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Fun day at work, Day 2 of the fire drill. Today I got to check on whether a bunch of bugs were fixed which were marked as such in the bug tracker. Some were, some were not, a couple failed in a completely different way than the bug said. Turns out my machine was defective, it kept going int FF by itself, so I got a new one. While I was waiting for it to be updated, I wrote a paper on how to set up one of our servers for network monitoring, sent that off to one of the test leads for a technical check and clues where to send it to. At his advice, posted it on the wiki, and sent a copy to our tech writer. Who is just across the way and came by to introduce himself. Turns out that beside writing, we also have darkroom experience in common.

Back to fire drilling, which I think I am now done with. I think. Hard to tell because of the way the database displays things.

Since the Sharks are back in CO, I think I'll try that place on The Alameda I was trying to get to earlier in the week. But first I need to stop by The French Store and/or Left Aide or PVC to replace two pairs of reading glasses. A lens popped out of the ones I have at work and the one I use in the computer room at home, both were el cheapo specials from the same online discount company.

When I get home, dinner will be something with marinated beef. I marinated enough to fill two glass loaf pans, used red SinFindel wine. They have been soaking in the fridge for 2 days, cut into stir-fry sized bits. I have the makings for green curry beef, so that will be one item, but I think maybe I'll throw some into the crock pot and freeze it for use in stew or on top of pasta.

The CPU fan I'd bought online was lovely, but required the motherboard to be removed to install it, so that's not happening. I'll sell it on eBay and get one which uses the same push-pin top loading clips which the Intel fans use.  
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