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A Me Maintenance Day

Forced myself to sleep in, after yesterday's needless sleep deprivation. Pumpkin was curled up against me most of the night...and morning. Had my nails done, but it was a 40-minute wait for "the nail whisperer", so I bought an iced coffee a few doors down and sat out in the sunshine and 75° weather reading Chronicles of Riddick. This is yet another direct-to-movie screenplay which Alan Dean Foster was commissioned to make into a book. I usually ♥ his writing, but this one he seems to have phoned in. Part of the problem, I think, is that the way the movie introduces the character of Riddick, there's really no good way to describe his super-human abilities without massive spoilerage. But the poor writing goes beyond that, there is a lot of purple prose which is just filler. And some of his metaphors are nauseating in their over-the-topness.

But it was sunny and warm and not raining, and we really need the sunshine because my fuchsias are dying for lack of it, and it hasn't stopped raining since I filled the hummingbird feeders, which means they haven't been touched yet. Boo, hiss.

Moving right along. Nails done, next stop is a haircut. Then a quick pass through the pet place nearby, just to see what their prices were. Not bad, not outstanding. Home, grabbed the $5 coupon for Petco, and then  off to that store where each one of the items I was planning to buy was $5 more than at Pet Club. So I booked over to Pet Club and spent $20 less thatn I would have at Petco, but still racked up >$100 for cat food, a water fountain, and automajic litterbox refills.

Home, set up the fountain (so now there are two), and decided it was finally time to start a project for a friend on the new PC which would show me if all of this had been worth it. He had left me a camcorder with HD video of a helicopter ride in Hawaii, in which the audio was a VERY LOUD and annoying constant roar of engine noise. Not the wop-wop-wop one expects. Used Corel's (formerly Ulead) latest video editor, which seamlessly merged all the clips into one track, muted the sound, and dubbed in some Rampal Sakura instead. It was 10 minutes all together, and only took about 4 minutes to compile as an HD MPEG. Amazing. Used to take half an hour, and the editing was never this smooth. Not satisfied with the result, I ripped the overture from Miss Saigon and made a clip of the 10 seconds of helicopter wop-wop-wop in that, and copied and pasted till it was as long as the video, and overlaid that at 35% volume. Compiled and played the result, and it was just a tad too much wop. Now that I knew how little time it takes I put that aside and will do it again at 25% some other time.

choice between BASFA and a meetup at Microcenter where a Kodak rep will tell us all about scanners.
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