Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Well, That's 90 minutes I'll Never Get Back

But first, how was my day? Good day at work, what I thought was a mistake on my part turned out to be a showstopper bug. I figured out a workaround, but my lead engineer said we have to wait for the bug fix before we can run the tests I was trying to do. Fine, I still had a hundred or so others.

Got to see two movies in full today. The Sign of Four, a Sherlock Holmes mystery which would have benefited from a more talented cast and a director who was less impressed with his own clever tricks. And a stunning documentary about the kindertransport program which England sponsored prior to WWII called Into the Arms of Strangers. Excellent writing, priceless old footage and brilliantly photographed interviews with participants in the program, both children and foster parents. After seeing it I went online to amazon's UK store to get a copy for my sister in Israel (Israel uses the same format & region as UK).

Also saw snippets of about 10 other movies and TV shows to check a panoply of aspect ratios.

There was also a 90-minute lecture on some of the protocols I've been testing, which verified a lot of what I already knew and filled in some gaps. Now I know why Wireshark isn't always showing the traffic I thought should be there. I don't know what it is about meetings and lectures, no matter how interesting they are my eyes want to close and I want to nod off. As soon as I'm back at my desk I'm awake again. Go figure. Anyway this was not the wasted 90 minutes.

The 90 minutes I'll never get back was a meeting/meetup of the computer society digital SIG, which sounded great on paper- a rep from Kodak showing some of their new scanners and giving a brief history of scanner technology. He wasn't a bad presenter, but he didn't know his material and his material was out of Kodak marketing, thus not particularly accurate. By the time he got to actually demonstrating a $1700 document scanner which looked like it was worth $70, it was time for me to leave. The meeting was at Microcenter, and I wanted to shop for a CPU fan. Almost bought one, when I realized I'd left my discount coupon home. And that I'm in no rush, so will probably do better to get one online.

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