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Not as lazy as I could have been Sunday

Took two loads of clothes out of the dryer, hung up about a dozen and a half t-shirts, several dress shirts, folded and put away one pair of jeans cutoffs and about 7 pairs of underpants, and rolled up and put away ~15 pairs of socks. Ran a dishwasher load and put away all the things. One more small laundry load, still need to hang up 4 t-shirts from that.

Breakfast was a banana and a Kind bar, lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich. Fast forwarded through the FIFA final, since FB had spoilered it. I hate to say it, but the Frogs scored the only legit goal (as in not a corner kick or penalty kick) and one of Croatia's was basically an own goal because France's goalie had checked his brain at the door. The entire French team had checked their sportsmanship at the door, so much taunting and play-acting. Once the final buzzer sounded they found it again, the after-game hugs and back patting looked sincere. Basically, I watched the score, and after each score I rewound to the place where the goal was made, and where appropriate back more to the (usually bogus) penalty which prompted the kick.

While I was hanging up t-shirts, Spook came in to help, but ran away when she saw Spot was already on top of that. She hid under the livingroom table and defended her position. During the day she was out and about more, in the kitchen window, at the food tower and out of her cubby hole.

Had some intestinal issues which I threw lactaid and immodium at. Relaxed on the porch with a glass of ginger ale with real ginger chips, and watched zero hummingbirds decide to drink from the newly filled feeders.

Took photos of the garden flowers. HUGE Mason bee was enjoying the sage bushes.

Tummy cleared up in time to meet Janice @ 5 at Stabucks REI as we call it. She's usually late, but was 15 minutes early, compensating for her arm in a sling. She had as hectic a week as me, what with physical therapy appointment foo and helping a friend's child into a behavioral "studies" home. And with a shattered left arm, she isn't able to play pickleball. I suggested badminton, but she is having none of this Change thing. Better to do without. Oh, and Vonage voicemail won't play on her Panasonic handset.

Of course I filled her in on my cardio adventures.

Home, watched Match Game and To Tell The Truth while shoving beef stew & rice into my face. Mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge sauce. 

Took out all the garbages. Sprayed the flagpole's anti-snag rings with silicone lube.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Start at the Hole after grabbing breakfast and wait for the TVs to be delivered.
The rest of the day depends on Internet connectivity

Putting the Sat in Saturday

Despite yelling from Spot, I slept till 9, read till 11 and was dressed by the crack of noon.

Started with a snack - a peach. Needed more so spread the last of the 2nd to last container of chopped liver & carbonized onions on rye bread and poured a soda for the rest. Finished the 1/4 slice of black forest cake.

2 pm drove to the Rose Garden library branch in SJ, should have waited half an hour.  Made good use of the restrooms twice.

3 pm script reading meetup got underway a bit late because the authors were a bit late. I got to read a small part in the first piece, happily it was only in the first few pages, very short lines. The work was the beginning of a feature film which takes Greek mythology and places the gods in modern times, sort of. All the myths are intact, only the dialogue and costumes are updated. Hades has an office. And a helmet of invisibility. There's a new character called Shadow who may or may not be another god with an invisibility talent. Or he may be the shadow of any god whom the author wishes to have on hand at the moment.

The second work wasn't a work really, it was a summary of a proposed TV sitcom series meant to be sent to a contest. The setup is in expensive Silicon Valley's eastern suburbs, a man with a menial job and two daughters whose breadwinner wife died of cancer rents half his house, or maybe sells half his house to a Christian family from India. She (the author) gives the husband the name of David and his wife is Emma. Author obviously doesn't know anyone from India. And when several of the white guys mentioned that those were not likely names for people from India, she didn't ask the two guys from India at the table. One of them finally chimed in that even Indians born in America usually have Indian names. The Chinese guy at the table who grew up in that suburb said she would do better making it a Chinese family, because there actually are Chinese people there, and they give their kids American names to go by outside the home.

She wasn't interested in my comment that the current US Rep from that district is from India, he goes by Rohit (nickname is Ro). It would have been off topic for me to mention that the previous Rep is Japanese-American, named Mike.

There was nothing to read, and I stopped listening to the discussion when it was clear she needed far more clues than she was willing to receive.

Home, probably should have stopped somewhere because it's a neighborhood I'm never in. Too late for the Rosicrucian museum across the street. Maybe next week I'll go there instead of the meetup.

Changed both of the litterbox cartridges, put a load of laundry into the dryer for when it isn't hot outside, and another one into the washer.

Refilled all the hummingbird feeders, colored the mixture with blue & green. Similar to the Russian sage which they love so much.

Put the California state flag on its pole into the pole holder out front.

Dinner was two slices of reheated pizza. Coffee ice cream. And grapes.

Watched PTI. Two episodes recorded but one was Wimbledon instead. Also watched Below Deck, in which all three male staffers want to hook up with the four women staffers. Studly white hunk from Zimbabwe put the moves on a blonde and a brunette. Both are airheads, the blonde much moreso.

Still have Match Game and To Tell The Truth to watch, and tomorrow am recording the final soccer match. Channel 4 news time was an infomercial.

Spent an hour hanging up 2 weeks' of t-shirts, made the bed first. Spook came into the bedroom briefly, but ran back under the livingroom table when she saw Spot. But this is the first time since Spot arrived that she came into the bedroom. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Put away 2 loads of laundry
Spray some lube on the piece which allows the flag to rotate freely in the wind
5 pm coffee with Janice in MV
FF through the soccer match
Catch up on game shows

Not as bad as it could have been

Trestadicker day. Up early, but since I spent time last night at home doing work stuff, I left an hour late. Missed a call from AG at about 8:30. Was just in time for accidents on 101 to back up the on ramp several blocks, so I made a U-turn and started for the IFH, but got blocked out of the right turn I needed to make and ended up taking a tour of parts of Sunnyvale I had never seen before. So many Apple buildings!

Never did get on 101, took Middlefield instead, and Shoreline, which worked well because there is now a turn-onto-Plymouth lane which is the street Hole 2 is at the end of. Did not bother to go to The Hole since no progress had been made on paying for the internet line.

And as usual, delivery guy shows up there when nobody is home, no warning. We don't need those 2 TVs anyway, not till there is Internet again.

Upstairs in Hole 2, NP was there just long enough to say she had told me she was taking most of today off (she had not, but who cares?).  Missed breakfast, was able to run one test before the network started to flake. Taiwan engineer wanted to look, He suggested 1:30, so I had lunch first (beef and broccoli, mixed fruit - the mango pieces were far from ripe).

Brought him upstairs, and of course the wifi had mostly stabilized just in time. He saw minor fluctuations but blamed the environment. I had to agree. He did some in-depth checking but didn't find anything to fix. I gathered my laptops and Netflix box and walked him out. Drove to the Hole because aircon was not working in Hole 2 2nd floor cubby hole. Tried to update one of the TVs there, but something is wrong with its back panel, so no workie.

Plugged the antenna back into my Samsung and watched Bad TV, walked to the break room and grabbed a soda and a nectarine (it lived up to its name, I went through a handful of paper towels). Cardiologist called, she thinks yesterday's dizzy spells may be dehydration from the increased diuretic dose, and wants me to do another blood test next week. Good news is the echo cardiogram showed normal blood throughput, not the dire restricted flow previously theorized. She mentioned the calcification, but said it's not needing anything done to it any time soon. And she will check with the pacemaker techs to see why there has never been a second appointment. And why there have been no downloads since March.

And she agrees the echo tech is a gem.

Called Baltimore sister, filled her in on the cardio stuff. She and hubby are making a tour of minor league baseball stadiums. I think he has been to all the major league ones.

Talked till 6:30, so I headed for massage place. My usual person had desk duty tonight, it was very busy, there was about a half hour wait. The person who took me on gave me the second best massage ever. Similar technique, but not quite as adept. Close, though.

Heading home it occurred to me I have not eaten out in months, so I stopped off in Denny's for a slam with pancakes, eggs, sausage & bacon. Yummy. Service was okay at first, then the place filled up and I had to get my check at the register, after a couple was rung up.

Home, watered some of the plants. Neighbor turned off the spigot, which caught me by surprise. The hose doesn't leak, no reason to do that.

Set up the personal laptop and ran windows updates, there were several. And now it is charging because it loses charge when it isn't plugged in.

Facebooked with a couple of scoops of coffee ice cream. Am learning to hit "hide notifications" when someone comments on my comment. I stand by what I said, there's not need to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person - especially on someone else's pages.

I belong to  Peace Corps singles FB group, and the moderator set up a poll asking us to click on which country we served in. 18 comments in there were no repeats. Kind of astounding.

No TV tonight. Tomorrow I plan to watch Channel 4 news. They are local, they lost their network franchise a few years ago. So they went all-news, then when that didn't work they added major globs of crap shows and infomercials.

Speaking of news, I am amused by today's indictments. There is nothing illegal about Russians trying to influence American elections. Or Americans trying to influence American elections. All the heads of state of Europe expressed opinions during the campaign, it made no difference. The FBI needs to get a life. So does Congress.

Delivered was the latest clock/weather station. Smaller than it looked in the ads, but more readable than the big one, with actual barometric pressure reading, indoor & outdoor temps & humidity and the time is writ large enough across the top. Powered by USB so it doesn't take up an AC outlet space on my USB enabled power strip.

Cut for politicsCollapse )

Plans for tomorrow:
Change both litterboxes
3 pm screenplay reader meetup - they have an actual script to read this time
Catch up on Tivo news

Is it Friday Yet?

Started the morning playing fetch with Spot. He had knocked all his tiny catnip mice under the small recliner, so I pushed the button to raise the foot rest and he got under there and rescued three of them, and brought one into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth. He loves to jump into the tub the get it, and dumps it at my feet.

Out by 9, traffic at the onramp was a mess and didn't clear up except for a half a mile by Ellis.

Grabbed two tiny bananas and an egg and a soda from the break room, it was crowded but I was preoccupied and not paying much attention to eye candy.

No wifi in the Hole, so I grabbed my Netflix test box and cable and power supply, and a USB keyboard and brought them to Hole 2. Wifi there was iffy too. It took forever to get the Netflix box online, and then its router wasn't easy to find. Netflix tech support had sent Boss instructions on how to boost the signal, but you needed a signal and Internet to do it. As I was starting to test, tall manager tried to grab my keyboard. I used my THEATER VOICE to tell him hands off. What a jerk. Boss came running to see what made quiet Howard not quiet. I told her that I have run out of Diplomacy. It has been a crappy week, and was continuing that way, shoved into a little corner with NP, trying to run tests which need to be run in a lab not an open office. The whole floor is people running tests which should be done behind doors with acoustic paneling. Google planners are Idiots.

Finally did manage to boost the signal, and the network was up just barely enough so NP was able to learn how to run the tests and file a bug against one. But we never got my Netflix box online, so Boss had me take it home to plug it into my network. And when I did I saw that NP had plugged the WAN cable into a LAN port, no wonder it didn't connect.

Called for a nail appointment and got it.

Replied to all email from manufacturers to talk to my boss, not me.

Closed a couple of bugs which yesterday's build fixed. Got another build today, but it broke the wifi connectivity so I had to re-install yesterday's. That's 4 builds in 2 days.  OK for engineering testing. Not acceptable for certification testing. Which is me.

Lunch was sweet & sour chicken steamer and mixed fruit - mostly pineapple.

After work got my nails done in silver. The sparkling gold was too over the top. Lisa I just learned is my manicurist's name, she wanted to schedule my next appointment, but I don't know for sure until the week before.

Instead of going next door to Safeway I drove to the one near Rengsdorff Starbucks, because they are newer and have better cut fruit baskets.  Only went the wrong direction for 2 or 3 miles. Got mango, mango & strawberry, some bananas, peaches, nectarines and grapes. Milk, and four steaks packed 2 per slab, $4/lb. And oreos (thin mint) which were a 2-fer, and chocolate pudding because the stuff they have in the break room is bland.

Home, had to keep a hand on Spot to prevent his dash out the door. Took 2 trips, what with two grocery bags, the backpack with my work laptop and the Netflix box, and my lunch cooler.

Online, took a while to get around to dinner. Sliced up an onion, tossed that in some olive oil on the grill pan, dumped on some mushrooms, then one of the steaks. It came out well, I didn't need A1 till the last few bites.

Watched the rest of The Bachelorette, she sent home the stunt man right away, which I think was a mistake, then the remaining black guy, who shouldn't have lasted this long, and chose to give the last rose to the a-hole investment banker from Buffalo.

Next week is family visits. Going to be a downer after Nassau.

Watched some of 90-day Fiancé, this one was a disaster. All 2 hours of it, but I FFed most of the last half because it was obviously all going to hell.

Hooked up the Netflix box, logged into it with my work laptop, set the signal to its top power and designated a channel instead of Auto.

Rewarded myself with an egg cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Start work in Hole 2. Try plugging my Netflix box in the right way.
May need to go to The Hole if it looks like someone paid the bill.
Massage after work, my usual person ought to be working

Rough Day But I Fell In Love

Up early, out early, the break room was wall to wall visitors, some kind of non-Google conference, everyone had special name tags on lanyards. Somehow I managed to grab an egg and a soda.

Called BofA, it only took three transfers to get the double debit cleared up. It seems Quicken launched BofA Bill Pay, which it was not authorized to do from either end, and paid $2k to a credit card which was reported stolen several years ago. They will get the $ back into my checking account.

Checked The Hole, no internet, no email saying anything was being done about it. So I packed up my "away" kit, 2 laptops, some cables, a couple of USB drives and put them in the car, then drove the car to the door, propped open the doors and carried out the TV.

Drove to Hole 2, logged into my main laptop and was pleased to see the latest TV build ready for me to download. Which I did, and put it on a USB drive, NP came down just in time to open doors for me and the TV, then she insisted on bringing the TV upstairs.

We have a tiny space too far from the off-corp wifi, and after successfully updating the TV spent the next two hours not connecting to Netflix's test servers.

Noon, I went downstairs, made lunch (beef & grains) ate some mixed fruit for dessert, saw England score a goal and left just after Croatia evened the score.

Took my lunch cooler with me, but left my away kit.

Kaiser at 1 for my 1:30 appointment. New cardiologist was 15 minutes late, but spent extra time with me. Much better connection with her than with the previous one. She doubled my diuretic, kept my beta blocker at its original dosage, ordered a small set of blood tests, and after she left, the EKG woman rolled her machine in. That was after cardiologist made an appointment for 5 pm for an echocardiogram.  No time to go back to work and come back so I emailed Boss & NP to let them know, and went to the poor excuse for a cafeteria they have in the clinic building. Found a fruit plate, orange juice and oreos because blood sugar was going low.

Back to  cardiology at 4:30, checked in and waited till 5 for the echo tech. Who is a slender, tall-ish dirty blonde woman with a firm handshake and blue eyes. Average face on the beauty scale. She angled the monitor so I could see it, answered my questions, was pleased that I actually recognized Doppler colors and volume measurements. She was beyond competent, good sense of humor and I told her if I was 40 years younger I'd be asking her out. She said maybe more like 35 years. Or less.

While I was waiting, the first blood test result came in, it measures a hormone which should be < 100 for someone my age, and it was 56. It shows if the heart is working too hard. Mine is, but it doesn't look like panic time. Echo tech showed me calcification in a heart vessel, which I'll let cardiologist tell me the ramifications of.

Home, delivered was:
California state flag
Big bag of Purina One hairball formula and enough packing paper to keep Spot amused for months
20 replacement batteries for my car remotes
[probably fake] testosterone enhancement pills

Refilled the almost empty food tower with the Purina. Vacuumed two huge barfs from Spot, who can't handle the very expensive Royal Canin which his shelter had recommended. And a hairball from Spook, whose recovery has included more grooming time.

Filled the dishwasher - couldn't fit everything in.

Watched PTI, and some of the Bachelorette. Two 1-on-1 dates. She falls in love with whomever she is with. I think she is in love with being hugged and kissed. She sure is beautiful, though.

Dinner was pre-cooked bacon (an homage to Barenaked Ladies) and sunny side up over easy eggs. On rye bread. Butter pecan ice cream with butterscotch syrup for dessert.

While Spook was in the kitchen, Spot climbed up onto her favorite perch. Spook mostly pretended to ignore him.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check The Hole for internet, then to Hole 2 with Netflix test backup gear and to log into email.
Condolences to British Boss on England's loss
Call for nails appointment
Manicure (?)

Almost Humpday

An interesting day. No internet in the Hole again, but set up shop for a while across the street and downloaded a newer build for the TV. Installed it in The Hole by tethering the TV to my cell phone. Slower than a 1600 bps modem. Or so it seemed. 10 minutes to update one app.

But the newer build fixed most of the issues, and I was able to plug in an antenna and watch the world cup game. The game ended, miraculously, just before lunch time so I went back across the street, updated the bugs and had chicken marsala and strawberries for lunch. There was a Marketing 101 session going on down the hall, and a stream of very attractive humans came in for a few minutes each to show they knew how to make noises with the espresso machine. Lesson learned: when you have no engineering skills, but are pretty/handsome you can still be a barista.

100° in the car for the short ride to Hole 2 for sync and to check email. The guy who fixed the internet billing problem last time was there, he will probably call the provider tomorrow to get an updated contact. Google support has utterly failed on this.

Found out the group will be moving to the next building over. Another demotion. Execs are getting the new building 2 over. I am not looking forward to the move.

Called BofA to try to get the double transfer issue reversed, but they have so many blocks against helping customers I gave up. There is no way to message them online though their on-hold blather suggests doing that.

Called for a nail appt but they were booked

Home, awful traffic.

Watched PTI, the new sub is pretty good. 1/3 of The Bachelorette, which made some drama where none needed to be, but they got over it. The dork she gave the first impression rose to she is now seeing is a dork, albeit a smiling, positive, tall dark and not as ugly as he could be dork. Meanwhile three of the guys not picked for a date are feeling way more insulted than they have any right to be. The two who are taking it in stride are probably going to go to the next round, which is her meeting their families at their homes.

Watched Channel 7 news. Lots of fire news because they have a drone, but also a lot of real local news. Sports news was handled well.  Not a lot of coverage of the Thailand cave rescue, but the network was doing something in-depth later tonight. Seeing the news online made me cry. CBC had a photo of a billboard which showed the kids, and hand written huge above it was "rahp nong glahp ban" which they translated as "welcome home boys" but it's really "receive younger brothers returning home". It sounds a lot more poignant in Thai.

"They now belong to the world" one newscaster said.

Dinner was chicken soup with matzo balls and shrimp won tons. 3/4 of a slice of black forest cake for dessert. Somehow I resisted the urge to make a la mode.

Poured out half the sourdough starter in the fridge and fed it. The poured-out half is in a container, will try again with pancakes probably. Thicker batter this time.

Spook has been parking under the livingroom table. Spot takes that as a challenge. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Call B of A
Call Vanguard to find out about IRA withdrawal to cover the double BofA debit. It's either that or sell Apple stock.
If the final build is available, install it. Take the TV to Hole 2 if no wifi
Boss wants me to train NP on Netflix testing. I really don't want to do that in Hole 2.
After work, writer's meeting downtown MV


Up on time, read some before getting out of bed, AG called while I was getting dressed and again when I was taking meds, so I called him back when I got on the road. He had a weekend full of birthday parties, friends of his son and his wife.

Lots of traffic, people are back from vacation, but I was early enough that the off-ramp was a breeze.

In the hole, still no internet, so took my laptop to the break room and checked in from there, and grabbed an egg and a couple of sodas and took them back to the hole to run two tests on the TV**

But first I checked with Verizon and they said my plan includes tethering, and the reason I wasn't able to do that last week is probably I didn't have a good cell phone signal. So I tried it again and got the TV set up.

 *1 - had the TV scan for channels on the antenna, it found 10 then rebooted itself, forgetting all of them. 2- Plugged a DVD player into component inputs, and sure enough the TV didn't see the DVD playing. Double checked by plugging it into my non-Android TV and watched some of Howard The Duck. I need to bring in a better DVD.

Nothing else I could test without internet.

Back to the break room with the laptop to file bugs.

Lunch was a steamer bowl and cantaloupe.

Back to The Hole, for the rest of the day I watched Comet TV - old sci-fi movies, Dr. Phil and whatever else was on the air waves. Every half hour or so I tethered my laptop to the phone and checked email. Turns out the build I was expecting won't be done till Wednesday. No word from Google on any progress with the internet bill.

Also no word from the Pirates sing-through, so I went home. At least two of my FB friends posted about being at the sing-thru. So I am bummed.

Dinner was hot dogs on rye with mustard & sauerkraut with a side of cheese-covered macaroni. Chocolate mint ice cream for dessert, this time I heated the fudge first.

Watched PTI which was better than it should have been with two substitute hosts. Also watched another Penn & Teller and the first segment of The Bachelorette. No time to play the three news recordings.

Got locked out of my Kaiser account because without warning they changed the password rules, and mine did not comply. Instead of the usual "please change your password" it gave me "wrong password" messages until it locked me out and forced me to reset it. I am not pleased.

Logging in, I saw my cardiologist appointment is not tomorrow, it's the day after. I also need to get my nails done soon. Not at Kaiser, though.

Plans for tomorrow
Watch a lot of TV
If the internet comes back I will be surprised

Gay actors have been playing straight characters since ancient Greece, but let one movie studio cast a straight woman to play a transsexual, and all hell breaks loose.

Moving right along, it was a typical Sunday morning, except for the return to Fry's. The replacement weather station, as it turns out, doesn't show the actual barometric pressure. Instead it shows a graphic which is supposed to predict what the weather will look like, based on changes to air pressure. The graphic takes up 1/4 of the screen and will show clouds and or sun and grass with a flower growing, but the clincher is the manual says they are guessing, and allow 10 days for them to get it on track.

Just give me the number.

So I boxed it up, returned it for store credit and paid another $17 for one which does it all.

Spot escaped as I was going out the door, but this time did not want to be brought back inside, so I left him out. Last time he showed up in an hour at the front porch.

Next stop, the car wash. $26 + tip is outrageous, but nobody nearby does it better. Huge number of cars on a sunny Sunday cut into the tip, it took about half an hour and they parked me behind some anal retentive a-hole with a huge urban assault vehicle which took another 20 minutes to get out of my way. He had to check every inch of his beast inside and out.

Home, set up the new weather station and the temp readings both inside and outside were way high.**

Lunch was chopped liver & toasted onions on rye with another slice of black forest cake and ginger ale with real ginger chips.

I left the kitchen door open, and after a short time Spot showed up in front of it yelling the get let back in. Spook was not happy about this turn of events. She had already commandeered the top of the tall cat tree.

Did stuff online, then went outside to unplug the car to go for a massage, but across the street neighbors were out so I went over to chat for half an hour.

Took what I thought was the fastest route to the massage place, but it wasn't. Weekends my usual person isn't on duty, I should have checked before I went. The person who did the honors was very good, but not the best ever. My person works Friday evenings, so I will try again Friday after work.

Home, tempted to make a couple of stops (Whole Foods, the gun range) but didn't. **checked the weather station, temps had stabilized into accurate readings.

Actually, come to think of it, Spot escaped because I had both hands full bringing out the stepladder to take the flag down.

Looked up a sourdough pancake recipe for dinner, and made it. Massive bubble reaction adding the baking soda. Added too much milk, so got thin pancakes. The last three were whole pan sized because they were too liquid. Used up all my discarded sourdough starter. The pancakes tasted okay, but not okay enough to save the leftovers. Dessert was chocolate mint ice cream with chocolate fudge syrup. Next time I'll heat the fudge first.

Watched one more round of Match Game, and the channel 5 news. They too are all about fires, but they do save some time for news. I set up to also record channels 4 and 7 to see if any of them work for me.

I ran my Twitch channel all evening, showing three web cams and my PC cam. I don't think anyone tuned in.

No storm chasers, which is odd because there were storms.

Plans for tomorrow:
Start in The Hole
If no wifi go to the break room to log in.
Fake it from there
No email from the Pirates sing-through, so probably will be going home after work

I bought everything

Up at 9, did some web stuff before getting dressed and taking drugs. It was already 75° out at 11 when I headed for Fry's, and found a viable replacement for the non-lighted weather station/clock. This one is in color, uses A/C power, and not only has the clock and indoor/outdoor temp/humidity, it also has dual alarms which I probably won't use because both Google Home and Alexa can do that. As expected it did not pick up an atomic clock signal so I had to set the date & time manually. But the backlight has 3 dimmer settings.

On to Safeway, where I followed my list, but somehow kept putting things in my cart. Things which mostly should have been on my list. 18 eggs cost less than 12. Go figure. Somehow three slices of black forest cake got in there. And I went with the huge olive oil, which was less per oz than the smaller one on sale. No tangerines, and the strawberries were $3 more than at Whole Foods. 2 weeks worth of frozen lunches - found a couple of new ones with low-ish sodium. Breyers ice cream was on sale 2 for 1 so I bought 4. And butterscotch syrup for the butter pecan.

Hot weather meant a lot of exposed flesh in the store. Some of it very attractive, some not.

By now it is 95° outside according to my car, so getting home was a priority.

One of the items in the cart was cold fried chicken, so I had a few pieces of that for lunch and a slice of BF cake.

The sun glare tells me my efforts to clean the windshield have not worked, so I do need to fork out $26 for a car wash.

Spot snuck out of the house twice, and he made me pick him up to go inside. He's probably 20# now.

Spook fought him off three of four times, but she doesn't stay out of her hidie hole much even though she wins all the fights.

England won another FIFA game. Wow. 2-0. I only saw the score, not any of the match.

Watched the news, may change stations again because the new one is also following fires too much and their sports guy is a joke. Also on Tivo was two Match Game segments, I watched one.

5 pm met Janice in MV, she is recovering from surgery which rebuilt her left arm. She's doing okay, but is a bit tired. And she has taken her handsome doctor's advice and is cutting back on all her pickleball, hiking and high stress social work.

7-11 after because I wanted a glazed donut. Bought two, and a small Cheetos and one other cheese cracker snack.

Home, looked online for sourdough bread recipes, and they are all way too complex. Boiled down they are really just standard bread recipes written by OCD patients. The usual pattern is there: mix the dough, let it rest, add salt, let it double in size, punch it down and form it into a loaf, let it rise, then bake it. The difference is in longer times to do each thing, and higher baking temps.

Too late to get something started for tomorrow, though.

Dinner was half experiment - I took some over-salted fried shallots and tried to dilute them with mushrooms and leftover rice & beef stew. That created too salty stew. But I also heated up baked chicken thighs and had some cole slaw on the plate. And two slices of Jewish Rye. Butter pecan ice cream with butterscotch sauce for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Car wash
Take down the flag
Maybe start sourdough bread making.

Another frustrating day the The Holes

Up with the Google Home alarm (I have retired the Bose alarm clock) but discovered much to my surprise and disappointment that the new weather station clock has no backlight, so it is useless in the dark. I will look for one which has a clock large enough to see (most don't) and a backlight.

On the road by 8:30, no traffic, speed limit almost all the way. Grabbed an egg and a Coke in the break room, which had been gutted of snacks during the two days it was not stocked. One wonders by whom. They were supposed to stock it today but did not.

Quick check in the Hole, internet was still down and the trouble ticket had no activity.

So I took a keyboard and a gamepad and my laptop over to Hole 2 and did as much of the smoke test as I could.

Lunch was Saffron Road chicken marsala and cantaloupe.

About 2:30 there was nothing more I could do there so I hauled the TV to the Hole and tried to do audio tests, but it needed internet. And couldn't even tether to my phone because (a) it was not the phone number associated with my test gmail account so the connection was rejected by Google security theater, and (b) I haven't paid for the tethering service with Verizon.

I'm expecting the internet to magically re-appear late Monday or overnight Mon-Tues.

While I was testing in Hole 2, a couple of engineers turned on the 85" TV and watched the Colombia-Belgium FIFA match. Once again, Belgium cheated, play-acted and bullied their way to a win. 2-1, no penalty round.

Back at the hole I wanted to hook up the test TV to the antenna but it needed the internet to launch the TV app. Go figure. I may file a bug.

So I watched what TV there was on the Samsung. That's the non-Android TV I got Boss to buy for me so I could plug Android things into it and know the TV was not messing with the tests.

5:30, home in 95 degree heat, high humidity too.  Traffic was light but not at the 101 on-ramp so I took my usual back roads home.

I need ice cream and fruit, but will wait till it cools off and go in the morning.

Dinner was macaroni & cheese & tuna. Ice cream for dessert.

Spook has been out and about more and more. But she still runs and hides when Spot chases her. But then she turns around and attacks. It's called strategy or something. Tactics?

Watched the news on the other channel, and it was less about fires and weather and more about news. Yay. Sports guy is a jerk on this channel too, though.

In flag news, the Coast Survey flag is all torn up on one side, I don't know how that happened, but it happened a long time ago, so I ordered a California state flag. Walmart sells them online for $8. 3'x5'. I won't hang the new USA flag till the next flag holiday. That's a long ways off.

I wanted to fly the Thai flag, but won't until they return to democracy. That's also a long ways off.

Read some more of Seanan's book, Down Among the Sticks and Bones. It unfortunately is hinting of blood and gore, but I'll wait till that actually occurs before I give up. It is in the Novella category where there is some stiff competition:
All Systems Red by Martha Wells
And Then There Were (N-One) by Sarah Pinsker
River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey
Two others are fantasy and/or unreadable.

Delivered was the huge pet water fountain and in a separate envelope 10 filters. Cat treat meat sticks were in with the fountain, I nearly missed them. Spot likes that the top of the fountain is drinkable. He has a habit of knocking the tops off of water fountains. Spook has not paid a visit yet.

Plans for tomorrow:
Morning grocery run
Maybe start the 2-day process of making a loaf of sourdough bread. I think I need more white flour.
Coffee with Janice
Maybe put away some T-shirts.

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