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The usual late out of bed, not really late to work. Nothing to do all day. Storm chasers were all offline except for one guy who streams his drive home at 4-ish. Watched 49ers updates on YouTube.

Lunch was beef & grains, strawberries & grapes.

Nothing to do at work so I looked online for a couple of kitchen items. My 8" omelet pan and its glass cover got destroyed a week or two ago when I left the rear burner on, thought I'd turned on the front one. Tried to make an omelet the other day and the non-stick surface is now non-non-stick. And the cover is amber instead of clear. No luck.

Also decided it would be better to make the fried onions for the chopped liver using a deep fryer instead of a cast iron skillet. After much research into air fryers, most of which were in the > $100 range, I settled on a $49 electric deep fryer.

Charged the car at 4:30, it was done when I left at 5:45. Nail appointment on time, had to wait 5 minutes. No one to flirt with this time. No eye candy. Monday is a major walk-in day, and one walk-in was wearing very short shorts, but she had a butt the size of a small former Yugoslavian country.

Chose lighter, brighter blue nail color, we had to go a little darker than first chosen to hide a bruise under one nail.

Safeway, bought 6 huge onions. I almost bought some Crisco to fry them up with until I remembered the deep fryer is on its way. I was sure I had a gallon of oil in the cabinet with the gallon of vinegar, so did not buy any**. Also found a week's worth of frozen lunches. Safeway has made some major changes and a lot of my favorites are no longer in the freezer section. They did have chocolate mochi, though. Also bought limes - they were the size of baseballs, almost. Last time they were tiny. And band aids, I had run out of the size I like. They even had them with Neosporin®. Wearing one now.

Home, nothing delivered, nothing in the mail except junk.

Most of the day Spook hung out on top of the kitchen tree, but when I got home she was under the coffee table. Soon moved to the piano room platform. Spot has been climbing the kitchen tree. I removed the curtain over the top window so the cats can see outside. They can see out from the window sills, too.

I bought some hummus & tzatziki for the falafel,  thinking that would be dinner, but instead finished off the greben and the first container of chopped liver. Need to take the second container out of the freezer. No rush. Ought to fry onions first.

Online again, BB&B with some searching (their new web site SUCKASUCKASUCKS) bought a replacement for the omelet pan & lid.

Watched the end of MNF, and then PTI. And the news that 49ers QB is out for the season. Not worried, they have a good backup. But with that O-line, he's gonna be in trouble.

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Dessert was 3 mochi.

**Checked the cabinet, no oil. :-(

Weekly refill of the meds containers done.

Edit add: Comcast network connection went out on me as I was writing this. Had to have them reset the modem, then I needed to reboot the router.

Plans for tomorrow:

Ho Hum, minus the ho

Read till about 2 am, I am finding it hard to put down Variable Star because the chapter breaks are few and far between and the section breaks within chapters are non-intuitive. Sometimes they simply continue the same thought, sometimes they are major breaks. It is very easy to see which parts are RAH and which are SR. Heinlein digs deep into the science, Robinson bullshits about the joys of meditation, and the difficulties of maintaining a relationship.

I told Google to set the alarm for 9 instead of the weekdays 7:30, but had a pit stop at 7:30 and was surprised to be woken up at 9.

I washed the sheets last night and for the first time in weeks the bed is made, which annoyed Spot. He also tries to fight with the quilt.

So one of the first jobs this morning was trimming his nails. He doesn't mind it at all, and it goes quickly. I don't try to trim Spook's, she hates it and there can be blood. Mine.

It was looking to be a boring afternoon, so I took my tablet to the local Specialty's, punched in and paid for an order and waited. Half an hour later when there were no more customers in line, it took me 5 minutes to get the attention of someone behind the counter. She said my order never went through, but she gave me what I told her I'd ordered. I also never got the email receipt, so their system messed up. But it annoys me that they don't have someone available to help customers.

Went next door to Grocery Outlet, looking to replace my destroyed omelet pan. They didn't have any the right size, but they had mangoes on sale, and chocolate mochi. And 72% chocolate.

Home, delivered was some of my amazon subscription, not due till the 25th.

Finally got tired of the cat hair coating the rug under the coffee table, so I moved the table and vacuumed under it and also moved the nearby TV stand and vacuumed under it. Moved all back into place.

Thought about the Jackson Galaxy ideas, and switched gears a little. Put a scratching post in the middle of the hallway to break up Spot's run to the living room --> piano room where he attacks Spook. It didn't make a difference. Moved the hanging plants above the kitchen windows to clear the right-hand panes, and moved the tall tree which had been in the guest room and then the piano room into that space. Both cats use it, but Spot was using it as a place from which to threaten Spook when she was on or under the short tree. Spook took ownership of it first, but gave it up. She's good about defending the heights, when she's up there.

Part of that process was vacuuming the floor, lots of fallen dead leaves.

Also moved a cat platform with a flat top and a tube middle from under the livingroom windows to in front of the TV stand. That's the TV stand which used to be in the bedroom but is just taking up space in the livingroom. Spook tried out the tube, but when I went to pet her she ran away, camped under the short tree.

Watched all the local teams lose. Or watched enough to know they would. Left MNF when it was still anyone's game.

Dinner was shrimp egg rolls & that orange sauce. Mochi for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Show Boss & NP the magic trick
Safeway - I need onions. Thought I had some which is why I didn't get any at GO

It's a Gas

Was falling asleep at about half past midnight when I thought I smelled gas. Spot was lying on the bed next to me purring away, webcam showed Spook curled up on her favorite cat tree platform, so no canary affect. The smell got stronger over then next 5 minutes so I got up, told Google Home to turn on the kitchen lights, and walked there. Checked all the gas knobs on the stove, and sure enough one of the burner dials was open about 1/4 of the way, the burner was not lit.

Closed it, turned on the exhaust fan, went back to the bedroom and turned the ceiling fan on low. Went back to sleep, with a mild headache.

Still had the headache when I woke up around 8, but there was no more gas smell.

Did not have to be up for anything so I looked up a video on my tablet that had eye-wormed me, watched it, then got up and did my morning routine, plus turned off the exhaust fan.

Today's adventure was a painfully slow 2-hour drive to Mountain House, CA which is not on many maps because it's unincorporated Tracy, and it's a brand new development still seeing an obscene number of houses being built. My ex-boss moved there two weeks before we all got laid off, and now about 3 years later he is Mr. Network for either a nearby company or for the community. He gave up on the idea of a job back in Silicon Valley when the commuter train fell off the tracks. And started running over people.

It was his daughter's 12t birthday, he had been inviting his work team ever since she was 5, though he missed last year. Come to think of it, this was the first one since she was 8.

His wife is Thai, and it's always a fun time for me because there is a lot of Thai food, and lots of her friends gossiping in Thai. Most of them are married to Americans like my boss who don't speak Thai.

It turns out he only invited three of us this time, my friend AG had a wedding and another birthday party to go to, and the one Russian who did not get laid off didn't show up. I stayed for a couple of hours, and while the drive home wasn't as bad, it was still 2 hours. On my way out, we chatted a bit on the front porch, and he told me that the layoff was purely political, and the executive who orchestrated it ended up not getting the promotion he expected, and left the company.

Home, delivered were a pair of 2.0 reading glasses with my astigmatism correction. Last time I ordered a couple of pairs I got the strength wrong. Uncorrected, my eyesight is 20-20, so readers need to have the same power in both eyes, which for some reason they did not. Also delivered was a letter from the mortgage company with my new FICO score, which has gone down considerably because of all the times it has been accessed (for three attempted refinances and a credit card).

It's still Good Enough.

Left voicemail for recruiter saying I had no idea how the interview went. I did not say that I am not sure I would accept the position if it was offered. Which is true. It may be a frying pan/fire situation. And I have two more months.

In email was a newsletter from my contract company directed at their Google workers. This is the first contact they have had with me for months. It included email to let them know about contracts ending, so I sent a resume.

Also in the mail was a check for about $14 from a settlement from Google which came from a class action suit about us being required to sign something which invaded our privacy, or something like that.

Before I left for the party I set up the 5-port hub and connected the little VPN router from Europe which was not connecting at work. It didn't connect, so I put on my readers and discovered Boss had plugged the ethernet cable into the wrong port. Once that was fixed it connected immediately. Monday I will perform the magic trick for Boss and NP.

Watched the UW-AZ State game. Horrible run defense by UW, unimaginative offense, but they won by a touchdown, mostly thanks to better time management. AZ state's new head coach is a long time NFL coach and should have known better.

Also watched two episodes of My Cat From Hell and it gave me a couple of clues on how to defuse the Spot brattiness. I need to move the tall cat tree so it isn't a launching pad to the shorter one Spook camps out in/under.  It used to be in the guest room. Maybe I will move it back in there, but near the window, which means moving the futon.

Dinner was leftover ground beef & onions on whole wheat plus leftover lamb, with beef gravy. Dessert was grapes & strawberries & a nectarine.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch football
Maybe go to the park


Up on time, out at 8:30, traffic was light after getting past Google, and despite a lot of confusing construction at Willow Rd., was at Facebook HQ and waiting in the lobby by 9. Long wait for 10 o'clock interview.

Interviewer was 5 minutes late, no big deal because there was a comfortable couch and a big screen showing FB small biz partnerships. The lobby art was oddball and scattered and hung at varying heights from a bar mounted way up on the wall. Thick wires didn't make for an attractive display.

J came for me, we walked out the back door into a huge plaza, across to a cafeteria and snagged a conference room.

He's a good listener, and his questions were on topic. None of the usual engineering student math tricks. I answered his questions, he answered mine. I was disappointed to hear that they test in an open plan office, there is no working from home even though the product is a wearable. The commute was easier than expected but mostly because I left home early.

Half an hour and we were done.

Back to Google, documented the overnight test, and had nothing work-ish to do for the rest of the day. Lunch was a grab and go peanut butter and orange marmalade sandwich. Nuked it for 30 seconds, which made it a mess. I don't know what they use for bread, but it appeared to be stale even after microwaving.

Grabbed a couple of pieces of chocolate for dessert. And a spinach salad for later.

5:30, took off for the local Starbucks and met Janice. She is doing better but not good. Trying to find a shrink at her provider is crazy.

Home, in the park slot was a letter telling us to ignore the previous letter and come in to sign a lease.

Nothing delivered.

Filled in my time sheet.

Emailed a copy of my driver's license to the mortgage person. She said paperwork should be in the mail next week.

Dinner was chopped liver & onions on  rye - just one - and popsicles for dessert. Smelled urine - Spook had anointed the doggie bed behind the recliner, big time. It's in the wash, and will be set aside. Roomba was tripped when Spot ran across it, and it swept all over the place till it ran out of juice under the piano bench.

Watched PTI and some of the Wazoo-USC game.

Set up the "disruptor" on the sofa. It's on the plastic, may not survive the first time a cat jumps up on there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe hunt up a house gift
Try to remember to bring the camera
Long drive to Mountain House to ex-boss' party.
Should be fun. His Thai wife usually has a lot of her friends there making a huge spread of their native cuisine
And I get to chat in Thai
Long drive home

8-hour audio test

Up & out early, it didn't help traffic much.

Did my report on yesterday's tests, then started the one remaining test which I forgot to start last night before I left - 8 hour loop of a stupid short movie called Tears of Steel. Played over and over again for 8 hours just to check if the log records a line saying it saw an end of file marker at 8 hours.

Meanwhile I needed to keep half an eye and 1/4 of an ear on it, so between pit stops (thank you Lasix) and watching storm chasers  and playing tile match games, somewhere in there I had broccoli beef for lunch because there were no edible salads. Ngaw and lamyay for dessert. And a peach later. And Kind bars.

4:30 moved the car to plug it in, it said 2.5 hours to charge but only took half an hour.

Home, traffic was crazy because of the concert. Back roads all the way, there was a lot of traffic coming from usually non-traffic directions trying to avoid the backups.

Delivered to the carport door was the cat disruptor, will deal with that tomorrow. Maybe. Called Fedex and told them to return to sender the SodaStream unit which they keep sending me notes that they need a signature for. I did not ask how they knew no one was around to sign for it. Because they never tried.

Letter from the mortgage company which I was afraid was going to turn me down, but it was a federally required note saying if they need an appraisal, I am paying for it. Rep told me they didn't.

Turned on the PC and wrote an article on Weird Romance, my favorite obscure musical, and sent it off to the zine editor. He's a friend from BASFA. Curator at the Computer History Museum.

While I was finishing up, Lee knocks on my door to let me know there was a package at my front door. It was a SodaStream unit. For a minute I thought Fedex had effed up, but it was the one I bought from Amazon, next day delivery. Same model, just without a co2 cartridge. It needed a couple of small adjustments to convert if from the small to the large cartridge. The bottle sits in differently too. Will wait till the one I'm using runs out of air.

Recruiter called to make sure I was ready for tomorrow's face to face at Oculus. He said today's candidate forgot to call the interviewer, and they almost didn't hook up. He confirmed that the interviewer's name is pronounced American style, not Spanish style.

Watched PTI, which lost its sound when I FFed past the commercials. Had to turn off the Tivo connection to the receiver and back again. Also watched the MTV match farce show - 2 hours of mostly mismatched couples. Worth it for the very sexy outfits on very sexy women. If I was into men I'd like it for the sexy outfits on the sexy men. We have now established that two of the women and one of the men belong in an asylum. That leaves one man without a match. ;-)

As I write this, Spot is at the top of the tree in the office, snoring loudly. It has been a long time since he was on the tree at all.

As promised, I reprogrammed the feeder to only dispense 3 cups not 4, 3 times a day. The amount looks more reasonable now.

Dinner was ha gow and steamed pork buns. A mango for dessert. Cut myself taking out the chef's knife, and it is hella awkward to put a band aid on a bleeding right index finger. If anyone asks, I'll say I cut myself shaving.

Plans for tomorrow:
8:30 on the road to Oculus
9:30 arrival
10 o'clock interview
noon-ish, back to Google by way of lunch
5:30 head to Starbucks and coffee with Janice

Saturday drive to Mountain House for the party.

A Long And Winding Day

Got out late, traffic was impossible, no way to get onto 101 so I took a scenic route back to the back roads and 101 at my usual on-ramp. The exit was not as bad as the one for Shoreline, but it was still 9:30 before I got to the office.

The whole day was running manual tests from the automation suite. Each test is controlled by a browser-based app, and there are prompts to do things and watch for things. The app connects to the TV I'm testing as well as the test server at the other end of Silicon Valley. Today both connections were intermittent. Many tests failed which had passed for the manufacturer's engineers because they didn't understand the directions. Finished right at the end of the day.

Lunch was beef & grains, lamyay for dessert. Had a spinach salad at about 4:30, after I moved the car to a charger space.

Got email from recruiter with details on Friday's interview. The interviewer is a Florida Hispanic named Jaime, which means I'll have to ask how he pronounces his name. Could be Haimee.

Home, traffic was miserable.

Watched PTI & the Below Deck teaser - several years of feuds & soap opera & drunk guests & crew getting fired. And possibly a death coming up. It starts again in October.

In the park slot was a note from management that they forgot to include a piece in the leases. Everyone's lease ends on 10/31, but they want them renewed by 10/1. I need to get there to see what the rents are for a 5-year. They sent a 10-year. Rates go up in August, no idea why they are not glued to the renewal date.

The new automatic cat feeder is working well, Spook chased Spot away from it when she was having a drink at the fountain. Great to see her taking back her house. I may need to re-program the feeder to 3 cups instead of 4 each time. Will see tomorrow.

Took some time with the undercoat comb on Spook. She loves it.

Dinner was chopped liver with sliced HB egg and some fried onions & chicken skin. I love that stuff. Tomorrow, though, ha gow and steamed pork buns, I think. Finished off the chocolate ice cream after eating a nectarine.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do some re-tests. File a bug or three. Report on today's results.
There's a concert at Shoreline, I thought it was Eagles/Zac Brown Band but they are at AT&T, someone I have never heard of but is charging >$300 a seat is playing.
But it means lots of traffic trying to go home, worse the closer it gets to 8 pm.

And it's only Tuesday

Out on time, but not before AG tried to call twice. He was taking light rail to work, which is another way of saying he was adding at least an hour to his commute. Probably more, because where he lives it means waiting for a change of lines.

But I did call back as I was pulling out of the driveway. He had an interview with Google, they were all about giving him programming quizzes. A truly stupid way to interview, and they told him he failed because he ran out of time on the final whiteboard question. He's probably a better programmer than all of them, but engineers love to force you to regurgitate what they were force fed in college.

At work, tried again with the upgrade of the European STB, and finally got instructions from the mfg, which didn't match the box. Turns out I was given the wrong device. Same name, different manufacturer. Euro manager had her knickers in a twist because I posted photos of the box which went to the mfg whose box it isn't, & they are competitors. I let her know it was her own fault, I sent her photos several times, she never responded with which one was the right one. Turns out none of them. NP sent her photos of two, one of which may be the right one.

No lunch today, just snacks because at lunch time I was out on the patio being phone interviewed by a manager at Oculus in Seattle. As I thought, he's actually a consultant with the company which is trying to make me one too. He says they are okay to work for, though sometimes the reps are annoying. He was at MSFT the same time I was, he actually saw them build the building I worked in.  But he was in hardware, I was in software.

It was a good chat, an hour went by without me noticing. 4:30, recruiter called with a Friday morning appointment for an in-person interview down at Facebook HQ. It will take me as long to get there as the interview will last.

Boss came in at 5, told me the Netflix test on the TV is a go - they got me unblocked in the database. So I set up to test, and started the automated tests to run overnight. Will do the manual tests tomorrow and probably also day after. Euro box will have to wait, unless Boss gives it to NP.

No live streams from storm chasers today. Played a lot of solitaire & tile matching. Snacks were ngaw and lamyay and Kind bars.

5:30, parked at *$s, recharged my laptop (it loses charge big-time when not in use) and updated Windows a couple of times. Also answered a survey on the last cat I adopted.

Fedex tracking claims they tried to deliver a package from Jetdotcom which for some reason required a signature, but they are lying. No note on the door, no evidence they were even in the area. Doesn't matter, it can go back to Jet - they know not to require a signature from me. So does Fedex. I found the item on Amazon for half the price (most of the price was the co2 cartridge, which I don't need). Also found what Jackson Galaxy calls a disruptor. It's a can of air with a motion sensor trigger on top. Going to try to keep cats off the sofa with it.

Home, opened the latest Amazon box, a food tower which dispenses measured amounts 3x a day. It has a huge opening on top for pouring the food in, and holds 5 liters. After I programmed it, and set it in place, the battery cover on bottom popped off so I had to program it all over again. Set it to dump 4 cups at 6 am, noon and 8:10 pm. The last one was because it was 8 pm, and I wanted to see it work. Spot took a look but didn't eat much.

It solves two issues - loading it is much easier, less spillage (none - if I pay attention) and since the food drops from about 4 inches into the bowl, there's none of the usual clogged feeder. Looks good for now, I may need to adjust the serving sizes to put Spot on a diet. Spook doesn't overeat.

Took the thawed watery chopped liver out of the fridge, and it wasn't very watery anymore. I dumped the newly fried livers & two HB eggs in the blender and added one container of the defrosted stuff and got something closer to what I was going for. And that was dinner, on Jewish rye, with fried onions and chicken skins. Yum! And I am wearing some of it.

Watched PTI and now I am out of Tivo shows again. Did not record MNF, but I'm pretty much done with the Seahawks for the season.

Plans for tomorrow:
More Netflix testing

I Hate that it happens all the time

On my way to work there were too many Geico and Solar panel commercials on the radio so I turned it off. Soon came up with a really funny parody song (unrelated to the ads). Turned the radio back on and forgot it. Same thing on the way home. Bummer.

Up a little later than my alarm, but stayed in the commuter lane past the merge, and got to work at 9.

One big change with the new building is people arrive early and stay late. Don't know why. It's only next door to where people showed up when they showed up and left on time.

The machine I was locked out of Friday I am still locked out of. Boss fumbled the ball on that one, but she followed it up with Bozo, and he reports that Netflix is working on it. Which is BS because Netflix could fix it in a heartbeat. Without a pacemaker. So Boss gave me an accessory to test with a box from Europe, word was the update for the box was posted yesterday. I downloaded it, but there were no instructions.

Lunch was chicken & bacon fried rice (Ajinomoto) from Ranch 99. Label said 3x the sodium I wanted, but it did not taste salty. Ngaw for dessert - and for an afternoon snack, and also a peach.

Found the original request to test, which the Europe liaison had obsoleted, and it had update instructions. Which did not work, the box didn't recognize the update file on the USB drive. It saw the drive and its folders, just not the update bits. Filed a bug, no response.

4:30, recruiter called, offering useless advice about the phone interview tomorrow. He sent email, with the linkedIn URL of the wrong person.  He also claimed the person calling was now a FTE at Oculus, but LinkedIn says he's a consultant from the recruiter's company. The guy spent 20 years at Microsoft, then left for a contract job. And then another one.

Twitch was no help relieving the boredom -  none of the storm chasers were streaming, not even the ones outside of the danger zone.

Played a lot of mahjong. It's not really mahjong, it's just match pairs of tiles. Tried sudoku, got stumped right away. I had a psych professor who set up his weekly tests that way. I dropped on the last week - other than his screwy test setup his class was excellent.

Home, traffic on the freeway looked insane, back roads were fine. Delivered but not opened yet was a new food tower, this one has a huge fill hole and runs on batteries - it can dispense on a schedule, which will help fat brat cat lose weight, I think. Last night he escaped again when I opened the carport door to take the garbage out, but he came running back in at midnight. I had looked out each door a few times, Spook also looked.

7:30-ish, back in the car and drove to Lucky's with a short shopping list. Chicken livers, shrimp egg rolls, high test chocolate bars, ice cream if it was on sale. Also got chocolate covered ice cream squares. I forget the brand name. Good for insulin overdoses.

Fried up the livers, drained them and bagged them. Two large containers of the soupy stuff are defrosting, I'll chop those together and hopefully make spreadable chopped liver out of it. May throw in a couple more HB eggs.

Oct. 13 there is a UW alumni thing in Los Gatos to watch the game. Then karaoke in Campbell. Got a text from ex-boss, asking if I still had his address - yes I do. Party Saturday.

Watched PTI and Match Game. The two games were obviously rigged to give the finalist the $25k prize. Way too long to put a non-intuitive answer on the board.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe something can be tested
Remember to pack lamyay for dessert
Chopped liver the sequel

Disappointments galore. And some wins, too.

Took me a while to get my butt in gear, was up reading Variable Star until 3 am. It's mostly Spider Robinson, what I see of Heinlein is just brief passages. I have issues with Spider's priorities, and more issues with his sexism, which I am sure he would say is Being A Gentleman, but his writing style sucks me in. After his YA books, RAH was a chore to read.

My head bump has been bothering me all day.

Looked up chopped liver recipes. I don't know what happened to the big container of paprika I bought in bulk years ago, so that went on my list. HB eggs. Need more onions. The schmaltz on hand was probably not enough.

Ranch 99, they had chicken thighs with lots of skin. I bought about 15 lbs. Produce department had Ngaw, and it had lamyay in a new package - instead of bundled on the branch, they had pretty gold plastic net bags, with only the fruit inside, no wood. A vast improvement. Mongkhuts were too small, but it was nice they had them at all.  I have enough peaches, but almost gave in at $1.89/lb.

HaGow was only available in combo packs with dim sum I don't like, but I compromised and bought the rose shaped ones. Forgot to look for shrimp egg rolls. Ignored the roast duck/BBQ pork stand, and the fat bombs. I have too much food in the house already.

The only HB eggs they had were fancy Chinese ones, so I went next door to Nob Hill for those. Struck out on frozen matzo balls, but got a couple of sticks of halvah. And a container of beef gravy (small, plastic-coated paper, pouring spout). Spent a lot of time in their poorly laid out store not finding things.

Home, ate some lamyay and watched the 49ers try to give the game away. Yanked the skin off 8 chicken thighs, took an hour or so to render them in the cast iron skillet - poor choice, should have used a non-stick. That came out well, I plopped in some onions and shallots and fried those up for half an hour, nice & crispy.

Poured the schmaltz into a pyrex measuring cup, there wasn't much. switched to a non-stick skillet, dumped in two containers of livers, 3 minutes on a side, then repeat with two more. Made the mistake of following the recipe which said to keep the liquid. Chopped up 3 big onions, added paprika, tossed in 6 eggs, blended in the food processor in two batches. Way too much liquid, got liver soup. Freezing ought to help make it thicker on defrosting. Used all the new plastic containers. And most of the freezer space. All that work and it was not suitable for dinner. :-(

The chicken skin & fried onions are good but there isn't much.

I can salvage the mix by frying up more livers without the liquid, and re-blending. But not any time soon, I don't think.

So dinner was reheated pizza.

Took out the garbage, Spot escaped and ran out of sight. Spook seems nervous.

Dessert was a root beer float with chocolate ice cream.

Watched the Raiders give away their game.

Also watched one more episode of My Cat From Hell. There were clues about Spook's peeing on the sofa issue. Unfortunately, nothing I can do about it if the reason is cats outside the window. She doesn't pee outside the box hardly at all anymore.

Painting with light

Plans for tomorrow:

Long Day

Up with the 7:30 alarm, just wanted to be up for the events de jour. Once again Spot made it tricky to get out of bed.

Last night Spook jumped onto the bed for cheese, but on her second piece Spot attacked. I was not pleased. Spook hid under the linen rack, and they stayed there on either side of the door till I was asleep.

Finished The Fifth Season. It took until the final chapter to be sure Jemisen was pulling a Bridge on the River Kwai. When all the characters came together at the end, it was clear she did a ham-fisted job. And the final line of the book was just the punch line to a shaggy dog story. No spoilers, but it was as if the whole 400-page trudge was wasted on her personal fantasy theory to "explain" a mildly unsettled scientific theory. Kind of like ending a book about the life and struggles of Thor by saying he threw his hammer too far and that's how Orion's belt came to be. Kind of.

So now I am starting on Variable Star, which was co-authored by Spider Robinson and Robert Heinlein. At Worldcon Spider asked for a show of hands for who had read it, and mine was one of the few which did not go up. His interviewer tossed out the idea that most people who read it are wildly wrong about which author wrote which parts. So far it's pretty clear, Spider is a lot more flippant than Heinlein and some of the references are to post-Heinlein events.

It's an easy read, which was not true [for me] of the latter RAH books.

Photo shoot at noon, the model knocked my socks off. My favorite kind of body. Ballerina/Aerobics trainer. The first set was in a Daisy Duke outfit. Next set was nude. She looked better nude. Unfortunately the rest of the sets were in a black bra and a relatively tame thong. While she has a spectacular figure, her face is rather plain, so I didn't do many close-ups. The sets are all on Flickr, my handle there is how3ird. You have to be a Flickr friend to see them, I think.

5 pm coffee with Janice, I had time to stop off at Whole Foods, which had nothing on my shopping list, so for milk I went to the Walmart grocery by the Mercado. Milk was cheap, also got chicken livers (time to make another batch of chopped liver) and more nectarines.

Home, delivered were three Kaiser prescriptions, and a box of Kind bars.

On to MV and Janice.

Back home, watched the UW/Utah game, we won, but I hate that a huge part of that win was from bad calls - penalties/ejections for Utah. 

Also caught one episode of Cat From Hell. I need to get a disrupter or two for the coach. And maybe for the guest room futon. Not sure I really want to open up the guest room again, except the window sill is a great place for cats. Disrupters might keep Spook off the futon and out from under it. In related news, I pulled out all the pheromone dispensers, they were starting to melt (something I was aware of from Amazon reviews). They may have done their job, or maybe time has done its job. While I was watching, Spot walked up to the TV and watched cats. When people came on screen he walked away.

Cooked up two batches of 2 cups of rice, bagged and frozen now, but some was for dinner, under some cooked lamb found in the freezer. Nectarine for dessert (from a week ago Safeway tip) and 1 egg cream and 1 chocolate milk.

Processing the photos took a long time. For the model shoots, I run them through some macros I put together, crop them and then another batch routine puts my signature in the lower right corner.

Then uploading them to Flickr and setting the copyright level and hiding them from random searches.

Spot jumped onto my lap while I was watching football.

Plans for tomorrow:
Print out a recipe for chopped liver
Grocery Outlet for anything I need for the recipe
Maybe Ranch 99 for Asian fruit, Ha gow and good egg rolls
Write an article for an online zine about Weird Romance my favorite obscure musical.
Watch football

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