beta carotene shortage. No shortage of football

Amazon messaged me that the vitamins I needed by tomorrow won't arrive till Thursday, so I went to Target. They no longer stock beta carotene or coated vitamin C tablets. Walgreens was the same, but their customer service guy said the Vitamin Shoppe across the street had them.

10:30, the Shoppe doesn't open till 11 on Sundays. But the nice man let me in since I knew what I wanted. Beta carotene was easy, but it took a while to find non-choking vitamin C.

Thought about Safeway nearby but couldn't see going just for marinated artichoke hearts.

Home, Tivo online lied, it was not recording the Titans-Chiefs game. But EPG lied and it was on a non-premium channel. So I set it to record the final half.

Tivo also said it was set to record the 49ers game, + 3 hours.**

Lunch as planned was hot dogs on buns w/mustard and sauerkraut, and a pickle.

Chiefs came from behind again, but only won by 11 points.

49ers stomped Green Bay from the start, never have up their lead or even came close. Jimmy G was not a factor, he just kept handing it off. The star running back was injured early in the game, the stand-in was amazing. 4 TDs. Aaron Rodgers tried to come back in the 2nd half but only scored twice, and muffed a 2-point conversion. 20-37.

Pizza for dinner. Mochi dessert.

Superbowl ought to be an exciting game, but there are no guarantees when both teams have great defenses.

Raised my sleep number to 95 last night, and slept better but rolling over twisted something in my back by my shoulder a couple of times.

**Tivo fail - I missed the last 5 minutes. The recording stopped at 3 hours instead of the 6 hours I had programmed. I'll have to manual program the superbowl. Can't do it yet, online app only works 2 weeks in advance.

Watched a couple of Vegas streamers just now, quit when my eyes started hurting. One had a great tour of the mall inside the Palazo.

The garbages are out on the curb, including a litterbox cartridge.

Ordered some replacement cat toys. And a mouse pad.

No plans for tomorrow

Saturday Update

Totally forgot my comfort food dinner. The trip to GO I remembered to pick up a couple of cans of Campbell's chicken noodle soup. After salad, I dumped a can's worth plus a can of water into a microwave safe bowl and had that for dinner. Yummy. Great for the low temps we've been having. Dessert was a warmed up slice of apple pie with whipped cream. Late snack 3 of my chocolate chocolate chip cookies from the fridge freezer. New microwave defrosts those nicely at power level 3 for 90 seconds - a formula stolen from Jimmy Dean croissant sausages breakfast. Oh yes, egg nog too.

Late start, early rest of the day then 3-hour gold rush

Just couldn't put down the tablet this morning.

But first, last night. As it sometimes happens, Spook in stealth mode curled up behind me while I was reading in bed and wouldn't move away till I rolled over in her direction and petted her. She objects by holding my hand in her teeth, just for a moment.

After not being able to fall asleep, 1:50 am I got up, put on a robe, made a tall glass of chocolate milk, and watched about half an hour of Gold Rush. Spook followed me into the livingroom and when I went back to bed she parked in the guest room.

This morning I was reading from the tablet till 10 am, Spook was in full purr mode when she jumped onto the bed and went behind me, then in front of me and rubbed her head against the USB cable, then back behind me till I got up.

The last banana and an HB egg for breakfast, the usual online news then watched a couple of storm chasers in blizzard conditions. Fun with Twitch, I had one tab with a blizzard in Michigan or maybe it was Minnesota, and another tab where someone was walking in the sun up in Santa Rosa, CA. Lots of familiar names chatting on both.

Salad and found a long lost bag of Bon Chon chicken wings in the freezer for lunch. Apple pie chaser.

Watched more Gold Rush until 1:30, J texted she was done with the women's march and on her way to Peet's.

She only had an hour to chat, after I hit GO for bananas and milk, they had egg nog! My favorite brand! For 99¢!. I bought two. Also got red onions, a cucumber, breaded fish fillets, 85% chocolate bars, eggs, and walnuts.

Home, watched more storm chasers, streamed for more than an hour - several chatters (I reduced the follow requirement), two trolls, but they were not the child.

Back to Gold Rush, which was a 3-hour combo, one hour of the three Yukon strip miners, one of the underwater miners and one of a guy who was the manager to hate last year, who is returning with last year's rookie crew but this time to Montana. Instead of strip mining, which he failed at a few times in the past, he's going to find old mines which had been abandoned 100 years ago, but probably still have enough gold to justify another dig at current prices with current tech. He reminds me of the original Master from Doctor Who. And Sherlock's Moriarty. And Lenin. Sharp features, severe goatee. Most of that hour was him in a bar in Montana with his crew, monologuing about how he has A Plan™ and 10 steps (or maybe it was 8 steps) for success. I am seriously interested in seeing those old mines.

Listening to 1940's music on Sonos, I discovered yet another wartime British singer who was made a Dame, whom I should have known about. Gracie Fields:

She is better known for her signature song:

What an amazing range - even at 80.

More Tivo - Howard Livingston's FB page led me to a lovely travel program on the Florida Keys, PBS' Samantha Brown's Places to Love. Very well done, her guides are 1-on-1 people who live on Key West. Howard gets to sing some of his Living on Key West Time though the theme of the show would have been better served with Where Bananas Grow.

There will be a Creature Features and Svengoolie to watch later as well as Graham Norton.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hot dogs for lunch because football.
Try to find the Titans/Chiefs game on YouTube or Amazon. Or maybe a sports bar.
49ers-Green Bay is the afternoon game. Tivo will grab it.

End of a mostly boring week

Stayed in bed watching videos until 9, Spook joined me for a bit then went to battle mirror cat while I showered.

Kaiser called, my glasses were in, so noon-ish I drove to MV and picked them up. They are heavier than the $39 glasses, but otherwise the same feel.

Went straight home, I don't know why. Probably should have had lunch in MV and people-watched.

Home in time for some TV and the daily drive home stream. There was one storm chaser showing us snow in Chicago.

Lunch was a small salad then a bagel and cream cheese with butter, and a tin of smoked kippers. Spook came out of the bedroom looking like she wanted some, but I know better. It is annoying how she stares at me but doesn't want anything.

Tivo had another Andy Cohen show, with Martha Stewart (aka White Privilege personified) and the incredibly sexy Karlie Kloss.

Also on tap was Ex on the Peaks which brought in two very sexy exes, one gay woman crashed a date where her ex was expecting to boink the person she was on a date with, who was the ex of a man who had been sent home a couple of weeks before. The other ex is a straight Hispanic man, very handsome, who said he wanted to win back his very sexy ex, but ended up hitting on a similar looking single in the house when his ex went back to the single she had been hitting on. It's less complicated than it sounds. One new couple was formed, two large people who had been too shy before to hook up.

PTI too, of course. They like KC and SF to win Sunday.

I streamed for an hour, had one chatter from Argentina who said his English was poor. Two others dropped in but left after a couple of minutes.

Dinner was lasagna again, salad first, apple pie with whipped cream.

Delivered was 6 pairs of socks. My feet are waterlogged, I had to throw out some old socks which did not stretch enough.

Ordered more sugar-free Werther's caramels.

Plans for tomorrow:
Coffee with J at 2 (or after she gets back from the SJ women's march)
There will be storm chasers streaming and TWC to watch
Need bananas

Not Much except rain & wind

Spook woke me up at about 6 fighting mirror cat.

It was still raining, had been all night, so not too surprising the toilet got clogged. Plungers did not clear it.

Despite that, another early start, delayed when AG called, while I was taking my meds. We chatted for about 45 minutes. He says Google translate understands Vietnamese, he uses it to write to his relatives back there. By coincidence yesterday I found it does not understand written Lao. There's no camera scan function for that language.

It was a crazy day, raining hard and windy, and I was out of snackable sweets, so I fired up the oven and popped in a Sarah Lee bake it yourself apple pie. But I really wanted chocolate, in more handy portions, so I pulled a half-used bag of chocolate chips out of the cabinet and followed the cookie recipe on it, plus adding a bunch of Hershey's powder. It worked fine, I now have a ton of chocolate chocolate chip cookies. That was lunch, actually.

Followed what few streams were online, caught the youtube clips of the impeachment managers marching on the Senate, and then bits of the swearing in and such on TV news. Pretty disgusted with how much coverage the prince and the actress are getting. Abdicate already. Move to a neutral country.

Unemployment sent me their tax form, a hint it was time to spend 100 tax deductible dollars on TurboTax. I started filling it out, but need to wait for the SS form and my brokerage form. It may be another month.

Crickets from Realtor again.

Watched a couple of streamers go to a museum in Vegas, but the exhibits were closed so that didn't last long. Did my own stream for an hour, but only had a couple of chatters on, maybe 10 minutes.

Ordered some socks on Amazon.

PTI had Steve Young on, dinner was salad and lasagna and a slice of apple pie.

Brought the snake in from the shed, it easily cleared the clog. Yay.

Very sleepy, will go to bed early.

looks like 2 dishwasher loads. Baking from scratch does that.
Should be a nice day to hang out at downtown starbucks
Put the snake back in the shed

Surprise Surprise

This had to happen on the one day this month my bed wasn't made.

I was watching a streamer on my PC, pretty much just wasting time since it was bitterly cold outside and I had no plans and nothing on TV. Doorbell rang around 11:30,  it was the inspector who had originally been scheduled for 2 days ago. My Realtor had failed to let me know he was coming.

After he did his tour of the roof and outside, and was inside taking pictures and checking the windows and water, another doorbell ring, this time it was the realtor for the buyers, asking if it was okay for the buyers to come in, they wanted to be here while the inspection was being done. What the hell, okay. I'm glad I was there, the realtor had some questions I was able to answer and the buyers liked the piano, which I had not been sure about.

It was all over in an hour, and I was bored again and went online streaming myself at about 3:30. Lots of people stopped by to chat this time, maybe I'll change my routine to stream in the afternoon. No troll - he was in school.

Macaroni and shrimp for lunch, popcorn and Swiss Miss instead of dinner. Thought about heating up some lasagna but wasn't that hungry. Somewhere in there I made an egg cream.

Andy Cohen on Bravo had Amber Tamblyn as one of his two guests. I had not seen her in a long time, she is doing trashy Bravo shows. I have been a fan for a long time - her dad is Russ Tamblyn, who played the lead in the original West Side Story movie,and later Tom Thumb in a TV series I liked as a kid. Looked him up, he's 85 and looks better than I do. I first noticed Amber in Joan of Arcadia, she played the title role and it ran for 3 years. IMDB says prior to that she had done a lot of short stints on soap operas, but after she was in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 & 2.

Checking my Tivo To Do list, since I don't get the NFL Network I won't get the Titans/KC playoff game. 49ers is local, so it will be on one of the SF channels, and Superbowl will be on Fox.

Plans for tomorrow: 
Rain all day predicted
I ought to go to Target and hang out in their Starbucks, and bring home some snacks. Famous Amos.

Tivo EPG FAIL, Bachelor is a slut, Bravo Andy

The usual morning but with some extra faux chocolate. Little Debbie Swiss rolls are nowhere near as good as the Hostess equivalent. Smaller, bland chocolate which falls off the roll. Snackwell's marshmallow stuffed chocolate cookies hold together well,  but there is almost no chocolate taste, and the marshmallow is skimpy. Nabisco Mallomars are much better.

Read a lot of news, played solitaire and tiles, then TV channel surfed. TWC and Top Bench. A little Live PD.

Croissant sausage for lunch after using the last of the salad greens.

Delivered: vitamin D. Two more vitamins still to come from that order.

GO for salad, limes, olives and ice cream. Milk, too. Lasagna. Charged the car.

Home, no streamers to watch, answered some email. Collected the monthly park magazine, 2 weeks late. That's 2 months in a row but last month was only 1 week late.

Facebooked a lot.

Started watching Ice Pilots on TWC but fell asleep.

Lasagna bought at GO nuked a little too long, was dinner after salad. Needed a machete to cut through the cheese crust. Six servings wrapped up and frozen.

Watched Andy Cohen's Vanderpump Rules reunion. I almost nuked it before I started but glad I did not because there are some very hot women on that show and they dress to show it all off. One man wouldn't STFU, but the show is to be continued. Andy is the official Bravo channel reunion guy.

Tivo one pass fail - the PBS biography show was not set to record. Nothing I could do to tweak the one pass settings worked, had to just set it to record by itself. The trouble is the electronic program guide (EPG) which Tivo uses is not accurate about which shows are new and which are reruns.

Watched episode 2 of The Bachelor. The producers brought back Hanna Beast to MC the first group date, but the Bachelor turned it into major drama, he's still in love with her, which makes no sense because she chose TWO other guys over him. She should not have been there at all, it was an insult to this set of women. Thankfully she walked away, but in the meantime the group date was canceled and other drama ensued. B is attracted to another Hanna from Alabama in this group, who shares some of the Beast's physical characteristics and all of her mendacity. Out of the 17 women now left, I can see about 6 possibles.

Still to be watched - Oak Island. Maybe. If it isn't a rerun or an enhanced version. And that bio program on PBS.

Meanwhile, sports is over for me. I am not a basketball or hockey fan, I follow the scores but both games move too fast for me.

Baseball came down very hard on the Astros for stealing signals. I think they are being ridiculous. We stole signals in little league. Baseball has found ways to cheat for 100 years. Stealing signals is so common in football that coaches cover their mouths and now the QB and defensive captain have ear pieces. Audio tech is good enough now that a batter can wear a receiver in his ear and be fed signals. Besides, the catcher's body language is often enough to give it away.

Crickets from Realtor. Grrrr.

Too cold & wet to go anywhere.

Streamed for an hour. No chatters, many followers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Who knows

Geaux Tigers

Not a lot to talk about today. Morning was quiet, garbage taken in, it rained on and off, mostly off.

Delivered was a jug of cat treats (good, I'll use the last bit of the old jar tonight).

Shark Tank on Tivo. Nothing exciting there.

One empty hummingbird feeder I thought was leaking, and suspected a hole where the perch screws into the base. Unscrewed the perch - no hole, no leak. Blame gravity and sloppy hummer eating habits. Put it back together and refilled with aqua colored sugar water.

Running low on vitamins, ordered C, D3 and Beta Carotene.

Mortgage statement arrived. I "only" owe a little less than $98k. It was more than 100k when I first listed the house. So that's 2k more cushion.

Both Vegas streamers were on for a little while.

Watched the college championship football game - both teams are the Tigers. Clemson was beating the crap out of LSU, so I paused the playback and streamed for an hour, then went back and FFed until LSU was ahead, and watched the scoring plays. LSU came back to clobber Clemson 42-25, and was on the 3 yard line with more than a minute to go when they took a knee until the clock ran out. Classy.

It was a pretty clean game, it was also a game where the zebras mostly kept hands off, but nobody got hosed. It was good to see Louisiana win in NOLA and be obviously the better team. "One team, one heart" is a great slogan.

Dinner was lazy - rice with butter. Mallowmars for dessert. Swiss Miss too.

Below Deck crew drama continues. Alcohol at the after party makes it worse. Boson continues to be a sexist jerk. Chief Stew is loosening up a bit both with her staff and her libido. Chef has a bad back and is not being at all brave about it. 2nd stew is socially inept and has torpedoed her romance with 2nd crew guy.

Still to be watched - The Bachelor.

Plans for tomorrow:
Play piano
It may be nice enough to go somewhere

Football Day - No Birds in the Superbowl

Slept a little better. Before going to sleep I read a couple of chapters on the tablet Kindle app, and when I tried to roll over to sleep on my other side, somehow here was a big fluffy cat in my way. She was in stealth mode.

Football early game on Tivo, Texans were clobbering the Chiefs 24-0 a few minutes into the 2nd quarter, and I was about to write the game off when KC came back from the dead, scored 28 unanswered points in the 2nd quarter and went on to destroy Houston 51-31. Quite amazing.

Lunch, though, was not as successful. The plan was to sauté garlic in butter and pour it over defrosted cooked shrimp, but I got carried away, added some white wine and the last of the cheddar and bacon dip to the pan, and forgot to warm up the shrimp. And there were too many shrimp.

The good news is I have plenty more shrimp, butter and garlic. Next time keep it simple. And maybe over rice.

Watched streamers, but most of the storm chasers were on their way home.

Checked on the Seahawks-Green Bay game a few times, and then watched Seattle give it away in the last 3 minutes. Or rather, not score the walk-off touchdown they were in position for and needed.

Back to Twitch, watched VegasDogLife and her guy coming back to town from a nature reserve north a ways. Sounds like a great place to go fishing. Several familiar streamers popped in from time to time. They have quite the community, I am looking forward to joining them.

Did some online research, found the secret code to stop all beeping from the dishwasher. Have not heard the mysterious 3-note tones since. Time will tell. 

Tivo, nuked some Andy Cohen segments, watched Creature Features - they showed a vampire movie and the guest was a grand nephew of Bram Stoker, who has done a biography and is the keeper of the family archives. The movie was awful but the guest had some little known facts. Live PD this afternoon was okay.

I was going to skip dinner, but there was pizza in the fridge freezer and I found a white coffee mug to make a perfect for 1 brownie in. All my swag coffee mugs are dark inside, hard to see where the chocolate is. And I don't want to disturb my international collection. 

Garbage taken out. On closer inspection litterbox did not need to be changed yet.

Streamed for an hour, VegasDL chatted a bit. She was surprised at how long I have followed Vegas_penguin. And that I was seriously moving there.

Amazon action: cat treats, three kinds of vitamins.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bring in the garbage bins
If it isn't raining, go somewhere 
Fix the leaking hummingbird feeder

Football afternoon

Just kind of passed the time this morning after another night of waking up too early & often. This time Spook came back to bed at about 8 am with major purring, and curled up while I went to shower. She was tube cat for a lot of the day, curled up on the bedroom corner square the rest of the time.

Waiting for the 49ers game, I watched 3 hours of Gold Rush, including the underwater river scuba guys. The strip miners are pulling a thousand ounces of gold out a week, the far more ecological river miners are getting small handfuls and are elated because for the last few years they haven't found any gold.

Very loud jet noises at about 11 am told me the flyover was early, but I did not actually see any jets. 1:30 I caught two jets coming from Mountain View going toward the stadium and saw them out of camera range circle back. Only 2 jets, not the whole Blue Angels squad. They did not look like Blue Angels, more like random Air Force or National Guard jets.

2:30 I started playing the recording on Tivo, they did not show the National Anthem or the flyover. Boo Hiss.

49ers started strong, Vikings came right back to even the score, and then went back to sleep. It was a pretty decisive win, which was a surprise after a season of squeakers. But they did leave a lot of points on the field, two field goals which should have been TDs. Jimmy is still allergic to the end zone.

The night game was a surprise, Titans whacked the Ravens. After a random peek in the 3rd quarter I decided not to watch the game.  I thought it would be the other way around, so did my Baltimore relatives and friends. Tomorrow the Seattle/Green Bay game will determine the 49ers next home rival.

Took a nap at about 5, Spook was already curled up on the bed and kept me company for an hour.

Salad and criossant sausage for lunch, chips & dip substituted for dinner.

Kaiser labs came back, everything is better than the last time, but my kidneys are still in trouble.

On the Kindle app the last few nights:
Interstellar Caveman: A Funny Sci-fi Space Adventure by Karl Beecher
It's entertaining. A mild mannered man with a Dread Disease checks into a cryogenic stasis chamber and is discovered after Life As We Know It has been destroyed on earth. There is some clever writing, and it's sad when the android has more personality than the ship's captain.

Channel surfing found the 49ers post game show will have new episodes all week (usually it's just half an hour after each game). Also stumbled on Wonder Woman and Buck Rodgers on a channel Comcast just added a couple of weeks ago.

Delivered yesterday was the new prescription from $39 Glasses. Wearing them now, the anti-glare makes a difference, and the astigmatism correction took some getting used to. The Kaiser ones are not ready yet.

Email from Realtor that the inspection is delayed. Or was that yesterday?

Chatted with my baby sister who is making her own yogurt because the store bought stuff is too tart, and she and husband are not eating meat anymore. I expect that will be overcome eventually by their love of salmon.

She suggested I rent a car and drive to Las Vegas when the time comes. I'm not sure I can handle that long a drive. Especially with Spook. More research is needed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably watch the Seahawks game. Maybe find somewhere to go - watch party.
Clean Roombah and set it loose
Sauté some garlic & butter and pour it over the cooked defrosted shrimp for lunch? dinner?