Just one major event

Slept in. Watched videos on the tablet from bed. Watched Spook try to make friends with Heidi. Heidi spent some of the night and some of the morning on my bed, but the peace treaty attempt was when Heidi was curled up as hard as she could be on the floor in the corner of my bedroom.

Spook also has been using my lap as a springboard to the arm of the sofa, which she thinks is a scratching post. Heidi loves stretching out on her hind legs and using the door jambs as a scratching post.

2 pm, Nest installer arrived. He found the same wiring foo as the Honeywell installers did. Voltmeter to the rescue. Google Home on my phone won't let me add it but Alexa did. Need to try again on the tablet. On the phone it keeps refusing my login. The same login works on my PC and on the nest app on the phone & tablet. Go figure.

Water heater & nest charges showed up today on my credit card. Xferred $$ from stock to my bank to cover those.

Found a deal on Amazon for a case of Nissin cup o noodles (chicken flavor) for 53¢ each cup. Grocery store is usually out of them, but wants $1+ when they have them. Maruchan brand is readily available but decidedly inferior.

Watched 1 storm chaser not get anywhere near the hurricane.

Took a nap at 6-7 pm, streamed 7:30-8:30 with 3 chatters

PTI, Hot Bench and some TWC fearmongering. A FB friend in NOLA posted hurricane videos, looks like just a storm with some rain and a lot of wind. TWC was hard pressed to find actual flooding - about calf deep. BFD.

Twitter feed says the Bachelorette was fired and a replacement named. Replacement is 10x sexier. But I doubt the guys who signed up for Clare would be interested.

Made an omelet for dinner (after the salad). Pringles and Sandies for lunch. And Thai iced tea. Need to remember sweetened condensed milk next time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call & maybe visit Democrat HQ. Or maybe just put the Biden/Harris sign up.
Maybe call for a nail appt.

Cardiology appt., Discount Tire fill up, 99 Ranch Thai Tea & Albertson's FAIL --> shower

 Tuesday started out okay with a late breakfast and an on time arrival at Cardiology. Doctor called me in because he was seeing afib issues. After going over the CVS drug delivery mess, he doubled my dosage of the afib med, but now that I have the drug (from Walmart) we'll wait a month to do blood work, and a return visit w/EKG. It seems my cardiologists in CA should have had me on the afib med 2x a day, not just 1x. And the missing med affects afib.

Before I left, my car was giving a low tire pressure alarm in all 4 tires, due to the 50° drop in temps overnight. So after the appt. I drove to the nearest Discount Tire and waited n line for half an hour (it was lunchtime) to get the tires filled. They have a good system, I just went to the busy one at the busy time.

But across the street was a 99 Ranch, so I popped in there for lamyay, limes and canned Thai Iced Tea.

My tummy was telling me to go straight home, but I'd heard there was egg nog at Albertson's so I stopped in there to use the restroom, but it was out of service.

No egg nog! :-(

Home, got to the bathroom about 2 minutes too late, spent half an hour cleaning up the mess, and took a shower. Confused the heck out of Heidi.

The rest of the day was quiet.

Watched the football game from yesterday, PTI had many rude comments about The Bears.

The Bachelorette keeps getting more farcical. She fell in love at first sight, a guy named Dale, former NFL player. Handsome, articulate, nice guy, empathetic, what's not to love? IRL she would have sent the other suitors home and put a ring on it. But the producers don't get the ad revenue that way, and they insist that she continue the farce. Meanwhile the other guys don't get it that her mind is made up, and it's not their fault and also not their right to have time with her. She has sent 3 guys home already. But just like the last season she wasted everyone's time by not showing up for events, not going on dates or even chat sessions. She spent that time cuddling in bed with Dale.

The previews of next week look like there will be a mutiny, and she's going to bail.

Below Deck was a bait & switch. A poorly edited monatge of Capt. Lee's bloopers/worst moments. I was wanting an actual episode. FAIL.

Plans for Wed:
Sleep in
Referee the Spook-Heidi fights
Nest thermostat installation

Sunday stuff happened. Monday not so much

10/25 featured a trip to Walmart to see about a couple of prescriptions. I had ordered a refill of "tz" which was supposed to be ready 4 pm, but I also had two others which needed to be sent back to stock, and "af" which never got transferred from CVS.

AF was a replacement for tz because CVS was never able to find it in stock. I switched back to Walmart because they always had it in stock. But they had shut the door near the pharmacy and put up a barricade on the other door, making it a very long walk from the parking lot to their pharmacy, so I switched to CVS.

I had learned my lesson and parked all the way at the end of the store, and shuffled the long route to the pharmacy, only to discover the Covid Theater was gone. No barricades, and both doors now open.

Pharmacy put my two unwanted items back in stock, said they would call CVS about af, and could fill my tz order in 10 minutes.

So I shuffled back to the far end of the building, got a cart to use as a walker, and got back in line. She had my tz.

Thought about getting some egg nog but went home instead.

 Opened the package, decided to take my 2 tablet dose of tz right away since I had been without for more than a month.

Got settled in the recliner and tried to take my BP. Batteries were drained in the meter. Got up to get batteries, felt dizzy, next thing I knew I was falling against the recliner then rebounded against the tray table. Toppled the recliner and broke the tray table. Slowly got the recliner back in place and sat in it. After a few minutes got batteries, took my BP - it was way low but my pulse was high.

Collapse )

Next pit stop I punched the button on the pacemaker monitor to send data from the incident. I have a cardiologist appointment for 10/27.

Monday, Spook climbed Heidi's tree while she was toward the top. There was a brief skirmish but Spook is making progress.

BASFA zoom meeting.

Streamed before and after.

Watched very long Below Deck Reunion Part 2, in which Jess made an ass of herself. Malia and Tom appear to be back together. Alex and Busy have too much chemistry not to get together. Aesha is too cute. Rob says he's not on drugs but who knows? Hannah pretends being out of yachting was her choice. 


Cat swap FAIL, blue pill MEH - hard crash.

Out of bed at 10, Heidi was there. Spook came in and hissing ensued from Heidi, but Spook withdrew.

Still playing time zone tag with scammer in Spain.

Did the cat swap. Shut Spook in Heidi's room and carried Heidi to the tree in the livingroom,  but Heidi zoomed right back down the hall and parked in front of her door. After an hour I gave up.

Pizzeria chicken wings for lunch. Not breaded. Over-baked. Reheated pizza for dinner. Meh.

Channel surfed between 5 college football games. Wore me out.

Gold Rush keeps harping on low fuel prices and high gold prices. And the late start because the American miners didn't get it that they are essential workers.

90 Day The Other Way teaser. Old lady has sex with still married young Indian man. Wife files charges. Old lady is way too eager. C-section in Ethiopia was chaos, mom is wiped out, and dad doesn't get it that one doesn't slaughter a sheep in front of a woman who just gave birth. She's Jewish, but not very because if she was she would have got the reference.

Took 3 generic versions of the blue pill as directed at 4 pm, got undressed and in bed, but crashed hard. Woke up at 6:30. Heidi was back in my room.

Streamed for 90 minutes. sporadic chatting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Increase the water tank temp (it is way too low)
Break down the boxes
Take out the garbage

Another day of waiting for a cashectomy

Call at 8 am from the company which was assigned by Home Depot to install the water heater. Disconnected before I could say anything. Called them back, long wait in a phone tree but the dispatcher couldn't hear me. I walked to the front of the house and he called back. That worked. Quoted $1300**, and said there was a cancellation so it could be done this morning. Tech would be there probably by 11 am.

Low Hgl reading. Hmmm.

Moved my car out of the driveway onto the street because the water tank closet is out on the carport.. Did my morning stuff and waited. 12:30 tried to call for a status but their phone system was broken, After 3 tries I replied to the initial email and asked for an update.

About 1 pm the truck arrived, he had not used the gate code. He said he tried to phone but my line was busy.

GQ handsome guy, probably new in town because he was sweating despite the cool 80° temp and breeze. I brought out a chair and watched the proceedings.

A lot of the work was to bring the closet up to code. It was a mess in there, the old tank was too big for a manufactured home. Pipes were bent or too long. The earthquake strapping (plumber's tape) had been cut and was mostly missing.

The new tank fit properly, and has a pair of seatbelts. PCV pipe replaced with copper, and drainage is now onto the driveway not under the house.

The piezoelectric lighter didn't work at first. But he got it lit eventually. I had to run the hot water in the bathrooms and kitchen to bleed out the air. Sputtered real good.

Will know with tomorrow's shower if the water is hotter.

He didn't use the driveway ramp - just wheeled stuff across the gravel. I didn't have to move the car after all. **The code upgrade was another $600 so $2k. Ouch!

Low blood sugar because no food. Inhaled some ice cream.

Ordered pizza & chicken wings from the local pizzeria via door dash for 6 pm delivery.

4 pm, drove to the big Albertson's for some routine shopping (bananas, etc.). They had no creamed corn or Nissan cup o noodles but they had top ramen. Also out of house brand marinated artichoke hearts so I got the usually more expensive band which was marked down. They had ding dongs on sale.

Home. No football.

Pizza arrived a few minutes after I got home. Only one piece of baklava. I thought I'd ordered 2 but I was mistaken. The wings are not battered, just baked. Small the way I like, will try them for lunch tomorrow. Pizza is too salty, too thin. Four pieces for dinner, a pizza and a half bagged (2 slices per) and frozen. Baklava was over-baked and way too much honey. I'll cross this place off my list. 2.5 stars.

Two episodes of Hot Bench. They are a magnet for bald faced liars.

TMC has creature features on Fridays. Caught the last 10 minutes of Creature From The Black Lagoon, and am recording The Blob.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chatters.

The cats were fighting. Spook was at the bottom of Heidi's tree and Heidi was at the top. Earlier I carried Heidi to the livingroom and plopped her down by Spook's food & water but she zoomed back to her room. Spook hid behind the computer hutch. So much for the space swap.

Delivered was the queen bed sheet set from (?) Walmart. In the mailbox was solme viagra.

Plans for tomorrow:
Quality time with Heidi
College football
The Blob.

Lots of deliveries, some FAILs

Heidi was shut in her room last night, so she was not on my bed.

USPS showed something from the DMV, so after meds but before breakfast I harvested the contents of the mailbox. There was a package in a storage bin too. Headset for streaming. The idea was a mic near my mouth would be better than one on a stick a foot away. Crappy mic, too much delay in the earphones. Not worth sending back $20 item.

Courier left a huge box from PetSmart on the front porch.  Better food tower for Heidi and a pile of small toys for both of them.

Postman delivered to my back door (he pounded on the wall instead of using the bell) two items. A Biden/Harris yard sign I ordered back on the 10th but no longer want. There's a Biden-only one coming soon. Also delivered was a set of moth "bars" hangers, all three were chipped despite the padding.

Another courier left an amazon box which was hastily put together. Three syrups had been wrapped in plastic haphazardly and leaked onto the wrapping and also onto the box. A 4-pack of body wash in a cardboard box which had been ripped open. Nothing spilled. And one lone Piña colada mix bottle was just sitting in the bottom, unharmed.

Logged into Home Depot and ordered a water heater w/installation. The one in there now is illegal and doesn't work well.

Brokerage, ordered my Harley and Wendy's stock sold to cover that cost. Both have more than doubled since I bought them at the start of the plague.

I set up the food tower in Heidi's room, poured the kibble from the small one to this larger one.

Refilled the water for both cats.

Put the body wash away. Set up the moth bars and hung them where they might do some good. The cedar/lavender sachets have failed.

The DMV letter was the registration slip for the HOWEIRD license plate.

Called the medicare broker, we had a long talk because neither of us knows how to shut up. I texted her my info and she will send me snailmail forms to fill out & return.

Skype call with J.

Georgiana had sent several skype messages and tried to call while the PC was off. She finally got ahold of me, but it's phony. Scammer was playing a video clip with the sound off. The woman in the clip was obviously having a conversation with not-me, and it repeated 3x. There was no keyboard evident, yet she was text chatting with me.

RPCV zoom session wasn't set up correctly no one could join. So I streamed at 6, long stream. Joined the zoom later for a bit.

Cardiologist's office called, made an appointment for Tuesday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe shut Spook in Heidi's room and give Heidi the run of the house. Not sure if that will work.

It was worth a try

I don't know what distracted me, but I turned off the PC and noticed I had not touched my breakfast. Turned it back on, ate while perusing the news. BBC has way too much US politics. But it also covers Europe better than AP.

I guess what distracted me is I wanted to get to the bird preserve by 10 and it was already 10:30.

Got there around 11. Stayed a little more than an hour, but hardly took any photos. Not a lot of birds. Lots of mallards and other common ducks.

I thought I'd waited long enough, but the weather is still too warm by afternoon. Give it a month. It's close, and free, and I can go any time 6 am - 2 pm.

Home. Watched the Titans squeak by the Texans in OT after thrashing them in the first half.

PTI. Mike has forgotten the timer.

The Bachelorette is kind of a sham. She clearly has already chosen the winner, but she gives roses to other guys. She rewards rule breakers no matter how dorky the are. She did send home one guy for being boring, and not knowing why he was there. The producers let her go way too far with the strip dodgeball. She was delighted to see the losers take off their jock straps. Which the producers clearly wanted to have kept on to preserve an iota of dignity. One of the losers is threatening to quit over that, he says the show has no class. It certainly went down a few notches.

Preview looks like a lot of guys will be bailing next week. It's so early in the show that they would have lost a bunch anyway in the next rose ceremony.

Heidi was feeling trapped in my room, I gave her lift to her room. She's asleep on her tree. Spook sat on my lap a couple of times today, but between my tummy and her size she really doesn't fit, so she perches on the arm of the recliner with her front paws on my thigh.

Unlike previous cats, she is oblivious to the TV and the moving objects on the screen.

Streamed for an hour. Four chatters towards the end.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get the mail


Up several times to pee, way more than normal. Maybe those OTC pills are working wrong. Heidi on the bed again. Out of bed at 5-ish, put on a robe & slippers and put my teeth in. Shufled to the kitchen for Hgl reading - super high, very surprising. Shot up some high-test insulin.

Breakfast was in front of the TV.

Stripped the sheets and threw them in the recycle hold. Ordered a new set because most of the ones I have are old and don't hold there shape on the bed.

Made the bed - Spook helped a lot.

Dressed & Internet.

Ghana girl made up a totally unbelievable story. I wrote back that I'll ignore her till we meet in person, until then she's some guy in Africa stealing a white girl's photos.

Nothing on Tivo except football games. Watched the 49ers win. deleted the other games.

Fired up the DVD player and played 42. I thought any competent black actor could have played Jackie, Boseman was just that. Nothing more. Which is what I thought about him in Black Panther too. OTOH Harrison Ford was Acting™. So was Nicole Beharie. Very uneven writing & editing. Continuity issues here and there. Impressive collection of period cars. I bet there is a reason he was given 42, but they missed that bit.

Pringles all day.

Many more pit stops.

Took a nap. Needed it.

Nothing delivered.

Streamed. No one chatted

Salad and creamed corn for dinner, coffee ice cream.

Watched Gold Rush. I hate how they destroy the environment.

PTI. Tony needs to get back in the studio.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go shoot some birds
Weird Load

The Rest of the Story

It was an exhausting day. The usual breakfast, a little early because I was up a little early. Heidi spent the night on the foot of my bed again, and Spook came in a couple of times, there were loud but brief fights around 4 am. Heidi stood her ground.

Did the Internets, and gathered all the things for the DMV appointments. Took a folio of the things out to the car, along with my bottle of ice water and the big box from China which needed to be returned to sender.

GPS found the DMV no problem, it was a very direct trip except for the last turn, which was half a block before the GPS said. There was fuel-efficient car parking right up front. It was 11:35, had to wait 10 minutes before getting in line for my noon appointment. Took the rear plate off and added it to the folio.

They had those movie theater style cordons set up and a woman in an orange vest who was supposed to be helping was instead loving to hear herself talk. Eventually the gatekeeper showed up and motioned me past her into the line, and I was let in at 11:45 for my noon appointment.

Waited in line (5 people ahead of me) to check in.

Check-in person was a young man who was listening impaired. His hearing was fine. He pushed a driver's license application at me and a piece of scrap paper with a code number on it. I showed him my already filled out paperwork and he took back the application and pushed forward the scrap paper. And pointed me vaguely in the direction of the rest of the building which was a grid of 6-feet-apart chairs.

I sat down in one, looked around and did not see any readerboard. Moved to the center of the room and in front way up above the clerk windows was a huge monitor playing commercials, with the right sidebar listing code numbers and which window to report to.

About 15 minutes later my code said go to window 12.

Very attractive woman at the window, I explained that I had three tasks for us:
- Register my car
- Personalized license plate
- Driver's license

We did the DL first because one needs a NV DL to register a car.

The fact that my CA DL is a RealID let her skip a lot of steps. But it was a challenge to satisfy the NV residency proof. Title to my house was not accepted because it had been emailed to me. WTF? But my NV auto insurance card and my voter registration card did the trick. Passport and birth certificate helped for the RealID part.

She was very personable through this whole ordeal. Sense of humor helped.

She printed the profile of me she had built, needed to change my birthplace from CA to NY and add my email address. Everything else was correct.

$18.25 on the debit card for the license.

She made a little packet with my CA DL, proofs of residency and a validation slip and told me that after we finished the license plate stuff I needed to go to the "blue wall" and get my picture taken.

Last things first, we applied for the HOWEIRD personalized plate. But the system only allowed 6 characters. The basic NV plate is XXX * XXX where the * is a little image of the state of Nevada. But when I was online it accepted the 7 characters, and I showed her my CA plates. She called over the guy from the next window and he had her erase what she had done and call up the "Nevada Is Home" plate. That's the only one which accepts 7 characters.

$43 on the debit card for that

Next, filled out the form to register the car, and was 99% done but I needed to drive the car to the VIN inspection line outside. I'd seen the signs for that when I was parking. So she gave me a slip to show the inspector, and my DL packet. Went to have my CA DL voided, signature recorded and photo taken. How will anyone recognize me with my mask off?

Drove around the back of the building, 4 cars ahead of me. About 10 minutes to wait. Inspector was very efficient, bar coded inside my front door and photographed the VIN plate on the dashboard. Went into his office, came out with a VIN certificate.

Parked in the same spot, was blocked from re-entering by the same orange vest woman who was busy confusing a customer about 3 fax numbers. Gatekeeper motioned me around to the side and let me in.

#12 was busy with a couple. 10 minutes later she motioned me to wait while another customer had returned from an errand. "This will take a while" she said, and after another 5 minutes arranged for #14 to finish my case. #14 had to get my paperwork from #12, but from there it was easy.

$575 from my travel rewards VISA card got me a slip with the registration decal (10/2021) and a piece of paper folded into the 1/4 showing the validated temporary registration. She said it was not good outside of NV. I'll get a text when my plates can be picked up. She offered tape, but I figured I would only mess it up.

And she asked if I wanted my CA plates back. Sure! But she had to keep the one with the reg decal, so I got the damaged one which had been on the front of the car.


Next stop was the post office which was kind of on the way home. Stood in line with the bulky but light box from China, about 20 minutes to get to the clerk because people in front were not paying attention as the line moved up. 20 seconds at the window "we'll return this to sender". Haveaniceday.

Home, too pooped to stop off at WalMart for the prescription they texted about. Turned out to be syringes, which I don't need yet. The CVS transfers are still in limbo.

Taped the temp reg to the upper right windshield.

Facebooked, watched some football, then Below Deck Med reunion part 1, which was an hour I'll never get back. Then a 90 Day The Other Way pillow talk. Very entertaining. But exhausting.

BASFA Zoom meeting was short but complete. It does not look like they can resume the dinner meetings any time soon due to the restrictions on meeting sizes. Maybe 10 could attend.

Streamed, but cut it short by 6 minutes when the only chatter was a clueless newbie.

Dinner salad then Filipino chicken plus creamed corn. Mint chip ice cream.

It was late, I was tired, wrote a placeholder and shut the PC.


Plans for Tuesday:
Watch football on Tivo
May or may not get dressed
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