some lurkers.

Made a dinner salad and turned on Tivo, it had not recorded MNF. I caught the last 4 minutes of the game - 49ers at home beat the crap out of the Browns. I'll check out highlights on YouTube tomorrow. Watched PTI, and played the episode of Below Deck but instead of it being the season start (they are in Thailand this time!!!!) it was a wrap up of the last 27 seasons. Okay, maybe the highlights of the last 3. I watched but it wasn't that well done. Next week we get the real thing. They will be in Pangnga Bay, my favorite place on Earth.

Dinner was 2/3 of a container of tom kha gai, lamyay for dessert.

I forgot to buy ice cream sandwiches yesterday. It's okay - I have lots of other sweet things. Did not make pumpkin pie. Tomorrow for sure.
9 am, doorbell rang, Amazon delivery a set of three pill boxes. Only needed 2 but 2 cost more than 3, so... They are a bit bigger than expected but still reasonable. Transferred the meds over.

1:30 pm, two messages from USPS claiming they delivered packages from Amazon to my front porch. Nope. Nothing on front or side steps. After a bit I figured I needed to check the mail and there they were, in the mailbox. Three OTC bottles: beta carotene, vitamin D and coated vitamin C.
Plans for tomorrow:
Pumpkin pie
3:30 vet appointment (collect some fresh Spook poop first)
Watch whatever shows up on Tivo
Maybe charge the car
Ask Realtor what next? Open house again Saturday?

Feeling Bad

No news on the open house and today the LV sales manager asked me to release the house I'd put the deposit on - the owner wants to move back in. I said yes, but bummer. It's a mater of time, but also money - I can't afford to stay here but until I sell my house I can't afford to leave. I'm locked into my realtor contract till next February. I definitely can't afford for it to take that long.

One thing I need to do is stop spending $$ as much as possible.
Clipped my nails, only one of them broke the acrylic off, and only halfway. It's clear the last months of fills were done the lazy way, the plastic is way too thick. I'll have to let them keep growing out. The good news is the nail which lost all its acrylic last week is looking strong enough to survive without the plastic coating. That's $30 every two weeks saved.

The call from LV came as I was chatting at Starbucks with J. She's off to Sedona for a week on Sunday. She doesn't have anyone to go to PV with her in January - she goes every year. I went once, liked it, but she stays in old town which is no fun at all. If I'm not in LV by then things will be very grim.

Started the morning after breakfast with the short drive to SVale Toastmasters, they were hosting the regional Table Topics and Humorous Story competitions. The MC said he had never seen such a large crowd in there, but it was the same size as last year's regionals. I'm guessing the weekly meetings have dropped off in attendance. It would not surprise me, the couple of times I have gone I have not been impressed by the setup or the quality of the leadership.

There was one outstanding Table Topics speaker and nobody made me LOL in the humor competition. The guy who won spoke well, but his subject was painful, not very funny to me. I liked 3rd place better - she explained how to shop at Ikea.

I may look into clubs in Las Vegas when I get there. I expect there would be more talent and fewer boring Indian engineers.

There was some serious eye candy in the audience, from other clubs.

Safeway after J, salad toppings and pumpkin pie makings.

Streamed 7-8, one chatter, one follower.

Home, reheated a BBQ turkey leg & veggies, added a slice of bread. Dessert was a bowl of grapes, strawberries and sliced banana with whipped cream & chocolate sauce.

Last night I was surprised when I reached over the dolpin to feel Spook there. I had not felt or heard her jump onto the bed. As usual she left when I got up for my 4 am pit stop.

Watched an episode and a half of Gold Rush. Saw a claim bought out from under Our Heroes, who forgot to pay their lease.
Saw the Raiders try real hard to lose, but they were unable to give the game away in the end. Saw the Chiefs succeed where the Raiders had failed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make a pumpkin pie (?) if there is room in the fridge for it
Lots of Tivo

Birthday Party, Open House

Out of bed by 8, the usual breakfast & morning drill. 10 am at the clubhouse for the monthly party - Oktoberfest theme did not thrill me. Pumpkin pie was good. They remembered the whipped cream. Nobody with birthdays/anniversaries showed up, just the regulars.

Back home for a pit stop. Sharps container delivered. In the mail was my car registration renewal notice - I will probably ignore it, since the tags are good through December, I'd better be in NV by then.

1:30 drove to the Mercado, had lunch at the Malaya restaurant. Excellent service but lousy, expensive food. Very limited menu, and the only thing they got right was the lemongrass tea.

Kept track of the open house via the security cameras. Turns out that when I watch them live, they do not record. I saw the realtor pull up at 2:05, and aimed the indoor cameras for people instead of cats. There was a lot of traffic the first hour, then crickets. Reviewing the recordings, my asshole nextdoor neighbors came through. Realtor emailed that most of the visitors were neighbors. I think we may need to do this again next week, with more advanced notice. She dropped by a new stack of flyers, and put a lock box on the front door with the key. We misse at least two visitors because they couldn't deal with the keypad lock.

Starbucks was a mess - they renovate, took out half the seating and got rid of the bakery display case. I waited for 5 minutes to order and 15 minutes to pick up my drink. No seats inside, and lots of hot sun outside. They need more and better placed umbrellas.

4 on the dot, realtor left, 15 minutes later I was home. Spook came out of the closet pretty soon after. She finally figured out that the white basket is full of her toys. Or maybe she was seeing the brushes in there.

I un-hid my diabetes stuff in time for dinner. The letters on my pill boxes are worn off so I ordered a new set.

Dinner was a FAIL. I tried to add ramen to the tom kha, and made the mistake of also adding he very salty ramen powder. Diluted it enough to eat the ramen but the soup was a loss. This was leftover from last night's dinner so not so bad. I need to defrost another container.

Watched OSU beat UCLA. That was surprising and fun. OSU has a very good QB. Luten. Stanford was beating UW when I checked, I'll watch if the Huskies win. It's on Tivo. I don't think I have anything else recorded.

Raiders will be  there tomorrow at 10 am from London.

My last ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am Toastmasters humorous speech competition
4 pm Janice in MV, Safeway after (ice cream sandwiches and maybe real ice cream)

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