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110 In he Shade - after it cooled off

Up at 7, put on my swim trunks and a shirt and got to the pool around 8:15. It was already >100F. Tried the big jacuzzi (seats about 20) first, they keep the water warm not hot. Then to the pool, which is a joke - 3.5 feet deep where you get in,4 feet at the deepest point. Got my head under water a couple of times. Compared to the air temp, the water was cold.

They have many free padded chaises, I picked one in the sun at first, but the UV was intense so I moved to the shade. In 10% humidity things dry out regardless. There was a lot of eye candy. Tiny thong bikinis sometimes on women who looked good in them. Towels are free. It takes two to cover a chaise.

Back to the room, got naked and drank some diet Coke and nibbled on Famous Amos cookies. Checked email. And FB.

Noon-ish, got dressed, walked the mile or so to the car, drove to the mobile home park. Phone said it was 112 degrees. Linda was busy as usual, but after maybe 10 minutes she juggled things so she could go over my paperwork. She also gave me recommendations for insurance agent, home warranty contract and we talked about creative financing since owner of the house I want is looking for a quick sale. But she cautioned me about paying two rents.

On my way back to the hotel I stopped in at Lotus Siam, hoping for a late Thai lunch. 2:15 and they close at 2:30, then reopen at 5:30 for dinner. Last call in 10 minutes so I just ordered Thai ice tea and pork satay. The hostess was Thai, but the wait staff is all burly Hispanic guys who have no idea what the Thai names are for any of the dishes.

The tea was perfect, but the satay was meh. Rubbery meat, bland peanut sauce, the cucumber and red onion in vinegar was chopped too small and was in water. I had been hoping to come back for dinner, but no.

Back to the hotel, GPS sent me to the front entrance and got lost trying to find the parking garage out back. And again it took forever to find a space.

Emailed the realtor and she will come over Friday at 2 to assess the house and talk about selling it and redistributing the Stuff.

Chatted on hangouts with a woman from the dating site but she wants a serious relationship starting with me paying for her to move in with me from Louisiana. No thanks.

Booked a ticket to the X-rated burlesque show at the Flamingo, ticket said seating would be chosen by their staff at the door, which is code for tip the ticket taker for a good seat.**

6 pm tried to stream on Twitch, but the hotel wi-fi wasn't up to it, so I had to cut it off after 10 minutes, leaving three chatters. :-(

Downstairs, got a taxi to the Flamingo, found the food court and got orange chicken and cashew shrimp with a side of fried rice at the Pan Azia place. It was horrible, all dried out and tasteless. Forced myself to eat half of it. Should have gone to Johny Rockets. Margaritaville is somewhere in the Flamingo, but I couldn't find it.

It was very chilly in the casino, so with half an hour before the show doors opened I found a spot on the strip to stand, warm up, and watch the people walk by. Not as many scantily clad women as I expected, but some revealing outfits and a trend to wear vertical striped stretch pants. Pairs of petite thonged young women in feather boa dancer costumes trolled for photos with the tourists for a cash donation.

**At the door I handed a $5 bill with my ticket, and the staffer took me to a seat in the front row, way over near the corner. I should have asked for something further back. After 15 minutes I needed de-icing, and the bright yellow footlights were blinding me at eye level, I couldn't see the show very well. And the music was LOUD and most of the time over-modulated. So at a scene change I and grabbed a seat at the back which looked down the aisle, so it was a better view. Also warmer and not as loud.

The show was meh. Not nearly as good as the one at the Luxor, except for one thing. The comedian at the Luxor stank, the one at the Flamingo made me LOL many times. It is a sad thing when the best part of a topless, thong-wearing dance show is the male comedian.

Taxi back to Treasure Island, checked FB and email, and here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up by 8. Maybe go to the pool.
Check-out at 11
Flight is at 5:30 which means get to the rental facility by 3
which means on the road by 2:30
Probably will have lunch at the airport.
Home around 8 pm

Moving Right Along

It was a 6 am wake up and a quick check of email and dating site, then back to sleep till 9:30

Probably should have gone to the pool while it was still 85F but went outside briefly, got one good eye candy photo and a bunch from the overpass sky bridge over the strip. Walgreen's was on the other side, I bought diet Cokes, oreos, famous amos and cheddar popcorn. Back to the hotel, put the drinks in the fridge and got some ice from waaaaay down the hall. The ice buckets are tiny, i see long timers bringing ice chests up to their rooms.

Also bought a banana. Ate half, the other half is in the fridge for tomorrow.

Noon, drove out to the mobile home park by the wetlands. It was dicey at first - GPS signals are few here, despite the clear skies. I was several blocks from the garage before the Garmin spoke. But then it was clear sailing. I was half an hour early, so I drove to the wetlands park, discovered it had been moved way down the road. Huge, modern interpretive center, but on a weekday it was almost deserted. The gift shop was closed, only open wed and sat. Did not have time to go inside the main building.

Time to visit Tropicana Palms mobile home park. 101F, it's cooler in the burbs. Met with Linda, whom I had talked to on the phone. She was multitasking all over the place, but finally she explained the rules and perks and  FAQs. It is far more affordable than I'd thought.

We got into the golf cart and visited three houses. The first was being worked on by three guys, lots yet to do, available in September. Big garage, nice covered porch. Two huge palm trees out back. Next one was smaller, carport, new gas stove, BYO washer and dryer but electric and no 220V in the laundry room.

Last one was a winner. Owner needs to sell in order to buy his wife a bigger home in the park. Beautiful walnut cabinets everywhere. Shag carpet. And only $59k.

So we started on the paperwork, leaving which house open because it depends on when I can sell mine, and whether the seller will wait. I came back with all the forms, I can put a hold on the place with $3k, if the application is approved. Vanguard can send a check, probably.

Online I got a Social Security verification letter and emailed that to her. Filled in all the forms.


Hangouts got busy with 4 women wanting to chat, but only one kept it up until dinner time.

I wanted pancakes. The coffee shop downstairs has them. Made the mistake of ordering the pancake tower, 5 pancakes, two pieces of Canadian bacon on top of the bottom pancake, two over easy eggs on top of the top pancake and a strip of bacon on top top.

Served with whipped butter and syrup.

I managed 3 pancakes, the eggs and bacon strip but the Canadian bacon was too salty. Left over 2 pancakes. Had a scoop of caramel ice cream to balance it out.

By then it was too dark to take pictures outside so I boarded the tram to the Mirage and back. The pool was closed by then - WTF it's still100F out there.

Back to the room, got comfortable and chatted some more. Streamed on the dating site but only attracted dick pictures.

Took my meds, put 4 oreos next to the bed for a snack.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get up early enough to go swimming
After noon, drive to Tropicana Palms and drop off the paperwork
Have a meal at a huge Thai restaurant I passed on the way there but Garmin thinks is in a deserted shopping center. I got the right address from Google Maps.
Find a show to see
Pack for Thursday return

Lots of walking and waiting

Managed to have a banana and turn off the PC's auto-start. On the road by 8:50. Traffic was light but parking was a bitch. The layout of the short term parking is stupid, and it forces you to go in zigzag circles and the signage makes it look like you're heading for the exit when you're also heading for aditional parking. Long walk to the elevator, long walk to the TSA area. And then it was a breeze with the TSA Clear thing, they didn't wand me or anything. Just straight to the gate from the conveyor belt.

Delta said my flight was leaving from the last gate - 4 - which is a Jet Blue gate. I set up the PC at one of the free power desks, played on the adult match site and also on FB. Checked again and my gate was now 10, most of the way back to the TSA checkpoint. I was 2 hours early. Watched a lot of eye candy and ate a Snickers bar just in case. Also hit the loo.

I boarded way earlier than I was supposed to because the ticket didn't give a section number, but he let me on anyway. Good thing because my bag just barely fit in the overhead and some asshole behind me tossed his in my space as I was putting mine up there.

Two in a row, my neighbor was a tiny elderly Asian woman who spent the flight with ear plugs in, running a photo  shoot through Photoshop on her Mac laptop. She knew what she was doing. Toward the end of the flight when she took the plugs out I asked if anu of her work was online, but she said no, she gives Photoshop workshops, and was on her way to Vegas to participate in Photoshop Wars. An expensive week long event at a photog's rented house,  room & board provided.

The take-off and final approach/landing was horrible. The plane shook much worse than it should have. Landing was a hard bounce. Pretty mountain scenery, though.

Long walk to the rental car shuttle, 108 degrees in the shade. They have the bus loading system down pat, but the passengers didn't. I was wedged between a dozen Vietnamese girls and women who had no sense of personal space.

Hertz is upstairs in a makeshift office, they apparently don't try very hard anymore. I got to go upstairs and choose my car from the compact row. What they had were subcompacts, under-powered.

Could not figure out how to bring up my addresses on the Garmin, there is a long list of coordinates from prior trips which I need to remove. And I left the device in the glove compartment, It finally got me to Treasure Island, a very long trip with lots of stop lights. Long stop lights.

And the parking garage was even worse than the airport's. I was circling for 30 minutes before someone pulled out from a space I was heading toward. And like SJC the signage was misleading. I had to park at the other end of the garage, long walk to the skybridge and long walk to the front desk, and then half an hour in line to get a room assignment.

23rd floor, overlooking the pirate ships and a lot of Vegas. But banging from the floor above. They are remodeling that floor. If it is still noisy tomorrow I'll ask for a room change.

Had a late lunch early dinner at Gilly's, with a view of the strip, but not a good one for eye candy. There was plenty of that in the restaurant. My waitress was amazngly cute & sexy and some of the customers were too. And then there was a visit from a slender black woman in a thong and chaps. Yummy! She was just hanging out.

Up to the room, got ice, trying to buy a soda from the machine took 3 tries.

Nothing new on the dating site or hangouts despite 6 woman asking for my email there.

AC outlets in the room are not where I need them.

Took a taxi to Luxor after booking a seat at the girlie show. He took a lot of back roads, and got there for less $ than expected.

Luxor is laid out intelligently. Hard to get lost. Treasure Island is not laid out well, hard to find your way.

Was 2 hours early, so I found the food court and had a shake at Johnny Rockets, then sat outside the theaters and watched people going in to Blue Man and Carrot Top. Lots of sexy women mostly with their dates. Also people posing in front of the sphinx statues.

The Fantasy X show was 90 minutes long, and they really didn't need that comedian. He did two spots, 15 minutes of my life I will never get back.

More than made up for by a brand new lead singer/hostess on her debut night. Tiny woman DDG with a huge belt voice. She had, I thought, the sexiest body there but we only got to see it in the final set, and not topless. All the other dancers got down to just a thong in most of the sets. No silicone. One woman, Jessica, was phenomenal, did some three-pole acrobatics and an aerial show which was breathtaking.

Midnight, found a taxi back to Treasure Island, his route cost $3 more than the ride there.

The soda machine was offline so I am going to have to find some sodas tomorrow to put in the fridge.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast downstairs
Take the camera for a walk before it gets too hot
Buy some diet Coke
Find the car, delete all those phony favorites in the Garmin
Drive to Tropicana Palms for my 1 pm roast
and maybe Villa Borega after
Find another show to go to.

Pre Vegas

Kind of a lazy day, up and out of bed by 9, will have to be on the road by 9 tomorrow. Traffic will be insane. My flight info shows TSA Clear, so that's good.

Ironed the Hawaiian shirts, chose three to pack. And underpants, and the new swim trunks.

Laptop and its knapsack, Garmin and its holder & car charger. Camera and lens separate, and GPS tagger. Camera battery charger with extra battery. Need to add the strap.

Filled the two pill containers. One med has to stay in its special container. Insulin vials and pens and syringes/pen tips are laid out on the kitchen counter, along with something in which to put the sharps.

Tomorrow morning I'll pack the chargers and toiletries.

Hung up all the shirts. Watched some LivePD and the first half of the Seahawks-Vikings game. That was the only game on my TV this weekend, I ditched the NFL extra fee channels.

Looks like no Comcast in Vegas. Cox cable.

Lunch started with cold cuts but I didn't like the honey baked ham at all, so I cooked up an omelet with liquid egg stuff. Strawberries and whipped cream, which gave me the runs. :-(

Pink chewy pills solved that.

Streamed on Twitch for an hour, only one chat friend. Streamed on the dating site for an hour, made two female friends and kicked off three men.

Marie C beef pot pie. Microwave may be on the blink, it's cooking unevenly.

Spook slept on the bed until dinner time. She is miffed because I closed all the windows which had been up a notch. Air con needed the help. Filled the hummingbird feeders.

Late afternoon I planted the two big orange milkweed bushes on the retaining wall. Not deep enough. I may need to move them when I get back.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be at the airport insanely early for the 11:30 flight.
Treasure Island hotel
Hang by the pool
See a show (most of the start at 9 or 10 pm)

Not Much To Tell

I was a good boy today, got out of bed by 9, the usual breakfast, a little less insulin than yesterday, checked the news, saw that Peter Fonda died but Jane is still with us.

One of my filker friends on FB was watching The Sea Hawk -- the only Erroll Flynn movie I have been able to verify that David Bruce, Amanda McBroom's dad, was actually in. She wrote The Rose and of course sings it far better than that bimbo Middler. But she also sings this song written for her about her dad. Always makes me cry.

Looked for but did not find a good cover of It's a Fine, Fine Line from Avenue Q.

Lunch was a Marie C turkey pot pie which was cooked unevenly because the crust had been shattered. People are not very careful stocking the shelves. Had the last piece of strawberry pie.

3 pm, off to MV, plugged in the laptop and did an update, service was way too slow. Lots and lots of eye candy the whole 2 hours J & I were chatting. Mostly the Safeway lures them in.

She is back from visiting old friends who now live on Whidbey Island, and is off to the Balkans mid-week. My mocha frapp was very un-chocolatey.

Home, streamed for an hour, one of the usual suspects joined me, another came in toward the end.

Salad and then mixed veggies with Murcan and Swiss cheeses and reheated fried chicken pieces, mochi chaser.

Got naked and streamed on the dating channel after yet another phony hit me up for $$ after a very racy chat. She is history.

My only viewers have been men and a couple in Hayward. :-(

Put a load through the dishwasher, emptied the dryer, put the cat fountain in the dishwasher and re-assembled it and filled it again.

Did not need a nap today.

Still to do: hang up the shirts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Iron the Hawaiian shirts
Water the plants

Did it to myself again

Massive low blood sugar attack (63) and way too low BP after working on the trees.

The usual breakfast, finally at the usual time. Caught up on the news, watched the start of a Tivo program which was misfiled, tuned in to the daily chaser who was early today. Salad, but no real lunch.  Grabbed the clippers and went onto the porch. harvested about half the leaves from the two smaller Thai lime trees (about half were crudded up) and cut them back to the root stock. One full grown dwarf tree is left. It seems to have escaped the crud.

Spread the leaves on the kitchen table to dry, will grind them into powder next week.

Back outside, carried the cut branches out to the garden recycle bin, then back to the front, cut apart the two failed cherry trees. The first one was truly dead, its root ball came out of the pot easily. The second one had a few leaves on it, and it had developed a much larger root system than I  had expected, it took a lot of wiggling and juggling to get it out of the pot with minimum dirt spillage.

Took all those pieces out to the recycle bin, grabbed the hand vac and got the dirt off the front steps.

Inside, felt the crash coming on, grabbed the mint chip ice cream container and ate a couple of scoops' worth, but it was not enough. BP was way low. I visualized PNB&J but never got that far. Tossed two pieces of frozen pizza into the microwave, poured a glass of milk, and started watching Dating Unfiltered when my tummy said sit on the john as soon as possible. Another side effect of low Hgl for me is methane enhanced loose poop.

It took a while to finish, and when I did I got undressed and into bed. Napped for an hour, Spook eventually curled up against me and let me pet her.

Up at about 5:30, stated watching the Raiders game from yesterday. 6 pm streamed from Twitch, had three chatters participating. That filled up the hour.

Watched the first half of the game, Raiders were pounding the Cardinals, but then I ffed through the rest of it, and saw that Arizona scored multiple field goals, with not much more from Oakland. The Raiders gave up a TD at the last few seconds. Very poor showing for the defense. Not so good after the first & second string QBs played. On the AZ side, Kyler Murray was awful.

Been streaming on the adult dating site. Had a nice response from a woman in Germany who has a 69 year old sugar daddy. But all the other viewers have been men. :-(

Ran a load of shirts, and also the dishwasher.

Two recruiter messages for jobs I am not qualified for. Bilingual content analysts, I'm not fluent in any of the languages they need. No word from any of the other jobs.

Due to the crash, I did not get around to calling the local finance/home sales people.

Plans for tomorrow:
Eat regular meals
Janice for Starbucks
Water all the plants
Preliminary packing - unload the dryer and iron all the Hawaiian shirts for Vegas
Clean the big water fountain for Spook

Late Again, but for reasons

Up late with the pro model, but she finally asked for $$, I told her no, she tried to bargain. I finally just blocked her. She was by far the most fun of the scammers while it lasted. I spent too much time on the site this morning, they have live member cams and some are confirmed real people. And some of those are actually attractive.

9 am I am just about to get up when AG calls, told me about his trip to Vegas last weekend, it was 109°, but today it was 103 here so....

Spook jumped onto the bed when I was done with the call, but I did the bathroom thing before dressing and following her into the kitchen for her treats.

I had put the mirror against a cabinet by the bathroom door, and she was fascinated. Spook had never seen herself in a mirror before. The only ones in the house are the ones above the sinks in the bathrooms, and she has never been up there. She only spent a few minutes in front of it, put her paw out, then started grooming herself. That only lasted about 2 minutes, I couldn't get a good camera angle on it. She hasn't paid attention to it again.

I want to Velcro it to the bathroom door. The outside so when the door is closed I can use it for selfies. But I wish it was wider.

Banana and egg for lunch, it was already 1 pm.

Caught up on email,   FB and the dating site. Drove to the community center and let them know I would be gone, and why. Then to GO to charge the car and look for American Singles and graham cracker pie crust. They didn't have either one.  got Velveeta and mochi and cherry tomatoes. Did the rounds twice before the car was done. There were some sweet young things in shorts to keep me indoors and the air con.

Took stuff out to  the car, unplugged and went home.

Across the street neighbor's house was being emptied quite roughly and tossed into a beat up panel truck with the logo of the largest manufactured home company in the area. Three workers had no idea where all that stuff was going, or why.

Answered a couple of dating messages. None really interested me.

Went online and found four more mobile home parks on the MH site, and plugged the addresses into the Garmin. Also scoped out health care, no Kaiser but Aetna Anthem has an HMO plan which is similar. Smaller co-pays, all my drugs are in their formulary, estimated annual price about half what I pay now.

Streamed from 6-7, two of the storm chaser chatters joined in. Many followers added, several belong to the same video gaming team. One follow from a troller, who was blocked immediately.

Once again did not do any gardening. Too hot.

Two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. Demi finally came clean that she has a gay lover at home, but she's bi so her hookup with a guy on the beach can also work. I still think she is Evil™. One of the women fessed up that she and a-hole Blake had a relationship coming into the show, which explains a little bit about why she falls for his crap. Stupidity is the other 99% of the explanation.

Women give roses next episode, and I am elated that Sydni finally doesn't have to worry about being tossed. There was some fisticuffs and wrestling over Nicole, who has led on three guys so far. And a sleazeball was added to the mix. The guy lives in his van.

Finished watching the Hendersons vet program, waited till after I was done eating. Some very messy surgeries.

Took the bag of chicken thighs out of the fridge, cut them into stir fry/curry bits then back into the bag and the freezer.

No job stuff at all today.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get out of bed at a reasonable hour
Call the mobile home company and ask for hints about selling the house and getting rid of stuff.
Maybe make some chicken curry
Iron Hawaiian shirts

No Waitress

Okay, so as I was getting ready for bed, got a message on hangouts from Jennifer. I thought this was the local dating site woman who just wanted to chat G-rated about local sports, who lives around here. So I was surprised that she asked for a risqué photo, and more surprised when she sent three of her own and launched into an X-rated chat session The photos did not show up on a reverse image search but they obviously are professional model shots. Long story short, she kept me up till 2 am.

At 8 am I messaged her and she told me to get up and dressed. So disappointing. But this evening she came back on, X-rated again. More on that later

Beef pot pie for lunch, but it was dry & overcooked, left most of the crust behind. No dessert, watched some people on Twitch and checked the dating site.

As promised, went to Target, They had a sodastream cartridge so I did an exchange. Bought a swim suit for Vegas, better slippers for home, eye drops for the bedroom (I used the last of the bottle this morning) and a full length mirror (for $6). Then ordered a frappuchino at the Starbucks there and waited about 20 minutes for it. They are slow always. Need twice the staff at least. Fired up the laptop and caught up on stuff, but no AC nearby. Need to charge it up. May need to get a new battery. It has always drained a lot while off, but seems to be getting worse.

edit add:Shit for brains forgot the subject line. I was also there to get a copy of 2 original broadway cast CDs listed on their web site: Hamilton and The Waitress. Got the last Hamilton on the shelf, but they did not have Waitress or evena space for one.

Mild insulin shock at Target and when I got home, and low BP as well.

Found another mobile home park in LV, filled out their form & sent email. Got a phone call from the manager, who had not seen the email, it apparently went to corporate marketing, so I forwarded it to her. We made an appointment for 1 pm Tuesday. She really loves the place.

I think that's enough for now, that corp owns 27 parks around LV.

Jennifer messaged just as I was about to go online streaming on twitch, I told her but she misunderstood, thought I was on the dating site streaming to women. For the rest of the evening she sent long messages about how she loved me truly and did not want some other woman to steal me away. I tried to explain that twitch was just me talking, G-rated, but she seems inconsolable. I expect her to ask for $$ any minute now. I shared my flickr model shoots URL with her but she didn't look at it. Turns out she is not the Sharks fan, she is someone I gave my email to a while ago and has since been kicked off the site.

Dinner was shrimp and rigatoni with Italian herbs and spices and Alfredo sauce, with American and Parmesan cheese. Small slice of strawberry pie for dessert.
Need to buy more American cheese next trip to GO.

Watched Bachelor in Paradise, and once again they overloaded the place with new men. And everyone is asking Caetlyn on a date. I don't know why, she's plain and dumpy. So many better choices. Cam needs to be doused with gasoline and ignited. Demi has gained weight and doesn't live up to her name.  She is also very sedate and laid back this time. Women give the roses next, I hope Blake is offed. And Cam.

Also watched the end of Are You The One?. The dating counselor is useless. Counter-productive, since nobody has a clue who the matches are except for the one which got confirmed last week. Three beams again, despite some major changes to the pairings.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get out of bed while it is still morning
Plant the milkweed bushes. Not sure where yet.
Drop by the office and tell them I'll be gone (the plan is to park at the airport like I did for Houston).
Not my typical Monday. Out of bed by 8:30, instant cream of wheat with a little butter and brown sugar for breakfast.  The bananas are not ripe. Hgl was great - 105, BP was low in a good way.

No storm chasers today, so watch metal detector guy and then the daily drive home guy. Caught up on the news sites for the first time in a week. Watched some LivePD. I hate how routine it is for them to point pistols at people. As if an armed perp couldn't drop them first. 

Grrrr. The militarization of policing. It sucks.

Bored, 2:30 or so after the second garbage bin was collected I had a lie-down. Spook curled up against me. I mostly read from the tablet.

Somewhere in there lunch was  Saffron Road lamb saag, very small portion but tasty. Strawberry pie for dessert.

Up around 5, streamed from 6-7, had a couple of storm chaser chat friends show up.
Salad, then plopped some shrimp in a pot of water, added spaghetti, and had that with Alfredo sauce and Parmesan, oregano, thyme and black pepper. Pretty yummy.

Watched PTI and then things got interesting on the dating site. One local group wants to invite me to join, I will wait till tomorrow to reply. Two hangouts chats, someone in Utah and someone in LA. Utah says we can video chat when I wake up tomorrow. LA I'll ping after I finish this entry.

As usual, I expect both are scammers, but it's fun till they want $$.

Last night I Expedia-ed Las Vegas, and it looks very affordable. Lots of package deals which include air fare, rental car and room, the trick is to find a hotel which has a low "resort fee". Treasure Island wants $42 a night. I think I want to be on the strip, since it's walkable at night and with a car I can get to the mobile home parks during the day. Shooting for next Tues-Thurs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hangouts chat(s)
Email the group
Saratoga Ave for massage. If the place is no longer in business Yamagami's is close by, a nice place to walk through the flowers.

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