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Very short entry

The usual morning routine.

Couldn't get device to be tested from Boss because her dental appointment went poorly, and she stayed home, and may stay home again tomorrow.

The TV I was testing decided it didn't want to wi-fi anymore, so could not test. Forgot that I could use an ethernet cable, will try that tomorrow.

Watched a replay of the listening session with Trump, Pence, deVoss and survivors/parents from Columbine, Sandy Hook and Parkland. I was surprised that after some needless introductory remarks from those three, nobody interrupted, everyone had a chance to speak. Trump looked like someone who was being confronted with information and points of view he was not prepared to hear. But by the end, he was no longer in denial.

Nail parlor 10 minutes early, thought it would be a long wait but my person left the pedicure at 6 to someone else and did my nails. Next time I think I need to have the acrylic removed and redone, it's looking layered.

Safeway, spent way too much time not finding falafel. Or frozen matzo balls. Falafel can be found at the Arab/Mexican/Indian market, but usually the only other thing I buy there are olives, which are too high sodium for my diet, and halvah, which is sugar crack. Matzo balls are at Piazza's, a bit out of my way. Actually both are, in opposite directions.

Home, shoes and router which were estimated to be delivered today were not. :-(

Dinner was microwaved rose shaped ha gow with a side of peas. Never again - the ha gow needs to be steamed.

Watched PTI, FFed through two Oak Island offerings - they discovered one tiny artifact then abandoned the search area. And they backhoe dug up some timbers. Next time they may send a diver into the drill shaft to see what's blocking the way and where the water is coming from.

Plans for tomorrow:

Ho Hum, but minus a ho

Pretty boring day. Slept well enough that Spook was curled up at my feet when I woke up.

Out early, traffic was not quite back to insane, breakfast nook had bananas, and all the trimmings.

Plenty of parking, one of the construction supervisors said they were all done pouring cement on my side of the trail, and all that is left is taking down the wooden frames, some of which were on trucks to go away at lunchtime.

No heat in the building again, filed a ticket, a young man in a brand new khaki uniform rang the bell and I pointed him upstairs where the maintenance room is. He even had a key.

Canceled the Amazon order for the direct replacement for the ASUS router. Read a bunch more reviews and specs, and ordered a Netgear.  Similar features, but what sold me is the extra 2 ethernet ports. I'm currently using all 4 on the ASUS, but need at least one more for setting up webcams and speakers.

Called my dentist, made an appointment for 3/6.

Lunch was broccoli beef steamer bowl, which had thawed a little and leaked a bit, but only enough to say "eeew, what is that brown liquid spot on the bottom of my cooler?" Croissant with melted yellow cheese product for a chaser. Thin mints for dessert? I don't remember. One good looking woman used the espresso machine, otherwise it was just me and the garbage lady. GL is about 70 years old, petite, and in great shape. She has no problem taking out huge bags of trash from at least two buildings, including the hole.

Lots of issues with big company's automation on little company's TV. Some progress thanks to big company's support guy, but one step forward and 58 steps back.

At about 5 pm the heat started working.

At 3:55 Boss canceled our 3:30 sync. I am not surprised.  I need to message her about a media box which she has which needs testing.  With no parking problems, I might drive to her office to get it.

Home, traffic was lighter than average.

Quality time with Zoe was good.

Dinner was a small turkey leg and the last of the onions & mushrooms from the freezer. Longans for dessert.

Watched PTI, 2FFed through Oak Island and FFed through Summer House, except for the booty scenes. Not a lot of those. Deleted The Bachelor, I'm done with that bozo. Lots of Olympics to watch - later.

Spook spent most of that time hunkered down in a corner, later she curled up into the hole in the taller of the short trees.

With the router not playing well with 2,4GHz devices, my Sonos speakers are inop, as well as 4 of the 8 webcams. Fortunately, the guest room cam is working, so I can check on Zoe.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe visit Hole #2


Missed the memo

In January, I looked up all the Google holidays, and noticed there were none between MLK Day and July. So I drove to work, discovered an empty parking lot, no bananas in the break room (nothing else had been stocked either). In the hole I fired up the PC and checked, and yes, today was a holiday. No pay. Sucks.

Thinking it was a work day, I bought a ticket yesterday to see Black Panther at the cinema near work, 6:40 pm show. I thought about spending the day in the movie theater, but just drove home.

Delivered was the web cam. I was able to set it up and rtsp to it locally without a password, but couldn't get it to pass through port forwarding. The router has a setting for that, and it was set correctly.

Tried some things, and all of a sudden the 2.4GHz part of the router stopped working. It seems to mostly be back now. Mostly. Half my webcams and all my sonos speakers are offline. :-(

Did some Twitch streaming, have had 60 viewers, but no followers.

Spent some quality time with Zoe, who got bored each time and went behind the futon to look out the window.

Spook has been vocal. And she has been parking herself under the livingroom windows, scrunched between the cat tubes and a rack, amongst her toys.

6 o'clock, drove back to MV and saw Black Panther. I was not impressed. Neither was the audience. Full house, wide variety of ethnicities and ages.

Home, tried setting up the webcam, but it's stuck. I think it is going back, but I'll try their tech support first. One issue is my phone won't login to the 2.4GHz wifi, and the webcam needs that. I should look for a cam which supports 5GHz.

Plans for tomorrow:

Hangover Sunday

Woke up at 3:15 am, looked at the time, and decided that after a (wobbly) pit stop I deserved a full night's sleep. After already having 7 hours in bed.

The alarm woke me at 7:30 - usually I switch to the 9 am alarm on weekends but forgot. It was so loud, and I couldn't tell where it was coming from at first. Told Google to turn off the bedroom lights, and stayed in bed till 11.

Brunch was the last few bits of lox from the opened package (still have another package). I have to keep an eye on how much lox I eat, it has a lot of salt.

I went out onto the porch to nibble and watch hummingbirds, but the temps had plummeted, low 50s, and it was very windy, wind chill felt like 40. So that didn't last long. This feeder batch is experimental, two of the feeders have red food coloring, one is clear. Previous experiments have shown that color is not a factor, location is. It's been a while since I tried this.

Gave up on being outdoors, made three eggs sunny side up, slid them onto a pair of rye bread slices.

Later I cooked up some roti (Indian parantha) in a little peanut oil in my cast iron skillet, forgetting that it takes a long time to heat up the skillet but once it's hot it gets hotter. Burned the first one. The next three came out less puffed than they should have. But it gave me a chance to finish off the small container of curry in coconut milk which was left over from some project or other. Popsicles for dessert. Watched half a Match Game. Actually, a whole game, but they tape two at a time. Also watched Graham Norton which had Tom Cruise and some of his cast from a movie currently shooting in London. Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill and Rebecca Ferguson.  And the 6 o'clock news from Saturday.

Re-did my Twitch streaming - the key to not crashing was to put all the photos I wanted to use in the slide show into one directory. Sub-directories freak out the app. As does too many images. And I also discovered that it can use VLC to play background music lists out the stream without needing to run VLC locally. So I have a slide show of all my calendar photos for the past 8 years, with music from my 78's collection playing.

Had to stop commenting on FB to make it to MV for coffee with Janice. She had a lot to talk about, she wants to see polar bears in the wild and is torn between Saskatchewan and Alaska. Alaska is less expensive and more flexible. And I told her my cannabis experiment is over, the side effects are not worth the sleep aid. I would get the same help from sleeping pills, and probably none of the wobblies or hangover, but the same over-sleeping.

No formal dinner tonight, had a venti mocha and a morning bun at *$s, maybe I'll snack on a tangerine or longans.

Scanned the IRS form from contract agency and sent it to my rep so he can figure out what benefits I was being charged for.

Downloaded as usual to Quicken, and it appears that I have been given a raise. About $55 a week for a 40-hour week. $1.37/hr or so.

Ordered a webcam which doesn't require a login. If I can get it to stream to Twitch, I'll add it to the guest room. I don't think it tilts or pans, which my other cams do. 

Started a new batch of cat greens in a new container, all fresh seed starter soil, careful to only water it enough to get the soil moist. Also pulled the pot plant out of its big over-watered container and put it into a small, easily drained one with a raised plastic water catcher under it.

Flattened and bundled the boxes, took out all the garbages, including the greens bin which was 1/4 full of Bee's friend plants pulled from where they were choking a star jasmine. Staked the star jasmine. The roses which I had cut back severely in November are now all shooting out leaves. Even the ones which were dying.

Plans for tomorrow:
If there are good seats for the 6-ish 3D Black Panther Show, go see that
Otherwise, Home

Early posting

Sunday. got up with the alarm, then had Google shut the bedroom lights, and slept for another hour.

Forgot to mention that yesterday I had some great one on one with Zoe. She is back to not being scared of me. Back to climbing up on my lap and nose-bumping.

4 pm I was still hung over from the pot brownies.

Catching Up: Saturday

Slept way in. 1 pm, I think. Did some gardening, watered the roses which are all sprouting new leaves after having been cut back all the way. One of my Thai lime plants is looking bad, but it is also sprouting new greenery, so I've postponed tossing it in the green bin.

Watered all the indoor pants and all the ones on the porch.

Refilled the hummingbird feeders.

Watched a lot of TV.

Booked a lot of face.

Dinner was duck on rice. Pot brownies (two of them) for dessert. 

Those kicked in so hard at 8:30 I had to pause The Bachelor and go to bed. I was asleep pretty quickly. Too zonked to even read.

Just before I paused it, the idiot bachelor sent home the "missing persons" girl, and gave the rose to the girl who badmouthed her to him in her slimy southern accent. This bachelor is not finding a wife, none of the finalists are a good match. He chose the two petite blonds I would have chosen, but he is way too tall and old for them. I get the impression he knows none of his final choices will work out in the long run. But I think he'll enjoy getting laid.

Plans for Sunday:
Coffee w/Janice
Watch hummingbirds

Catching up: Friday

It was a long day. Spook slept on the bed for a good chunk of time.
Traffic was light, it's a 4-day weekend for some. Google doesn't do Presidents' Day.

Construction on the trail wall was lighter, plenty of parking in my lot.

Lots of follow-up work, but the tests I wanted to re-run wasted a lot of my time because something changed at the test server (partner manufacturer's server) that now only a handful of tests show up in the plan. There should be about 80. Will file a ticket Monday.

Lunch was a beef steamer bowl and some fruit. There were no bananas for breakfast, I substituted a Kind bar. On my way out, someone had "fixed" the front door, I had to unfix it to be able to get inside again. I think the locksmith who fixed the door height sent a minion to do some minor follow-up and minion did not know.

On my way back from a break, I tripped and skinned both knees, but did not shake up the can of soda I was carrying.

At the last minute, Boss canceled our sync. I knew she would.

Home, delivered was an ultrasonic denture cleaner with 60 packets of what I expected to be granular but turned out to be tablets like Polident, especially for bridge work/retainers. It made my dentures much cleaner, and later it polished half a dozen pennies. Not so good on a nickel, but it did work somewhat.

Also delivered was a hair dryer, which went into the closet for the next day I need to make it look like I did not pee my pants.

Took a short nap, watched a tiny bit of TV, then off to Saratoga, arrived at 10, but only 2 people were there. By 11 half the actors from local community theater had arrived. Everyone was buying personal sized pizza, so I got to take home half of the medium sized one I bought for the group. At 2 am I was heating up a couple of pieces.

No plans for Saturday.

Monday Thursday

Would have slept better if Spook hadn't climbed on Mt. Howard at 5 am.
Got pulled into the rabbit hole again, need to not pick up the tablet while I'm supposed to be getting ready for work. OTOH, 9 am is a good time for traffic, and instead of half an hour to arrive at 8:50, it's 10 minutes to arrive at 9:10.

Was staying late today anyway, because there was a talk at the Computer History Museum down the road.

The construction work had my parking lot blocked off, this time the huge cement pump rig was arced right over the hole. No events across the way, so there was close enough parking there.

Full day, testing the baby version of the box I tested yesterday, and it actually performed better than big brother. Still had issues, but mostly more trivial ones. I suspect some of the problem was with the network at the other end (the company that was streaming content). May try again tomorrow on a couple of problem videos. 3D+360°+8K is the torture test.

Lunch was chicken and ravioli in marinara steamer bowl with a sliced HB egg added. Had the place to myself except for one asshole who opened my microwave without telling me he had made it stop cooking. I was reading, didn't see him do that.

6 pm, headed to CHM, wandered the gift shop and some new exhibits. 6:45 doors to the talk opened.

It was interesting, three academics whose work is in the area of how technology changes the way people think. Two of them had balanced attitudes, one was a total Luddite. Won't let her kids listen to music while they are doing homework. Locks up their electronics at night. And she had a very sharp, annoying voice when she's being adamant.

Her "no music" brought up a memory of my father. Mom was a singer, music was a huge part of her. Dad was the opposite. He could almost carry a tune, as long as the tune was You Are My Sunshine or Red River Valley. He taught himself how to play the latter on guitar when he was about 50, and never picked up an instrument again.

I mention all that to frame the anecdote. My older sister and I were in the livingroom doing homework, and we had music on. Dad told us he could not understand how we could concentrate on studying when there was music on. He said he had to have total silence to study. We told him we couldn't understand how he could study without music on.

Unlike tonight's panelist, Dad understood that what worked for him might nor work for me and my sister (both of us played instruments and sang).

I had started the talk wearing the free wireless headphones, but there were annoying bursts of static, and all the panelists enunciated well, so I took them off.

On the way out I was happy to see johnnyeponymous, who also hasn't been to basfa lately, since he now has a couple of young kids and moved way far up the hill.

Home, delivered was a 6-pack of Scharffenberger's very dark chocolate bars. Good thing it's been chilly this week.

Dinner was chicken soup with matzo balls and shrimp wontons.

Watched PTI and some more of The Bachelor. He gave a rose to the petite blonde whose version of opening up was "I could probably fall in love with you". She didn't talk at all about herself, but then he's a crappy interviewer. He sent home the only person of color, whom I think was the smartest of the finalists. A pity, because their final date opened them both up to each other a lot, in a good way.

From the teaser, it looks like the "missing" girl will be sent home when I continue watching. Maybe tomorrow.

Did some research on Twitch user forum, and found out that I can stream the webcams. I was going to try that tonight, but the app crashed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss scheduled a sync, but I doubt if she'll show up
10 pm pizza night.

Fat Ash

Slept in, not feeling very motivated. Odd, because for the first time in a week I have a lot of work on my plate. I think I got to work about an hour later than usual. Made up for time I spent working at home last night.

No break room stop, I wasn't that hungry, and had stuff in my lunchbox. Made a tuna salad sandwich as part of getting ready for work, using two frozen slices of bread but salad from the fridge.

Updated the box which needed to be tested today (London manager leaving tomorrow) and it updated just fine but wouldn't get past the welcome screen. Emailed London manager, he gave me the clue I needed, which was adding a file to the USB drive which had let me boot the other unit (which he did not need to bring back with him).

Found time to call B of A. Once again, the app sent me to the wrong department, and when I was transferred to the right one I got a rep who wanted to argue, but she was happy to get her manager on the line, and once he heard the issue, he said he would figure out a way to refund the late fee. First person I talked to said she would reinstate the payment.**

Found lots of issues, ended up staying an hour late to finish. He wanted a second set of tests run that Boss had put together a couple of months ago, but frankly it was a waste of time because it is mostly a video format test, play every possible video format and make sure it works, except this box did not support half the formats. Lots of FAIL.

On my way home I stopped by the Official Hole and left it on Boss' desk.

The place they put the team is horrible. Too small, cramped, people are elbow to elbow and back to back and equipment is all over the place. Nice break room, though, if you like your break room to have a stripper pole and stage. The facilities clowns called it a fireman's pole, because it goes clear through the ceiling to the top of the second floor, but that raised padded area it lands in is for pole dancing.

Home, traffic was lighter because it was late.

Nothing delivered.

**Checked online, BofA did charge me, but did not make the payment, so I did that.

Dried off and boxed up the lame ultrasound (I ordered a better one online at work). Still need to RMA it.

Dinner was turkey leg - I still have a lot of those in the fridge freezer - mixed veggies topped with shrimp. Longans for dessert.

Watched PTI, and some of the Olympic slalom, and half of The Bachelor. One very confused woman bowed out. She did a lot of face sucking while she was saying goodbye. This bachelor doesn't seem to have a preference, all the woman who are left are very different, none of them seem to have a strong connection to him. Each date he adapts to whomever is there. I'll watch more later. The "missing person" girl is still in the race. Amusing because if she is given a rose, she gets to bring him home to her momma, the one who reported her missing when she was actually filming the show, and had told mom not to expect to hear from her till it was over.

Did a little on the Twitch stream, learned how to layer things, and how to create different views which can easily be switched between. One is a slide show, the other is a full screen of me from my PC camera.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe CHM, I can't remember if I made a reservation, so I emailed to ask, and be put on the wait list if not.

About Florida

It's too late. The guns are already out there.

The only answer I can see is martial law, send the army to everyone's home and confiscate all the guns. But that's not an answer because there will still be a lot of guns hidden away. Or it will start a not-at-all-civil war.

And don't talk to me about Australia. That country was built on a prisoner culture, and their head of state is still the Queen of England. No wars were fought for them to gain their independence - since they are not really independent.

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