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Today was the day to take my time. Woke up at about 7, grabbed the netbook and played online in bed till almost 10, getting up every now and then when something reminded me to get an item into position for packing. Got into jeans & t-shirt, grabbed my jacket and headed to IHOP for breakfast. Would have preferred Denny's, but they closed a few years ago.

Super service, and they even sat me near some eye candy, which is not something IHOP is famous for (eye candy, that is). The pancakes were not up to their usual - somewhat dry and not quite evenly shaped, and tended to come apart into two layers. But they tasted fine.

Back to the hotel via Office Depot, where I picked up some bubble wrap for the laptop and a neoprene sleeve with pockets for mouse, etc for the netbook. Hotel at 11:30, got a parking spot near the entrance, changed into dress slacks and a cobalt blue dress shirt, packed, checked out by 11:50. Worked  up a sweat doing that, and I had all day, so I went to Starbucks, bought a venti iced chai latte, sat near the pickup location and watched the parade of customers as I read Ben Bova's Titan, which I think I have read before, but don't really remember. Which means either I didn't, or it is not a memorable book. :-)

A very cute young blonde, maybe 4'11" in purple tights and a knit sort of see-through knee-length top sat in the easy chair across from me, and between the outfit and her phone conversation, I'm pretty sure she's a call girl who had just arranged an "appointment". Maybe the fact that her thong was clearly visible through the knit and tights influenced me on this. Maybe. Just as I was getting ready to leave, a woman came in wearing a Denny's uniform. She said they just re-opened this week. Wish I'd known.

After I'd cooled off sufficiently, I drove over to the cleverly hidden Tukwila Pond Park, and enjoyed the sunshine and shirtsleeve temps for a while. Then I pulled out the Seattle Weekly and punched the address of a massage place in, which took me to an auto body shop. Then I saw the sandwich board sign pointing around the side of the building, where there was a palm reader upstairs, and massage downstairs. The massage place is pretty basic, reminded me of some of the smaller ones in rural Thailand which were spaces rented from the back of a store. Korean woman in her 40's gave an excellent massage, ending with a face massage which she could patent, it was that good. She also managed to rub my feet without tickling me, something which rarely happens. I have very strong legs and quick reflexes, so it can be dangerous.

Still a nice day so I tootled around parts of Kent & Burien I've never been which have a view of Rainier, fed the car at Fred Meyer which was 10 cents a gallon cheaper than the name brands, and headed for the airport. Returned the rental car, made a pit stop, checked my luggage, got the netbook out and breezed through Security Theater despite being in line behind The Woman With The Massive Purse Containing Saddam's Missing WMDs and Hiker Boy juggling Everest-capable backpack, collapsible ski poles which refused to stay in their tube and his floor sweater (it wanted to be on the floor rather than on him).

Long walk to the end of Alaska's gates, but there's a Starbucks, so I'm nursing a frap until it's time to board the flight. That should be in about 45 minutes. Should be at SJC around 8:30, and home by 10, if the baggage claim system is its usual molasses speed.

It'll be good to see the kitties, and I expect there will be a gift or two from them to find. Be good to get back to work tomorrow.

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