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During the course of taking the PC apart to put the CPU fan in, my Seagate 1TB external backup drive fell off the shelf onto the floor (about a 4' drop). Three times. It appears to be working, but the case is munged to the point where it doesn't fit on its stand. And it's probably not going to last much longer. So I took its predecessor (320GB) out and hooked it up, and am running a fresh backup right now. Looking online it doesn't appear that Seagate makes this one anymore (the one 2 firewire connectors). I'll need to make a field trip and see what else is out there for a reasonable price. eSATA seems to be all the rage, and I do have that in the new PC...

Every day on my way to work something pops into my head with a flag "put this in your journal" and every day I forget what it was. Same thing each day. Bugger.

Going to Fanime this year, and have a slight conflict, as the concert band I'm in is giving a concert on the 30th. The web site doesn't have anything which looks like a program schedule, so those of you who are familiar with this con, please let me know if I'll be missing anything crucial if I'm not there Sunday until 4-ish.

Kind of an odd day at work, I ran out of tests to run and equipment to run them on.
Took Mom's laptop out and poked around to see if there was anything of hers worth saving and was surprised to see she had only sent one email message on it, way back in January. It was her solitaire and skype machine. So I re-imaged it and am going to put it aside for a while and figure out what to do with it. Perfectly good Gateway with XP 15.4" screen 1Gb of memory (that's all it can take) dual core AMD processor.

Found yet another long lost actress friend on FB. The gal who played Dorothy in the 1986 Wizard of Oz in Fremont. In true 6° fashion, our only mutual friends are the two women I was in TheatreWorks with around the same time, but I am pretty sure she met them in LA, where they all live now.


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