Ensure for breakfast - my last bottle. The plan is to make smoothies from now on. I ran the cutting board (plastic) and blender washables through the dishwasher. Put away the full load from yesterday first.

Had a long chat with my buddy from Motorola.

Printed out my Star Trek convention tickets.

Took the "easy assembly" tables back to UPS, and made a quick Albertson's run for a few salad items and more cut up watermelon.

Watermelon pieces for lunch.

In the mailbox was my updated Humana card with the new PCP. And a very hot key (110F in the shade but no shade on the metal mailboxes) with the bin number worn off. Bin 6 needed a key, and inside was a package with two packs of Werther's sugar free hard caramels. Those are my go-to hydration alternatives since I'm not supposed to drink a lot.

Read the news, no streamers to watch,  turned on Tivo and watched some Olympics horse jumping, but could not figure out the route. They did not show anything on the screen to help with that. Was hoping Simone's final appearance would be in this recording, but it will probably be tomorrow. They are not showing real time any more, it's all an edited view of the day before.

Watched some Love Island, PTI and 90 Day Pillow Talk.

Salad and a smoothie for dinner. Chocolate frozen yogurt, a banana, a few strawberries and when the yogurt wouldn't blend I threw in a little soda water. It tasted great but gave me the runs.


The Bachelorette was a total FAIL because she had decided not to use the L word until the final, even though she was clearly in love with one of the guys. He got all in his head about her not opening up to him, and left. Then she had a melt down and left.

The good news is the bozo who was planted by the producers late in the game did not win.

Delivered: soadasense co2 cartridges for the sodastream machine

Jade has been coming out of her hiding places to be petted when I beckon to her, and she will follow my hand to the food bowls. But not to the water.

However she is getting more comfortable jumping onto the kitchen counter.

Spook has tried to get close to her a couple of times but she growls until Spook walks away.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in


An attempt at brevity

a wi-fi enabled table fan
A dozen filters for the cats' water fountain
a replacement for the access panel on the side of the house

Dishwasher - one uninstalled and returned, a nicer one installed.

Official notice the new job starts 8/16
Online security check form for the new job
Membership application for local gem & rock club

Jade spent most of the day in her hidey hole

but moved to along side the freezer and came out a few times to be petted
And went back when Spook showed up
And back out during the BASFA Zoom.

Watched PTI and some Love Island
No Olympics

Plans for tomorrow:
Mail the membership form
Drop off a return at UPS
Watch some Olympics
Unload the dishwasher and clean the sink
Run the food processor and blender washable parts through the dishwasher

Short because nothing happened

Tried SlimFast for breakfast but it tastes like chalk so now it's in the trash bin. Wanted to pour them out and recycle the botles but they seal each bottle, making that too big a PIA.  Had an Ensure instead.

Between yesterday's Smith's delivery and today's from Albertson's I have enough soft fruit and frozen yogurt to start my liquid diet - after the dishwasher is installed tomorrow because the blender needs a serious wash & sanitize. Also have a lot of Jell-O cups. And rice pudding cups.

The sink is full of dishes because the new dishwasher delivery was snafued by Lowe's for more than a week.

Laid out the shirts from the dryer in the morning and hung them up this afternoon.

Delivered was a pair of tray tables, but they are going back because "easy assembly" was a lie. Ordered a pair of pre-assembled ones.

FL fisherman streamed a lot, so did the main storm chaser (but his signal was mostly hosed).

Skyped with J.

The cats fought a little at 4 am, Jade knocked some things off the counter so I pulled the little freezer out to retrieve the things and then pushed it back flush against the molding. No more space for Jade behind the freezer but still plenty (for tiny her) between the bar wall and the freezer. She allowed me to coax her out a couple of times. She makes little goat-like noises as I pet her and she rubs against my leg.  Spook hid under the bed all morning again.

Watched some Olympics. The Chinese women divers are as good individually as they are synchronized. They are far from perfect, but better than everyone else. There was a touching moment when two high jumpers agreed to share the gold medal.

There was supposed to be horses but I didn't see any.

On FB I have been hiding all the memes which show hundreds or thousands of responses.

Coined a phrase: The Bidenpartisan Infrastructure Deal

Watched  an Outdoor Nevada episode on some things to do in LV, including goat yoga and an archery range in the county shooting range. I used to be great at archery, but I'm left handed, not sure how I will do with my injured left eye.

Free meals for lunch (BBQ pork slabs, side of mixed veggies) and dinner (chicken in BBQ sauce over diced potatoes, side of green beans)

Finally got Alexa and Google talking to the microwave. Very handy for cook times not in exact minutes. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Garbage --> bins --> curb
Call Mom's Meals and postpone my next 2 deliveries until my dental work is done. Best case 1 month, worst case 2.
Prep the kitchen and livingroom for dishwasher swap
Run a load in the dishwasher
Put stuff back under the kitchen sink where it belongs
More Jade time
90 Day Fiance

Like pulling teeth, the sequel

1 am woke up and stumbled to the kitchen where I keep the blood glucose meter. Maybe I should move that to the master bathroom? Or keep a duplicate there? Hmm. Reading was way low, so I poured a glass of apple juice and heated up a banana nut muffin, turned on the TV/Tivo and played some Love Island  until I couldn't stand it anymore. Crashed hard in bed, did not wake up again till the 8 am alarm.

There was much GI backlash, took lots of Kaopectate and Imodium. Spent way too much time on the throne.

While brushing my teeth a chip broke off the temporary crown cap, so instead of wearing my partial I went to the laundry room where the ziploc bags are stored and got one to put the partial in. And was startled by what sounded like a small explosion as Jade launched herself from behind the boxes on top of the washer, went airborne for a few feet and in a couple of seconds was in the office behind the freezer.

Okay, so now I don't have to worry that she can't get to the water fountain, or the litterbox. And I'm guessing she had some face time with Spook, because Spook was hiding under my bed and stayed there all day.

Finished brushing my teeth, took a shower, got dressed and my usual routine in the kitchen, except breakfast was a bottle of Ensure. And some saltines. And there was a lot of travel time between the computer and the bathroom.

The GI stuff died down in time for me to get into the car at 11:30 and head for my noon dental appointment. The remote climate control widget came in handy as it was 100F in the car. I was 10 minutes early, but tripped on the curb in front of the next office over and crushed a hedge. Had to rotate my body to get my feet where I could push myself back upright. Glad no one saw that. The hedge will never be the same.

The usual 10 minute wait, after the tech took an impression the dentist came in and started right in drilling. No Novocaine. I asked him about that and he said this crown was over a root canal, so no nerve and nothing to cause pain. There was a split second of pain a couple of times from the tooth next to it, but nothing to sue him over. But all through the procedure, in my head I was saying "This afternoon the part of the dentist will be played by Sir Laurence Olivier".  Look up the movie Marathon Man if you don't get the reference. It was one of the movies we used at Microsoft as a quality reference (the audio and video in it are superb).

The drilling seemed to go on forever. The dentist did not keep me posted on where in the process we were, so it seemed longer than it was. Finally the tech took over, did some x-rays, fitted the cap, or tried to. She called in a more experienced tech who got it done. And between them made sure my partial fit.

Last time I paid for one crown, today was the second and when they bring me back for the final permanent caps I'll pay today's bill, and we'll decide if I need to sped $1200 more for a better fitting partial. The dentist thinks we'll need to, the techs don't.

Stopped at the mailbox on the way home, an ad for a grocery store credit card and two items from Humana. One was for online classes I am not interested in and the other was a useful set of pages on good bedtime snacks. Two major changes for me: fruit smoothies and frozen yogurt. Apparently yogurt is better than ice cream for that.

So impulsively I went to Smith's supermarket page and had more watermelon, strawberries and frozen yogurt delivered. I should have added more Jell-O but I have enough for now. And I have ripe bananas from the last delivery, or maybe it was a shopping trip.

Before and after the dentist I watched some storm chasers and the FL fisherman, who took two charters out today.

Olympics: women's rugby was too brutal to watch. Imagine two groups of homicidal women who believe their men have cheated on them with the floozies on the other team, and they were denied firearms because of their previous domestic violence records. It was that bad.
Men's basketball USA proved to be better than the Czechs in the 4th quarter. It was pretty close until then.
Women's diving was individual and on lower springboards this time.  I thought the USA rookie won bronze, but the online info says that was the semifinals
BMX was meh - not races this time, just individual performances on an area which is more boring than our local skate parks. Tokyo FAIL.
Thankfully they did not cover golf very much (I guess that's on the Golf Channel)

Spook finally came out of hiding, and after food & water she jumped onto her porch platform. Jade finally came out to be petted but she can't seem to decide if I'm a threat. She loves her head and body petted but bolts if I move my hand the wrong way.

Watched a fascinating episode of Outdoor Nevada which covered the atomic testing museum, the actual test site and the Atomic Bar which has a rooftop view of the site from 50 miles away. I've passed the museum a number of times, back when I was house hunting, but it was closed for the pandemic. Now open daily except Wednesdays: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm, $18 for NV residents, and seniors. $22 for adult tourists. It's on Flamingo Rd maybe a mile before the strip, by UNLV. About 20 minutes' drive.

Plans for tomorrow:
Skype with J


Very quiet Friday before the coronation

Stayed in bed till almost 11, brunch was a cheese omelet and pieces of whole wheat toast plus a coupe of small sausages, courtesy of Mom's Meals.

Had time to read all the news and watch a lot of Olympics. And fast forward past a lot more.

Streamers were mostly socializing, not doing their usual bits.

PTI was good with Tony & Mike both there.

Two episodes of Hot Bench had 3 cases, all of them involving uninsured and unlicensed drivers making up stuff. The judges are seriously pissed about unlicensed drivers and uninsured vehicles. In one case the defendant had no clue about rules of the road or anything else. In another a woman was suing her ex boyfriend for totaling her pickup truck. The truck was not insured and the ex wasn't licensed.

Lots of time on Twitter because I was bored.

Did three loads of laundry and put away 2. Spook helped.

Jade now comes out of hiding if she's awake and sees my hand waving at her. She likes being petted but is afraid of the giant attached to the hand. She loves his toes, though. I thought she would let me pick her up but now I have a hole in my hand. Ouch. She will follow my hand to the food bowls but not across the kitchen opening to the water fountain. I think she drinks from what's in the kitchen sink. Yuk. But the fountain seriously needs a cleaning. And new filters. okay, filters on order now.

Called Humana, the new insulin only costs $64 not $3700.

Delivered to the back door without ringing the bell: two pairs of jeans shorts half out of a Walmart shopping bag, and then later a box with a dozen red dry erase markers. I use red on the whiteboard to list what I have on order. That's down the right side, on the left side are the days of the week in black and any events/appointments under each day in purple. Those colors may vary. But not the red. 

Dinner was a salad followed by another Mom's Meal, chicken teriyaki. Delish. Remembered to defrost the frozen avocado chunks. Alexa can't connect to the new microwave but Google can, if I use the right jargon.

Streamed for half an hour, no chatters so I bailed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Noon dentist appointment for the 3rd crown (they called and asked if I could come in at 7. No. How about half an hour before 12:30? OK.)
Recover from that
Hang up the shirts. Maybe iron the Hawaiian ones
More Jade time
More Spook time
More Olympics
More Tylenol

Blood, Sweat and fingernails

Ensure for breakfast again. Back to using Lantus insulin, the U-500 is too unpredictable. Just enough time to read email, then off to the hematologist. Left at 9:15 for a 10 am appointment, got there at 9:30, despite construction and hitting all the red lights. Probably because I used a map instead of relying on the GPS.

Did not get seen till 10:30, nurse said I would be seen by the doc's student, but I was seen by doc, with his student looking on and showing me where to wait for another blood sample. Doc said he has ruled out any kind of cancer, and thinks maybe I'm not getting enough O2 in my sleep. Not surprising since I'm up every 2 hours to pee. I never get a full night's REM. The blood sample was because he had two more tests he wanted to run. He will contact me later with the test results, and maybe to get a heart rate/O2 finger monitor with a data recorder to wear overnight because a sleep study is a PIA. Return visit in a month.

Home, not planning on going out again. My new PCP clinic called and I was able to talk with them finally. They needed me to talk to Humana to retro my records to show I made the switch when I made it, not next week. Los of time on the phone with Humana, they understood the problem was caused by their incompetent staffer, but needed to send some email to fix it. To be continued. It still shows pending online.

Chomped on watermelon chunks while on hold.

Too many trips to the loo. Each trip took me past the boxed up microwave so finally I loaded it on a dolly, wheeled it down the ramp and to the car. As I was about to lift it, the phone rang. It was the recruiter telling me I got the job! The company is busy with Olympics, but will probably bring me in for training around mid-August. It sounds like going to the Trek con will be possible.

Returned the "wrong" microwave to UPS. Sweating a lot, it's 105° outside and I just hauled a heavy box. Back to the car, put the dolly in the back, thought about going home but turned around and went to Paris Nails for a manicure. They have recovered from the pandemic, no more substitute workers. But I got a man anyway. He did a good job. Inexpensive too. No aircon but they had small fans pointed at each customer. I stopped sweating fairly quickly.

Home, watched some storm chaser streams, PTI, Love Island, fast forwarded the Olympics. There may have been 90 Day, but I'm not sure if that was on Tivo or Twitter.

Streamed for an hour, several chatters.

Watching Expedition Unknown over a dinner of salad and chicken & waffles, Jade started answering the cries of glee from the TV set, and actually came out to be petted and let me lead her to the food. She gulped another tuna puree tube when I squeezed it out onto a paper plate. She's very vocal at times.

When I pet her she raises her butt way up. But she prefers being petted on the head and sides.

This is huge. She still likes her safe spots, but now she will come out if her head is visible and she sees my hand. And I'm learning her language. Merp.

When I loosen my suspenders my cutoffs fall down. I've lost 2" of waist. Ordered 4 pair of one size smaller.

Been watching Bakersfield ambulance chaser streams. There are 3 of them tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Move stuff off the washer (most of what was under the sink is there)
Do a couple of loads of laundry. Or three.
Watch some Olympics
Install the new heavy duty access panel if it arrives in time
Try to get to know Jade some more.
Pre-made meals all day
Call Endo and let her know U-150 is $3700, back to lantus & humalog.

Busy day. Interview, sunburn treatment, new microwave finally delivered

Ensure for breakfast. And lime jello. Trying to be nice to my crown caps. Chilled Ensure tastes fine.

Checked the news then fired up Zoom and joined a job interview at noon. Only 2 people, I was expecting 4. The questions were mostly soft, even the techie questions. Nice people, they didn't have answers to whether it will stay 100% remote because they were just sold to Turner, and are tied to Turner's covid protocols. They expect to have an update Friday.

Next trip was to dermatology, waited 10 minutes to get another dose of liquid N spray.

In the parking lot tried to return a call to my new PCP clinic but 15 minutes on hold and the call went nowhere. I heard two transfers to other numbers. 

Home, nothing in the mailbox, nothing delivered. Raccoon had torn open the access panel again. Ordered a bigger stronger one.

Called back the recruiter, who had forgotten I told her I would be at the doctor, but her voicemail was full. Sent email.

Got a call from the dishwasher installers, they will do the deed Monday noon-3 window

Replacement microwave arrived on the porch, no notice, no door bell. Again in a HUGE box, 2x as big as the microwave shipping box. There was no need for the big box, the smaller box was fine for shipping, the microwave was in a box inside that one. This time the Styrofoam was mostly intact, and it was the right model. Took about a minute to get it online and another 5 to get Alexa to see it. It was actually easier to add to Google Home.

Watched PTI and Catfish.  None of the Olympics was anything I wanted to watch. Way too many swimming events.

Dinner was a salad (the new microwave overcooked the frozen avocado chunks) and a Salisbury steak on rice with gravy with a side of mixed veggies. Excellent for a free meal. Will have some chip mint ice cream or Columbian coffee ice cream later.

Streamed for 50 minutes, no participants.

Jade comes out to be petted, but can't figure out sometimes if she's supposed to be afraid of me. But she's out and about a lot more. Progress. I emailed the adoption agency with a update, hoping it would remind them to send her tags & microchip info. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Hematologist at 10 am (leave at 9:15)
Find a manicure on the way back
Bring the mislabeled microwave to UPS to ship back
Try to call PCP again


USPS FAIL, Lowe's sidestepped, Olympics sadness

Amazon tracking said USPS put the microwave on a truck at 6 am. It was never delivered. But USPS says they put it in my mailbox. Just in case that fantasy was true I drove to the mailbox, but there wasn't a key to a storage bin, microwave would not have fit anyway. Lazy postal worker probably still has it on her truck. I filled out a missing mail form on USPS site. Amazon does not seem to have a way to report a missing package. Hmmm.**

The free meals included a few sugar free gelatin cups, which got me to wanting more, so I placed a delivery order with Albertson's and added some Ensure, bananas, ice cream, cut watermelon and frozen avocado chunks.

Breakfast was a ham & cheese scramble with a side of blueberry goop. Tasted great. **When I was done I packed up the microwave expecting to have the right model in time for dinner but no such luck.

Phoned Lowe's using the number they called me from Sunday, and after 20 minutes of walking them through the issues, they said they would have the dishwasher installers call me directly, and they would follow up Friday. No call yet...

Made a salad for dinner and ate four Jell-O sugar free chocolate cups. And 2 lime cups.

Watched some Olympics, synchronized diving was amazing. The tiny Chinese girls who won were perfect. The USA silver medalists not so much.

Very sad that Simone took herself out of the finals, but it was clear she was not performing up to her own standards, even though she was still better than everyone else. And Naomi Osaka got crushed in her first match by #42. Both of them are blaming mental health issues, but it's hard to be confident when you see yourself slipping physically. And virtual fans are no substitute for butts in the seats.

In cat news, there was a breakthrough. Jade came out from behind the freezer and let me pet her. She rubbed her face against my hand for quite a while and later vacuumed up a tuna puree tube after I squeezed it out onto a paper plate. She was scared of the tube being pointed at her. Spook was a couple of feet away when I was petting Jade, but left her alone and Jade was too busy enjoying the petting to growl at Spook. best with auio on

Streamed for an hour, there were several chatters from Europe.

Humana pharmacy site was offline, could not update my order.

Got into the car and reset the Nissan Connect app and it started working. I had charged the car overnight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Zoom job interview at noon
Dermatologist at 2:30 (the sunburn spot is still there)
Pet Jade some more. See if she will allow me to brush her
Eat a lot of watermelon. Try a bottle of Ensure.

A day stuff got done

Lazy morning, no breakfast because I kept biting the inside of my lip - couldn't wear the partial. Took the bins to the curb at about 8:30, the bulk garbage was still out there.

10 am Facebook video chat with two old friends from folkdance festival days, Alan & Val. Last time I talked to them they had 3 kids, now they have 5, all college grads and a few grandkids. They both look great, and as I remembered them. We talked for 2 hours. They are now FB friends so we'll keep in touch better. Today was the birthday of another old folkdance friend, in Canada. Four FB birthdays today.

Screen door admin called, she said she could get a tech out tomorrow at 8. Good enough.

No word from Lowe's about the dishwasher, and hold time is insane. I may try again tomorrow when I don't have anywhere to go.

Put the Bose soundbar and the sodasense empties in the car and drove to the closest PO. Dropped the empties in the big round bin, but the soundbar was to big, and I wanted a receipt for it. Only two people ahead of me but only one clerk, and a couple with a young girl sitting on the counter were taking forever so I left.

Next stop was the new Goodwill store in Henderson but my GPS sent me to a defunct casino so I punched in the street address and it took me halfway home and to a much nicer, well staffed donation drive-through. The big old microwave and the el cheapo sound bar went there. Next I drove to the big PO near the big Albertson's, no line, four clerks, dropped off the Bose thing and was out with a receipt in 3 minutes.

Home, about 1:30, no mail in the mailbox (there was supposed to be two items). So I guess "nor rain nor snow nor sleet of night" does not include flash floods or monsoons. Turns out we had an inch of rain last night.

Surprise - while I was gone they fixed the screen door. But they did a sloppy job - the handle bangs against the door knob when I close the screen with the door closed. I sent a video to their head tech/repair guy and said I'm okay with them not fixing it till Friday. He answered "why do you want to close the screen when the door is closed?" I told him never mind. But my inner voice is saying he should have more pride in the quality of his work than that, especially with the price they charge.

Hauled in the garbage bins just before it started raining again. They were pretty late collecting them, and the trash truck was tailgating the recycle truck.

Watched a wee bit of fishing stream, and some Olympics. Simone was not at the top of her game. The woman commentator kept saying Simone was too powerful but my take is she is not precise enough. Hoping the whole team does better.

PTI mostly ignored the Olympics except to show France beating USA in basketball.

Took a nap, woke up feeling like I had low Hgl but it was high. GI issues again, munched a lot of saltines and imodium and pink bismuth tablets. Was going to make a salad but had a muffin instead.

BASFA zoom meeting was short, not a lot of announcements or reviews.

90 Day Fiance was the full episode, plus a drama llama tacked on the end. Below Deck Med only had one minor crew injury.  Roy Orbison Jr. is an ugly stupid drunk and only his wife luring him to bed prevented him jumping overboard in port in the dark. The rest of the episode was devoted to crew stupidity, personality clashes and a lot of angst. Chef got drunk and went all potty mouth at the after party/dinner, stomped off when he was told to chill, went back to the boat, packed his knives and his belongings and stomped off, breaking a few cameras along the way. Capt. Sandy slept through it.

Plans for tomorrow:
More Olympics
Call Lowe's and use the call-back feature instead of staying on hold forever
90 Day pillow talk

A day of recovery & bad timing

I slept better than usual.

Free meal breakfast was very good - whole wheat pancakes with small sausages hidden between them, and a sort of berry cobbler. I had moved the microwave cart back into the kitchen because it was clear there would be no dishwasher delivery this weekend. Lunch was pepper steak with a side of blueberry sludge. Relatively large portion on rice, took a while to finish. Red jello for dessert.

Needed some ibuprofen & Tylenol from time to time, the dental work caused mild headaches.

Not very smart customer service guy from Lowe's who had promised 2 days ago to have the dishwasher ready to go yesterday forgot. He had his manager with him, and was surprised when I showed him online that the unit had been ready to pick up from his store on Thursday. Somehow he thought it was at a different store. Where we left it was he was going to physically see if it was in his store and get back to me. He didn't.

Also no word from the screen door company. Did not expect anything till tomorrow.

Watched some Olympics. The bicycle race ending was amazing. Surprise winner came in waaaaaaay ahead of the pack. 2nd and 3rd was a photo finish.

I think it was partly covid and the lack of fans in the stands, but great to see athletes from lesser known countries picking up hardware. Women's beach volleyball USA pair hugged each other after each point, win or lose. WTF? They barely slipped by China, who mostly beat themselves.

90 Day teaser was cut short for a half-hour Discovery + ad. D+ is where bad spinoffs go to die.

Jade has been rubbing her face against the subwoofer and its coax cable. I ordered a loop brush on a carpet base, hope she likes it. She doesn't know what a scratching post is. Spook is trying to be non-threatening, but Jade is not convinced. She also still runs from me, but now she comes back out sometimes. Yikes - Spook just full on attacked Jade.

USPS delivered the new smaller wi-fi/Alexa enabled microwave fairly late, in a box 2x as big as what was needed. And inside that box was a perfectly shippable box with the microwave in a box inside of that one.

Put the too-big one and the el cheapo sound bar onto a dolly and wheeled them out to the car for Goodwill tomorrow. Unboxed the new microwave and set it up, but there was no manual. Found one online, and when I got to the point where it said push the wi-fi button I discovered Amazon had sent the wrong model. No wi-fi button, no Alexa support. Set it up for exchange, but I'll use it until the replacement arrives. It worked well on the Red Lobster leftovers. 

About 8 I went outside to chat with next door neighbor. She says one of the strays has moved into her house. No wonder it hasn't been eating the food I put out. My vent covers are still in place so I know here are no critters under the house anymore.

And as we were talking there was lightning. A few minutes after she went home we got a  full blown monsoon thunderstorm. Usually at about 9 I bring bulk garage to the curb, but it looks like the storm won't pass till midnight.

Paid my property tax bill. The site is broken, it didn't find me as an owner of a single property, but did find me as a multiple site owner. But only showed my one house.  

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am facebook video chat with long lost friend(s)
Call screen door company if they haven't called first
Post office run - Bose sound bar and sodasense returns
Goodwill, big microwave and cheap sound bar
Watch more Olympics
Hopefully get a dishwasher update.
Call my new PCP and ask when she wants me to do the fasting blood tests