Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

15 minutes to maim

Not enough time to kill. Band practice in Los Altos tonight, my baritone is the in trunk, valve oil in my jacket pocket because I forgot to put it back in the case after rehearsals 2 weeks ago.

Work was another day of watching movies, Mall Cop was first, and I really liked it. Excellent cinematography, though there were a couple of editing glitches (usually to cover up a stunt-back to reality transition). Audio is excellent and well edited. Acting is really pretty good, all things considered. Much better than if Adam Sandler had been in it rather than just funding it. Nice surprise twisty ending, much more intelligent than this movie's ending has any right to be. The main Bad Guy did a very Roddy McDowell-like job, kind of Mordred-y. Lots of impressive stunts. Worth full price. A great date movie if you're a fat guy with a DDG date.

This morning the new PC said it needed another 22 hours to transfer the files from the old computer. This is the third try, the first two failed due to hardware probs on the old PC which did not exist before the transfer. The transfer program is too stupid to pick up where it left off, so I will have about 50GB of files which have been copied two or three times (with the silly (1) and (2) added to the filename). Not going to worry about that till tomorrow.

Saturday I'll be at one of the SF universities being a judge for World Savvy's school challenge day. Did this last year and it was interesting to see how much kids can learn about a specific global problem when they focus. This year it is drinkable water.

Time to bail.,

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