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It Can Stop Raining Now

Some day Science will invent a way to make the weather go where it is needed most. Some day we will terraform the Earth.

Had a fun time at Kanef's filk party Saturday night, and kicking myself because I couldn't think of anything to sing till we were disbanding. Next time for sure, a song which I learned from my big sister when I was maybe 7, called The Merry Minuet. She knew it as a Brownies campfire song, later discovered it was recorded by The Kingston Trio. I'd say it falls solidly in the filk genre, along with Tom Lehrer's So Long Mom, I'm Off To Drop The Bomb and Roy Zimmerman's Song of Many Deaths which The Limelighters re-arranged a bit and recorded as Until We Get It Right, after one of Zimmerman's The Foremen band members landed a spot in the Limelighters. Come to think of it, some of Alan Sherman's bits (Automation, One Hippopotami) come under the broad umbrella of Filk As We Know It™. 

Did some troubleshooting on the now-old PC and found that the built-in Intel RAID hardware went south just as I was transferring data across to the new PC. Nothing lost, just one of the two mirrored drives was reported as about to fail. The motherboard also has a Marvell RAID controller, so I plugged the drives into that and they were happy to be made into a mirrored array there.

So, if anyone wants a fairly high-powered system which was built for XP but can run Windows 7/64 bit, let me know. Some basic specs
Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX2 with current drivers & BIOS as of last week
On-board LAN, digital and analog 5.1 audio (including optical out)
Quad core Intel CPU
Two 1Tb Seagate Baracuda SATA I hard drives
One 500Mb  Seagate Baracuda SATA I hard drive
Two Samsung DVD-RW Lightscribe drives
VisionTek ATI Radeon B2 3650 PCIE display adapter with 1GB on-board memory
Mid-tower Antec 900 case
Antec 500W power supply

Asking $1k for the lot.

The hard drives have been scrubbed, but I have legal copies of XP, Vista and Windows 7, take your pick (you install it). This would also make a great Linux server.

I can also throw in a Microsoft wireless mouse & keyboard for $25
and for $150 more, a refurbished Gateway 24" flat screen HD monitor which functions perfectly, but the refurb clueless bozos wrapped the bezel in something like Scotch tape, so the frame is kind of ugly. I tried using goop remover but that only made it uglier. Duct tape might be an answer.
Easy day at work today, verifying that a bunch of bugs we'd filed on a unit the last time it was here had been fixed. I spent most of my time watching movies and TV episodes all the way through, twice. Puccini For Beginners is a bit stylized and sometimes stilted, but there were enough LOL lines and clever director's moments to keep me interested. The cinematographer managed to make the leading lady, whom I am sure is adorable in person, look unappealing in a couple of dozen ways. And downright ugly a couple of times. The leading man (Justin Kirk) looks dorky with glasses on, and inexplicably appears without glasses in several scenes where one would have expected him to be wearing them. He's much more attractive (in a Jeff Goldblum kind of way) without them, IMHO. You be the judge:

Was playing wih the iPhone this evening at the Starbucks closest to work, and it all of a sudden told me there was no SIM installed, which meant no phone functions. Wireless worked, and Google maps showed me where the nearest apple store was, so I turned off the phone and drove down there, but when I turned it on it worked again. Mentioned this to one of the staff, he said if it happens, just do a reset, and showed me how. It's not intuitive. I figured while I was there I should get a case for it, and he helped me find one. He stuck with me for the 10 minutes it took to decide, explaining the various attributes of the manymanymany different models. When I got home I discovered he'd sold me one for the wrong phone, and it was too small. Sigh.

Bought Documents To Go, which I'd had on the android. Good app for storing docs on the phone, except it only works over wireless, not through the USB port. Okay for home but not for the network in Starbucks, which apparently blocks that.

Very pleased with the vastly improved battery life.

Plans for Wednesday:
Return the iPhone case
Sometime this week I need to get to the bank and swap a maimed dollar bill for a good one. And withdraw enough cash to pay for the model shoot this Saturday morning.

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