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Quatro de Mayo - May the Fourth Be With You!

Started the day with 4 Ibuprofen, on account of an annoying muscle cramp in my back. Four more at work tided me over till I could get to a hot tub in San Jose after work. It's near the Shark Tank, and the team is out of town so I only had to park 3 blocks away. The suddenly nice weather and daylight lasting till 8:30 made the place a little crowded. But my back is much happier now.

I was busy at work, it turns out that I had the only working unit of the model five of us were supposed to be testing. I guess only three ever arrived, and two of them bricked during the firmware upgrade. A lot of the tests had been done already, but I got to learn some new stuff. Got done with tests by EOD but have to write up a couple of bugs in the morning.

Just before I left, the boss sent out email that one of the contractors on the team  is now an FTE. This is something which never happened at Microsoft or Cisco. At least not in the groups I was a member of. Anyway, there's hope.

Found someone on Facebook I've been looking for ever since I got on that thing. We were in three plays together in the 80's, she bailed on #4 to go to LA to be in Ghostbusters II, and I bailed because I thought I'd signed up to play tuba in an on-stage Klezmer band, but the director thought I'd signed up to play 19 parts with 27 costume changes, and then he decided not to have musicians on stage, just actors holding instruments. And it didn't help that my diabetes had turned up a notch and was making me crazy. Something one of the other people said on FB who had also been in those plays made me do a web search and the person I was looking for came up under a different name, with her own web site (courtesy of her agency) and I really should have found her long ago because she was already in the other person's FB friend's list. Under her changed name. Anyhow, it's great to connect, even if she is married and living in LA. And no, the new name is not her husband's, I think she's using her middle name as her last name. Her last name is quite memorable, but probably gets spelled wrong a lot. And it's a very well-known name in the Bay Area, but in a field well removed from Theater.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe I should start writing that play for City Lights' contest?

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