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Finally did it, canceled my Comcast phone service. Nothing wrong with it, just that I don't get many calls and what I've been getting lately have been a-holes with Indian accents and no concept of time zones asking me if I'm available for a 3-month contract somewhere I'm not, doing something I don't do. One thing Mom's illness did was get all the family texting, which means we mostly call each other's cell phones now.

One reason I didn't switch earlier is the Google phone's craptastic battery life, something less than 8 hours. The new iPhone has not been charged in a two days, and is still at 50%. That's with bluetooth and wireless active all day and a couple of phone calls. And even if I did miss a call, there's voicemail.

I just finished changing my phone number for my credit cards and various other accounts. They mostly had my cell phone on them already, it was just a matter of making the same number my day and evening number.

Stopped off at Fry's and Microcenter, neither of them had a backup drive I was interested in for a price I was willing to pay. Bizrate/Nextag/Amazon here I come. Sadly Seagate has discontinued their firewire-connected drives and does not appear to have eSATA yet. Bummer. And poor marketing decision, IMHO. The box info looks like they are targeting the For Dummies demographic.

I caused a bit of a stir at work today, resulting in a mostly very nice TV not getting certified. I'd seen some intermittent random video artifacts during my testing earlier in the week, but I didn't think it was reproducible or enough to fail the video quality test. But yesterday I had time to beat up on it because the next machine in line was tied up in customs. So I just played movies and TV episodes and after a while it was clear I could show a seriuous playback problem, just that it didn't happen all the time or on all content. I handed the TV over to one of the more experienced engineers and she verified what I'[d seen, and together we showed the boss. He managed to find another TV which was either the same model or close to it, and we verified it wasn't just my unit. Once that was confirmed, he changed the status from thumbs up to thumbs down. Apparently this manufacture had some playback issues in the past, which added to the thumbs.

Too bad about the Sharks, a sweep would have been nice. After winning three squeakers, 7-1 was not a score to be expected. Maybe they wanted to win the series at home.

I'm camped out near the Mercado, using the AT&T signal. Time to pack it in and go home.

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