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It Is A Puzzlement

Weirdness at work today. First weirdness is there was no box lunch as there usually is. Apparently there was an off-site all-hands meeting, which offered the company's traditional event menu: pizza. Spent the morning beating up one a machine which refused to do what it was supposed to through a series of related tests. As I was writing that up we had a pair of emergency tests to run, but it was going to take some time to get the machines ready so I went to UPS and shipped the dead HDD back to Seagate and the 8mm reels to just8mm.com. Both are in TX. Odd, because Seagate corp is local. They outsource the RMA stuff. Very nice people at the Los Gatos UPS store, including a young woman with a lovely bottom wearing a star of David with a diamond chip halfway between each point. May not have been real diamonds, but very flashy.

Back at work, no pizza left, so I ducked back out and had lunch at a nearby Chinese place. Managed to run all the tests I needed to on the emergency machine, and verify something weird happened on all the movies - at some point my machine would spontaneously go into fast forward mode. I think it's the individual unit, which has seen better days.

Happy Earth day. Enjoy the dirt. I'd rather have Fire Day. Last week was Water Day in Thailand (Songkran) and as for Wind day, let's just let that pass, shall we?

WTF is it about below-the-speed-limit freeway drivers? Every time I went into the left lane this morning to pass someone who was going well below the 66mph my cruise control is set for, they would accelerate to match my speed. I would up the speed to 70, pass them, get in the lane ahead of them, slow back to 66, and in minutes they would be a mile behind me, having reverted to their previous speed. Happens a lot.

Time to head home & play with video.
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