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Stayed up too early this morning trying to finish Chronicles of Riddick but gave up at about 2 am. Got out of bed the latest possible to make it to work before 9, but was delayed by my PC refusing to power down. After two tries at shutdown I gave up, did the 10-second power button trick; will have to figure it out tonight. I think it has something to do with the Documents2Go desktop app, because when I tried to set that up on my netbook, the main PC rebooted. Twice. Very strange. Or maybe it's because I plugged a second LAN cable into the PC (new motherboard has 2 NICs).

Got to work early enough, have one test to run which is a yawner: play a movie for 5 minutes, pause for 65 minutes. Some machines are supposed to be able to do that but I think the one I am testing is supposed to exit the movie at 60 minutes of pausing, and return to the movie chooser screen. I'll see in half an hour.


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