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Almost Done

Up on time, Spot was yelling from about 6 am on, I ignored him. Spook was out and about, pooped in the livingroom again, so no treats for her.

AG phoned three times while I was lallygagging , so I phoned him from the car at about 9. He is telling his manager goodbye.

Went through all the open tests, most of them passed. Double-checked the "inconsistent" ones and the failed ones.

Lunch was a small bowl of chopped liver and onions.

Found some tests I'd missed. Toward the end of the day NP came by and we compared notes, she does the official wrap up.  We found two more tests to run, and I was already doing the overnight test.

Got email finally from my contract rep to meet her at 10 am down the block from my old lab. Told Boss and she aid she hoped I found something else at Google. She forgot that I can't work for Google again for 6 months. I have to ask my rep if it's really 6 months. But it's pretty insulting that Boss clearly doesn't want me back.

Plugged in the car at 4:30, headed home at 5:45. Regular insulin in cold pack on the carport steps. Monthly mortgage statement in the mail.

Watched two episodes of PTI and the latest Doctor Who. Finally they stopped focusing on America. This one takes them to Pakistan the day it was sliced off from India. Yaz's grandma is the central character. It's pretty forced, brother against brother, which there probably was not a lot of IRL.

Ran my Twitch stream, many chatters tonight. Only had to ban one.

Plans for tomorrow:
Meet with contract rep
More work

Builds builds builds

Got up at 6, Spot was yelling. Pit stop, then back to sleep till 7:30. Visited Spot, stuck the webcam in what I thought was a better location, but it turned out to be way worse. Brought in a cat bed on a post scratcher thing which he liked to curl up in when it was next to my bed.

Spook was begging for treats as soon as I got to the kitchen. Full bowl of kibble, but she wants treats.

Garbage was collected but not recycled stuff. Wheeled in the garbage bin. 

Out on time, no traffic because of the holiday but somehow didn't get to work till 10 after.

Started the tests where I had left off.

Lunch was an Organic "Asian" salad from but not by Safeway. It was lame.

Late in the day Tall Manager and some engineer I had never heard of wanted me to re-test a bug with this afternoon's new build. I explained that I was still testing the build from Thursday. And basically ignored them from there. I am sick of this random builds thing. It has become the standard, and it should be the exception. Test everything, fix everything and test again, then ship it. 

Home, Recycle bin was still out on the street, wheeled it in and then moved the car to plug it in. Nothing delivered, no mail.

Watched the 49ers give the game away in the last 2 minutes again.

Dinner was chopped liver & onions on rye, newly defrosted batch of chopped liver tasted great (the last batch went bad, tasted like lemons).

Went online, caught up on FB and started streaming on Twitch. Lots of people tuned in, had to put two on timeouts, they kept barraging me with stupid questions. 

Visited Spot again,  mounted the webcam in a good location, and set up presets. I can see int in my app, but not using the usual URL on my web page. Ordered a replacement old one on eBay.

Plans for tomorrow:

Small Victories

Woke up at 6:30 to Spot yelling. Easily heard through the door to the room formerly known as Guest. Now that there is no futon, and no guests expected, it's back to being the library. Went back to bed and finally got up and out around 10:30. No plans till 4.

Watched some football, but the game I wanted to see was blacked out here. Or rather, not offered on any Comcast extended basic channel.

Lunch was ramen, a matzo ball and two pieces of fried chicken in a bowl of chicken flavored ramen water. I have to watch my water intake, so I ate the noodles, matzo ball and chicken but poured out the soup.

Got to Starbucks Pear Ave at 3, read more of Amy Tam's autobiography, this section was really poignant. The woman is a walking bucket of paranoias. When she was in grade school, someone pulled her out of class and gave her a series of reading tests, and this person continued to do this once a year even though Amy changed schools often - sometimes long distances. Let's call this person D. D came to her house and interviewed her parents, who lied about Amy's reading skills - said they had no idea how she learned to read pre-kindergarten). Her parents also told her that D said she had excellent math skills, and she should be a doctor. A brain surgeon.  

Amy's older brother and father died from brain cancer not long after that.

This messed up Amy quite a bit, she failed out of pre-med, and eventually became a linguist and writer. While writing this book Amy looked up D, found the thesis which D wrote which mentioned her (name changed to protect the innocent) and the parental interview, where all the lies came out, and then did some sleuthing, found D's current phone number and called her. D was old but lucid, and said that at no time did she say Amy had math skills or should become a doctor - all she was researching was early readers, and she would have mentioned that Amy had poor reading skills at first, but developed better than average skills by the end of the test. She was upset that Amy's parents had said what they did.

Janice showed up at 4, we chatted till 5:50 when it was time for her to go to her AA meeting. She has been doing those more often since she broke her shoulder and needed sleeping pills. She's off the sleeping pills, though.

Home, did not stop for groceries, I think I have more than enough.

This week was a collect all the garbage from all the bins in the house except the bedroom, and there were already two litterbox cartridges in there. Also had enough to recycle, so two bins wheeled out. And the microwave box was a major PIA to break down and bundle for recycling.

I took a look out behind the shed and saw a pile of things I forgot to have the junk guys haul away. But it's all small-ish, it will fit in the car.

Janice wanted to see Cabaret, so I bought tickets for Saturday night.

Watched the Raiders lose again, and the Eagles-Dallas game till halftime. Boring game.

Dinner was pulled beef BBQ on rice and steamed pork buns, peach crisp (crumble) for dessert.

No Tivo shows - Dr. Who is recorded for the future.

Spook checked out Spot's door, and has been taking more of the house back. She used the litterbox for the first time in a week. The food bowl is full now that Spot is not planting his face in it, but she prefers treats.

Plans for tomorrow:



When you have more than one.

Busy morning. Did 2 loads of laundry & put them away. Lots of Hawaiian shirts still need ironing.

Junk guy called at 9 that he would be here toward the end of the 9:30-11 window.

Filled the hummingbird feeders. Emptied the stuff out of the big ugly TV stand. Watched college football.

10:30 junk guys arrived. They saved the futon for last. If I had known it would not fit out the guest room door I would have removed the side pieces, but before I could stop them they just broke them off. It was being junked, but it could have been sold/recycled if they hadn't busted it.

Their rates have gone way up since the last time I used them.

As soon as they were done, I set up the now former guest room (it's really my library) with a litterbox, food tower and water fountain, and carried Spot from the bedroom where he had been deposited to keep out from under the junk guys' feet, to what is now his room. Shut the door.

Added a scratching post, toys and his favorite under the window platform from the livingroom. The library window looks out on #8's carport garden. Neighbors are out there a lot, so he'll have something to look at.

The webcam which was in there died, I had a spare but it's the wrong model. I'll have to order another of the right one. The new model can't be seen from my web page, and it isn't supported correctly by my phone app. It's also 16:9 and the others are 4:3.

Spook was totally spooked by the junk guys. She curled up inside the house section of the kitchen cat tree and shut the world out till about 7:30, when she came down and meowed for treats. She is back up on the top tier of the tree now, more normal.

I changed the cartridge in the laundry room litterbox, I hope she uses it.

12:50 pm I headed to Sunnyvale Nissan, I had emailed the salesperson I was coming around 1. It took 20 minutes - slow traffic and lots of stop lights. But he was not in today. His email said he would be. A grey haired Indian guy named Suresh showed me a car. 2018 model - he said the 2019s won't be in till March. But as he went to get the key, I checked and they had 6 2019 cars on the lot. I pointed that out to him and he said that they won't have the 2019s with the extended range till March. These only get 150 miles. I did not point out that's better than the 100 they got in 2017.

He was not very enthusiastic, and frankly the features he showed me were ones I wasn't too interested in except the all-around camera system. I didn't want to take it for a test drive, which surprised him. If I get a Leaf it won't be from that dealership.

Home, put a few more goodies in Spot's room. He has moved into the closet. Opened it himself.

Found a more cobbler-like recipe and baked a peach cobbler. Would have been better if I had used fresh peaches instead of week-old, but baking goes a long way to equalize that.

Had some brie on wheat thins as an appetizer, but the brie was bland. Fried a couple of roti to go with chopped liver & fried onions for dinner, but the chopped liver had turned so all I had was the roti and some of the onions. Had to disposal half a container of chopped liver. Boo hiss.

Watched some more football. Started up my stream on Twitch and have a bunch of people chatting after being on for an hour.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch football
Meet Janice for coffee
Safeway for salads and microwave lunches


Smoke Test

This morning there was dense smoke - not smog - smelled like 1,000 house fires. Turns out it was flowing down the valley from Butte county and was the smoke from about 27,000 people's homes and businesses.

I don't understand how entire towns get wiped out by fire - this has happened three or four times this year, in places people mostly move to to get away from high rents. And building codes. And professional fire departments.
At work on time, got right down to running audio tests on the new build. After running a couple, my phone reminded me to call the body shop, and they had the part they just forgot to call me. So I drove out there and left it. Needed a restroom, so peeked into a Subway shop half a block away but they didn't have one for customers, so I walked across the street to In-and-Out burger and used theirs. The sign on the front door said they opened at 10:30 and it was only 10:15, but they were open. I got an order of fries and a chocolate shake, and sat down to kill time waiting for the car. Lame fries - thin and soggy. Chocolate shake had no chocolate in it. Walked back to the body shop and they still were working on it - hung out in their office for another half hour while they searched for screws and clips to attach the part. They finally got it done, labor was $65. A bargain.  

Back to Google.

Was most of the way through the audio tests when I found two that failed. Basically the same test, just using a slightly different audio format. Filed bugs on those. Tall Manager was confused again when he saw. I had NP listen and confirm the bug. Chinese engineers gave Tall manager a work-around, but it only fixed two of the four formats. Pisses me off, because it means another build and another round of tests. These tests passed last build. They boosted the audio levels and I think that helped cause the problem.

Called Got Junk and added a bunch of things to the list.

Lunch was a Safeway Cobb Salad & the last of the mango upside-down cake.

Stayed till 6:30 to make up for the body shop trip, and to finish the audio tests and start down the rest of the list.

Need to train NP and NNP on the AV receiver.

Streamed my ride home, had one midwestern chat friend pop in. Am streaming now, have had two chatters but they are gone now. 

Home, nothing delivered or in the mail worth reading.

Watched PTI and Who's The One? Final episode, they needed to go for 4 matches to 11 in order to win a million bucks and leave with their matches. In the end there were 9 matches, and then suddenly the last two lit up. Phony as all get out. At least two of the women knew they were not the match for the person the program said. But it made for an unexpected sudden happy ending, so lots of champagne showers. I think maybe two of those couples will make it in the real world.

Dinner was pasta shells & bow ties with bacon snippets, American & Swiss cheese with olive oil, oregano, black pepper and thyme. One scoop of chocolate ice cream & some walnuts for dessert. And an egg nog chaser.

Plans for tomorrow:
GOTJUNK arrives between 9:30-11 am. Shut the cats in the bedroom when they arrive
1 pm Sunnyvale Nissan, look at a leaf and talk lease $$
Maybe visit a chevy dealer and look at a Bolt too. Maybe.
Cabaret at Sunnyvale theater??? Maybe.

Men of Steel

Remembered to turn on the TV when I got home and saw the Steelers clobber the Jaguars. It was a clinic. 52-21.

Last night I lit the pilot light in the furnace and made sure the electric switch was on. This morning my Nest thermostat was lit up like it was trying to heat the building, but the furnace was not fired up. Did not see where the problem was, so flipped the breaker on and off, which reset the Nest, and it did a 2-minute countdown and then the furnace came on.

Up early, out of bed not early. AG called twice before I was in my car, called him back and he gave me the news that as soon as the other company's offer is final he will give his notice. They have set an 11/26 start date for him. Turns out his new team at Amazon is strictly manual testing, and he is a brilliant automation coder. They insisted on him being grilled for his coding skills to get this job but now there's no call for what he does best. And he also realized that he has been using the other company's products successfully for a year.

Did some troubleshooting on a device. Turns out the TV Boss suggested I use is the wrong one, and I don't have the right one. Tall engineer gave NP one toward the end of the day.
Finally got the new build at 5 pm, had just enough time to confirm they did not break lip sync again. Tomorrow I'll do a full run of audio tests.

Lunch was a Safeway Chef salad and my mango upside down cake. I'll finish the cake tomorrow and make a real cobbler with crumbly topping over the weekend.

Traffic was miserable. Home, nothing delivered. Birthday card from my youngest sister in the mail, she hand drew the envelope to mimic envelopes I used to send. A GF had sent me a letter with a mailbox drawn on it for the To: space and a sign post for the From: space, and I took the design, whited out the addresses and had a printing company make me 100 of them. That was in the 70's. I have long since run out of them. And I have long since not snailmailed letters, hardly ever. That particular sister is a good artist. That particular GF went on to be an artist who drew illustrations of flowers for museums.

Did not watch any Tivo.

Streamed my ride home and got several followers chatting from the storm chasers group.

Dinner was a ham & bleu cheese salad from work. And mochi.

Went around the house gathering things for 1-900-got-junk's visit Saturday. Have to call them tomorrow and let them know that in addition to the stuff in the guest room, there's the old microwave, 7 cat beds, three baby gates, three bathroom scales, a corner table, and an umbrella & stand. They won't take Spot. But I can ask...

The plan for Saturday is to shut the cats in the bedroom, and when the junk is gone set up the guest room as Spot's internment camp.  He's been there before. I'll move one litterbox, a food tower and a water fountain in there. And maybe the short cat tree he's been sleeping on in the bedroom. And some toys. Spook pooped in the livingroom again, between the windows and the plant stand. Spot has been chasing her relentlessly. I posted him on another adoption site tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the body shop - ETA for my repair
Call Got Junk - add items to the list
Fill out time sheet
Catch up on PTI and Graham Norton

Indian Hanukkah

Up at 6:30, this standard time thing is not kicking in quite yet. Got caught up on amazon and on FB so was half an hour late to work. I streamed my ride, and several people watched, but I am done with that because cell service is so intermittent that huge chunks of my ride are skipped, and the audio goes in and out. But I am stuck with the unlimited plan till next week. Verizon only lets you change plans once a month. Fair enuf.

No tests to run, but I had to explain to Tall Manager that the tests he was asking me to run I had run and documented Monday, and he might consider actually reading the bug he was linking to. It took way too long for him to get it.

NP and NNP came in dressed in very beautiful & ornate saris, headgear and all, they looked stunning, and were handing out Diwali sweets. Yum.

Lunch was a ham salad from the fridge, and mango upside down cake. I had brought a Safeway chef salad, but the ham salad is equivalent and free.

No call from the body shop.

Texted Eddie, the second Adecco rep, who now works elsewhere, but got no answer. Typical Eddie. Candace answered my email. She had noticed me back on FB.

Put the headphones on to listen to some Twitch streamers, but ran the video on an HDR TV for Blade Runner and the latest Mad Max. Both had outstanding cinematography.

Plugged in the car at 4:45, left at 6, Spot was in the front window when I pulled in but was in the carport window by the time I parked. He is fast. I think he is part tachyons.

I had left the guest room door open, Spook is in the under the futon. I'll shut the door when she comes out. I'm having the junk guys haul away the futon & TV & tv stand on Saturday.

Watched PTI and Below Deck. The crew is a hot mess. I am hoping that Cap fires the boson and promotes #2 to that slot. #3 and #4 will be fine with boson gone. And I think chief stew will send #3 home and hire someone who doesn't cry and panic all the time.

Dinner was wheat thins and goat milk cheeses followed by turkey summer sausage which went into the disposal after two pieces, and then turkey baloney which is an old staple, and a pickle. Mango upside down cake for desert.

Streaming from the PC as I write this, no issues with signal at home, using the internet connection not Verizon cell data.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work-free work
Body shop???
Look for a new job (cont)


Body Parts

Weird morning. Woke up at 3, then 4, then 6:30 and finally with the 7:30 alarm. Spot was on the bed when I was trying to get to sleep, licking me, so I finally pushed him off the bed. Twice. Three times and he got the hint. I like him on the bed purring, but this licking thing is annoying.

8:30 walked to the community center and voted. There was only one person in line ahead of me, but the other precinct had several in line. Three bigger then legal sized card stock pages printed on both sides.

Killed time till 9:30, then headed for the Ford dealership. They took a look at the damage and sent me across the street to the F&S body shop, but I didn't see it across the street so I asked my GPS and it sent me clear to Santa Clara 5 miles away. Turns out that is their original shop, tiny and in an ally packed with car body parts. They sent me back with better directions and yes, the shop is directly across the street from the dealership, but it's on the other side of a divided road, and you can't get there from here. Have to make a U-turn about two blocks down.

So, F&S guy took a look, figured out which part it was, gave me an estimate of around $100 for the part and $50 for labor, and he said it's only a 45-minute repair so when the part comes in, maybe tomorrow, he'll call and he can fix it while I wait. 45 minutes. Amazed, I expected a much more expensive repair.

Went home since the shop is in the opposite direction from work, packed a lunch and was at the office by 11. 

Finished the tests, wrote up the results for Boss and the two managers involved. Two tests failed which bozomanager needs to sort, and one was unavailable - the automation test writers had it under maintenance. It will probably be taken off the list.

Lunch was a Safeway bacon salad. Italian dressing. The bacon was not very good - ground bacon, not bits. But the salad as a whole was good.

Nothing in the afternoon except to point out to Tall Manager that the bug he was asking about I had already documented in the bug report. Turns out it's probably one for bozomanager. 

Watched one storm chaser in SD, and the metal detector guy in upstate NY. Played tile matching games. Read the news from 7 sources, avoiding the hugely over-reported too-early articles on the election. We won't really know till tomorrow on most of them. Maybe later, what with the huge number of mail-ins.

Called my Baltimore sister, who is recovering from blood clots after knee replacement surgery, she had gone to the polling place on crutches.

Made an appointment for Saturday morning for 1-800-got-junk to haul away the futon and TV and TV stand, plus a couple of broken floor lamps.  I'll call and add the microwave and the Cuisinart base.

Plugged in the car at 5, stayed till 6. Drove to the UPS store and handed in the box with three amazon returns. I am still in search of a wireless charging stand that takes a USB C cable. I have a long C-to-C cable I'd like to use.

Home,  nothing delivered. Two National Geographics in the mail. Friday movie night is a thriller I'm not interested in.

Dinner was a piece of Alaska salmon which had some kind of cajun sauce built into it. Sensor reheat on the new microwave didn't get it completely unthawed, so I nuked it for 2 more minutes. In the other microwave I heated up some frozen mixed veggies. Chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Watched PTI and Long Lost Family. This was not one of the better ones. They edited out a lot from one of them, and both were run of the mill discoveries of mom right in the neighborhood and no dad to be found.

The cats have been fighting all evening. Spot is being a brat - he also has been messing with the orchid plants on top of the tall speakers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully the body part will arrive before I go to work, and we can have that installed first thing.
Wednesday, no plans other than that. No projects at work.

Sick Transit Monday

The time change messed me up. I miscalculated that there would be more sunlight at the end of the day, but it's at the start of the day. Woke up at 4, then 5:30, then 7. Did stuff on the tablet till the alarm at 7:30, and it was normal time from there.

AG also was affected, he rang me at 8:15, I called him back at 8:30. He has started working with his new team but he spent half the call complaining about his previous boss. He is still waiting for an offer from the small IPO-ed company.

Got to work 15 minutes early, but spent it talking the AG, telling him about Saturday's Celebration of Life.

Called the local Ford shop, they called back and made an appointment for me for tomorrow at 10 am.

Got a call from a recruiter for a contract at Samsung, testing voice recognition. I have most of the qualifications. Could hardly hear him, because he was on speakerphone, probably holding his phone like a pizza. Irony is this was for an audio testing job.

Lunch was a Safeway chef's salad, again a challenge opening the well-sealed tiny container of sliced black olives.  Mango cobbler did not turn out as good as the peach cobbler did, and neither of them was a proper cobbler. The topping for this one turned out like cake - I mixed it too well. So what I got was a delicious mango upside-down cake. Lovely, but not what I was aiming for. I have peaches, and will try again with a real crunchy top recipe.

Late in the day they finally gave me the new build for the soundbar, and miracle of miracles, all the audio artifacts have been cured. Well, I still have a few more tests to run, but I think they are all related. It did not fix a couple of other issues, but those are more about the test being wrong for a soundbar.

Stayed a few minutes late to finish a failing test, which got me to my manicure appointment right on time, but she was still working with a customer so it was a 10 minute wait. Two weeks she already had someone booked so we'll do it 2 weeks from tomorrow. One more session and I'll be done at Google and probably will go back to someplace closer to home. Or my new job if I have one. Traffic in the area is too miserable to go there during rush hour unless it's on the way home.

Traffic home was bad, first thing I did was put all the stuff in the hatchback into the grocery divider unit and park it in the shed. And then grab my lunchbox & tablet out. Windexed the inside and outside of the windshield and hatchback glass, something I keep putting off. The residue finally got to me. The sun is low in the sky, so it shows up more.

In the mail was my annual insurance statement for the house, which is paid out of escrow.  So are my property taxes. Also under separate cover was my completed refinance paperwork, which was supposed to have been sent to me a month ago.

Delivered at the front door was the new microwave and a very heavy box from Amazon with Grinch advertising. I hate those movies, they send the wrong message. Christmas is a lie. I hate all of those Christmassy plays. Though I get a kick out of knowing that a Jew wrote White Christmas. The box contained half a dozen bottles of Old Spice body wash. I tried Irish Spring, but it was a FAIL.

Also at the front door was the package OnTrac was supposed to pick up from the steps and deliver to #73. I'll call them again tomorrow.

Unplugged the current microwave and set it aside - it will be recycled at the SmartStation along with an old Cuisinart base, an electric knife sharpener and a lot of dead batteries. Saturday probably. Had to removed the four slices of rye bread first.

Made up two chopped liver and carbonized onion sandwiches with too much schmaltz, and heated those in the new microwave. It was a chore unpacking the thing - box within a box within a box. It's the same volume as the old one, but the turntable is a lot smaller. Maybe the chamber is taller. It has a weird blue LED light when you open it.

One feature I don't like is the 1-3 buttons are express 1, 2 and 3-minute buttons, it's an extra step to do a 1:30 2:45 or 3:15 timed cook. It does have sensor reheat, my favorite. It's black instead of white so won't show dirt as much.

Caught the last 3 minutes of MNF. Not a game I was interested in, but a cliffhanger ending.

Watched PTI and Doctor Who. I am liking the latter less and less. The writing is getting worse, as is the directing and acting. They finally chose a non-USA-centric theme, but their pro-feminist message was close to over the top. It's great that they are finally giving women major roles, but the pregnant man was a bit much.

As I write this, Spot is on top of the office cat tree and Spook is on top of the kitchen one. Spook pooped on the teleporter rug again, so I pulled it away and put the piano room litterbox there. It needed changing anyway. I hope she uses it this time. Speaking of teleporters, Spot seems to have one. He was asleep in the office one second and before I got to the laundry room to get out another litterbox cartridge he was by the door yelling to get out. Which he doesn't get to.

I streamed my ride home, the audio was a lot better. I'm streaming now but nobody stayed long enough to chat.

Plans for tomorrow:
Restore my Facebook account after the CA polls close.


Take Me out to the...

Two details from the celebration I forgot to mention:
1. The first thing the principal did when he got to the podium is have us all stand up, turn the the person next to us, hug them and say "I love you". Mark was in front of me and I wanted to hug him, but he got swarmed. Steve Fox was next to me, so he got the hug.
2. Her brother, just before it was time to leave, had us stand up and sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Carolyn was a rabid SF Giants fan and sang that at the 7th inning break many many times.
2.5. Mark put on dance music and asked us to dance our way out, as Carolyn would have done.

Up at 4:45 - 5:45 PDT - after the pit stop I went around the house changing all the clocks. Some of them have DT-ST switches, some don't.

Back to bed, stayed there till 10. Amazon delivered a wireless charging stand, but contrary to the specs online it did not have a C connector on the base. The last one was DOA.**

Watched some football. Packed the fried onions into storage containers and put them in the fridge. No lunch*, but I snacked on wheat thins slathered with goat milk cream cheese.

3-ish the first NFL game was over, I drove to the massage place because it has been a while. Did not get one of the better therapists.

Home, saw an ad that the Nissan Leaf now gets 150 miles per charge, that puts it into the feasible range for me, so I placed an inquiry online, and got an answer from the local dealer about leasing one. Much less expensive than the Ford, and way less than the Bolt last time I checked.

Dilemma, though. My lease on the Ford lasts through January. My current job lasts through the first week of December. Not sure I would be approved for a lease while unemployed.

Got a bite on my Rehome ad for Spot. A fellow asking how old he is (the site only has age ranges). Sounds like it may be a match.

Poured the used oil back into the original bottles (2.5 of them) through a funnel with a paper towel filter. Broke down the fryer, put the oil bin & basket into the dishwasher along with two bowls and utensils used to make the onions, and the usual glasses and flatware.

That done, *I ate the last piece of peach cobbler for lunch, and put the bake pan into the next load of dishes, along with the Cuisinart pieces. And started making the mango cobbler. Had the batter done, then the mangoes and sugar with lime juice bubbling on the stove, and the oven heated to 375, but it was almost 2 hours before the dishwasher was finished.

Watched the Patriots/Green Bay game while I waited.  Somewhere in there I shut off the oven and the burner.

The good news is when the pan was finished, it was hot enough to melt most of the butter.

Reheated the mango mix , melted the butter in the pan the rest of the way, poured in the batter and then the mango mix and fired up the oven. 40 minutes later I had a beautiful cobbler.

**Went onto Amazon and got an RMA for the two charging stands and a shirt which arrived late. They all fit into a small box, and I'll use the UPS-will-print option.

Snacked on some ham slices, and a couple of popsicles. Last night I set two popsicles (they are packed in pairs) onto the printer/scanner top, expecting to eat them as I typed, but they were still there - melted and useless - this morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone Sunnyvale Ford, ask what to do about missing car body parts. Not sure if they have a body shop or if they send work out, or if I'm on my own.
Can't do nails and the UPS store - not enough time. Will ship the RMAs Tuesday. After voting.

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