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Best Laid Plans

Sometimes work out for the most part. ;-)

Take out the garbage
Do laundry
maybe go swimming (renewed my club membership last week)
Meet a friend for coffee & to give her the camcorder & DVDs.
Maybe wash the car

Took out the garbage
Did the laundry
Met a friend for coffee & gave her the camcorder & DVDs and some car wash discount coupons
Went to the PO and mailed two rebate packets and the band trip refund packet
Played the piano. It wasn't pretty - I need to play more often.
Combed Pumpkin with an undercoat rake. Anyone want to knit an orange afghan?
Made a small production of dinner - caramelized an onion, added bite-sized beef pieces which had previously been cooked in garlic & assorted spices, added some water for a little gravy and dumped onto two pieces of sourdough bread. Microwaved some frozen mixed veggies. Dessert was mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Watched an episode each of Chuck and The Mentalist

Plans for tomorrow:
Fry's for a long firewire cable

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