Kind of a nothing day, but with deliveries

Once again Spook was on the bed at first, then disappeared until the alarm turned the lights on. Then she joined me. Jade has been crying again, a lot. And now from time to time she stands in front of the gate, looking out, but she runs away when Spook appears, and sometimes when I do too. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to her vocalizing, except it stops when I go into her room.

My Plan A for today was to drive to the strip early afternoon, and take pictures, but applying the bandage to the surgery scar reminded me that I shoot right-eyed now, and can't do that till the stitches are out. So I stayed home.

AP outdid themselves with the stupid headline (since fixed) saying "Nor'Easter batters the Northeast". Duh.

Breakfast was another cheese omelet, to which I added a slice of Kraft Singles during the second heating. The apple dessert was too runny and crisp-less so it got dumped.

My Hgl was way too high overnight, I think the Novalog has run its course so I popped open a fresh vial and did a series of injections and Hgl readings while finishing the last Sonic chocolate shake.

Watched The Bachelorette and the producers did it again - they let a liar tell her a fib which derailed the cocktail party which meant some guys were sent home without a chance to meet her. And of course they had her give the final rose to the Jerk™ who got all upset at the top of his voice when another guy called him a narcissist (accurately). The liar did get a date with her and a rose so he was safe. He should not have been.

PTI  was minus Mike, Pablo had the inner harbor as his background.

Took a nap around 6, but Hgl dropped too low, so ice cream instead of dinner. Recovered watching The Equalizer on Prime Video via the new TV's app.

Deliveries - SodaStream 4 each of diet ginger ale and diet cola syrups.
After snailmail, texts, email and online notifying me they were canceling my Lantus insulin prescription for duplicating the U-500 insulin (which my doctor removed from the list) a cold pack with 18 vials of Lantus appeared on my porch. Fedex just left it there, did not ring the door bell or knock and no delivery notice.

Still reeling from the low Hgl, so I'm going to bed early.

Married at First Sight
Outdoor Nevada

10:30 pm Fantasy show at the Luxor

Some fishiness and a Below Deck FAIL

Did I mention I gave myself a haircut yesterday?
No need to rush getting out of bed this morning, so I got out the tablet, ordered some kibble for the cats, and when the lights came on and the morning Google Home routine played I was surprised that Spook joined me on the bed. She may have been under it most of the night.

Read some more Bob's Flying Saucer Repair,  it continues to be a juvenile effort packed with 1960's movie and TV references, bad puns and unlikely romances. And a puppy.

After shower most of the bloody mess which was my stitches wound was reduced to just the stitches, and I was able to craft a bandage from gauze and paper medical tape which covered the wound without touching my eye. But the tape is old, and not as adhesive as it had been, so I rooted around in the closet and found some slightly better stuff.

Checked email, FB and the news sites. AP is giving Trump and his goons way too much coverage.

Drove to Trop, expecting to buy a male betta and three medium sized white with black accents angelfish. They had a betta whose colors matched my females, but they had male and female opaline gouramis, so I got two pair and then bought three 3/$10 baby platinum angels. There is a lot of live plants floating in the tank, I hope the babies will be able to hide in there till they grow. Right now they are about half an inch wide, they can grow to 4 or 5 inches.

Stopped at CVS on the way home for fresh surgical paper tape and a selection of bandages closer to the sizes I need.

Home - mailbox was empty. Put the fish in their bags in the tank and dropped the bandages off in the bathroom. Jade has been crying a LOT, so I spent some time with her.

As planned, I opened the gate with Spook waiting on the other side. Big mistake. Spook ran full blast at Jade, followed her up the tree and proceeded to thrash her from the top tier. At one point Jade was hanging upside down from the 2nd tier from the top. Jade ran down the tree and tried to hide in her old spot on the storage rack, Spook was about to follow when I grabbed her and re-directed her out to the hall.

Neither of them were injured, but Jade has been howling on and off all day. I think it may be time to give up on a 2-cat household. But I'll wait till Jade's vet appointment Nov. 9. Maybe. That's a long way off.

Tivo time, 90 Day Single Life and its Pillow Talk season finale. Everything looked okay until they showed snippets of the upcoming tell-all, where Ed has been dumped by Liz, Molly and Kelley are together, and Brittany is a  no-show.

PTI was okay and will improve once the World Series starts. Maybe. Below Deck first episode of the season was a mess. Capt. Lee was ill, and they had the total loser captain who had brought the boat to the harbor take over the first charter. And batshit crazy potty mouth chef Rachel is back. Chief stew is new, pretty disorganized and 2nd stew is a man with serious OCD while 3rd loves to do laundry which is good. The deck crew looks good but Capt. Loser won't let them do their jobs sometimes. As a result meals were late and a beach trip was 2 hours late. Hoping Lee finds his way to the boat real soon.

Breakfast was a cheese omelet on a waffle, lunch was micro-lasagna to which I added a piece of chopped up string cheese. Sonic fudge shake for an afternoon snack, it was rock solid from being in the freezer overnight so it took a while. Reheated the rest of my prime rib from Monday night, it was excellent. Butterfinger Halloween size dessert, sticks to my dentures. Still yummy.

Spook is still on my bed. Hmm.

No plans for tomorrow. It could be a good day to take the camera out to the strip.

Nails, shakes,some football, zoom

But first, I forgot to mention yesterday three fish died overnight. I suspect the temperature got too low when the clogged filter failed to distribute the heat. Two angelfish which had grown a lot since I got them, and either a female betta or a female swordtail. Probably the latter.
When the wake-up routine came on at 8, Spook jumped on the bed and started to groom herself near the head of the bed, but I had to get dressed and take out the garbage & wheel the bins to the curb, then back and undressed and slept till 11.

Called for a nails appointment, got one for 3:30. Rain was predicted for about that time, but didn't happen till about 7. 

The wind was so fierce that my Peace Corps flag was blown off the wall, holder and all. Took in both flags, not planning on flying them from the front of the house again. Maybe I can rig something on the porch.

Humana did it again, canceled my insulin prescription. I phoned, but the call was dropped by the rep I'd been on hold 15 minutes for when there was no one on the prescription line to transfer me to.  Maybe I'll try again tomorrow after 5 pm as their recording suggests.

3:30 got my nails done. Blue this time. Used the app to order some shakes from the local Sonic. Had the banana one, it was very good.

Watched some 90 Day, PTI and MNF until halftime.

Dinner was brother in law's leftover salmon with sauteed mushrooms. It was industrial salmon, pressed into a brick, way too dry, but edible in small doses.

BASFA Zoom meeting, they are getting closer to meeting in person. Bay Area theater scene is also back. Vegas is coming back too, I have a ticket for a show next week, they finally have returned to selling single seats without distancing. Masks still required.

Chocolate shake and the rest of the Seahawks game tonight - Lumen Stadium - much easier to say than Century Link.

Jade has been standing in front of the gate. I opened it, and she poked her head out, but ran back into the room. Progress, though.

Trop - maybe buy a trio of angelfish. Depends on what's in stock.
Maybe leave the gate open and see what happens, since I'll be home most of the day
Below Deck - the original - is recording now, as is 90 Day Single Life
Read more of Bob's Flying Saucer Repair

Family visit, football and needy cats

Oatmeal on potatoes with a side of scrambled eggs was the pre-made breakfast. Very filling. The eggs needed cheese.

Read all the news, won a game of solitaire and lost a game of tile-matching because the programmer stacked matching tiles on top of each other.

Tivo had lots of stuff, I watched the Titans beating the crap out of Kansas City, until the WTF network decided that game was over after the 3rd quarter and switched to the even more lopsided  Bengals trashing the Ravens. They need to show the entire game that they start with.

Watched the first half of the Raiders game, which is when the recording caught up with real time.

Baltimore sister and brother in law were on their way from Arizona, where they were visiting family, due at about 4 pm so I passed the rest of the time watching Gold Rush and FFing through the narration.  

They decided to check into their hotel first, and got here around 4:30. I gave them the tour of the house. They caught a glimpse of Spook as she fled from the living room to under the bed, and while Jade was hiding in her tree hutch and would not come down, she let my sister pet her.

They had not seen PTI's 20th anniversary segment so I played that for them. They enjoyed it. Good use of the big TV.

We chatted till 6:30, then I drove us to Sam's Town and showed them the waterfall, then we had dinner at The Angry Butcher. Good food, big portions, okay service, about $100 for the three of us.

We got out at 8:00, just as the waterfall light show started. It was impressive, and very pretty.

Back to my place, they gave me all the leftovers and went back to their hotel. They have a lunch date tomorrow with a nephew who is an air traffic controller at LAS airport.

I watched the rest of the Raiders game, was surprised they won handily.

The full 90 Day The Other Way showed three couples whose relationships are doomed, and one whose American spouse is getting homesick. He hasn't worked at all to integrate with Mexico's culture or language.

Then an episode of Vets on the Beach.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take out the garbage
make a nails appointment


Got a lot done for a quiet day

Last night before bedtime Spook ran into the shower and started making noises I do not think I've heard from her before. Like confused whining. Turns out she found a cricket in there, and it was proving difficult to catch. This morning it was in three pieces.

Took off the bandage over the cancer surgery wound and it was a mess. Petroleum jelly mixed with blood. Patted it dry, applied a tiny bit of PJ, and trimmed a Band Aid to sort of fit. I may need to trim my mustache tomorrow to get it to stick.

Breakfast was a Mom's Meal called egg scramble primavera. It was not to my liking - the veggies were mixed with the eggs and were in some kind of picante or salsa sauce. The chopped apple side dish was overly sweet, but edible.

Put on shoes, went outside and unplugged the car.

Read the news - AP made their coverage of the Laundrie kid disappear. Apparently Alec Baldwin's freak accident merits many more articles higher in the list.

After breakfast and the news, I grabbed a big screwdriver and a pair of pliers and went out on the porch to remove the pigeon spikes from the railing. They came off much more easily than expected, but there were a lot more of them than I remembered.

Filled two hummingbird feeders and put them out. One replaced the empty one in front, the other is near the porch door. Not sure if it will attract any birds.

Out of Apple juice, I considered ordering delivery but wanted to see what other juices were available - the variety has expanded a lot lately. Drove to the store, got apple, grape, Mango-banana and Strawberry-Kiwi. Very surprised at how many forms of cranberry juice there are. I can't stand the stuff. Bought some "holiday nog" by a local dairy. None of the mainstream egg nogs are on the shelf yet. Also bought a couple of packs of Halloween size Butterfingers.

Home, bubbled up some soda water, diet cola and diet ginger ale - I'm all out of the SodaStream ginger ale syrup. Ordered a 4-pack online. So now my fridge is completely full on the top shelf with drinkables.

Lots on Tivo - Below Deck Med Galley Talk, which is nowhere near as good as 90 Day Pillow Talk. Shark Tank90 Day teaser in which we see Alina make the wrong decision, Cory continue to be a clueless idiot, Jenny starts to understand that Sumit's mom is not Satan, and Ari doesn't get it that Bini turns off his phone because of her incessant nagging.

Started recording and watched two Dr. Pol episodes. Way too much narration, way too much hype. Nice to see female vets joining his practice. And the diversity of animals is impressive.

Glad to see the Dodgers lose the pennant race.

Took a short nap around 5:30, was woken by the reminder to change the litterboxes. Jade used hers right away, making a major mining operation of it. She also has been playing with toys a lot, so I threw in one more mouse-like object which she batted all over the place. Spook is loving her new fur rug, and also has been pulling toys out of the pile to play with.

Plans for tomorrow:
Trim my mustache and maybe give myself a haircut before I shower.

Middle sister & her hubby will be here around 4. Dinner at 7 at The Angry Butcher. Maybe play the Happy Time segment from Friday's PTI if they have not seen it.


Set Alexa to wake me at 6 am, and glad I did because it was a rare 2 hours from the last bathroom trip. Did all my morning stuff, heated up a breakfast meal of a scrambled egg patty and two pancakes, with lo-cal syrup, side dessert of apple cobbler which I ate 1/4 of and put back in the fridge for later.

Got to the LV Skin & Cancer center at 7:15 for my 7:30 appointment. There was a consent form to sign and a short wait. Too short to get my tablet on their wi-fi.

Nurse got me ready, surgeon came in to verify I knew where he would be cutting. He said the biopsy showed he would be going in deep.

He left, nurse did not numb the area before poking me with the needle in multiple places. It hurt a lot. But then I was numb. Surgeon came back in, said the nurse did a good job over a large area. When he cut, all I felt was a little pressure.

Next step was for Dr. to look at what he sliced out and decide if there was more to remove. I made the mistake of asking to stay lying on my back instead of sitting up, and it was a long wait with no way to call the nurse. When they came back in I got her to let me sit up so I could breathe. Only needed a couple of minutes, then back down and Dr. did some more cutting and scraping. And suturing. It did not hurt but I could feel the sewing. Nurse put a bandage on it, sat me up and had me wait in the waiting room in front.

I took out my tablet and opened up the Kindle app and started reading Bob's Saucer Repair a cute story about a handyman who comes home to a broken flying saucer in his garage. Got a couple of chapters in before Nurse Jessica tapped me on the shoulder and said I could go, after I made a return appointment in 10 days with the liquid nitrogen addict. So I didn't get the spot on my head looked at.

The instructions & nurse said to remove the bandage after 24 hours, apply some Vaseline to the stitches and put on a new bandage.

Home, mail person was still loading mailboxes so I could not collect mine.

Had to make a CVS run for the Vaseline - I thought I had some but no. Wanted to go to the new one NE of me, but did not believe the GPS and ended up in a big circle, back at my local branch.

Read the news, horrible "accident" with a prop gun in the hands of a comedian. I've been shot with a blank at close range, that won't kill you. There had to be a live round in the gun, and for two people to be hit, two rounds minimum. Alec Baldwin was clowning around. It will be interesting to see how the bullets got into the gun. And it wasn't really a prop gun - those usually have a bar welded into the barrel to break up the flaming cotton packing - a live round might make a prop gun explode.
The anesthetic and stress and lack of sleep told me to sit in the recliner and watch the Browns run all over the Colts. So I did, mostly using the 30-second skip feature at the end of each play. Football looks really great on the new TV.

PTI was epic. 20th anniversary show, and they were told that one of their regular fill-in hosts had put together something in place of their usual Happy Birthday segment. They had not been allowed to see it until the live show.

Four Hot Bench episodes on Tivo, but the last two were some conservative news show. Checked the listings and Hot Bench is gone. Oh well. Canceled the recordings.

Nothing else on Tivo, so I fired up the TV and pushed the Prime Video button. Was surprised there were new free episodes of The Equalizer. Very well acted, this season they are lighting the sets, no more shooting in the dark. Who knew Queen Latifah was such a fine actress?

Tried to take a nap around 6, but settled for a lie-down listening to a busy LVFD scanner, sucking on Dove dark chocolate mint swirls.

Dinner was a salisbury steak on rice with a side of mixed veggies meal, which said to also eat a piece of (provided) whole wheat bread. Weird, bread and rice don't mix. But they do with enough butter. The last of a Turkey Farms mint chocolate chip ice cream container to round it off.

Delivered was a 6-pack of pheromones, the two in Jade's room were empty and the two by the aquarium were close. Jade poked her face near the one in her room between the book shelves. The other is behind the door.

Spook is loving the fake fur rug.

Plans for tomorrow:
Remove the anti-pigeon barbs from the front ramp railing. Don't need them now that I've stopped putting kibble out
Maybe drive across town for the EV car show. Just to tell them that an EV car is useless without a network of fast chargers

Happy returns

To johnnyeponymous!

Missed the planned free breakfast because it took too long to schedule a urology appointment with a phone bank rep who was having a bad listening day. And my call to middle sister went to voicemail, who texted she will call back later because she is visiting with in-laws.

Finally made it to UPS, took the Cox cable box to be returned, and he opened up the box it was in, lifted out the accessories tray, scanned the serial number on the bottom of the unit and printed out a returned equipment receipt.

Next stop, CVS for an anti-infection prescription. Pharmacist says wait till I'm done with the E. Coli drug before taking it. That would be the day after tomorrow. Bought some snacks - Dove dark chocolate & mint drops, macadamia nuts. And non-snack spot bandages.

Home, cold pack delivery on the porch, Ozempic pens.

Later, another cold pack was a partial WTF - lancets are not a cold item, but the R-150 insulin is. Humana had listed that online for $1200 but I'm in the catastrophic care period so only $65.

Amazon delivered a box of 10" picnic bowls which I use for ice cream, nuts, treats, etc. And a 6-foot by 2-foot faux fox fur rug which Spook immediately jumped on when I set it on the floor in front of the sofa. She tried pulling it up with her teeth but decided it was better to just lie on it.

Married At First Sight latest episode was a disaster. Couples retreat at a dude ranch broke up one couple and seriously bent two others. The Unfiltered segment after showed one of those couples is pretending to be on the same page, though they clearly are not.

Started watching PTI but the feed was all garbled.

Sister called, we worked out her plans to visit Sunday. Turns out she was in Arizona visiting in-laws.

Started watching a NOVA program on edible insects, which started with familiar street vendors in Thailand. It's like the way cereal is sold in the US - doesn't matter what the shape is, the important thing is the flavoring. Thai hot & sweet sauce is yummy and makes even insects taste okay. It helps that they are roasted or fried to a crisp. But I started falling asleep so I went to bed for an hour.

Going to sleep early tonight because:

wake up at 6 for my 7:30 skin cancer operation, which apparently is an all-day process. I have to remember to bring my tablet for something to read.

Cable foo, meals delivered. PCP appointment, microwave delivered

This morning I stripped the bed and replaced the dark blue bamboo sheets with white floral microfiber. Spook did not help, but she spent most of the day under the bed close enough the the foot that she was in plain sight.

After breakfast, went to Cox Cable again, the equipment rules apparently have changed, and the rep who I talked to was making stuff up. He said I need to return the cable box because it hasn't been used. I had tried to return it when they sent it to me back in June 2020, but they said I had to keep it because it was part of the plan I'd signed up for, even though I was using my Tivo instead. So tomorrow I'll grab it from the shed and bring it to the UPS store, which the email from Cox says they will pay for, no box needed.

Last night my fancy Toshiba Alexa/Google Home compatible microwave limped and died. The turntable gave out and then the magnetron. Bad timing because my Mom's Meals delivery was due today, these are 2 week's worth of healthy microwave meals free from Humana. I had qualified for 3 deliveries, but after the first one I had to pause because of dental work. My crowns are in and the partial works okay with them (new partial in a month will be a slight improvement). So I ordered a new microwave from Best Buy, this time without wi-fi, because it turned out to not be needed very often. Got an LG, which plays the same music as my oven. Kind of expensive, but elegant. And on sale. It's a weird design, no buttons on the front, they are behind the door. Put the food in, push the buttons, close the door and hit Start. One requirement was to have a brute force door, not a push-button because those buttons fail.

I made dinner (a Mom's Meal) in it, and it worked fine. One nice feature I discovered is that it chimes when the food is done, but it chimes again a minute later, which works because these meals want to be left in the oven a minute after they are done.

The meals had been delayed a day, and they called me to let me know that if they didn't arrive cold, I should toss them and call them for a new delivery. But they were cold, the two big cold packs were still frozen. I parked the meals on a shelf in the fridge, 4 units high, 3 deep, and went to watch TV. Somewhere in there I re-arranged the meals so lunch/dinner was on the left and breakfast on the right.

The Bachelorette first episode. Way too much padding at the start, and the co-hostesses went through each bachelor's room before they made their official entrances, and found one guy had a playbook with all kinds of cheats for getting good edits, more screen time, moves which had worked for others in the past. He arrived in an ice cream truck, with his shirt awkwardly half open under his blazer. IRL he has nothing to do with ice cream trucks, but it made a big impression on M (the bachelorette). However, the hostesses outed him, M took him to his room and read through the playbook and sent him home. Yay. Except this meant several contestants got zero time with her.

There were a couple of WTF moments, two guys introduced themselves in Spanish. M does not speak Spanish. One guy named Joe, who is from her hometown, had been messaging her about her basketball playing (she went to college on a basketball scholarship) but apparently he stopped writing and then magically appears as a bachelor. The producers manufactured a moment of angst at final rose time, but she gave it to Joe, who IMHO is fake. They have to have at least one drama llama. The world has known M was the next bachelorette for more than a year.

There was another producer-inspired intro. A big burly fireman came in riding a kid's toy fire truck. It was awkward. A couple of bachelors later, in comes a full sized hook & ladder with lights flashing, and delivers a bigger, burlier fireman.  And one idiot arrived as part of a dinner table with his head poked through a hole in the middle, covered by a catering dome. When M lifted the dome, she screamed and ran a couple of feet away. Idiot stayed in the table for way too long. Creepie. But he got a rose. Go figure.

Watched one Hot Bench trial, and PTI, plus the second half of Outdoor Nevada.

Switched to Prime Video on the new TV, caught the latest episode of Lower Decks, discovered a forgotten series Tales from The Loop and watched one episode. It dragged a lot. Started a movie called Alienated which is supposedly about a young scientist who encounters a UFO, falls in love with an artist who turns out to be from the UFO, but they waste way too much screen time on his mentally unhealthy hoarder father. It's paused.

Plans for tomorrow:
UPS, ship the Cox box
CVS, pick up a drug for my infected toes, and probably buy more dark chocolate mints
Phone my Baltimore sister who is planning on being here this weekend
Try to make a urology appointment

I'm a waiter

Got up and dressed in plenty of time for my 9:30 am appointment with the contractor. But he didn't show up or respond to my text. Will call another contractor tomorrow.

Email from a local recruiter, from the same contract agency of the recently failed job, with a QA position. He was late to our 2:30 pm phone call, but not by much. Bottom line is it's not a fit. As ususal they are looking for superman, someone who can do manual testing of front end, middleware and back end, and help find and fix bugs in the code. And they need someone with online betting app experience.

Skype call with a friend happened on time at 4, but was shortened because friend had tickets to a musical.

Dinner time, microwave gave out with meal 2/3 cooked. Nuked it some more. After lots of shopping online spent more than I wanted on a new one from Best Buy. Should be delivered tomorrow.

Watched PTI, 90 Day Single Life and its Pillow Talk.

Below Deck Med finale did not live up to its name - no one needed medical attention. Well, okay, the chef needed sedation, but that's just my opinion. The episode was followed with Andy Cohen's gathering all the cast except She Who Shall Not Be Named, for and after-filming tell-some. Apparently the cast and some of the crew had a house party after in which everyone was naked at some point(s). Capt. Sandy keeps hiding behind her excuse that she did not know about the crew's shenanigans until after filming was done, but that just tells me she's not a very good captain.

At about 8 pm I needed tn lie down for half an hour. No energy. Got up and did some online shopping. Test strips, faux fox fur rug, paper bowls, microwave.

PCP appointment in the afternoon.
Several deliveries

Garbage, Cable, Blood, MNF at the clubhouse, BASFA

Up with the alarm at 8, out of bed by 9. Spook wanted to stay on the bed with me but the covers were all lumped up.

Collected all the trash bags and dumped them in the bin outside, did the same with the recycled stuff. Wheeled both out to the curb. Bulk pickup had vanished all but a couple of windblown plastic straps.

10:30 went to Cox cable with the UPS tracking which showed they had taken back the package I refused and then sent it to the wrong place. Return address was N. Las Vegas NV but it went to Phoenix, AZ where the recipient refused it. Cox rep understood quickly, and got the charges taken off my account in a day or two.

Home, Spook wanted me to sit in the recliner, so I did and she jumped on my lap and then on the side table. Jade was being shy all day, curled up in her tree hutch, or on the top tier of the tree.

Watched some Vets On The Beach until it was time to go to hematology for a blood test. check-in FAIL, the staff went on break and left a sign-in sheet which was not writable. When they came back fromm break they put a real sign in sheet in place. Was called in about 15 minutes late, two vials of blood taken and then go home.

It was blustery and the car was rained on enough to turn the wipers on intermittent for about 5 minutes.

Checked the mail, junk only.

Got shirts out of the dryer and ran a dishwasher load.

Caught up on the Internet, turned on Tivo and watched 90 Day The Other Way. Sumit's mother came over to teach Jenny how to be a good Indian wife, and OMG that kitchen is a mess. Mom directed her, and a lot of unsanitary crap which Jenny had basically thrown on the floor got put in the trash. I would not eat anything made in that kitchen. Sumit's mom was direct and specific, but made no rude comments. Jenny took it all in her paranoid way, thinking she was being abused and encouraged to go back to America. I didn't get that at all. Sumit was very smarmy about it all, because he was raised to not do any housework. Meanwhile Alina's mom is in Turkey visiting her and Steven, sees right through him, suggests Alina come home with her but Alina thinks she is in LOVE®. Finally, some good news, Kenny and Armando visit an orphanage for HIV+ children, bringing toys and spending the afternoon playing with the kids. Kenny sees some positives in adopting, but Armando is stuck on having a child in vitro because he wants his child to have Kenny's bloodline.

5 pm, off to the clubhouse for MNF. The usual stupid line up for food confusion. Instead of the normal left to right pay->get buns->get burger or hot dog-> apply condiments, the condiments are on the right side, the pay/buns is in the middle and the meat is on the left. So there's no clear way to line up. But the hot dog was good, and inside tables were set up, chips and drinks were free. I stayed through the first quarter, chatting with the guy next to me who had come from the midwest by way of Hawaii. He said they would come to Vegas to gamble, there are 3 direct flights a day, finally they moved here.

Nobody was paying attention to the game. It was all couples and old friends visiting each other. I left at the end of the first quarter. Watched some of the game on my big TV.

8 pm BASFA zoom was good & long. Lots of reviews. Too many rumors of the week.

Brought Jade some canned food. She's still schizo, sometimes rubbing her face against my hand and suddenly being scared of my hand.

9:30 am appointment with contractor to get an estimate on 3 projects. Maybe more because the porch could use new carpet and a pull-down shade.
90 Day Pillow Talk
Below Deck Med finale & reunion
. Capt. posted on Twitter that she finished with the same crew she started with, forgetting she fired one of them who is not in the reunion photo.
90 Day The Single Life
Maybe some Hot Bench and Antiques Road Show
Outdoor Nevada
final 2/3.