Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Making Contact

Spent most of the day at NASA Ames' wrong-side-of-the-guard-gates meeting hall attending Contact 2010, which is aimed at getting scientists, artists and writers together to talk about alien contact, and things related to it. I know the person who does the art show, and last year I got a one-day no-meals freebie for being an art show participant. This year I ponied up the fee for the full conference & banquet, and have 8 photos in the show too.

Not worth it, but partly because the conference started yesterday morning, and I couldn't afford to take the day off work. But also partly because most of the presentations have not been up to par, some downright amateur and boring. Time management is out the window because instead of having everyone put their presentations on the same computer, everyone has his/her own laptop which he/she has not tried to use with the projector before, and the person operating the projector, while he is a nice guy and respected author of hard science fiction, doesn't really understand how the thing works. And it's somewhat hard to trust a machine which has its video cable attached by a rubber band.

What the delays meant was the art show reception, which was my main reason for being there, never happened. It was set up in the wrong place anyway - they put the wine & horses deovaries in the dining hall which is the next room over from the art show, and the art cannot be seen from there.

I was, however, able to duck home after lunch, change the litterboxes, and get back in time for the next talk.

Except for the continental breakfast, food has not been good. Lunch was buffet of veggie lasagna and spaghetti with a Swedish meatball if you could find one, salad which was mostly iceberg lettuce, and a soft drink/bottled water. The "Banquet" was also a buffet with some kind of eggplant glop, spaghetti with a hint of meat sauce, garlic bread, the same salad, and chocolate cake for dessert. 

At lunch I managed to pick the one table where nobody was talking to anyone. At dinner there was some conversation, I was sitting with the art show person, maurinestarkey a couple of sci-fi writers and mo's guy who regaled us with his days as a child extra in Hollywood.

Time management struck again, we were all done with dinner and I was done with chatting by 7, the speaker was not due on till 8, so I took myself to OSH, bought an indoor plant to replace the one that died while I was away, went home and hung it in the space between the livingroom and kitchen. Also caught up on TMZ and The Mentalist on Tivo.  The DVD which will let me watch Netflix movies on my Wii arrived, I'll try it out tomorrow night, if I have time after catching up on three episodes of Chuck. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Contact again. It ends around 3, so maybe I'll be able to have coffee at 5 with my friend J. She spent last week on Kuwai.

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