Lots of stuff delivered, Lots of stuff done

Spook joined me for a minute or two just as I was getting out of bed, I was already late from playing on the tablet and listening to the Monday morning LVFD roll call on the scanner app.

Rushed to gather all the garbage and recycleds, and wheel the bins out to the curb. Recycled was collected around 10:30, so the rush was needed. But not for trash.

Got a call from the screen door company,  they located a handyman to remove the prison doors, and they will call back when he confirms a date & time. Their installer will accompany him. Cost for the project is exactly what I budgeted. Yay!

Drove to PetSmart, bought some plants for the tank, but they didn't have anything else I was interested in. Need to hit Trop for more moss & glass cats or some similar benign scavengers. And maybe more neons. And maybe another male betta - one seems to have disappeared. The latest one is a small crown tail, the same color as most of the females. The missing one is a red veil tail. Could possibly be hiding in the moss.

Delivered was:
- Two stands for the streaming camera - one tripod one a desk stand. I assembled the desk stand, the tripod is for future use
- Bissel vacuum cleaner. Easy to assemble but I needed to sit down to put one of the pieces in place.**
- Six bottles of Treseme shampoo - very hard to open box, took them out and put them in the bathroom closet
- "Save my pets" fire department decal. There were three in the packet, placed one on a front window.
- Lever and wheels for moving the sofa. Kind of tricky because the fulcrum was not high enough off the ground, but the wheels are a triangle with a depression in the center for the sofa's legs, and I was able to slip them on with some trial and error. Wheeled the sofa across the room, off the rug. Mom and Spook were both confused by the new arrangement. The wheels slipped off a couple of times when they hit the folds in the rug.

Trail mix for lunch/snack.

Watched some fishing streams.

Tivo: American Idol  was another long one, this time only solos. Way too many country singers, most of whom did not sing well, IMHO, but the panel liked their "authenticity". In other words, their gravelly voices and heavy handed guitar strumming. There were three very good women singers, and two who need more work. The non-country men mostly sang falsetto, which is not singing, IMHO. One very large fellow bucked that trend and sang alto, I liked him a lot.

And there was a special sports program, an interview with ex-Quarterback Cam Newton in front of a big audience. He's pretty entertaining.

SlingTV had another episode of Graham Norton, for a change I loved the musical group.  Michelle Visage was both a guest and the lead singer.
Also on Sling was Below Deck Sailing Yacht with its usual crappy production values, and way too much screen time spent on crew romance drama. And the chef needs a talking to by the captain about American breakfasts. She thought "over easy" was scrambled. And so on. She refuses to listen to the stewardesses, who have to serve the guests and bring back the mistakes which are sent back. And the portions are too large.

BASFA zoom meeting was entertaining. Once again my rumor of the week won by a landslide.

Dinner salad before BASFA, beef portobello after for dinner, then mint chip ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
**Vacuum the rug
Maybe roll up the rug to get the creases out. If vacuuming doesn't do that.
Move the sofa back in place, along with the sheepskin rug, a throw rug, two scratching posts, a cat toy, the exercise bike and the TV tray.
Depending on the sliding door schedule:
Tropic for Java moss, glass catfish or something similar, a male betta and a couple more neons.

Hot day with strays

Spook only joined me for a couple of minutes this morning, she decided to camp out in the dark of the bedroom closet.

The usual breakfast, kinda forced myself to have lunch, a small frozen meal. No appetite for dinner, but did have a couple of ice cream snacks and some trail mix.

Delivered today by USPS but to my front door, a big box with cat treats, trail mix (in the same kind of jar as the treats) and six bottles of body wash.

Which reminded me I was also almost out of shampoo, so I ordered 6 bottles of that.

Most of the stuff I ordered yesterday is due to be delivered tomorrow.

Nothing on Tivo, but Sling had the rest of Temptation Island, and an episode of 90 Day Fiance Talkback #1.  The woman with the searchlight eyes continues to sabotage her relationship, even now that she is married. The NOLA party boy has become the poster boy father, his wife is so in love with him and the baby, it's amazing to see. My favorite couple could not be there in person and had to connect to the session from separate rooms because a friend had contracted Covid and they had to quarantine. The old blonde woman and her 27-year-old Belizean ex did not make it. No surprise there. They will bring on the French ex in part II, her American boy has let himself go -long hair and a beard and gaudy shirt.

Looks like I have Graham Norton and Gold Rush to watch tomorrow. Or maybe tonight. And Tivo will have American Idol and some show I don't recognize.

Spent a lot of time watching the fish, with Spook on the floor beside me. Did not like how aggressive the two loaches were, so I looked them up. Turns out they are not the species I thought, they are Chinese/Singapore loaches, known to suck the life out of other fish. The aquarium sites all recommend a 50-gallon or larger tank. So after some thought I netted them and flushed them down. They may just  survive, the water is warm enough this week, who knows? I did get a neon by mistake, but my net was too large to fish it out. Sigh.

So maybe tomorrow I'll look for a couple of nicer bottom feeders. I also need more plants/moss. 

I also have a lot of deliveries tomorrow - but slated for late in the day. And the screen door people are due to call.

The "yeller" stray cat got fed, and let me pet him a little. Spook watched through the screen door.

Spook stayed by the screen door all afternoon, despite the 90° heat. 

I went outside with another set of anti-pigeon spikes and glued them all on. I still have a package left, but I think I have covered enough of the porch railing. One of the tests of the new vacuum will be the pigeon poop. Not sure how I will get the cord out the door (there's no AC outside the house except for the porch light).

The gold cat came by first, he chased the pigeons away. He looked like he wanted to catch & eat one. Fine with me.

Streamers were few and far between. One covered a white lives matter event at Huntington Beach. What a crock. Only a couple of Trumpers showed up, but there must have been 100 camera-toting people hoping to see a confrontation. Lots of police in normal street uniforms, but that didn't prevent them from pushing people on the ground. You would think they would have learned. Anyhow, a total waste of Huntington Beach, which is a beautiful surfing beach usually well populated this time of year with scantily clad bodies. The event was in the business district. Which is not so beautiful. And most people were dressed for fall, not the 70F temps they were having.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on who calls, when
And what gets delivered, when
Minor fish store shopping


Unhappy return of the day

I sleep on my left side because on my back is not good for breathing and on my right makes my pacemaker jab and it's also where the windows are. I'm most comfortable hugging my 5 foot tall panda, Mick.

At 7:59 Google Home is programmed to:
- Turn on the bedroom lights
- tell me the local weather for today
- tell me the weather forecast for tomorrow
- say what's on my calendar today
- resume playing on my Sonos network speakers what had been playing the last time I turned them off.
Normally then I would check the weather radar on my tablet and the weather channel app, and turn on the police scanner app to either the Las Vegas/Clark County fire department or the Bay Area catch-all channel. And then I would go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and get ready for the day.
For the last three days Spook has jumped on the bed and curled up against my back, close enough to pet.

So I have delayed getting out of bed. Turns out she will wait for me to come out of the bathroom before she jumps off the bed. Sometimes she will leave the room but sometimes she waits for me to go into the closet for a shirt, and makes herself comfortable in there.
Took drugs, had breakfast, checked Facebook, Twitter and Twitch, read the news, played a hand of solitaire and "mahjong".

Change the litterbox cartridge, taped up the old one and put it in the garbage bin outside. Tossed the recycles into the other bin.

Still outside, sprayed the mangled neighborhood watch decal a few times but it was baked on, so I needed a razor blade to scrape it off. That was a lot of work. Went inside again, found the house's tax decal and put it next to the old one, which I thought about scraping off, but it's the same serial number so really no reason to.

Back inside, put the box with the robo vac into the car and put the folding dolly in with it. Drove to UPS and dropped it off. Amazon processed the refund almost by the time I got home.

Ordered a the Bissel version of the Hoover vac which had broken. And a new neighborhood watch decal and a fire department "save my pets" decal.

Called Sin City Screen Doors, they sent an estimator over in an hour, he said they won't remove the prison doors but he'll contact a handyman to call me to get that done. Monday I should get an estimate for the screen doors. The prison doors are secured with one-way screws which need to have a groove cut in them to be able to be removed with a flat head screwdriver. Apparently none of the one-way removal tools on the market work.

After way too much research, ordered a lever and wheels kit to move my couch. One of my OCD peeves is the rug on which the couch sits (it takes up most of the livingroom floor) has major bumps which I cannot smooth out with the couch on top. The couch is a very heavy sofa bed, I cannot move it myself without the help of physics. There is room to move it off the rug and then pull the rug flat. It may also need to be tread upon. Or steamrolled.

Lunch was the last of the watermelon.

Three of my favorite streamers were on, a storm chaser in Pensacola, two surf fishermen in SoCal, and a trucker somewhere in the midwest. The trucker's signal kept going low, and he has programmed his system to tell us in big letters each time his bitrate changes. It's annoying. So I was happy the Florida fisherman came on when I got tired of the trucker's lost signals.

Mom made a PIA of herself, trying to climb onto the PC and my desk. I've had cats turn off the PC, it's easy to land on the power button. I used to have a guard on there but Spook doesn't play that game and the guard makes it more difficult for me to turn the thing on so I removed it. Mom seems to be able to take a hint, though.

Watched fish TV a couple of times. Spook sits next to the stuffed chair when I do. It's adorable. Mom is not interested.

Dinner was a salad and a small frozen lasagna, and the last of the chocolate fudge tracks ice cream.

Watched Shark Tank and Penn & Teller while eating. Mom climbed onto my lap just as I needed to lean forward to grab the remote.

Cut up 3 avocados and put the chunks in the freezer. They thaw well in the microwave and have replaced the artichoke hearts on my dinner salad.  

Plans for tomorrow:
Not much.

Kinda dull Friday

Stayed in bed till 11, Spook joined me at about 8 and curled up against me, purring. She could use a good brushing, or maybe grooming. I should call the mobile groomer who got her clean and brushed out her mats last year.

My not very guilty pleasure is firing up the LVFD scanner app on the tablet and this morning there was a lot of activity. One major fire, a fatal crash, a young boy with a life-threatening asthma attack and at least two "I can't breathe" victims, one old, one 20-ish. And maybe a shooting at the intersection by Albertson's. Not 100% sure about that one.

Finally got up and showered and dressed. No raccoons last night so no call to Animal Control.

No medical stuff at all today. Except I did sleep for several hours without needing a pit stop.

Tried one last time to modify the map and run the Wyze robo vac. It still won't let me block the area the cat food is in, and it still wants to shove the food dishes and tower. So I emptied the bin, cleaned the roller and packed it up. Going to UPS tomorrow. Giving up on the robot vacs, for now.

Updated the laptop.

Nothing recorded on Tivo, but lots of things to watch on Amazon Prime and Sling TV. The Tivo 4K remote is a FAIL, no FF or REW or pause button. I can get everything on Amazon Fire in 4K. Not worth sending it back, though. Maybe they will improve it.

Two zoom meetings, one was a filk convention with about 70 people, the other was an RPCV singles gathering just 4 of us.

The Equalizer continues to keep me interested, but it's getting a little repetitive. Temptation Island I get bored with after half an episode, so TBC. I think there may be a new Graham Norton, but PTI is done for a few days.

None of my usual streamers were streaming, except the local couple, who showed up on the lake in time for sunset.

One more dead dwarf gourami today. The two male bettas are coexisting. The loaches are causing more trouble than any of the fighting fish. Spook likes to sit on the floor next to me while I watch from the stuffed chair.

I thought about buying a cot or small folding bed for the guest room.

My IRS refund arrived. I paid off my credit cards early (Social Security would have covered those in 2 weeks).

Found a local screen door company, will call them to get a estimate on the project. Removing the current prison doors is the hard part, I think. Sin City, and in my zip code FTW.

Slipped behind the printer stand and sprayed some Goo Gone on the mangled neighborhood watch decal, only to discover it is outside.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ozempic weekly dose
UPS with the rob vac package
Call Sin City Screens
Go outside and remove the decal.

Moar fish stories

It seems the reason some of my fish completely disappear is I have three four bottom feeders which devour the bodies.

So I went to a more distant PetCo, thinking it was bigger, and while it was not bigger at least there was someone to help me with fish right away. I got a pair of black neons and a pair of female red swordfish. Plain red not the ones with black tails. Bought an ornament with lots of hiding places. Their bettas looked bad, and they had no gouramis. The helper suggested I go to the big PetCo on Serene. I did. It has a huge aquarium section, and they had all the fish I wanted, but after half an hour of nobody showing up to help, I left.

Home, put the fish in the tank. An hour later released them from the bags floating in the tank. One of the swordtails died within the hour. It was probably in the bag too long as I waited at store #2. The new ornament looks great but needs some moss inside.

Programmed the harmony remote for the 4k, and also removed and replaced the Tivo so it showed the antenna stations, and set it to start up on channel 3.1.

Both devices now work with alexa and google.

Watched the fish. Spook jumped up on my lap but couldn't get comfortable so did not stay long.

Drove to Trop, bought a pair of female dwarf gouramis and a black tailed red shark female ( they only had one) and a male betta. Forgot to buy more moss.

They are all happily in the tank now.

Fruit bowl for lunch while watching streamers.

Watched PTI and Temptation Island and then made a salad and heated up some rice an the cajun salmon for dinner while watching Summer House. All on Sling on Amazon Fire.

News said an NFL player  in NC shot his doctor's whole family and then himself.  But the headline was wrong, he was retired from football. And the stock photo of him they all showed was in a 49ers uniform, he was drafted by the 49ers in 2010 but then:
New England Patriots (2011)
Seattle Seahawks (2011)
Oakland Raiders (2012–2013)
Seattle Seahawks (2014)
New York Jets (2014)
Atlanta Falcons (2015)

He had a history of injuries and concussions and not getting along.

There was another shooting, this one in Texas, the police will not identify the perp, who was captured after a police chase during which he shot a cop, he was not shot 7 times in the back so he's probably white. Edit Add: Yup.

Facebook was down for about an hour today.

Had the robot vac delete the map and re-map the house. I thought I set up the map to avoid the cat food but it pushed those around. The map did avoid the sheepskin rug, but the vac got stuck on Spook's flannel throw by the front door. And tried to vacuum her as well. Its object avoidance sucks lemons. I think it may will be going back. It doesn't learn from its mistakes. It tries to get on top of obstacles (rugs, the base for floor lamps, cat food tower, cat toys). And it's lawn mower pattern s not tight enough, it misses 10% of the surfaces.

The wind picked up a lot tonight. 32 mph gusts

Endo called while I was at CVS cashing in my bonus $$ on dishwasher pods and chocolate covered macadamias. They left VM to call back, but they don't have a way to talk to a human, so I left a message. Later they called and I scheduled an appointment in May. They still did not have my referral on file, but I know my PCP called it in yesterday.

Sleep study place texted to call them for a appointment, but they confirmed there was no answer to sleep apnea which did not include sleeping with something on my face, or throat surgery, so I said no thanks.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home
Watch streams
Watch the fish
Watch Sling and explore Tivo 4k offerings
Call Animal Control

Go Fish

Spook jumped on the bed and curled up next to me at about 4 am, and stuck around till I got up to take a shower.

No breakfast. Bananas were part of my groc order, it was due between 10 and 2. Turns out it arrived at noon. First time ever all the items were in stock. The only gotcha is I ordered quarts of milk instead of half gallons. But that's okay. Quarts don't go bad as fast.
Putting away 2 week's of frozen meals meant emptying one of the freezer sections, and I found 2 lbs of butter I did not know I had. Actually 2x 3/4 because each carton had been opened. And then there were 2 more unopened cartons. Must have been from when I was making grilled cheese in the cast iron skillet. 

Lunch was crab legs from yesterday's order, with garlic butter and corn on the cob.

Called PCP and let them know the endo folks did not know who I was.

After groc was put away, off to a new-to-me place called Reptiles and Reefs. Tiny spot in a huge shopping plaza, not very clean, very sparse selection of reptiles, and all the fish were saltwater. And instead of them being in tanks they were mostly in plastic bag floating in tanks. There were three guys in company branded T-shirts looking in all the bags, probably buying for another store. Nothing there for me so I left and went a block away to PetSmart, which also had nothing for me. At least I was asked twice if I needed help with the fish. But they didn't have anything on my list.

Home, played with the Wyze robo vac map, but it was in love with the sheepskin rug and just would not leave it alone. The map edit function is very limited, and would not let me block out the space the cats' food and water was in. The vac is too stupid to treat those as obstacles and pushed them around. The cats complained.

Six tries splitting the map in different ways and the only WIN was getting it to only clean the hallway. Had to watch a YT video to figure out where the dust bin was. And it needed serious muscle to open it the first time.

Tivo 4K dongle arrived late afternoon, it was easy to set up, I had a spare port in the home theater, and the remote connected despite the dongle being behind the receiver. But it has no FF or REW function. Major FAIL. Amazon Fire can play Sling TV too, and has those functions. So I watched Graham Norton on it.

But the Tivo 4K has a lot more content, I need to explore a bit.

Raccoon showed up as I was streaming. It runs away when I fire up the camera's alarm.

Dinner salad included avocado chunks, thawed from frozen. Shrimp Alfredo bowl then caramel tracks ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Banana for breakfast
Call endo
Petco - fishing trip
Call animal cotrol

Phone calls

Breakfast was a donut and an egg.**
Called middle sister but she was out walking. Called her again later and told her the TMI, and she told me some of her TMI which I had not known about. Then a call from my Bronx cousin who wanted to know the TMI, turns out he had gone through something similar.

Call from Endo, they did not have my PCP's referral on file, so I need to call PCP and remind them. Also was referred for a sleep test, but I'm not going to do that. Waste of time because there's no workable fix. I cannot sleep with anything on my face. Also got a 404 error on the clinic's appointment site. And they only do the tests at night.

Drove to Trop, bought 4 female bettas (looks like 3 of my original 4 are no longer with us). And a male dwarf blue gourami. They had no female gouramis, and no female lyre tails, and no banded loaches. Got some flake food, and frozen brine shrimp and blood worms. They were out of live brine shrimp.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try PetSmart. No, wait -- there's Reptiles and Reefs in Henderson 10 minutes away.

Managed the Trop trip without any "accidents". The new drug is working. Collapse )

**Out of bananas. Ordered groceries delivered from Albertson's, but have to wait till tomorrow for delivery.

Ordered crayfish through Postmates. The food never arrived, and they did not have a way to contact the driver or for me to contact the driver. I yelled at them for offering a credit - why would I order from you again? So they promised a refund. Went to GrubHub and ordered similar food from a different place, it arrived almost on time.

Crayfish boil with corn on the coblets and cajun sausage. I left the quartered whole boiled potato. Not a fan of potatoes. Early dinner.

Florida fisherman had finished his trip this morning before I was out of bed, so all I got to see was him making fillets from the huge fish he had caught.

Three storm chasers were out, but they were only seeing rain. And signals were intermittent.  

Watched an episode of PTI on Sling. There were two recorded but one was pre-empted by a baseball game. Also caught Below Deck Sailing Yacht which was a mess. Too many charter guests, too picky and downright rude. And the women on the crew all want to bed the boson, who is kind of ugly, IMHO. Oh wait, the smallest one has seduced the 7 foot tall deck hand.

And on Amazon Prime there was episode 3 of The Equalizer. It always ends happily with all but one loose end tied up. Queen L's ID remains unknown to the detective she has been helping behind the scenes against his advice.

I still have an episode of Graham Norton to watch, and Temptation Island  was recording. And Pawn Stars.

Set up and ran the Wyze robot vac. The software can use some work. After creating a map, after I renamed the rooms and split a couple, it lost rooms and splits. Had to do that all over, and then ran it to clean the livingroom but it went into the kitchen instead, because I don't know how to read a map sideways. It does not let you change the map except when it is on the charger, so I had to keep telling it to clean and then stop and return to the base in order to split the rooms the way I wanted. And then it still pushed to cat food containers around. The map splitting feature needs work too.

I had it clean the front of the house except the office & kitchen, and it returned to base to recharge but didn't connect. I had to physically match the contacts, and it took 4 tries.

Also plugged the car in - it was down to 40%.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call PCP and get them to send the endo referral again
Wait for Groc delivery
Watch storm chasers and FL fisher guy if they are on
Reptiles and Reefs
Watch some TV
Crab for lunch ? Salmon for dinner? Those were meals I ordered with the crayfish.

Unlocked Monday

8:30, wheeled the bins out to the curb. Bulk pickup had already grabbed the big pile of stuff I'd left them.

Loaded the dishwasher.

Fed the fish and watched them for a bit

10 am Skye call with J

no streamers to watch. Read all the news.

1:30 into the car, off to the specialist. Got there before 2:30, was not let inside till 3:05 for my 2:50 appointment.

So, after the procedure I drove back to Fremont Street aka Boulder Hwy, and punched in Nissan. Picked up the registration paperwork which I was told I could enter online, but they lied. Had to make an appointment to go to the DMV, first one available was not till May 10, only one was at 9:30 am, at Flamingo quite a drive away. Nothing at nearby Henderson. Nothing until June 29 anywhere after that.

Delivered was more pigeon spikes and a dozen packets of Thai iced tea mix. Too windy to install the spikes. Too lazy to mix up more tea.

Watched American Idol about 2/3 of the way (more to be watched later). Ate a salad. None of the singers impressed me enough to vote for them.

BASFA Zoom meeting was long, ran too late for me to stream.

Also delivered was the Wyze robo vac. It took several tries to pair it to the app. First problem is it only uses slow wi-fi connections, second problem is the phone had to be very close to the vac to pair.  Now it is paired and updating the firmware. Will try it tomorrow. Have to remember to close the bedroom door first. I don't want it to mess with the back of the house, or the kitchen/laundry room.

Plans for tomorrow:
expect a call from middle sister for an update on my TMI issue
Maybe get a call from endo to book an appointment.
Trop - I have a list of aquarium things. I think I lost 2 female bettas, and know I lost 3 dwarf gouramis. And maybe they have a banded loach in stock again. And brine shrimp. And maybe more female lyre tails. And small flake food.

Just another Sunday

My skype session was postponed, my favorite streamers were not online or were not doing anything worth watching. So I went online with SlingTV and tried to add the bundle with ESPN, but was told my account (opened 2 days ago) was past due. When I tried to fix that, it sent me to Tivo, which is where I'd signed up for Sling. But Tivo showed the right credit card info associated with the sling account.

Online chat on Sling was worthless, some clown in India had no clue, so he gave me the phone number for their support line.

Called the support line, turns out Tivo's connection with Sling's accounting system was borked. Support person switched my account over to Sling, added the package, and kept the Tivo discount. WIN.
Pigeons are perching on the part of the porch railing which doesn't have spikes, so I have ordered more spikes.

The raccoon is back, and going under the house. I need to call animal control and borrow a trap again. Tuesday.
Amazon Prime has Queen Latifa's new show The Equalizer. She plays a former CIA enforcer gone vigilante. It's pretty exiting. And surprising - she does a lot of fighting, shooting and killing bad guys. It's well written for the most part and well choreographed. I've seen the first 2 episodes so far.

Also watched 90 Day Fiance, which had Two weddings, one break-up and one fiance swap. Plus an extra hour of one couple's experience with a very difficult childbirth.

Earlier I finished a bonus segment of Gold Rush, featuring a very stupid family team trying to get gold out of already over-mined ground in Eastern Oregon. Experts came in to help, but they only got an ounce of gold in a full day of processing.

And on Tivo I had The First 48. The local antenna signals are excellent for the stations which I can receive here.

Used the toaster oven to bake some turnovers. They came out well.

As soon as it was dark I hauled the big boxes from 2 weeks ago out to the curb, and the broken vacuum cleaner.

IRS says my refund was approved in full, due on the 9th. So I went online at Home Depot asking for an estimate on a year-long plan to replace the prison screen doors with sliding ones. I expect it will cost $1k.

Plans for tomorrow:
Garbage bins to the curb
10 am skype
1:30 head for Urology 2:50 appointment

Phone call Saturday

I bet the Catholics have a name for the day before Easter, but I don't know or care what it is. Not my superstition, not my monkeys.

No way was I going anywhere this weekend. 94° is one reason, holiday weekend is another. Watched SoFL on Twitch for a bit, but got a call from a friend in Houston who I know from Thailand Peace Corps doings, concerned about my health from reading my FB posts. I was able to tell him it's all good, we just don't know why my bladder isn't behaving.

So I called each of my USA sisters, to let them know what we know now:
I don't have any kind of cancer
None of my organs are in any worse shape than we already knew
I need to make an appointment with an endocrinologist (diabetes related)
I have an appointment with Urology Monday for a TMI procedure which may solved the bladder mystery
We're waiting on the results of a chest X-Ray, and apparently I will also be referred for a sleep oxygen study, but don't know where yet.

Sling TV came through for me, I was able to watch Graham Norton and 90 Day Fiance. The Tivo gets a good signal off the air for most stations, Shark Tank was as good as cable. As was Penn & Teller.

Spent lot of time on the Tivo removing stations with low signals, Spanish, religious and infomercials.

Did not buy anything and nothing was delivered.

Watermelon for lunch, salad & frozen meal for dinner.

Sonos stopped playing Sirius XM. Chat with Sirius was a total FAIL. Ended up uninstalling SXM from the Sonos app and re-installing it. Needed to reset my password to what it had been.

Plans for tomorrow:
Install the rest of the Pigeon spikes
Watch The First 48
Tweak my SlingTV. Maybe upgrade to the $50 package to get ESPN and more DVR time.