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It got very hot pretty early today, still is 80° in the computer room at 9 pm, was 85° in the car most of the afternoon. So I did what any Californian does when it is suddenly too hot - seek air conditioning. My car's ari conditioner works fine, so I went to a few places to go shopping. Would have liked to go to a movie or three, but I had a couple of Places To Be which prevented that.

Place 1 was the Stanford Shopping Center's Apple store. I'd reserved an iPhone online (long story later in this post) and had remembered the Stanford mall store as being one of the bigger ones. I must have been thinking of another mall, because this one is a hole in the wall, smaller than the cupcake store. And it was jam packed with people in blue t-shirts trying to sell iPads, but it looked like most of the customers in there were choosing laptops and using the display computers to check their email, twitter and Facebook. The guy who greeted me at the door didn't know the very simple process of entering my name into his hand-held and retrieving the info I'd entered online. It took him four tries before he gave up and asked the Kid Who Knows. This lost him any further sales (I was going to buy some extra chargers and a couple of docking stands - got those at Fy's instead, after going to Walmart and discovering none).

Place 2 was the Schola Cantorum's Broadway show tunes sing-along. Mixed reviews for that - the leader is an energetic woman who plays keyboards very well, and had hand-picked a goodly set of what she called "songs that make you happy". There were a couple in there which were not happy makers at all, but inspirational, but by and large she done good. Except they were almost all transposed for alto, which is range I can't sing in. A couple were pitched for soprano, which I can do down an octave, but she always modulated them up a fifth just as I was getting going. The room was packed, I'm guessing 150 people, most every one of them singing along (though we lost about 1/5 of them at halftime) and I am amazed that here is a large group of like-minded people in my neighborhood, and I did not know a single one of them! Maybe they should not have timed it for a day when all the community theaters were having matinées...

As I'm typing this I'm making green curry beef downstairs - it's simmering. Wokked up another batch of beef earlier, with garlic, basil, sage and pepper. That's in the freezer now, waiting for something to eat it with. Most of the curry will probably be frozen too, some will be dinner.

iPhone tale goes like this:
I did not want an iPhone. I had tried the first ones when they came out and between horrible battery life and no 3G, and all the apps costing too much, I gave it back after a weekend. Loved the camera in it, and liked the look & feel. Well, except it was a major fingerprint magnet. I was mostly happy with my Google G1. Sometime later I upgraded to the Google myTouch. I was hoping for longer battery life (which I got) and better G3 reception (which I didn't get). I paid full price for it, and was told by the agent that due to it not being an upgrade, it would mean I still only had 6 months left on my contract. Yesterday I went to T-Mobile to check whether the contract was up (I wanted to get back on the AT&T network, they have coverage in some places I travel to which T-M doesn't). Not only was the contract not up, it runs till August 2011. Apparently they added six months when I paid too much for the myTouch. Well, with that long to run, I figured bail immediately, because the penalty will be much less than monthly payments for  a year and a half. 

What got me back to the iPhone is the fact that where I work it's the phone of choice for the company, and they have an app in production. And the things I was irked about have been improved, the price has come down and I'm impulsive.

Time to check on the curry.

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA (I have auction items, and want to see if anyone wants to buy the computer, or know anyone who does. )

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