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Not Such A Bad Monday

Still having TMI issues. Once again was up at 3 am, Hgl was 100, which isn't low but I had a Klondike bar and watched TV for a while anyway. Back to bed till 7:30. Turned the lights off and got another hour of sleep. 

Missed the part online where it said bananas were good for what I am up against, so breakfast was a pile of saltines and an HB egg. The advice is avoid fruit and milk, stay away from fiber, drink plenty of water. Coconut water is okay too. Rice is good. Toast & margarine also.

Garden bin was collected around 9, I brought it in. Got a step stool, pulled the wheelbarrow out from behind the shed, crawled up onto the retaining wall behind the shed and pulled out several massive weeds - a couple were more than 4 feet tall. The biggest one was about 7 feet, and wouldn't come out by its roots so I got the shovel and chopped at it until only a couple of inches of stem was left in the ground. The weeds took up 1/4 of the bin. Put the wheelbarrow back, and the step stool came inside with me.

Futzed around online and paid some attention to the weather channel until it was clear they were all about the east coast and not following the tornado warnings further west.

Somehow it became 1 pm, and the manager for the tech support FTE job called. That went well, we have a video conference scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

No word from Google. Or any of the other 4 in-progress opportunities.

2-ish went to the nail place, read from my tablet for half an hour because they asked nicely. Nails done, back to using clear top coat.

Across the parking lot to GO, got some stuff from my online research. Bismuth tablets, probiotic yogurt (Activa & Danon), white bread, blue bonnet margarine, chicken broth, Charmin.

Home, put stuff away. Garbage truck came by so I brought in the garbage bin, but recycled bin wasn't harvested till after 5. 

Delivered were three prescriptions via mail. 8pm or so the litterbox cartridges arrived.

The California flag keeps wrapping itself around the pole no matter what I do, so I took it down.

No formal lunch or dinner, but have consumed a sleeve and a half of saltines, 8 slices of margarined white bread toast, a pair of Kind bars, a handful of Famous Amos cookies, two bismuth tablets, and managed to choke down a bottle or peach flavored Activa while watching the Soyuz land and the three astronauts get pulled out. It's all done by hand, you would think that by now they would have ATVs outfitted for the purpose. Living proof that Russia is way behind us.

Was also tuned in to the SpaceX launch, which was scheduled for half an hour later, but with no notice at all they postponed it. They finally reset the live feed page about half an hour later than the original launch time. 11:30 PDT, not sure I'll stay up for it.

Tivo had Around The Horn, which I was curious about, but they beat each item to death and beyond. PTI covers more in less time. Also on the box was an annotated Below Deck, which was basically a rerun of the first episode with comments overlaid by the producers.

The Bitchelorette is recording as I write. I may watch till launch time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Continue to mourn the fact that I bought all kinds of salad stuff and fruit which I can't eat yet
Trim the roses
Pull up poppies from around the roses & sweep up the burst seed pods.

Some Changes Made

Up before the alarm, but back to bed after a pit stop and weighing myself. Way too much time in bed with the tablet, found myself wheezing and short of breath. Not good. Comes from being too horizontal for too long.

Banana and HB egg at around 10, filtered water from the tank in the fridge. Doubled my diuretic.

Morning check - no new job stuff, not expecting any on a Sunday.

Transferred the rice into sandwich bags and put those in the freezer.

As planned, wheeled the yard scraps bin to the curb and cut the giant CA lilac way back, it was poised to eat the road. Blew me away that the leading branch was as big around as my thumb. It took a lot of work with my clippers to cut that. Also pulled out some dead poppies which it was hiding.

Charged the car overnight, so it was ready for the emergency run to Lucky's. Two items only:

Baby wipes

cut for TMICollapse )

Home, found uses for both of those items.

The saltines raised a memory. I was at dinner with a friend's family. Soup was served - cream of tomato. Every member of the family crumbled saltines into the soup until it was a paste. Major WTF moment. I never put anything in cream of tomato soup. Crackers were for broth.

Lunch was a grab and go chef salad, popsicles later. Nothing on Tivo, no chasers on Twitch, played on FB a bit, watched random TV, dozed off in the recliner a bit as Spook curled up under a table and engaged in REM sleep.

Waited until it wasn't 85° outside before hauling the trash out. It included a litterbox cartridge. Used the last one today, three more expected tomorrow.

Delivered was a container of cat treats and a box of Kind bars. Yesterday a box of the same Kind bars was delivered. I checked, I had only ordered one. I have not been eating as many of them, now that strawberries are in season. Unfortunately, I think the strawberries and whipped cream have contributed to my tummy issues, though I'm not sure because Lactaid made no difference.

It has been better today. Saltines and water.

Late breaking news, confirmation of 1 pm phone interview tomorrow. I'm not really qualified for the job, but I'll leave that to them to decide. It's one of those things where my skills are equal to the job, but not my formal professional history.

Call from the gutter cleaner guy, he's booked till September. :-(

Reheated a packet of rice, threw in a piece of fried chicken thigh, green peas and bullion, added water and made that for dinner. Popsicles later.

Refilled the filtered water tank. Say that 10 times fast.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get out of bed at 7:30 and stay out
TWC may have some good stuff. I hate how they aren't live evenings and weekends.
Phone interview at 1
Follow up on last week's Google interview

First Things First

Happy birthday to a rare talent, caprine, if you're still on here.
Up at 6, don't ask me why. Spook started on the bed, but deserted me when I had the gall to get under the covers. She spent most of the morning on the box next to the window. She snores.

My Hgl log says I was up and dressed before 9. Low-ish blood sugar. Had another pre-lunch incident which was kind of ironic because at about 10 I went to Target's Starbucks but the line was so long and the wait for a finished product was longer so I just found a seat and read from the Kindle app on my tablet. Tummy still being rude to me, three trips to the loo before noon.

Bought some soda stream syrups and a couple of containers of mint chip ice cream.

Home, put stuff way, inhaled two scoops of ice cream. Made a salad, and also had a beef pot pie for lunch. And then more ice cream.

Left voicemail for the local gutter cleaner guy. Ad in the park magazine.

Immodium and lactaid are not working, I suspect a mild e. coli infection. Kaiser web site says give it a week to pass. Which means Monday I'll call the advice nurse if it's still a problem. In the meantime, no sodas, use the big fitered water container in the fridge.

Janice was half an hour late for our chat, she hates Houston and is glad it is off my list. She does red cross volunteer work and has been there a few times for floods, and doesn't like the place or the people.

Safeway salad shopping after, bought four pre-made salads. They had the kinds I like - chef and cobb. Also got the spring mix for do it yourself.

Home, back roads part of the way due to the concert at Shoreline.

Plugged in the car, it should take till 1 am or so.

Dinner was a chef's salad. Baklava for dessert.

Read Kaiser's recommendations for the runs, so did not have berries and whipped cream. Also switched to plain water. And cooked up a pot of rice (let it cool overnight and slap it into single portion sandwich bags tomorrow) and made rice soup with chicken bullion for an evening snack. I seem to be out of chicken noodle soup.
Graham Norton on Tivo. He did something kind of rude. His first three guests were touting a new movie, it looks like it will be a flop. Then on comes Madonna. But he upstaged her with Ian McKellan. And the musical guest was Cheryl Crow.

Two other recordings turned out to be Tivo FAILs - 2-minute promos for shows which Tivo thought were complete episodes.

I finished the book on Kindle, it started out well, and was fine until a couple of chapters before the end. Then it became a zombie apocalypse novel. The author crossed the line from fairly hard sci-fi to zombies. They take over the entire Bay Area in less time than it takes to drive from Mountain View to Walnut Creek. From a single gas-emitting rock in a secure facility at NASA Ames.

A couple of major stupidities in the book - she keeps saying that going from Walnut Creek to SETI and NASA in Mountain View means going to San Francisco. Of course those sites are 50 miles south of SF, and one would take 680 toward San Jose to get there by car. By bus it's down to Milpitas and across the bay via 237. She also has the protagonists nervous about buying bus tickets from the clerk, but there is no clerk, one simnply drops the fare into the box on the bus or tags a Cliper card, which Walnut Creek teenagers would most likely have. One could take BART to SF and Caltrain to MV, but she doesn't seem to know either of those exists. BART to Great Mall and bus across 237 would also work.

And she keeps having the NASA administrator say it's a secure site with lots of military research. That's not true. It's open to the public, just show ID at the gate.

It's Young Adult novel, which makes it all the more important to get the research right for a place you've obviously never been to.
Plans for tomorrow:
Depends (pardon the pun) on the tummy
Trim the California Lilac in the front which is getting out of hand
Pull out the last of the poppies
Maybe climb behind the shed and pull out the three huge weed-like plants growing back there
Maybe spring for a battery-powered wireless webcam for the carport.
Take out the garbage

Ho Hum

Usually I remember because my older sister's birthday is the day after. It gave us an excuse to summerize her birthday. But it took a few Facebook posts to remind me this year.

Up at 6, back to bed till 7:20, was brushing my teeth when the alarm went off.

Back in bed, reading till 10, Hgl was 144, within target but on the high side. Banana and HB egg, not much email traffic. None of the job email matched my wants/needs.

Early afternoon there was a call and follow-up email for a job at Zoox, and then the recruiter for the missed interview called to say Monday 1 pm she was shooting for a make-up call.

After about an hour, Zoox HR sent an online quiz, it had a sample test which basically made sure I knew how to write a doc or text file, zip it and upload it. The real test was three essay questions, each one wanted a text file zipped and uploaded. The UI was very easy to use, and the questions were very basic. One was too basic - it assumed (very incorrectly) that there is one standard software development cycle. There is not. It's different not just at every company, but also for different kinds of products within a company. One difference I did not point out is some companies are marketing driven and others are engineering driven, and that will flip-flop the development cycle.

As usual, the recruiter for the make-up interview did not get right back to me like she promised.

Before all that I attacked the sage bush issue. I took a chair and a TV table out to the pile of brush on the carport, and started to strip leaves from sage branches into a paper bag. But after about half an hour it was clear that there was too much other junk - sage blossoms, mint, verbena flowers, dirt - mixed in that I wasn't going to be able to harvest sage leaves, so I raked all the stuff into the recycle bin, washed off the driveway and packed it in.

Delivered from Amazon was a bunch of small paper bowls and a box of Lactaid pills. From USPS was 3 month's worth of Pradaxa (blood thinner).

Emailed my BP results to my doctor, she confirmed what meds I'm taking, and had me add another Losartan pill to my night time meds.

In the park slot was a form for the 4th of July event, they do an all-day thing with your choice of hamburger or hot dog, free sodas, chips & sides. $6 per person. Bingo at very low prices. I think I'll skip it.

Called my youngest sister, back from a trip to Canada, talked for an hour before my blood sugar went too low to continue. Scarfed down some ice cream and honey** and took some time to recover. Hgl was 63.

Lunch was a Safeway Greek salad, which was not very filling so I also nuked a small beef and rice frozen lunch. **I had pre-desserted.

Dinner time rolled around as I was switching between college baseball semi-finals (PTI was bumped again) and CFL. Thought about going out for dinner, but I'd done a lot of that last weekend so just boiled up a couple of turkey franks on buns with mustard and sauerkraut and the last of the baked beans. Thai iced tea did not go well with that. And mochi which had melted and re-frozen had spoiled too.

Swiffered the kitchen floor. Brushed Spook.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try again to get the gutters cleaned (Yelp recommendation said he doesn't do manufactured homes any more) will call someone who advertises in the park magazine.
Janice @ 4:30
Salad fixings at Safeway

Still angry

One of the reasons I stopped losing my temper is it takes me a long time - days - to calm down. And I can't stop thinking about what I yelled and what else I should have yelled. Or done.

I slept some last night, but was up at 2:30 when I remembered I had not taken my night time meds. So I told Google Home to turn on the kitchen light, then I put on a robe and took my meds and shot up some insulin. Not the full dose, though, because I'd had some low sugar episodes and the usual dose covers 12 hours, this one only 8.

Spook was in the bed when I got out of it, but she bailed when I went to the kitchen.

Up again at 7:15 because Bui called from Houston (where it was after 9) to thank me for the second cookbook. Real Thai, it was supposed to ship together with Real Vegetarian Thai but it came from a third party Amazon partner. She was thrilled, I suggested she should throw a party using the recipes.

Back to sleep. 7:30 alarm got shut off immediately. It is so nice to only have to speak to a device to turn it off instead of trying to find the snooze button again and again.

Did my usual online stuff, banana + HB egg for breakfast.

All day I was taking trips to the loo. Lots of gas, but not only gas. :-(

That was a continuation of yesterday, I ran through three sets of jeans shorts yesterday, laundered them today.

10-ish, went outside, dumped the contents of the garden clippings bin onto the driveway. Put back the dead poppy plants which I'd pulled last week, and spread out the sage, pulling mint out. Neighbor went way overboard trimming things which did not need to be touched.

I'll leave that out to dry until Saturday or Sunday, strip the leaves and bag them (I have almost zero sage in my cabinet or freezer) and put the stems back into the bin.

Next I pulled out a tomato trellis which had been holding the big sage plant back from the driveway, and watered all the carport plants. That all seems to have helped.

Got back onto Twitch, just lurking. As long as they won't delete my account I may as well use it, so I uploaded emotes. There was some storm chasing. And metal detector guy.

The only thing on Tivo was an episode of Catfish, which was a Piña Colada. You know, the song about the guy who takes out a personals ad, gets a date and it turns out to be his girlfriend?

PTI is kind of stuck, what with baseball being the only active national sport. FIFA women is the only other thing on the radar. They did remind me the NBA draft was tonight, but I don't care.

There will be TMZ to watch later.

Lunch was Safeway's grab and go faux seafood salad. Not very good. I tossed the thousand island and used my bleu cheese. Also added red onions. I need to slice another one. Tomorrow.

Halfway to dinner time I made congee with Campbell's chicken noodle soup and a packet of steamed rice. It helped settle my stomach. So did the ginger ale. A couple of hours later I mixed some peanut butter and a packet of peanuts. Then ate a couple of pieces of baklava. So no need for a formal dinner.

Janice texted asking to do coffee Saturday earlier than usual. Wu Tang Clan is playing Shoreline so we'll meet elsewhere.

4:30 phone call from a recruiter in Oregon, he works for a contract agency I've been working with. He had an unusual manual testing opening which he thought was in San Jose, turned out to be Foster City. They need people to test simulator software which simulates their autonomous vehicles. Did some searching and the company is Zoox. Check it out. He said they are hiring several people, contract-to-hire. Foster City is a PIA to commute to, but I have the commuter lane tags, and the local theater group, Hillbarn, is one of the best.

So now I have 5 possibilities.

There was a master gardener presentation tonight on my calendar, but it's in Palo Alto, no thanks, not during rush hour.

Plans for tomorrow:
Schedule a gutter cleaning.
Spread out the sage some more
Pull out the rest of the gone to seed poppies
Go somewhere where there are people. Downtown?

Cooling off periood

A few minutes ago I went next door, neighbor confirmed he had cut back my garden plants, so I opened up my STAGE VOICE on him and shouted that he keeps his hands off my garden and his self off my property. He seems to have gotten the message. But my blood pressure went way up in the process.

Banana and peanuts for breakfast again. Plenty of time before 2 pm Google Hangouts interview, so I went for a haircut (reverse Mohawk) and then to Petco two doors down for chewables which are hemp based which allegedly can calm Spook down enough for me to use the mat cutter that I also bought.**

Then next door to Safeway, bought fewer salads than planned because they were all out of my 3 favorites. Got more frozen lunches than planned. On to GO for strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream and donuts (which I was going to eat on the way home but forgot).

Home, Hgl in the 70's, felt worse. Donut helped. Lunch helped. Lasagna.

**Spook loves to have her head and neck petted, but ran away from the de-tangler and any move to groom her back. She ate 2/3 of one of the hemp treats, and it may have helped her sleep for a few minutes but she up and ran when I tried to take advantage of that. I suppose I should ask my vet for something.

In other news the aircon is working great. Left a happy birthday song on my youngest sister's answering machine. No doubt she and hubby are out somewhere.

2 pm I was online, and the contract rep was there but the manager was a no-show. He got stuck in a meeting, apparently. Rescheduled for 3 pm, he was 10 minutes late, and the room he was on was reserved by someone else for 3:30 so he had to cut it short. He's French, and his accent is very thick. I don't think I ever met him when I worked there. Not sure how the interview went. Not sure if I want the job now that I've seen how disorganized the manager is.

Today is Juneteenth, a mythological holiday celebrating something which hasn't really happened yet, 156 years later.

Three pending job prospects yet to be heard from. Adobe lightroom, re-scedule of interview with the Israeli start-up, and a tester job, consultant at Microsoft. I turned down another consult possibility with Google (I think) because they don't offer Kaiser. Make that 4- something with Apple.

Watched one PTI, today's was pushed away for a college baseball championship. TMZ - one watched 3/4 of the way one more to go. America Unearthed was a kind of a farce this time, but educational. The host got it into his head that Polynesians made it to Mexico thousands of years ago, but in the end we already knew that they got to Americas because Kennewick Man is Polynesian. Or Japanese.

Dinner was pasta shells turkey frank slices and swiss cheese. No dessert yet because it gave me the runs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sit tight, more job hunting expected

It Pours

Woke at 6-ish with an Hgl of 63. It took 2 Klondike bars and an hour in bed to come back to life.

After weeks of crickets, today I was bombarded with recruiters calling, emailing and texting. Mostly jobs I am qualified for. But some of them had too many stupid questions, things which were clearly in my resume. Like did I have a legal right to work here. What town do I live in, stuff like that. There was one bozoid who wanted me to change my resume to add 5.1 audio and 4K video to it - there is no way with the jobs I had that I didn't have experience in those. I gave her a hard time, so she had her boss call me. Boss understood the tech better and got it. One guy wanted to know if I did adb testing, which is listed in the first one of my job descriptions.

Lazy illiterates.

But the good news is I have one video interview with Google tomorrow afternoon, and probably another one in the next couple of days.

Bad news is the 4 pm call I waited all day for didn't happen. Instead, right at 4 pm I got a text from the recruiter saying the hiring manager had to travel. She said she would try to reschedule Thurs-Fri. I may ask her not to - it was too last-minute and I wasted a couple of hours making myself available. It's a tech support job for a piece of A/V hardware which doesn't look all that impressive. And he's Israeli.

So as it stands now, I have two Google jobs and an Apple job in the works. The canceled one was for a start-up nobody has heard of. Also, Adobe has an opening for someone to black box test Lightroom or products related to it, the recruiter was another boziod, wanted me to say I had Lightroom experience though the job description said it was a nice-to-have.

But the morning stared better. Banana and some peanuts for breakfast. Out of HB eggs. Aircon fail was a blown capacitor, which was partly my fault for not cleaning the fan blades in 5 years and not knowing how dirty the indoor furnace filter was. It looked clean when I took the door off the unit, but when he removed the filter it was all gunked up on the other side. It was up and running in less than an hour, just under $400, which is less than I expected.

As he was doing that I noticed that someone had  snuck in while i was gone and cut my sage bush way back, and the verbena as well, and it also looks like mint plants were chopped in the process. I need to ask the neighbors if they did this (second time) and tell them to keep their hands off if they did. The bees and hummingbirds did not need their food taken away like that.

Caught up on TMZ, PTI and Graham Norton. This last episode of GN was the most boring one in a long time. None of the guests were his usual high quality.

Which brings us to The Bitchelorette. Last things first, they wasted the last hour with a 1-on-1 between her and the host. And a recap of all the drama. Maybe re-crap is a better word. It was definitely the producers' last gasp attempt to not have her do a total melt down.

Of course once again the final rose went to the jerk. She will choose him, they will get married, and he will murder her and their three children. The plea will be temporary insanity, except it's not temporary. He will be set free because it's his first offense. After the trial he will be the next Bachelor.

But seriously, there is no one left who has any kind of real connection to her. She doesn't even have a real connection to her. Never has.

There's still plenty on Tivo to pass the time while waiting for tomorrow's Hangouts interview.

Lunch was the last of the yellow curried chicken & rice. Dinner finished the beef stew with a croissant soaked in it. Ben snacking on baklava and mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.

Spook got brushed real good today, I think I got some of the matts out of her backside. Maybe most. She kept dodging the brush, she likes her face brushed, not her back.

Plans for tomorrow:
Spend some quality time on the porch
I still need to water the indoor plants.
Maybe a quick run to a supermarket for HB eggs and bananas.
2 pm interview

Home Again

Up at 6:30, back to bed for an hour. Watched TV till 11:30. Skipped breakfast.

Checked out of the hotel, fired up Waze and it led me to IAH rental car return. I thought about spending some time in downtown Houston, but I'd had enough of the area's confusing traffic patterns and every other car on the road being driven like a tank in a combat zone. Houston prefers cars with menacing grills, and pickups which are too tall and wide to see past. I do like the way every freeway on ramp is a long merge on or merge off. Much safer than California's insane short ramps where incoming have to battle outgoing cars.

I was at the airport a little after noon, so call it an hour.

My plane had arrived at terminal C but was leaving from terminal E. Which is kind of an illusion because they are all connected. The United app told me gate 6, but when I got my boarding pass it said gate unassigned. Plenty of places to eat, I chose Panda Express, fried rice, egg roll, non-spicy beef & green beans. Just as I was finishing, my tummy decided I needed to get to the nearby rest room right away and make like a methane and shit rocket. It was too soon to blame it on lunch, but Red Lobster's greasy dinner the night before...

United messaged that my gate was E6. I was already close by so I sat down in the area to read. Then it was gate 12, not nearby. Then 22, way down the hall. Then E9 at the other end of the hall. That's a lot of walking. There are no moving sidewalks, and golf carts are few and mostly sit where they are. And like the frontage roads, places to stop and sit are far apart.

The plane was 10 minutes late boarding, but I know the drill and got on as soon as my section was called. Plenty of room for my bag and no one in my row yet. Full flight, though. We were about half an hour late into SJC, and it took another 20 minutes to get off the plane.

As I mentioned in a comment to fauxklore, this time there was a control for the video screen on the arm rest. The choices sucked, but at least I could watch something besides ESPN. No controls on the first flight was an artifact of sitting in the last row.

In another Bluetooth moment, my $500 noise canceling earphones reminded me that they needed a BT connection to stay on for more than a couple of minutes, so I had to keep my phone on.

And another discovery was that though we were clearly flying at about 30,000 feet, my phone altimeter still said 6300. I think that's from the pressurized cabin.

The car was where I left it, very close to the airport entrance, and exiting was easy, just tap the credit card and go.

Home, Spook made some noises but basically has been ignoring me. More than usual.

Entered all my receipts into Quicken. Charged 2 of the 3 camera batteries.

I'm all unpacked except for the bag of dirty clothes which need to find hampers.

No dinner. Made a whipped cream and blueberries strawberries bowl as a snack and started watching PTI but I'm too tired. It's 2 hours later Texas time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up on time
10-2 appointment to get the aircon looked at
4 pm phone interview
Water the indoor plants
Take out the kitchen garbage
Download pix from the camera to the PC

Lost Again

Plan A happened - sort of. I drove to the space center, but it took hours. Once again the signs on the road did not match the ones on the maps. And David's simple directions were wrong. Take 6 to 45 and follow the NASA signs. Well, 6 doesn't connect with 45.

Somewhere along the way the sky opened up and rain drops the size of hailstones pummeled the car and the roads. Had to slow way down for about 15 minutes.

I installed Waze, which had much easier to understand turn by turn directions, but I still got messed up. Like Google Maps, it would not speak to me, I had to keep pulling off the road, finding a gas station to park and look at the map again.

And then a miracle happened. I turned the car off and Waze started talking. By accident I discovered that it was trying to talk over bluetooth to the car's console, but the car's console wasn't compatible, Turning off bluetooth gave me a functioning talking Waze. That got me from the town of Alvin out to NASA Parkway and the science center. More on that later.**

Breakfast was pretty good, apparently free, at the hotel. A couple of kids cut in front of me at the waffle machine, and broke it. :-(

But the sausages were great, not the mealy mushy kind you usually get. Scrambled eggs were good, bacon was a mess and way too salty. I think it was left over from a previous day month. Good selection of juices, and pastries. Had to clear my own table - there were about 20 tables which were empty, but they all had the remains of someone else's breakfast on them. Stole flatware from the bar.

Next thing was a stop at HEB, which is a supermarket super store. Windshield washer fluid, reading glasses to replaces the scratched up pair I brought with me, polarized sunglasses. Filled the washer reservoir before I left.

**Later. The Space Center is a Smithsonian level museum, as far as content goes. It suck lemons as far as display lighting goes. I needed to use a flash for almost every shot indoors. It is dark in there. Even the human stage presentations were in the dark. They actually had stage lights, but they were aimed at the floor.

I missed the main theater presentation, they only played it at noon and 4, with kiddie shows several times in between.

The main attraction is the 747 with the shuttle Independence sitting on top. They have the display divided into 4 floors, all accessible by stairs or elevator. Bottom floor is a view from the ground, 2nd floor is inside the 747 with way too much information on how it was converted into a shuttle carrier. 3rd floor is the lower level of the shuttle, and the 4th floor is the top of the shuttle. There's a satellite inside, packaged in gold foil ready for launch.

Playing in the small theater every 15 minutes is an excellent montage of events from the entire history of NASA. In the front of the room is the actual podium from which JFK announced we were going to the moon and back. There is a life size JFK cardboard statue standing behind the podium which kind of creeped me out.

Tons of stuff. Moon rocks, lunar lander, remote controlled mars rover. Lots of space suits. Hanging from the ceiling a Mercury capsule with a suited up astronaut on a tether floating outside. Special area for the kids.

I wanted to take the tram tour, but it was a 1-hour wait. So I didn't see the rocket park until I was driving away, and it was not accessible from the parking lot.

Lunch was a truly lame burger and cole slaw with too much vinegar in it. And whose idea was dipping dots ice cream?

Many beautiful woman from all over the world. And way too many babies and toddlers.

David called when I was having lunch, it was already too late for me to be able to make it to dinner at his place. Waze got me back to the hotel at about 6, but it was a long drive - 2 hours - and i was beat.

Dinner was at Red Lobster. 30 minute wait they said, and handed me a buzzer. I sat outside because the inside seats were full. Came in after half an hour, and saw a couple of people ask the desk how much longer, only to be told they had been called but the buzzer had not gone off. Turns out mine was beeped after 15 minutes but it didn't buzz. Lady at the desk said she called my name, but that didn't do any good because i was outside and they were not piping her announcements out.

My server showed up eventually, I ordered clam chowder and the lobster bake. Mixed seafood on linguine with white wine sauce. It was more like olive oil. Linguine was slightly underdone. Lots of seafood - tiny scallops, shrimp, mussels, tiny lobster tails split in half. Server checked on me a couple of times early, but disappeared when I needed a drink refill, and when I wanted to order dessert, and when he brought the check, and when he collected it. He lobbied me hard to vote for him in the survey online. 

Not happening, John.

And here I am back at the hotel. I finally figured out the best route here. It involves taking Hwy 6 north, making a U turn at University, taking an unmarked right turn which leads through a parking lot for some restaurants, then across a street into the hotel lot.

Plans for tomorrow:
Breakfast at the hotel
Check out by noon
Long drive to the airport because the strip joints probably won't be open yet.
Hang out at the airport
Fly back to SJC

Each seat had a video screen in front of it. Every screen was on. Many were tuned to different stations. The screens did not have any controls on them, no buttons, no nothing. There was nothing on the seat arms either. The front of each right arm did have a place to plug something in, but the staff didn't have any. Not even for rent.

So for the entire 3 hours, mine was on ESPN, which on Friday was the all-NBA-finals-all-day channel. 2/3 of the coverage was on how badly the Warriors fell, and 1/3 was about whether Kawai will stay in Toronto.

It was torture.

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