It's only Wednesday...

Another day with almost zero unpacking. There were lots of live streams and things on Tivo and I stayed in bed till 10:30 this morning. Well, I got out of bed at 8, took a leak and weighed myself and went back to bed and the Samsung tablet.

Banana and egg. One more banana left. I found the apple peeler and corer but have no apples.

Unpacking project completed - spices moved from the 18" turntable on top of the 3-drawer towers to the 2-tier turntables on the rack. 18" turntable moved to the top shelf of the rack and loaded with canned foods. Much easier now to find the cream of bacon soup vs. the cream of mushroom, and the various baked beans. And all those sardine cans I didn't know I had, and the chopped clams which I thought were tuna.

Moved two Broadway LP sets from the wrong box to the lower shelf of the guest room rack.

Nothing delivered today.

Took a couple of breaks to sit outside and watch the thunderstorm, but there was no thunderstorm, just wind and scattered dark clouds. As soon as I went back inside, it rained a few drops on the windows.

I opened the window shades in front of the computer, and snuck one of Spook's furniture pieces in front. She tried it out a couple of times, but the screens are thick so it's not the kind of view she's used to.

She got very energetic for a while with her toys in the livingroom.

 Today's phone challenge was to get an insulin prescription without being able to find, much less see, a doctor. Cigna, my new Medicare provider, was no help at all. They said to find a doctor on, which I have tried to do but who wants to go to a doctor right now? So I called Mutual of Omaha Rx, my prescription provider, and got their finance department (the only number on the snailmail). Tried again with the number on their card, and they said there was nothing they could do.

Called Kaiser pharmacy, and they were helpful. They said I still had 3 refills left on my prescription, I should just call a local pharmacy, give them the Kaiser phone number and the prescription info, and they would transfer the prescription.  Walmart's pharmacy was on the ball last time I was there so I called them, and after a long hold time, a very cordial, professional woman understood the situation, asked for all the numbers, set me up with an account and text notifications and said she would call in for the transfer, and also see if they will transfer all my prescriptions.

So now I wait for a text saying it's ready for pickup. I'm guessing a week. And $450.

About 90 minutes wasted, 30 minutes productive.

Lunch was PNB&J, dinner was the last of the combo seafood pot tai, except all the seafood was eaten in the first go-round.

More storm chasing, and Vegas_penguin was online early.

Tivo, watched TMZ and Andy Cohen.  Oak Island was a joke. Once again they find nothing at the bottom of "the money pit" extremely expensive core dig. And again they mistake two or three old metal pins for important finds, where there should have been hundreds.

Looks like they are done for the season, except for the platitudes. Duck-billed platitudes. And just when I thought we would be rid of the annoying narrator, he shows up on Ancient Aliens. (Both are History Channel offerings). His name is Robert Clotworthy, and he also was the voice of Charlie on the last remake of Charlie's Angels.

In other news, my fingernails are disintegrating.

Plans for tomorrow:
Run the dishwasher
Launder the shirts (which means taking the sheets out of the dryer from last week)
Other duties as assigned

The more boxes are unpacked, the angrier at the packers I get

Up with the alarm this morning then fell back to sleep for an hour and a half. I found the happy spot in the raised head of the bed, quite a bit higher then I have been using.

Welcoming committee called, could they come over at 1? Sure.

Hgl still high, but lower than the last 2 mornings.

Banana and egg, which I remembered to eat just in time. Lately I have been setting them on top of the printer , checking email and internet, and forgetting to eat.

Lots of progress today in the guest room. Found my collection of my photo calendars randomly tossed into three different boxes. Put them in order and on the rack they came off of. Also in one of those boxes was the parental 78s and Broadway show 33 1/3 boxed sets, and LPs both parental and mine. They are now on the bottom tier of the rack where they belong.**

Also in that box was my Howard The Duck comic book collection (only the standard sized ones), which had come from a bookcase on the opposite side of the room.

Lunch was the other order of the worst chicken satay ever made. Even more salty and less edible.

Bob and Rocksie came over at 1, delivered a beautiful gift basket. Two cans of diet soda, cranberry juice, three small salty snacks, a packet of Swiss Miss, all in a very nice solid woven wood basket. We chatted for a while, they told me about a lot of the activities they have when there's no plague, said they would hook me up with a better handyman, and confirmed that Sandy the DDG neighbor next door, is indeed single. Bob said there were lots of single women in the park.

While they were chatting, Amazon delivered a cat brush, which Spook was thrilled to have me use on her. She also needs a serious claw trimming.

Watched Popsrockz until Gary came on with his ride home stream. No other people on my follow list so back to the guest room.

Found the framed ancestral photos in two different boxes, put them on the rack where they came from.

Recliner time to recover, brushed Spook until she got bored, watched Below Deck Sailing Yacht, more soap opera. The chef finally boinked the chief stew. The a-hole deck hand broke up with the 2nd and 3rd stews and invited his not-really-an-ex girlfriend to visit him there on Corfu. The married couple crew did not have the promised 3-some with 3rd stew. Very light on the guests this time, not a lot of air time. Probably had to do with the yacht being hired for a top model photo shoot.

Also watched/FFed through two rounds of NFL Live which packed 5 minutes of content into 2 hours. They are all ignorant of how very easy it can be to hold a virtual draft, with players and coaches in their individual homes. All these people have Skype and cams. Zoom is being used (big mistake, I think). It just needs a good video switcher and director at master control.

Shut off the Tivo recommendations feature, only 1 hit and 24 misses.

AG texted me that all Asians have 2% Neanderthal. I doubt it. None of those remains have been found east of Germany, and the DNA companies just tick that box when they see a person is from Asia or Europe.

Delivered was the short rack for the guest room. It was more cheaply made than the tall ones in the shed, but it fit in the closet and now holds my Penguin cases with camera gear, two boxes of dad's 8mm film reels, his projector, and a couple of portable Polaroid tripods.

I remembered seeing the slide projector in a box by the closet, but when I opened it the first thing I found was one of several photo slide binders, which went onto a bookcase, and then a few more of the parental Broadway LP sets. **and more calendars!!! Pissed me off so much I gave up for the night.

Meanwhile I flattened three boxes, and there is more guest room floor on display.

Final delivery of the night was from Bass Pro, a telescoping rod with pre-loaded reel, which will go into the car with the tackle (which is in the shed).

Watched Jennifer out in weather in Mississippi, I think. I just checked, she is now in Ohio - almost 2 am. Lightning.

No dinner, but a can of fruit cocktail for a snack. And Swiss rolls.

Plans for tomorrow:
More rain is due, so not going fishing
Maybe tomorrow will be the day the guest room is unboxed
Keyboard P/S due - I may make some music
Hope to hear from that other handyman
Call AG if I am up in time
Finish the Thai food - half a serving of combo seafood pot thai with peanut sauce. I should add curry.

Stuff Done, Just not the stuff planned

Out of bed around 8, banana and egg, which once again I almost forgot to eat, too caught up in FB. And ordering things. Have to stop spending $$.

Wasted time on Tivo and twitch.

Finally updated my web page to show my new digs. scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the compass. Discovered that I have been reporting the wrong house numbers for my neighbors. Sandy is in 418 Al & Karen are in 416. The numbers go up toward the main street.

First surprise delivery was the two kitchen storage carts. So instead of working in the guest bedroom I cogitated on how I was going to configure them. Putting them on the ground side by side or even one on top of the other made the bottom drawers hard to reach. Flash of genius, move the dining room table to that spot, put the carts side by side on top of it. WIN!.

Next, load the utensils from the shopping bag into appropriate drawers. Move the electric bread knife blades in with the electric bread knife.

Move the 18" turntable with all the labeled spice jars to the top of the two carts and put the woks and slow cooker in that cabinet, along with the box of plastic containers.  The spices will probably eventually go onto the 2-tiered turntables on the rack.

In other news, I found the apple peeler (plus spare blade) and corer and mango corer.

Spook is seriously freaked out by the changes, but she is compensating by playing with a lot of her favorite toys.

Also found the Arlo cameras & their battery charger. When things get normal those will go to eBay.

Still have not filled the hummingbird feeder, or located a place to hang it.

Chatted with Baltimore sister, who has been quarantined with the garden variety flu/cold and pre-pneumonia. She was working from home.

Got the mail. It rained a little. There was a note from the Santa Clara County food stamp people giving me the contact information (which I already had and no longer need) for my case worker.

I set Tivo to record suggested programs for me, and it did. About 25 of them, only 2 were even remotely of interest, and one of those was from 2011.

Excellent Nova episode on bird intelligence.

90 Day Fiancé was FAIL after FAIL after FAIL, so I paused it and looked at the title, and it was FAILs. So that's gone.  It surprises me how many American women go for men from overly macho countries and think it will work. And how few American men get it that women from Philippines, Ukraine and Siberia are mostly looking for a ticket out of there. When I'm in Thailand looking for a wife, I know that's the deal, it doesn't bother me, it's part of the trade-off.

Also delivered was the electric piano, but apparently I ordered the one without the stand or power supply. It can run on batteries, but I ended up on Amazon ordering those items. 2 more weeks...

Lunch was the last of the basil duck & Thai iced tea, and dinner was the first of the seafood combo pot thai and the last mango & sticky rice . Yum!

Streamed for an hour, only one chatter, she dropped in during the final 10 minutes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish up the spices transfer
Maybe spend some time on the porch watching the rain.
Try to make some progress in the guest room - move some of the printer papers onto the office printer stand
Maybe pour out a box and go on a dig
Sodastream cartridges due to be delivered

Two days

Did not post yesterday because not much happened and a friend in Spokane skyped me at about 10 pm and we talked for 3 hours. Well, she did most of the talking for the last 2 hours. Some people get on a roll....

Today was the usual morning except very high Hgl from staying up late and staying in bed later. Spook has decided the back corner of the master bedroom closet is her new hiding place. I had to remove 3 hangers out from under her. But now she's in the guest bathroom.

I ordered Thai food from Door Dash, enough for lunch and dinner for today and 2-3 more days I think. The chicken satay was not recognizable, no curry in the peanut sauce, no peanuts either. Cucumber side salad was a joke - I gagged on the vinegar. Or was it ammonia? Thai iced tea was good. Mango was not quite ripe, sticky rice needed sweetener. 

For dinner I microwave steamed half the rice and heated up half the duck basil dish. It was okay.

Instacart for some groceries, but half the items were sold out or substitutions. Ding dongs were on sale 3/$10 but they only had one left on the shelf.  No Kleenex of any description. This time I used Von's which is pretty popular around here but it's owned by Safeway.

The Yamaha keyboard was not delivered.

Garbage bin day, so I replaced Spook's litterbox cartridge and ordered another 3-pack. Moved the big bag of kibble and the bag of webcams into the shed.

The welcome committee arrived just as Instacart did. That was confusing. Welcome guy asked if I drank, because if I did the welcome gift bag would have alcohol in it. I declined.

The only unpacking I did was to move some mailing items to the rolltop desk.

Watched Episode 1 of The Loop on Amazon Prime. It was too dark. Lightning-wise, not so much plot-wise. This is the first time in ages I've used the Amazon Fire, and it needed to be unplugged and plugged back in to get it going. And batteries replaced in the remote.

No one, including me, was streaming.

Unpacked the American flag, attached it to the pole. It's way bigger than my last one. Lots of wind today, it made a lot of noise, but it just needed the clip holder rings closer together.

Watched Ancient Aliens and The Zoo.

Need to refill the meds container.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Cigna, find a PCP and a cardiologist.
Empty some guest room boxes and fill the book cases and the photo/LP rack.
Call Alfonso
Maybe call AG and J

Got nothing done today

Spook was in bed with me most of the night, jumped off at about 4:30 when I made a pit stop, came back to help me read from my tablet at about 8:30. She's really liking dipping her paw in the trough fountain and also drinking out of it directly. Litterbox needs changing probably on Sunday in time for garbage collection. Need to order another 3-pack.

Banana and egg. Last of the week-old bananas. There's a newer bunch in the fridge. Finished a bottle of SodaStream piña colada (non alcoholic) and switched to lime soda for the rest of the day. I have lots of limes. Need to make more sodas. The empties take up too much space on the counter.

Watched NFL Live. PTI was not shown either at 2 or 5. Bummer. Maybe next week.

Popsrockz and Daily Drive Home on Twitch, then nothing to watch.

Put new batteries in the office weather station, now it shows outdoor temp & humidity. Right now 60° and 6%. Very dry. I've been using a lot of eye drops. 25% inside. Barometer is 28.26 which ought to mean rain, but not up here at 1600 feet.

Did not do anything planned for today except the chef knife blade covers arrived, so they are on the knives and the knives are on the Goodwill pile. Also added three ice cube trays to the pile. There may be a 4th one somewhere.

Put the new fishing rod and tackle in the shed. The rod was a mistake, it's 7' long and one piece.

Forgot to call Alfonso. Or AG. Or Cigna.

Moved the kitchen stuff off the floor into a box, away from in front of the thermostat.

Channel surfed, mostly watched 90 Day Fiancé, before the 90 days. Most of the couples are obvious mis-matches, they just want a green card. One is an outright lie - and the American man is too pigheaded to understand that when the girl is a no-show 4 times, he should just go home. There is one couple with potential, but the American man has not told the Russian woman he has been in jail. That's probably a show-stopper for getting a visa for her.

Caught a tiny bit of PD Live, but they are all virus today.

Streamed for an hour, only a few minutes of chat. Lots of followers, who have to wait a month.

Microwaved a turkey and bacon thing for lunch and ate a supermarket Asian salad for dinner. It's been in the fridge too long. Klondike "donut" bar with strawberry topping.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on what is delivered.
UPS says the music keyboard will arrive. Not sure where I'll put it.
It does not look like the kitchen storage has shipped yet.
Maybe spray the weeds. There's weed killer in the shed.
I should start working on the boxes in the guest room.

Shed organized, last kitchen box dumped, chat with Sandy & Kathy? Karen?

Lovely day today. Woke before the lights went on at 7:30 but out of bed when the alarm went off at 8. Banana and egg. Facebook and all the news sites. Deleted ABC Las Vegas, they have sucky layout - one huge headline takes up the top half of the page. Very tabloid feel.

Did a lot of online shopping but no finding.

Organized the shed, and made several trips bringing the camping gear from the guest bedroom closet.

Sandy in 416 says the shed does need to be locked, there have been robberies. I ordered a new door knob, will install it when it arrives. Also time to call the handyman and see if he's back at work, the door needs to be fixed.

When I went outside to grab an amazon package, I met the couple in 418. Nice folks. Kathy or Karen and Al. I always get those names confused.

Put the long handle implements from yesterday's kitchen box dump into a shopping bag until the storage drawers arrive. Dumped the final box, found 5 old Hgl monitors. Spent too much time on One Touch's site discovering that there is no way to wipe their memories. There are places to recycle them, after the plague panic is over. Maybe before. What's still on the floor are sharpies and dry-erase pens. Most everything else has been thrown away or found its drawer.

The last of the moo shu for lunch.

With the boxes out of the way I was able to move Spook's food & water outside the kitchen, out of the pathway, and set up her deep dish water fountain. She likes both fountains about equally.

It also moves the trash bin to a more convenient location for me.

Delivered was the shower curtain which I hung in the guest bathroom. Spook checked it out. The tub is a favorite hiding place and changes to it must be approved.

Also delivered were 3 2-tiered 12" turntables. Two of them were set up on the outside rack, with the 10" spice turntables on top. The third will go on the bottom rack and will probably get spices from the large cabinet, so the large cabinet can be the wok closet. TBD.

Watched the usual stream on Twitch, plus a guy in Utah baking bread. Streamed from 7-8 with one regular chatting, and one troll who was headed off at the pass.

Watched NFL Live, many technical difficulties with the panelists streaming from their homes. Also watched Summer House mostly on FF because it has devolved into 80% drama, 15% brushing teeth and 5% scantily clad house mates. PTI was supposed to have resumed, but I missed it and it's not in the channel guide yet. Nova was something about cancer in Cuba, nuked it. Not interested at all, and frankly a waste of Nova's resources.

The last of the shrimp in lobster sauce for dinner. That's the whole Chinese order, except for 2 packets of rice.

Masked Singer is down to the final 8, of those 2 can actually sing, one can rap and one sang well his first time but not since. They guessed the unmasked singer - Rob Gronkowski. He can't sing, he can almost dance, and he's huge.

Spook plants herself in the middle of the livingroom rug and yells at me when she wants me to play with her with the fishing pole toy. When I'm done I plant it in the couch between the cushion and the arm, and she will play with it on her own there from time to time.

Drove to the mailbox and got the weekly flyer, with ads for stores I've heard of but have not seen around here. KFC has some specials. Kaiser sent me a bill saying I owe them nothing. Comcast sent a letter suggesting I contact Cox for service. Xfinity letterhead on top, Cox letterhead halfway down.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call AG
Call Alfonso
Maybe go for a drive

April Fools Falls Flat

Got up at 7:30, out of bed around 8. Banana and egg for breakfast, checked all the news sites - deleted the link to because they have gone all-virus, all the time, officially. There are other things happening in Canada and the world, focusing on fomenting panic is the easy way/coward's way out.

10-ish, drove to the drive-thru ATM and deposited the check from the mortgage company. So happy, relieved to have that albatross off my neck.

Walmart is nextdoor to the ATM, I went in the Market entrance, but the SodaStream stuff was all the way on the other side in the housewares aisles. Took me 10 minutes to find it. BB&B and Target have the bare cartridges on a rack, but Walmart had them in their boxes. Did not recognize them at first.

Pharmacy says regular insulin is $25 a vial. That's about a 4-day supply for me.

Also bought some ice cream, another pack of Little Debbie Swiss rolls (no Hostess fare on the shelves). And a red onion. People were being more inconsiderate than usual - leaving their cart in the middle of the aisle and blocking the rest with their bodies. Trying to cut me off from behind. It's not a race. They shop the way they drive. Also bought paper plates and plastic slider-lock bags gallon and quart.

Checkout took 10 minutes because the woman in front of me bought every item she can use in the next year. And then had to call her husband over to bail her out - she "only" had a $100 bill and it was $135 or so. Pleasant people, but slow.

But it's not a race.

Home, was able to squeeze one bottle's worth of CO2 out of the SS cartridge before loading in the new one. I can do an exchange some other time.

Put stuff away, did not get up the motivation to pick up the mail.

Delivered was one small UPS package with three Amazon items. Betadine, 2x campho-phenique and B complex vitamins.

Made a start with the dumped kitchen box. Clips deposited in a drawer in the kitchen, ladles, pancake flippers, slotted spoons, wooden spoons and spatulas in the drawer similar to where they had been. Added duplicates to the Goodwill pile, but will need to buy another set of drawers like the ones in the bedroom to hold the rest of the "must keep" items. Not sure what the fate will be of the pineapple corer.


The woks in the lower left will go onto a 2-tier turntable when those arrive.

Ordered sheaths for the 4 chef's knives which will be going to Goodwill. Or I may hold onto the 10" one, safe in the drawer with a sheath.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dump the final box, sort things
Maybe organize the shed

Rabbit Holes Day

Happy last day of March. Spook has been starting the night in bed with me, usually disappears around 4 am, then comes back if I am still in bed after 8, which I was today.

Been using a lot of eye drops lately. I thought I was having flu symptoms, but they disappear overnight. Looks like pollen is the culprit.

In bed till 10:30, watching videos. Banana and egg for breakfast while checking email and FB. Then some time in front of the TV, and at 12:30, the daily drive home, followed by my favorite Vegas streamer out fishing by a pond NE of town. Her man caught 4 trout, she caught nothing. They were on for many hours, I am amazed at the signal quality and how much battery they have.

Lunch was another bit of the chow fun.

I ordered groceries from Albertson's on Instacart. Won't be using them again. At first it was okay with a delivery today within 5 hours. Then at check-out it said no slots open till tomorrow night. Nothing on there was critical, so I placed the order. Within an hour a "shopper" was gathering my food, and every now and then if they were out of something he suggested a replacement. Except for the whole Dungeness crab, which he said they were out of so he gave a refund. One of the out of stock items was very inexpensive house brand garbanzo beans, I wanted 4 cans, he substituted 4 cans of very expensive brand name ones. I texted to have him only get 2. He delivered at around 2:30. There were only 2 cans of beans but I was charged for 4. Message to Instacart got a non-answer "we'll be in touch".

Other subs were 2% milk half gallons in cardboard for 2% milk half gallons in plastic, and 12 oz diet Coke in bottles --> mini cans. Probably should have gone with full sized cans.

Finally got off my butt and went into the shed and assembled the two 72-inch high 5-shelf racks. I'm only 68" tall, so the top shelf required some creativity.Too tired to move stuff around the shed let alone relocate camping gear from the guest room.

No work on the kitchen boxes. Waiting for Amazon to deliver 2-tier lazy Susans.

For dinner I steamed the rice in a plastic bag and poured shrimp in lobster sauce over it, heated again.

Watched some NFL on ESPN program on Tivo.

PTI is not back yet.

Delivered was curtain rings for the guest shower and Eucerin lotion for the cracked skin back of my ankles.

Walmart canceled my order for a Yamaha keyboard, but Guitar Center is shipping me one. Same keyboard, same price.

Plans for tomorrow:
April Fools Day
Rent may be due, but when I checked today it said no.

Some major progress, stuff delivered, mortgage paid

Banana and egg, and maybe something chocolate for breakfast. Spent most of the day emptying kitchen boxes, loading spices and baking ingredients onto the lazy Susans on the rack, and designating one drawer for the utensils, and one which has the spice grinders is also now holding the food/chips bag clips. Took an hour with the box that had the batteries, ziplocked them by size, and am using one of the bottom drawers in the rolltop desk for that. I am missing the box of 100 AA's. There are only 2 more kitchen boxes to go, small ones. At this point dumping them out on the floor seems to be the best procedure.

I have a small pile of Goodwill candidates, plus there are some items in the white cabinet which can go. Lots of knives to add to that pile later.

One of the tiers went into the narrow cabinet, parchment, foil and plastic wrap below, my most used pots and sieve above.

The contents of the spice cabinet are on a lazy Susan in the big cabinet, but I've ordered 2-tier lazy Susans 12" and will put those below the 18" ones. So a 12" surface on the bottom and an 18" surface on top.

Delivered at about 2 pm were the two storage racks for the shed. I'll assemble them tomorrow and move stuff onto them. Home depot express from the store delivery was a side hustle man in a brand new black town car, paper license plates, trunk big enough to fit two storage racks. They are packaged in rectangles about 4' x 3'. Big trunk.

Been feeling sneezy all day, the local TV weather people say pollen is very thick in the air.

Spook has been all over the place, right now she's in the dark guest bathroom, but she finds places as diverse as the middle of the living room rug and inside a sort of fort made from my sandals, a step stool and a box.
The plastic boxes are kitchen items which Realtor told me to get off of the counters and out of sight. That tree is a program from the last Los Altos Ye Olde Towne Band concert I was in. At least 2 years old, I think. The box Spook is looking up at is the last of the laundry room items. Much will be donated.

Also delivered was a pair of compression sleeves for my calves, but I tried one and it barely fit over my foot, and I had to cut it off. I need a wrap-around maybe just an Ace bandage. I should call the advice nurse.

Special delivery from USPS was an envelope from my mortgage company, inside was the PAID stamp on my loan, and a check for > $400 of over-payment. So I am officially a house seller.

Which raises the question of when do I get title for my Las Vegas house?

Taking in the garbage I notice neighbor Sandy's was taken in by a rather sturdy looking man, so I guess she isn't single after all. Oh well.

Late last night I gave in to the inevitable and ordered a 76-key electronic piano/synth keyboard. It has USB MIDI, which is a huge leap over the ancient multi-prong cables. It makes sense, MIDI has always been a serial connection. Amazon had a 1-month delivery date, so I went to Walmart, it should be here in a week. Yamaha, with a stand. Casio was less expensive but not as sleek.

Lunch was combo chow fun, big serving so half is back in the fridge. Salad and wor won ton soup for dinner.

Watched the daily drive home. At 6 I streamed and was joined by one of the drive home regulars in New Orleans. She says they need the rain which is coming tomorrow.

Nothing on Tivo again. Watched some Maury, and Ancient Aliens, and a really stupid JHS level science show with Tyson trying so hard to not sound condescending and failing miserably. And what used to be called Mysteries At The Museum is now Beyond Explanation. Nothing has changed except the name.

And I guess Tom Brady is now a Tampa Bay Suckaneer. One ESPN show debated the merits of that for an hour. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Build the shed racks & move stuff from the guest closet
Dump the last 2 kitchen boxes (one at a time)
ATM - deposit the check. There's a drive-thru across the street from the hotel I stayed at
Maybe file some paperwork
Maybe call the advice nurse 

Sunday virtual vacation

Up with the alarm at 7:30 lolled about in bed till 8:30. Banana and egg, and a couple of Little Debbie Swiss rolls.

No storm chasers. :-(
Twitch was pretty dead.
Facebook meme of the day was to post a scenery photo. The person starting the meme would post something, I would reply with something. The last two I found my photos of the same place. Ankor wat and Brighton.

Lots of lovely pix, I enjoyed seeing them.

No unpacking at all today.

Major project was to go through the Tivo channel list and hide all the channels I don't watch and all the ones I don't get a signal from. Next step is to build a favorite channels list. More useful here than with Comcast, because here the HD channels are not in order.

Lunch was a small salad and moo shu. Dinner started with salad, then unfroze some rice and heated up half of the first shrimp in lobster sauce, then the other half. They used cheap rice. Chip mint ice cream, with whipped cream and Hershey's syrup. I may have fruit cocktail for a bedtime snack.

Took out the garbage, met my next door neighbor in 416. She is a very attractive woman, probably just barely 55. Single, I think. A dog and a cat. Two daughters, one went to UW the other is at UCSB.

Delivered was a big box of Sheba wet food, the mini meals. Turns out I already had a lot of those, bought a box when I got Spook out of the pet hotel. They keep well, though. I need to remember to put a meat stick on her office tower daily. Also delivered was a bottle of clove oil and a pack of breathe-right strips.

Nothing on tivo. Lots of channel surfing to validate the channel list.

I charged the car, it did not take long.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home
Home depot should deliver a pair of racks, for me to assemble in the shed, and then move all the camping stuff from the guest room and the master bedroom closets.
Re-arrange the big spices and put the baking items on that level.
See if the wok will fit above the baking pans