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Low Watermark

Running in the background is Photoshop CS4 putting a copyright watermark onto the set of photos I took at a Meetup shoot in San Jose yesterday. It was a last-minute meetup, from what I gather a young woman who wanted to get some photos for her portfolio contacted the organizer, and he was surprised how quickly the roster filled up. It didn't surprise me - a Saturday shoot at a reasonable hour for less than the usual fee. The model was a challenge for me, I didn't think she was all that attractive, and she had that new model misconception that it is more sexy to look sad or pouty. She looked best smiling, but smiling did not come naturally to her. She is way skinny, which I suppose is another new model misconception - not anorexic, but also not toned. And the wardrobe she brought did not look good on her.  I did manage to get a few adequate pictures, maybe a dozen out of more than 200 shutter clicks.  There's one or two 

Toward the end of the shoot all the photographers were shooting away, and the organizer didn't keep control of the shoot. What's supposed to happen is each photog gets a certain amount of time to direct the model, and the others stand back and watch. Things started out this way, but there is one annoying little man who kept treating everyone's session as his own, I had to physically push him out of my way a couple of times. By the final session, everyone was crowding my shoot, which was highly annoying. Unfortunately this organizer is the only one who has been having regular sessions locally. My favorite meetups have been either on hold, out of town (as in Vegas, Pinnacles and Portugal) or too expensive. And one organizer switched from photo shoots to parties in SF clubs.

Next stop was Costco, where I picked up the prints of Mom's wedding portrait, and a couple of frames. Then across the way to get my nails done - they missed me, since I've been up in Seattle on manicure day for the last couple of months. They gave me hugs when I told them about Mom, and asked for more copies of my 2010 calendar.

Then to BB&B, which has a better selection of frames than Costco, and picked up a couple of simple silver 8x10s. And a sheet set which was on sale. I'd been waiting for that color to be on sale for a while.

Home, worked on getting the photos into the frames and discovered that even the Costco 11x14 matted for 8x10 cut off part of the photo, the straight 8x10 frames moreso, so I went upstairs to the big P, photoshopped the original to 7x9.5, put that on an 8x10 canvas, uploaded it to Coscto and ordered another set of prints. Will pick those up Monday or Tuesday and try again with the frames.

While I was at it, I tried to replicate the watermark action in CS4 which had worked well in CS3, but could not get it to record all the steps. It was pretty simple - I'd created a psd file with the copyright line on a transparent background, and copied that onto the photo, flattened the layers and saved it. Went online and found an easier solution, which was to record an action where I open the image, create a new layer, type in the text I want where I want it, rasterize the text and emboss it, then flatten the image and "save as". Had to do that twice, though because the action recorder didn't pick up the "you must rasterize to emboss - rasterize now?" dialog and "yes" click.  So everything in the set is watermarked, and maybe I'll upload some more to Flickr (I have about 5 up there now). Or not.

Caught up on my Tivo recordings of TMZ and Chuck. Still have a Mentalist to watch.  Read a chapter in Ben Bova's Titan while having dinner at Denny's. Stayed up way too late reading the last Harry Potter, and decided to sleep in. Out of bed at the crack of noon, more or less. First time in ages when I had no commitments and my chores were mostly done.

No plans for today.
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