Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

How did it get to be 1 am so soon?

Probably because I took a couple of hours after work to cruise around the neighborhood, not being at all familiar with Los Gatos. Ordered another belt from beepfree products dot com, the one I have from them which is high quality and doesn't beep in airports is brown, and I needed black too. Highly recommend their products.

Did some family business, discovered the papers my little sister thought needed my signature don't. Sent big sister email about a wonder herb bibbit_life journaled about so sis could pass it on to her youngest son who is studying what we call alternative medicine, what Israel calls complementary medicine but is mostly Chinese medicine. Wrote a nastygram to the IT department at Dad's home. It bounced because the idiots who set up their firewall put the error message's reply-to address as .com instead of .org. Did a high-res scan of Mom's wedding portrait which I need to retouch and print for Dad. I have the original, but unfortunately it was watered some time in the distant past and is stuck to the glass of the frame it was mounted in. My previous efforts to restore it munged the contrast, making her blue eyes appear black. It's a black & white photo, but you can tell she has blue eyes in the original.

Printed out the judge's pamphlet for the World Affairs Challenge I'll be helping judge April 17 at SFSU. Need to read it next week. Discovered Netflix does not stock the 1902 film in which a bullet-shaped rocket embeds itself in the man on the moon. Emailed a folkdance friend in Seattle asking help to find a mutual friend whom my mother also knew. It is a very small world, sometimes.

Work today was what I do best - watch a video carefully and note the sync issues. I stumbled upon a severe issue with one of the devices we're testing where it goes out of sync - audio is 2 seconds ahead of video - at a particular point in a particular movie. Found this by accident when yesterday when I had started playing a movie just to exercise the player, went down the hall for a few minutes, and when I got back and made a quick check with the headphones the audio was way out of sync. So as a double-check I tried a movie I'd played without problems before on several other devices, and it was 100% repeatable, where the first movie was random. My lead had me watch one SD movie, an HD TV episode and an SD TV episode as a reality check. For HD I watched the first non-pilot episode of 30 Rock which I will now never again confuse with 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Plans for tomorrow:
Retouch mom's picture
Look into buying a pair of Brooks shoes
Maybe join TheatreWorks again

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