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Not Much until coffee time

Stayed in bed almost until 11. Spot was with me on and off, and the claw trimming helped, but he's still taking shots at my back if I turn it on him. Spook is still cowering.

Roomba kicked on at 9 as usual, I had to interrupt my reveries for a minute when it got stuck on the sheepskin rug again. This is getting old. I carried it to the guest room and re-started it, which saved me vacuuming by hand. For a change it actually returned to the dock when it was low on power.

Emptied all the trash - there was a lot of it from 3 weeks of crippledom.

It was a hot day, 80's. I vegged on the porch for a while, there are new hummers coming around, and I think some small birds have nests in my carport gutters. I may have nodded off a bit.

Watched some mindless TV, tried out some of the free Amazon Prime offerings on the fire TV, but they were all drek.

Delivered was car wash soap and flat plastic camping plates & such. Put the latter by the lunchbox, and the former by the carport door.

More TV and computer time, then the car wash brush arrived. It's an extendable pole with a hose connection on one end and a big fluffy brush with a soap reservoir on the other. It has a water on/off switch by the hose coupling. I filled it with soap and parked it on the washing machine for later.

Lunch was franks on steamed buns with sauerkraut and dijon mustard. Made a mental note that I probably needed more mustard**.

Wheeled the bins to the curb way early, also broke down the cardboard boxes and taped them into a bundle.

4:30-ish, hooked up the car wash brush and did a quick and sloppy job of moving the worst of the dirt around.

Drove to MV to meet Janice. I was early enough to check out the cut fruit offerings in the Safeway nextdoor.

I ordered unsweetened green tea, "no whip". The cashier actually checked the "NW" box on the cup, which confused the crap out of the barista, who didn't get the joke.

Janice & I chatted inside, it was too hot outside, and at about 6 the staff kicked everyone out for a "safety emergency". We sat at one of the outdoor tables and started chatting again, but then the chaos started.

First, a lone police car blocked the shopping center lane leading from the main roads to the Starbucks. He got out of the way as a MVFD paramedic truck pulled up in front of us, then a hook and ladder moved into that lane, almost directly in front of us, and three more fire trucks tried to jam into the parking lot. Talk about overkill.

We watched as the ladder was deployed, and four firemen climbed onto the roof just to our right. The fire captain came over to tell us we were okay to stay where we were. Good news because the ladder truck was blocking Janice's car. 

They wrapped up in about half an hour, Janice drove home, I went to Safeway and bought cut fruit, milk, PAM-like spray, makings for tuna salad and a box of tuna helper just out of curiosity. Also sugar-free popsicles, two pizzas, and matzo balls.

Home,  Put away all the stuff. ** The two bottles of mustard joined the spare one already in the cabinet. Heated up the oven and made one pizza. Could not find my pizza slicer wheel. Used a Chinese duck whacker to slice it. Spot jumped up on the kitchen island from the other side and tried to snag a piece.

It wasn't bad. Put the other half into two ziplock bags and into the freezer. Popsicles for dessert.

Started watching a pretty good mock NFL draft on the NFL network, but hit the record button after three picks. Almost got sucked into Long Island Medium again. I hope this time Lost Lives gets recorded.

Mixed up an egg  cream, it's gone now.

Spook was out in the hallway a bit ago, but she wouldn't come when I called.

Oh. There she is.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunch will include lots of fruit

Slippery Slope

Spot fought like mad to not be put into the carrier. The one I got for him at adoption time is too small and stupidly designed - a dozen screws hold the top to the bottom. Finally got him inside and into the car and to the vet. He yelled for about the first mile, then mostly quieted down.

In the exam room he was okay at first, but when the tech went out and we were waiting for the doctor, he hid under the bench. When they moved the bench he moved with it. I was able to grab him and get him back onto the exam table. From then on he was nice & quiet. Doc said he's in excellent health, the techs trimmed all his claws, and they had to take the carrier apart to get him back in. Weird, because my other cats have always zipped right in after the exam.

No shots needed, and the only charge was for the claw trim, since he's a new adoptee. They will call Monday with the poop report.

Home, he was leery about leaving the carrier for a minute, but then realized he was home.

Spook meanwhile spent most of the day cowering under the futon. Spot has her spooked. I've been spray training him, but it hasn't quite internalized yet.

Did a load of whites, for once using the whole presoak, prewash and full wash with bleach. When I took them out of the dryer and started preparing them to be put away, two had to be tossed due to nasty stains. Grrr. Spot tried to "help" but after a few times being pushed away, he just watched.

Lunch was grilled cheese.

While I was on the computer, Spot found out the hard way that climbing the cat tree via the posts is not really possible without claws.

Turned on Tivo, and channel surfed. Pac12 network claimed it was showing the UW spring game, so I tuned in, but they only showed the individual training sessions and a lot of interviews, then the Big Insult™ they switched to the Wazoo spring game and then the U of OR spring game. Gag me.

Spot joined me for a while.

Sat out on the porch watching bees and hummers till it got too hot.

7-ish, drove to the Pear theater, saw the improv show. About the same quality as last time, except one especially annoying actress was annoying. Only one female in the cast was not banded, and while she is the prettiest, I suspect she's gay. Too young for me anyway. After the show they served really good chocolate cake & champagne, I went out on the patio and had a nice chat with a woman who came from Berkeley because her friend had a friend in the cast. Adorable, but married. And in Berkeley, which is a long walk from here.

Home, threw together some chicken stock, a couple of small pieces of breaded chicken and about 10 wontons. Added thyme & black pepper. Vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Spot's latest habit is to camp out in the shower when I'm on the john:

Took my meds and shot up, and had to spray Spot, who was chasing Spook away from the food & water. Spot is on the office tree again, Spook is probably under the futon or in the closet again.

Delivered were two boxes of Kind bars.

Plans for tomorrow:

Nothing till coffee at 5:30 w/Janice in MV
No trout fishing as hoped - season doesn't start for another week

Timesheet Day Again

Up with the alarm, but it was a fraught night, had to throw Spot out of the bedroom when he wouldn't stop attacking my back with his claws. Let him back in a couple of hours later, but tossed him out again soon. 4 am let him back in during a pit stop and he behaved himself until he got bored and went elsewhere.

Out early, packed a light lunch just in case Eddie canceled. AG phoned as I was getting on the freeway, we had a good chat. He decided not to continue interviewing with Google because Amazon has him working too hard. Sheesh.

Grabbed breakfast, checked the automation test, it was still running on an android phone. No other work to do, not a word from Boss. Odd, she usually apologizes for not showing up.

Noon, met Eddie, my second former contract rep, for lunch at the lovely bistro on the edge of Shoreline Lake. Talked about everything, caught him up on my medical marathon, and he caught me up on his job change. He has landed in a smaller place with more responsibility. He will look into having his company hijack me, but stay in the same job.

Back at the Hole, watched a lot of TV and YouTube, looking for 420 Festival reports, but they were few and not very well done. No live streams, which surprised me.

As I was watching, all kinds of noises came out of the test phone, even though I had muted it, the test un-mutes to test the alarms and touchpad sounds. Annoying.

Made up for the boredom by shopping. Windshield wiper blades - this time OEM so they will fit - a flow-through car wash mop & soap because at $26 a car wash it will pay for itself, and the drought is over. Re-stocked Kind bars because the break room is being stingy with them. And a set of folding plates and bowls meant for camping but good for when I bring homemade food for lunch.

Left at 5:30, that test will run for at least another day, maybe 2.

Lots of traffic. Home at about 6. Nothing delivered and only junk mail.

My back is hurting a lot, taking Tylenol more than I want to. Meat loaf on sourdough for dinner, chocolate ice cream with newly re-discovered maraschino cherries (they were in the back of the fridge).  Watched the latest episode of One Strange Rock. They keep being excellent. And the 6 o'clock news had two sand-ins anchoring. Both were okay but not spokesmodels, and probably not far out of their internships. They had an OK 420 festival segment, but only OK because the festival had closed down at 4:30 and they only had one brief shot of the peak when 30,000 people were making artificial fog. Thankfully, the feds stayed away.

Spot spent much of that splayed across the right arm of the recliner.

He managed a well-timed #2, which I double-bagged and set on the laundry room counter with his adoption paperwork. His carrier is in the livingroom with Zoe's blanket inside. Later, he was totally miffed to see his poop missing from the litterbox.
TMI about feline poop habitsCollapse )

The new office lamps are very bright, so I've aimed them at the walls and ceiling. Much better.

I have a new go-to Sonos station, 1940's Radio, from the UK, on TuneIn. https://tunein.com/radio/1940s-Radio-s284305/
I test the TuneIn app on all the Android boxes at work. But I usually play Thai and Hebrew stations.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up on time
Pack Spot into the carrier. 10 am vet appointment
Home, re-pot the orchid and water all the plants
7:30 pm The Pear for the 8 pm improv show


419 Day

I had, until a year ago, thought the reason we called marijuana day 420 is because that was the number of the referendum to legalize it in California. Turns out it was nothing of the sort. A bunch of stoners who thought they had been told of a secret pot patch decided to go in search of it after football practice. They would meet by a statue near the school at 4:20 pm several times to start their search.

They never found it. One of them says they were probably too stoned.
Got distracted by videos on the tablet from 7:30 this morning until 9:30. Way late for work, but it didn't matter because the manager who had the remote doesn't get in till after 10.

So I grabbed breakfast, ate it in The Hole, gathered my visit kit and drove over to Hole 2, where there were actual parking spaces in front, thanks to re-striping the back parking lot last weekend with more and wider spaces. Most of my team works upstairs, and the back stairs are more direct than the front ones.

The TV to test was indeed not transportable, it had no back cover and needed two kludge AC connections. I had what should have been a comfortable sofa to test from, but the pickup for the remote was picky, so I had to sit at an awkward angle to get it to register.

And it was a very low sofa, so getting up after an hour was very Walter Brennan-ish.

Brought my lunch box, broccoli beef steamer bowl & mini fudge mint oreos. Boss made some fleeting appearances, but was mostly upstairs in meetings.

After lunch I had a chance to chat with the way too cute blonde Russian contractor* who works for a vendor company. Boss wanted me to find out what kind of arrangement she had, since vendors don't get laid off after 2 years. Turns out she works for the same India company which had contacted me the other day. She is not pleased with them, and recommends sotto voce that I not go that route. I will take that advice, and let Boss know it's not a company I would be comfortable working for. LinkedIn showed that my rep would be based in Mumbai. No thanks. *Of course she is happily married.

Wrapped up the testing at about 3 pm, the manager for that machine gave me a device to run the full Android compatibility test suite on, back at the Hole. Since sync was scheduled for 3:30, pinged Boss, but she said she wold drop by the Hole at 5.

She didn't. I stayed till after 6, since I had arrived late.

Back in the Hole, set up the test, it will probably run till Sunday. It's hands-off. Doesn't interfere with anything else.

Fired up Groupon, and found a faux silver chain for $10 - I've been looking for one, want to start wearing my Thai lion pendant, maybe. Did not want to buy it from work, though.

Home, traffic was sparse except for 237, so I took the IFH exit instead.

Almost started making dinner, but at after 7 decided to go to Lowe's and return the extra lamp first. Easy return. They were so nice I figured I'd finally buy a car wash kit from them, but they no longer have anything automotive. :-(

Back home, no mail, no deliveries. Bought the chain online. Almost bought a ticket for the improv show Saturday night, but the ticket service wanted almost $3 for a $10 ticket. I'll buy one at the door.

Also got a reminder of Spot's vet appointment Saturday morning. I need to pull out his paperwork and grab a stool sample just before I go. And need to change his name on the vet's records.

Dinner was steamed baked pork buns and a few ha gow. Popsicles for dessert. Watched PTI & the 6 o'clock news. Tonight they had two tall blonde spokesmodels anchoring. They mostly stood in front of the podium, the older one from time to time looking at the younger one like she was in a real-life All About Eve. The more she glanced over the older she looked. And the more makeup she seemed to be wearing. They are the same height, nearly identical builds, wearing dresses which were very different colors but the same basic design.

Spook was on the laundry counter until Spot tried to pick a fight. I don't know where she is now. In a closet probably. Spot is asleep on the tree next to me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably watch 420 Festival coverage onlne
The same way the bones from my turkey leg dinner ended up on the livingroom floor. Spot is an amazing re-distributor of all things. Rubber bands are his specialty, but small whackable objects in general find their way around the house. He sometimes leaves them behind when he jumps up on things.

Typical morning, sort of. Last minute pit stop made me 15 minutes late. AG called just before 9, late for him too. He's feeling depressed because his work life sucks. His skills are the most in-demand in silicon valley, he could find another job in a heartbeat, but he was laid off from a job he had for 10 years, and still feels insecure about it even though he was working somewhere else in a month.

I don't have those kind of skills.

In other news, the letter from a loan broker saying I was pre-approved turned out to be a scam. They don't do mobile homes unless you own the land under them. And the only lender he could refer me to is my current one.

I was all set to go to Hole 2 to test a big TV, but the manager couldn't find the remote. Just before lunch he brought me a prototype board to test in the meantime, and I pointed him to a pile of remotes in my lab, he took two with him, one worked. So I'll go over there tomorrow.

Lunch was an attempted meat loaf sandwich, but they don't have plates in the break room, just cereal bowls, so it ended up being kind of a mess in a bowl. Tasted great, though. Mini fudge oreo thins for dessert.

The board mostly worked, he only wanted proof of concept testing, so I was able to to it in half a day.

I wore my SF Giants faux leather jacket, after work I drove to a cleaners/alterations place not far from home and arranged to have my Sharks jacket zipper replaced & the jacket cleaned. It will be ready in 10 days. Sat. PM. The sharks moved to the next playoff round, so maybe they will still be playing by then. Or not - they play Las Vegas next, who also swept their first round opponents. I can't find a schedule, though.

Home, delivered was The Wiz OBC CD. Happy to hear at least 3 ballads, not happy to hear most of the chorus parts are gospel inspired. Not religious, but that same mindless "sing loud" sound. I will need to change my audition piece because Old Man River would be highly inappropriate. 

Also delivered, in a box Fedex managed to drop enough to burst all the reinforced tape, was the two office lamps. Putting the first one together, I had the same problem as the existing one, the center threads would not line up. Got some silicon lube spray and was able with a lot of effort to line it up and get it in straight. Then I took the bent one, and did the same. The plan was to have two working ones, which are now throwing the equivalent LED power of 600 watts of incandescent around the office. I am very happy.  

Dinner was the 2nd to last turkey leg with bell peppers. Vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Changed out the litterbox cartridge. Spot loads it up much faster than Spook.

Watched PTI and the 6 o'clock news. Glad to see the pilot of the exploding engine plane get a lot of kudos. She did a miraculous job. Her cabin crew, not so much.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hole 2, test that big TV finally
Lowe's - return extra lamp

Second Monday

Today was mostly lather...rinse..repeat, except Boss actually showed up for our 3:30 sync - at 5.

We had a good chat, and veered off into musical theater, she has been a producer and stage manager.

Call from the loan arranger that I need to acknowledge some email from the lender. Will do that when I get home. Turns out the lender is the same as my current one. One main reason to refinance was to ditch them. :-(

Lunch was Saffron Road mango chicken, which was like mango pot thai. Pretty good, but too small a portion. Melon slices and chocolate pudding for dessert. 

Home, bad traffic because sync ran late.

Delivered was the Star Wars trilogy Blu-ray set. Not delivered were the lamps from Lowe's.

In the mail was a letter from another loan company saying to call, they will beat any deal.  I will do that.

Email from the lender included the appraisal, which said the house is worth $220,000. My loan is for about half that.

Dinner was curried chicken wings & mixed veggies. Chocolate ice cream with walnuts for dessert.

Spook has been quiet all day, spent most of it on the futon while Spot was mostly under the bed or in the bedroom closet. This evening there were some catfight noises, but no actual fighting. Spook switched to the piano room cat tree and Spot ran all over the house.

Watched PTI, the 6 o'clock news and some of the Weather Channel's Highway Through Hell, where one tow company showed a total lack of understanding of basic physics, while another did understand, and called for help to separate a too-heavy-for-his-rig feed truck from a van.

Spot is in the process of discovering the cat tree's pillars are scratching posts, and easy to shimmy up. And now he's gone.

Barbara Bush has left the planet. 92 years. The country would have been better off if she had never given birth. And if she had kept her husband out of politics.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put together the two new lamps


Y'all know my morning routine. This morning add cutting two big slices of meatloaf for lunch. Overnight in the fridge and it solided up, and is now the consistency of actual meat loaf. A last minute addition to the mix was sliced baby carrots, and since they went in raw they add a lovely crunch.

Late getting out the door, blame the massive hail storm. Apparently the earthquake hit about the same time as I reached the hole. I didn't feel it, but it was small <4. 1989 and 1965 I was in 7+ ones. Those I felt.

Again nothing to do, so watched a lot of YouTube.

Message from a consulting firm's recruiter for a job which sounds like mine. Turns out is was mine. Sort of. Boss is hiring someone to help me set up an automation rig. She doesn't get it that I know how to do that myself. And have plenty of time.

Home, raining again, no BASFA for me, didn't want to mess with traffic.

Dinner was lamb steak with mushrooms & onions, my last batch. Vanilla lactose free ice cream by Bryers, sprinkles only, did not want to mess with walnuts or chocolate syrup. Tasted fine. But not as fine as mint chocolate chip or chocolate.

Hooked up the first RAID drive to the Star-tech housing, because the PC did not recognize it connected to the plain USB cable. Initialized it and am formatting it, full format which was a mistake because it will be going all night.

Binge watched Long Island Medium again, until it started repeating last night's. Tried to play last night's Lost Lives, but it had recorded LIM instead. Boo Hiss.

Spot has been a PIA tonight. He tried to climb up the tree Spook was on, and though they both made fight noises, he backed off when I admonished him. I gave Spook a meat stick for her staunch defensive moves. Spot has found yet another pair of rubber bands.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably go to Hole #2 with a bricked device. And see if a big TV from before jury duty is ready to test.


Missions accomplished, mostly

Slept in till 9:30, took my time getting out of bed. My go-to Sonos stations, KCEA and Radio Sausalito were both playing frenetic music. These are both big band stations, and for some reason they veered away from vocals and went for the fast jazz instrumentals. Not my idea of morning music. After some digging, I re-found Seattle's KIXI, which had tunes more to my liking.

First project was to check to see if the backup was running, and it was, and as hoped it was a full backup, which started at 6:30 am and is 97% done now at 9:30 pm. That's about right, I think. The last full backup took till 2:21 AM, so it looks like the 8TB drive is faster than the RAID was.

Showered, dressed, took meds, checked email and FB, and the next project was to remove & tape up the guest room litterbox cartridge & throw it away, and then put the unit into the shed. Also moved the cat bed out to the bedroom, and put the scratching post and 3-tier ball toy out from underfoot. Basically now the guest room is no longer the warring cat room.

Spot and Spook had some words with each other a few times throughout the day, but Spot eventually found better things to do, other places to park. He has this thing for rubber bands, and I'll be darned if I know where he gets them, because I rarely use them.

Next project was drive to Great Clips, and get both my hair and beard trimmed. I used to love having long hair and a big beard, but the long hair gets uncomfortable and I messed up my beard many years ago when I bleached it, dyed it, and bleached it again. I blame the diabetes drugs. Made me crazy.

On the way home stopped at an ATM and deposited the $10 check from Kaiser, then went to Fry's for canned air, and also picked up a mounting frame for the SSD which some day I will get around to installing, but not real soon. And a USB 3.0 ext cable, because I will need to format each of the RAID drives before I can put them on eBay.

Home, Janice emailed, declined the offer of the old tablets, she's buying a new one. That's the right choice, if she can afford it, which apparently she can.

Lunch was a grilled cheese on sourdough stuffed with shrimp. Yummy!

Went online to see if Lowe's had the office lamp I wanted, the one I bought a few months ago is defective - the center threads don't line up so it leans a lot. But it's otherwise just what I wanted - actually wanted two. None were in stock, so I ordered them online - free delivery.

Saved me a trip, which is good because the wind picked up, temperature dropped and it rained a bit. Totally unexpected after such a nice morning. Also meant no chance to enjoy Baylands Park.

Took out the garbage, including the garden bin, and spent about half an hour breaking down all the boxes from the last 3 weeks.

Hauled out a large bowl and started building a meatloaf. I combined three online recipes, and added some bits of my own, such as garden grown rosemary, oregano and mint. Cloves and peppercorns ground together. Ginger. Manwich sauce instead of tomato paste. Provolone. I tried for an egg white glaze, but that didn't work, just gave me an egg white border. Apparently did not use enough Panko, because it was a little too crumbly, but boy did it make a delicious dinner. Chocolate Lactaid ice cream with nuked frozen strawberries for dessert, while binge watching Long Island Medium. When I lived on long Island, I was an extra-large. aka husky.

Other than that I took it slow today, Spot has been relatively quiet. He stayed in a closet long enough for Spook to get her treats, drink from the water fountain and eat from the food tower. Both of them spent time on the laundry room counter. Right now Spot is asleep on the office cat tree and Spook is asleep on the top tier of the piano room cat tree.

Yesterday Janice suggested adult ed classes as a way to be with people, but searching online, they all started a month ago. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:

Back in the Saddle again

But it wasn't easy**

Up at 7, showered and dressed, swiffered the kitchen floor, sprayed Glade or some such in the kitchen & laundry room where Spot had pooped his usual highly aromatic signature dish. Made the bed. Put last week's sheets in the washer. Printed a check for the appraiser.

Glen The Appraiser arrived exactly on time, in a silver late model muscle car. I pulled my car forward a bit so he could get his off the street.

He did a walk-around, taking pictures and making audio notes. Or maybe it was speech to text. Then he came inside, met Spot, got a glimpse of Spook running for cover, and toured inside taking photos and dictating notes. Gave him his check and a printout of a spreadsheet detailing my home improvements.

It only took about an hour, he said he would expedite getting his report to the lenders.

After a little procrastination, ** I pulled all the wires off the PC (Spot "helped"), hauled it up onto the office work table, took off the covers and removed the RAID controller, the 4 RAID drives and cables, then installed the 8TB drive, connected its power to the same line as the boot drive (SSD) and a data cable which was connected to the motherboard but not a drive.

Covers on, wires connected, powered up, no 8TB drive.

Back on the table, looked at everything, didn't see a problem, tried again, still no drive.

Back on the table, swapped power & data connections with boot drive, just hooked up the monitor and A/C, and it saw the 8TB drive but not the boot drive.

Back on the table, looked closely, saw the data cable was connected to a different bank than the others. There was a free one, but it was underneath, I had to move some wires out of the way to get the cable connected to the active bank. Closed it up, connected all the wires (by now I had the office door closed to keep out Spot, who loves to bite wires and drag them around). Pushed the power button, and nothing happened.

Back on the table, Flashlight showed that in the process of moving the wires, I had popped off the connector from the front panel to the motherboard, so no switch action. Fixed that, closed it up, reconnected everything, and I had both drives working.

But the 8TB drive was R: (from when I did the copy) and it needed to be E:

Disk manager would not let me make it E:, it wanted it to be F: or above. Turns out that what had been F: (a CD drive) had become E: when the E: array was removed. Made it F: again, and was able to make the new drive E:.

And that all worked except Xcopy had made all the files on E: read-only. It took about 20 minutes of cranking in This PC to fix that.

So now it's all good, and if I missed any data it's not obvious.

And it boots up faster and responds faster (RAID controller slows down boot-up, and RAID array has to poll 4 drives to retrieve data).

Just checked tomorrow's backup settings, and yeah, it had switched to C:, so now it's pointed to E: again. It may do a full backup.

Watched some TV, refilled one of the hummingbird feeders, put the sheets in the dryer, did a load in the dishwasher, enjoyed the fresh air, flowers & birds from the front porch. Watered the porch plants. Went online to the microchip site and renamed Spot.

Lunch was grilled cheese on Jewish Rye.

5 pm, coffee with Janice at the Starbucks near BB&B. Her tablet is misbehaving, mostly  because it is old. I promised to see if any of my old ones were newer.

BB&B, got some soda stream syrups, found some bag clips I have been looking for, got a knife sharpener for $50 instead of a good 10" chef's knife for $120. And exchanged an empty SS Co2 tank for a full one. The one in the kitchen unit is about half empty.

Petsmart, bought a cat claw trimmer. I used to have 2, I remember tossing 1. Could not find the other.

Home, delivered was Pradaxa and Atorvastatin, and my mortgage receipt.

Gathered up all the boxes and they are cluttering up the nook in the kitchen till I break them down tomorrow. Took the sheets out of the dryer & put them away. Unloaded the dishwasher.

Found three tablets for Janice, but one is identical to hers. Two are one release newer, one is larger than hers, the other may be smaller. She's welcome to either or both. Email sent.

Steamed 4 pork buns, two steamer type, two baked type. Next time need oyster sauce for the steamer ones. I may have some, somewhere. A1 would also work.

Lactaid chocolate ice cream with nuked frozen strawberries for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Retire the guest room litterbox, cat bed & toys
Bayshore park if the weather be good. Sit & read
Haircut (???)
ATM (deposit Kaiser $10 refund check)
Maybe Janice will visit & claim a tablet

Catching up - Friday

Getting stronger little by little. My left leg is still weaker than my right, but did not need the cane at all, just had to remember "posture!" and the occasional Tylenol.

Skipped the morning shower because Thursday night required one. TMI excluded.

To work early because on the road earlier. And remembered to stay in the commuter lane until after the cluster fork in the road.

Expected call from wellness coach was 10 minutes late and kept disconnecting because she was on a crap connection up in Vallejo. I refrained from mentioning her book, because the rules she laid out for Kaiser wellness coaching only allowed her to counsel me on losing weight, stopping smoking, stress reduction and increase activity. My weight loss is on track, I never smoked, I'm not stressed and the pacemaker severely restricts my activity level. She offered Meetup as a way to maybe find people to hang with, which was the only good idea which came out of the session. And that was beyond her charter. So no more of these coaching sessions.

Nothing to do all day, so I updated a device and it bricked. :-(

Watched some I Can See Your Voice/Thailand which mostly had horrible singers, but for a change the woman in the most ornate costume, whom they saved for last, knocked it out of the park. Turns out she is a professional Thai classical dancer/singer. Pretty blue eyes, very tall, probably has American or European ancestry.


The first singer is the guest star judge, he sings two verses then the contestant takes it. The people on the left are the regular judges and the guys on the right are members of the singer's band. The pause just before she sings show whether the judges think she will sing poorly (piang) or beautifully (praw). They show the start of her singing twice so you can see the judges' reactions. The confetti should be self-explanatory.

Home at 5:30, traffic was okay, took 101 at Ellis to the IFH.

Plugged in the car, intending to make grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, but found I didn't have the right cheese or bread, so I unplugged the car and bought some at Grocery Outlet.

Made two sandwiches, one on sourdough one on rye. Sharp cheddar and Swiss and lots of melted butter. They came out delicious. Mochi for dessert.

Watched PTI and the 6 o'clock news, which was interrupted by Trump's Syria bombing speech. I was impressed. First, that he got both Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron to sign on, without leaking it ahead of time. IMHO this is the kind of response which was needed, especially so close to Yom Hashoah. I don't think the war powers act requires pre-approval by Congress for something this timely.

"The War Powers Resolution requires the President to notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days"

Watched PTI as well, went to bed at 10:30, not feeling awake enough to make a journal entry. Set the alarm for 7 since the appraiser was due at 8, and I wanted to at least swiffer the kitchen floor and make the bed.

Plans for Saturday:
Up & shower early
Appraiser 8-9
Finally remove the RAID array and replace it with the single 8TB drive
Janice @ 5
BB&B soda stream exchange & some other items

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