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Busy day at work. Monitoring two customers' hard drive repairs, another two sites with network issues and one place where engineering remembered they had fixed a bug but had not made a patch for one particular version of the software. And then another site called in with a machine totally locked up and needed to power down and re-start. Wheee!

I wanted to take advantage of the 85° weather at lunchtime, but had to go into the apartment office to let them know I'll be renewing my lease, drop off the rent check, leave them a copy of my "going on vacation" letter, and pick up a package. Turns out the package was a USPS "return to sender" item - seems you can no longer drop a package of more than 1 lb into the PO drop box and expect it to go by air. Instead of sending it by surface mail, they returned it to me. The package would have been there today if they had just sent it by truck. Sheesh.

Had sashimi at a downtown Mountain View place which I have not visited since they took tempura off the menu. 30 seconds in the microwave and I bet it would have tasted just like fish.

Am debating what to do tonight. Many choices. Asian Connection singles event, Saratoga Drama Group's Oklahoma (I wanted to see it again in a real production night), bike ride, and other stuff I know I've forgotten.

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