Major boredom

Raccoon did not show up last night. A few cats returned and ate the food. Video shows one going under the house.

Shark Tank, First 48 on Tivo. Also football, but I just watch the last 2 minutes.

Nothing delivered. Ordered 2 more feeder hangers. Will use the small feeders on the porch side of the house.

Very limited hummer activity - one Anna's and one Black-chinned. Maybe 2 bees.

Photos of some kind of hawk over the wetlands, but it never came toward me so cannot iD. One woodpecker, too small to photograph.

Everything is on hold till Tuesday thanks to MLK Day observed Monday.

Spook was weird today, she spent the night on the bath mat in front of the shower then when I opened the bedroom closet to get a shirt she climbed on a pile of clothing and went to sleep, stayed there all day. Finally came out around 6 pm, ate some Sheba and layed down on the cooler mat in the front room -  is now on her platform guarding the porch. Ma'am kept me company while i watched football.

Heart meds have me stable again.

Charged the car, took out the garbage, started a load of laundry. Set the trap. Leaving the canned food out because the cats wake up earlier than I do.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bring in the garbage
Depends on raccoon

Midnight, not a sound from the motion detectors

After breakfast, took Jimmy Durante Blvd to Flamingo Rd, which turns out the be the best way to get to Walgreen's. I was ISO of marshmallows and bananas. But they didn't have any, so I drove back along Boulder Hwy to Albertson's and got some.

Home, put stuff away, then tossed a lot of marshmallows into the trap. I hear the raccoons love them.

Watched Gold Rush, some of the Packers game, injected some Ozempic but used the humalog pen needle. For once I got a full dose.

Injected my usual Humalog dose before lunch, but did not have much appetite.

During the game, Hgl dropped to 54, it took 3 ice cream sandwiches to bring it back up, but I was so drained I fell asleep for an hour in the recliner.

Amazon reported that a package had been delivered, but it wasn't at my house. Turns out USPS shoved it into my mailbox 3 blocks away. Also there was the $39 glasses redone for computer use, but they turned out to not work as well as OTC readers. I may have to go back for a new optometry exam. I think Medicare will pay for one pair.

Also discovered that my urology referral has been sitting there for a month, PCP just did not tell me (I have called them several times asking).

But Monday is MLK day, so I will need to wait till Tuesday to make an appointment, and also need to fix the broken prescription system. And maybe change PCP clinics.

Meanwhile, my latest batch of Lantus insulin was free. I need to get all my meds onto Humana pharmacy delivery to get the freebies.

Spook has been bullying Ma'am a lot today, Ma'am makes weird whining noises at her and hides. Not good.

Streamed for an hour, two lurkers.

9 pm set the trap, but so far no traffic out there.

Plans for tomorrow:
depends on what I trap, if anything.

Bait Fail, drug mixup; hummingbird

The raccoon #4 managed to pull all the meat off the chicken leg and leave the bone, without hitting the spring.

Did some research, going back to kibble, but doused with honey. So far (11 pm) no raccoon sighting.
Walgreen's had emailed that my drug was ready, but then my PCP switched it to Walmart, which is out of stock. Drove to Walgreen's, Humana would not approve the sale because Walmart was Bogarting it. Called Walmart, they released it, then Walgreen's sold it to me. I'm done with Walmart (again). Need to call PCP to get everything on Humana auto-refill/delivery. Took the srug when I got home. by dinner time my heart rate was back to normal. It had been up to 125 with a-fib.

Discovered on the PCP site I do have a urology referral, they just failed to tell me for 2 months. Online at the urologist's, filled out a very long new patient form, but I bet I can't call for an appt till Tuesday. 
One stray cat returned and ate this morning's canned food.

Inside, Spook and Ma'am continue to make rude noises at each other and then chill.

Bees don't like the new feeders. Only one hummer - but a new breed - black-chinned:

Breakfast at lunch time.
Dinner salad, mashed & garlic & gravy then 2 biscuits. Finished the butter pecan ice cream.

PTI, and The First 48. Below deck "Galley Talk" fun but horrible editing/production.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on if there's #4 in the trap
Probably just stay home anyway - Saturday, 3-day weekend with MLK Day Monday.
There may be storm chasers. And stuff on Tivo.

Raccoon #3 way late, major early nap with Ma'am, KFC

Stayed up past 3 am as raccoon #3 sprung the trap. Waited half an hour in case someone came by to mess with it. In bed by 4.

Woke at about 7:30.  Got dressed, checked the cameras, raccoon was still in the trap. Called Animal Control.

Sat down at the computer to wait for the officer. Saw a slightly beat up red car pass the house slowly then reverse and look at the carport. I went out the back door and he sped away when I pointed my phone at him.

Animal Control showed up soon, and collected the captive in a cat-sized carrier. Not good. She said she was not told it would be a raccoon. Or something. She managed to squeeze it in and take it away.

One more to go.

The officer who first brought the trap had suggested hanging a chicken leg from the top of the trap. Instead of going shopping, I ordered KFC. <$50 for about 5 meals worth of chicken, cole slaw, mashed, gravy & biscuits.

Not much appetite for breakfast, took 2 sessions to eat the banana, and no egg.

Very tired, went back to bed. Ma'am curled up by my head. When I woke up, Spook was on her pillow cases on the floor past the foot of the bed.

Ate one piece of KFC plus cole slaw and a biscuit for lunch. Bagged and froze everything else except one leg.

Watched some streamers. Nova special on DNA genealogy was very good. Odd that refused to participate.

PTI and Hot Bench later

RPCV Zoom for an hour.

Streamed for an hour, several chatters joined.

Heated up the leftover bone soup #1 of 4, added a chicken thigh from a previous delivery. Chip mint ice cream dessert.

Watched some CNN, MSNBC and CNBC. FBI tells Pence they will e visiting a lot of terrorists identified in the videos. Cuomo keeps calling them "tapes". We haven't used tapes since before he became a broadcaster.

Took the chicken leg, stripped off the breading, tied a string to it and hung it from the top of the trap. Set the trap. Raccoon has been in it a few times but no capture yet. I'm too tired to not go to bed.

I was out on the porch enjoying the view of the wetlands when the back door alarm sounded. UPS messaged they had left a package on the porch. FAIL, they left it on the carport steps. Never saw the porch. It was a cold pack with insulin, should have been handed to me at the front door.

Walmart is still out of my heart meds.

Deposited the Cigna check by mobile app.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the raccoon
I'd like to go to the bird sanctuary, and maybe also the wetlands park.
It's been warm enough for the air conditioner to kick on.
Move the Peace Corps flag. It's in the way of the bird feeder & its shadow fools the carport cam.

Up Late waiting for the trespasser

Just before 2 am Ring cam recorded what looked like a raccoon being trapped, maybe, and a second hanging around. 2 minutes later the trap was gone. Further review showed it had been moved a few feet to the end of the carport, behind my car. Apparently someone set the animal free, or maybe stole it. Raccoon fur is a commodity in NV. Pissed off because the camera did not catch either the trap sprung or the trespasser. I phoned Animal Control and they assured me they don't work at 2 am, and advised me that I'm allowed to trap raccoons and cats if I want, and that person was breaking the law.

So here I am at 1:30 am, the trap is set but the 'coons managed to not trip the spring. One of them went all the way inside and snagged a chicken leg, but didn't touch the kibble. If anyone human shows up I'll hose them.

Meanwhile I have 2 animals left to trap. Albertson's run for chicken legs tomorrow.

Watched most of the impeachment session on Twitch. It was long, repetitious and some of the R's were downright disgusting. Living in a fantasy world. Some of the D's also, different fantasies though. The vote is supposed to take 10 minutes, but it took 2 hours. 10 R's voted yes, including Dick Cheney's gay daughter, who was elected to his old WY seat. Mitch is refusing to bring the Senate back until the 19th. Traitor.

My guess is the trial will be put on hold until Biden's major appointments are confirmed. But it needs to happen to prevent T from running for office again.

My heart has been a-fibbing thanks to Humana blocking my drugs for 2 weeks, and now Walmart is out of stock. So I took the black T-shirt off the pacemaker monitor to send data, but it failed, and there was a bright yellow "call your doctor" icon flashing. I tried calling my doctor but when they called back I was on another call. Finally the pacemaker tech called, he said they had forgotten to tell Boston Scientific they were my new cardiologists. He fixed that, but it still wasn't working. He gave me the Boston Sci number, there was a recorded message which told me to hang in there, it was doing a software update. An hour later it was updated and working.
The other call was my podiatrist, whose office forgot to copy the back of my Humana card, which had the claims mailing address. I read it to him but he wanted a picture texted to him, but his phone didn't accept it so I had to email it from my phone. Major PIA.
Another call was to my auto insurance. They keep sending me conflicting statements in the mail. He confirmed that they have my NV DL number, and my 30+ years licensed.
Made a late run to my mailbox, yet another mailing from the insurance company. I was hoping the $39 glasses were there but they were not. But there was a refund check from Cigna for the month they charged me after I quit them.

The usual breakfast, after Spook and Ma'am made lots of noise around and under my bed. Spook has been stalking Ma'am a lot today, and Ma'am has been whining. It's annoying. But Spook eventually backs off and they put some distance between them.

4 pm I took a nap, Ma'am joined me instead of Spook.

Watched some Hot Bench and all three cases were people in denial that they owed $$ and trying to hide behind Covid. Except in one case a guy totally unqualified for the job is refusing to refund rent to a woman he evicted from his for-profit halfway house. His rules of the house were completely wacko, and his witness was as well.

Oak Island once again packed 5 minutes of content into an hour's broadcast. I need to find something better to record.
Two new hummingbird feeders arrived. They both have large capacity colored glass containers, so I didn't need red food coloring. They have perches, but the hummers still didn't hang around. Hmm. Give them time. No bees - yet.

Early dinner of bone soup.

Plans for tomorrow:
Un-spring the trap if no raccoons
Quick Albertson's trip for chicken legs & peeled garlic


Bone soup

Forgot that I finally made bone soup. Inspired by sister's food blog. I had two beef ribs with meat still on them, and a turkey leg bone in the freezer I'd forgotten about, and also threw in some corned beef which I knew was in the freezer but had forgotten where.

Chopped up some celery, carrots (and wondered why I wasn't using the food processor), sliced up one orange and one yellow bell pepper, quartered an onion, sliced a leftover piece of parsnip. Threw in a basket of sliced mushrooms last. Right after the bag of green peas. Totally forgot the garlic.

Slow cooker set for slow 10 hours, but halfway through the cooker didn't like being on the stove, I had to move it to the counter and start over.

Pre-dinner I had a bowl of it, very good but needs garlic and maybe pepper.

Made 5 quarts, in containers in the fridge. Some will be in the freezer when I find space.

raccoon tour

Monday was CSPAN day except Congress punted the good stuff to Tuesday. So I watched The Bachelor which was pretty lame. They are in a cold place in the fall, and every date seems to have a fire pit and a hot tub. And kissing. This guy does not know how to kiss. It looks like he's eating.

Also I don't think he is attractive at all. His body building has left him with no body fat but also not a lot of muscle. It's like he's training to be a jogger.

The women are a mixed bag, many beauties, one beast who styles herself Queen. Her name is Victoria. She is homely, dresses look like they are made from curtains - like in Enchanted. And she's a manipulative bully. So of course the producers will make Matt keep her as long as possible, if not longer.

He likes the tiny ones. Kind of weird because he is treetop tall.

They left it halfway through the rose ceremony, because one of the women passed out. Not an act, I don't think.

Caught another raccoon, called Animal Control after hours and left a message, they called back and offered to pick it up. After the mess the first one made I figured that would be the humane thing to do. Also found that there were TWO more, not just one. Set the trap again but they tricked it by moving the bait to where they would not trip the spring.

Tuesday there was CSPAN again, this time the Repubs did a delaying tactic which forced a 2-hour debate and vote, which they lost. But then 2 more hours to debate the resolution and a vote. Article 25 resolution which they had no business doing. That's for the executive branch, Congress has no say. But they passed it anyway. Even though Pence already told them in writing he was not going to fire Trump.

So tomorrow there should be impeachment starting. Expect lots of delaying from the Repubs.

Don't expect the Senate to take it up.

BASFA meeting went quickly.

Streamed, but only one regular showed up, late.

Gold cat showed up but wouldn't come near the food while I was there, he has other sources. No other cats came by. Hummingbird found the feeder but it's a FAIL, needs perches. So I have replacements coming tomorrow.

Two raccoons so far have not gone into the trap tonight. I added a chicken leg to the kibble, and locked down the kibble dish. We'll see.

Below Deck was another shit show. I still can't tell the stews apart.

Streamed for an hour, one very active chatter.

Plans for humpday:
If a raccoon is caught, call it in otherwise sleep in
Call cardiologist, my pacemaker monitor has an alarm.  I know I'm having afib again, because I ran out of the drug for that thanks to incompetent Humana. And now walmart is out of stock.
Watch some of the impeachment BS

Briefly, for no apparent reason

Cats fought in the bedroom as I was trying to go to bed. As usual, Ma'am under the bed making noise, Spook poised to ambush.

Up an hour early. Decided to do the morning stuff, get dressed, check to see if the raccoon was still in the trap (it was) and call Animal Control. An officer showed up a couple of hours later while I was in the bathroom so I missed seeing how she got the critter out of the trap and into a carrier and into her truck.

Raccoon left a mess, sprayed all over the place.

No cats or birds visited today. Took the food in at dark and wrapped it. May or may not put it out tomorrow.

Walked to the mailboxes for the 1st time ever.

After dark I hosed down the area the trap was in, then put it back and reset it. So far no sign of raccoons tonight.

Next door neighbor came to get some stuff out of the house, word is there may be an offer tomorrow. I hope so.

Across the street neighbor came to chat with her, so we had a nice talk for maybe an hour. Now I know his name. :-)

Lunch was grilled cheese but baked instead of grilled. Half a sandwich left over, in a ziplock bag in the fridge.

Low Hgl at dinner time so dinner was chip mint ice cream, whipped cream and malted milk.

Streamed for  45 min (started late because of YouTube rabbit hole)

Set Tivo to record the impeachment session.

Have to take out the garbage

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the trap. Release any cats, or call AC to collect any raccoons
Call PCP - where's my prescriptions? Where's my Urology referral?


Animal Control officer showed up at 8 am. Luckily I was up and showered and dressed by then - just barely.

He brought a humane trap, which looked kind of small for a raccoon, but he said it was good for them as well as cats. He showed me how to use it, and I set it up by the access hole, about half a cup of Purina One kibble in a small ceramic container for bait.

I also put out wet food in a larger ceramic bowl, by the back steps. Two cats came by, sniffed at it and went away.

Around 10 am one of those cats went for the kibble in the trap and got caught. It kept slamming against the front and back walls of the cage,, making it a challenge to open the door in back, which has a latch designed by someone who knows nothing about convenience.

So the trap works. I swept the spilled kibble back into the container, closed it up and sat on the chair on the top of the steps and enjoyed the nice day and my Vegas Golden Knights stadium jacket. It was chilly. Bees found the new feeder, but so did one hummer. It's not nearly as bee-friendly as the previous one, and it doesn't drip. A very elderly couple came to see the house next door. They seriously need a ramp, the steps were not kind to them. She has a dog half the size of Spook.

Inside, watched Gold Rush, 90 Day Fiancé and Hot Bench.

OTR-Penguin was out trucking live on Twitch but nobody else was out and about.

At about 7, the motion sensor for the carport tripped, and I saw a raccoon nosing around the trap. I went outside and set the trap. Half an hour later he was able to go inside and get a bit of kibble 3 times before he finally stepped on the release, and is now in the trap. I'll call Animal Control in the morning to get him, and bring another trap for tomorrow night.

Delivered by USPS was a box with 2 unrelated Amazon purchases. Cola syrup which was ordered December 25th and was supposed to be delivered in 2 days, and beef jerky which is part of my subscriptions, not supposed to be here till January 13. All of those subscription items have already been delivered. Kind of a PIA because I don't have room for all of them till I finish last month's.

I didn't watch much news, just read AP, BBC and the local stations' web sites. And US News, which I'm not thrilled with. It looks like the rounding up of the hooligans is slowly taking place. Total Capitol Police FAIL. They should have shoved them all into paddy wagons on the way out of the building. Like they did for BLM peaceful protesters.

Lunch was shrimp egg rolls.

I streamed for 20 minutes, one chatter.

Watched the end of the Seahawks loss. They did not play well.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Animal Control
Hopefully trap another raccoon
Watch Twitch streamers
There may be football to watch, but maybe not.
Enjoy the nice weather

Circadian rhythm band

Up at 5 am. Stuffed nose, felt like something stuck in my throat. Put on a robe & slippers and dentures, Hgl was 176. made some mint tea and watched two episodes of Hot Bench.

Back to bed, Spook was still there. Really nice to be able to pet her while I fall back asleep.

Up for reals around 9.

Put food out for the strays

Put a can of 9 Lives out for my cats, who were not thrilled with it. I may have to buy more Sheba.

Three deliveries: Big refill jugs of antibiotic hand soap, 8 oz no-drip hummingbird feeders, litterbox cartridges.

Changed the litterbox

Filled the feeders with 4:1 water:sugar with a few drops of non-toxic red food coloring and 3 drops of hummingbird vitamins.

Refilled the kitchen soap dispenser

Hung the feeders outside

Watched a lot of streamers, both political and not. Watched some MSNBC.

Lots of clouds but no chance of rain. High barometric pressure, low humidity

Called electrician, got a $50 refund. They had quoted me $150 plus the price of the sconce (which was $20 on Home Depot). Manager claimed it should have been $275. No way would I have agreed to that for a simple job.

Online, Cox, removed the "variety pak" which turned out to be a waste. $12/month lower cost

Called Animal Control, they will send someone with a raccoon trap and instructions tomorrow.

Two raccoons caught on video at about 10:30 pm. Stray cats came out from under the house in the late morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take it easy
Wait for Animal Control