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Finally finished transferring all 700GB of data from the old PC to the new one. Looks good - all my photos seem to be there on the RAID drive, which is twice as big on the new machine as on the old. Used cygwin to delete the hundreds of duplicates (a pity Windows doesn't have the Unix find command - all it took was find /<DRIVEPATH> -name "*\(1\)*" -print -exec rm -rf {}\; for each drive (C and E) and then replace the 1 with 2 and then 3. Took about half an hour for it to crank.

The new machine's desktop looks just like the old one's now. Yay!

To be done:
- Swap video cards (new one currently has a DVI card, old one has an HDMI)
- Pull the capture card from the old machine and put it in the new one
- Put the covers back on both machines
- Yank all the USB/Firewire/audio/video connections from the old machine and plug them into the new
- Activate Windows on the new machine
- Install all my programs (this could take days)
- Wipe the drives on the old PC

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