Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Anyone have 20 cents in pennies or nickels for two 10-cent pieces?

I want to change paradigms.

This morning when I checked on the status of the file transfer from old to new PC, the new PC said the transfer had been canceled,  and when I checked the old PC it showed (a) it had BSODed and rebooted and (b) failed one of the two mirrored 1TB drives. I started up the transfer again, but it showed a seriously degraded transfer, thanks to the failed drive. On my way to work I figured it was probably a loose SATA connector, since I'd been in that area when I had tried to clone drive C: earlier. But on the way home I stopped at Fry's and bought a spare anyway. Bad timing, since I'll be selling the old system soon.

Home, checked the SATA cables, but they were all good. Fired the machine up and the RAID BIOS clearly showed a failed drive. So I replaced it, powered up and got it started to rebuild. Then I went out to do the laundry, with dinner sandwiched in.

What had been my favorite laundromat has been taking lessons on how to drive away customers. Half the 2-load machines are broken, when I opened the 3-load machines they smelled of mold. Nobody is in attendance, and the restroom is locked. I suppose I will try the one closer to me, though it is smaller and crowded. Have to see how late they are open.

Back home, the array rebuild was 82% done, it is now completely finished and working fine. As soon as I am done writing this I'll try the transfer again.

Plans for tomorrow -
work, then band rehearsals.

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