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The Day of Getting Stuff Done

Mostly. Last night I labeled all 16 400-foot reels of 8mm film my Dad took between 1956 and 1968, preparatory to having them put onto DVDs. This morning on my way to the annual eye-blur exam (aka ophthalmologist appointment) I put the first two reels in the trunk of the car, along with the Chinese ad for bridget_coila's recommended herbal remedy, and a piece of Black Forest cake. The banana I kept in the front seat to eat on the way. The day starts with a good, healthy breakfast, you know.

Traffic was too stupid to eat and drive, but I was parked at KP 15 minutes early, so I ate the banana while listening to The Wedding Singer OBC album. There is some catchy music in there. There is some adequate singing, and some less so. And some clever arranging.

Good news from the appointment, my vision is still clinging desperately to 20-20, retinopathy is unchanged from last year. Disappointing item: the doctor has taken down all his daughter's artwork, and is making do with an electronic photo frame scrolling through family photos. I was going to ask him about that, but he was already half an hour late, with four people waiting.

After a quick stop at the pharmacy to get some supplies, I parked my blurry eyes in a small lounge area out of direct sunlight for about an hour. After a while I was able to read a book, but it took more time than I expected to be safe to drive. Drove to work, where I apparently missed a big party celebrating the signing of a big client. I grabbed a box lunch instead, and spent a couple of hours re-installing my server software. Should have only taken half an hour, but the instructions for a couple of key items were wrong or missing, and I needed to steal files from a known working server to get mine going. And that's when the test tracking system went down, which meant I couldn't get to the test cases I was supposed to run. Turns out I was assigned some new stuff which I'll need some help with from one of the leads. Tomorrow.

Parked at Starbucks for a while, read some more Titan while traffic thinned. Drove to Costco and dropped off the film. Turns out they could have done 4 reels at a time, which I'll take advantage of next time, if they do okay on the first two. It'll take a month. Their brochure says they clean the film, and repair any bad splices, which is good because these splices haven't been touched in 50 years and may be all brittle and non-splicy. It was too late to go in search of Chinese herbs, so I did a little shopping, and even less buying there. Four items. How could I resist smoked white fish?

Home, heated up some frozen taquitos, was pleasantly surprised that they tasted pretty good. Watched the first half of the penultimate episode in the PBS National Parks special from October. Despite the rave reviews, Brown has done a really sucky job of staying on-topic. Each episode jumps around between the parks he is supposed to be focusing on and parks which have nothing to do with them. This one starts with a snippet about Yosemite, but the episode is billed as the Everglades and East Coast parks, especially the ones created during WWII.

Talking about getting stuff done, last night I finally finished the last Harry Potter novel. Much more verbose than it needed to be, a lot of it she pulled right out of her butt. It did not have the compelling drive of the previous books, and had the feel of her being paid by the word (which we know is not the case). The hype was all about how we would be all shocked by who gets killed in this book, but she really didn't take any risks there. The final chapter almost shouts for HP:TNG. It was worth reading in paperback.

Another thing completed which the funeral got in the way of: I finally went through my Flickr set from Consonance and corrected misspelled names, made replies to some of the comments, and marveled at the Trixy Pixie costumes and hsifyppah's amazingly gorgeous concert dress.

Plans for tomorrow:
It may be time to change the litterboxes - need to check
Search for Chinese herbs
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