Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Is It Friday Yet?

Thursday seems to have snuck up on me. So has life. I can't believe I'm almost 60. I don't feel that old. I know I look it, though. At Mom's funeral people kept asking Dad if I was his brother. :-(

Some of my LJ friends have been posting about their love lives, reminding me I have none, have no interest in one, expect to have none. Sex would be nice, I suppose. It's been so long I forget which one of us gets tied up.

Starting to look for theater to become involved with. The new job is real close to Saratoga's theater, maybe I'll find something to do on their next show. I'm probably too late for Hello Dolly, unless C. Michael needs more male voices singing from the wings. Considering joining TBA again, for the audition listings. Or maybe I should just see where I can get a copy of their magazine - 90% of TBA is in the city, which is out of my commute range.

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