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Summer Today

Yesterday was spring-like until evening, when the wind picked up and the temps dropped way quickly. Today it is summer, temps in the 70's not a cloud in the sky.

Wanted to sleep in, but was up at 9, checked on the drive scrub I'd started on the old PC  last night. It said there was about 2 hours to go on the 1Tb mirrored array. Fired up the new PC and re-did the DVD I had been made a draft of a couple of days ago. Lots of baby videos, I was waiting for the friend to email the name of the baby. It took a while to figure out the limitations of the DVD creator program, but managed to get an attrfactive theme and layout, though I had to compromise a bit. Just occurred to me that if I'd added a dummy clip I could have had the 3/4 layout I wanted instead of 4/3. The dfeal is I had 4 baby clips and 3 Hawaii clips, and the layout widget insisted on putting the first 4 on the first page, and wouldn't let me move #4 to page 2. So instead of Hawaii being on page 1, the baby is on page 1 and Hawaii is on page 2.  Fairly trivial, the people I'm making the DVD for will be thrilled no matter what order things are in. Their video clips are really pretty good, HD, and the baby is adorable. The videos of Hawaii would have been better if they had neen shot through the open door of the chopper instead of the windshield, but still it's effin gorgeous Hawaii...

Did my chores, took drugs & shot up, made some scrambled eggs & sausage for brunch, watched last night's TMZ, then went shopping. Fry's didn't have the aCPU cooler I needed, but they did have the miniature amuse-the-cats helicopter. Microcenter did have the CPU cooler, even had a rebate on it. Now I'm at the nearby *bucks sipping on a mocha frappuchino with caramel, and after I am done writing this I'll head home, call Dad, install the CPU fan, check on the old PC's second scrub (should be done sometime this evening) and spend some time in the sun. May go to a filk party tonight.

Other stuff on the agenda for the weekend is some major cooking, maybe some cookie baking.  Show tunes sing-along tomorrow afternoon, too.
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