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Berry Picking Season

Got a call from Verizon saying someone tried to buy a Blackberry from them using just enough wrong information to make it set off flags. What's interesting is when the order was placed, I had just wrapped up being online at a Starbucks which is line-of-sight across the parking lot from a Verizon outlet. I had been updating my phone number on several sites at the time. It never made it to a credit check, so no alerts from my credit alert service. They also flagged it at the credit card company so that card is now shredded and another is on the way. What's weird is they had it set to ship to my correct address. Verizon will be sending me something in writing to use for a police report.

Despite the bank's assurances, it did eff up two routine monthly payments which are set to auto-charge that card. I also got a call from the folks who were transferring some 8mm film to DVD for me that the credit card was rejected, so I gave them an alternate one. UPS says that package should be here Thursday.

Have had a headache all afternoon. Four Advil and two aspirin did not fix it, but a brief lie-down helped. Might have been from a frustrating day at work. I was trying to get an older version of our movie player app to run on Ubuntu, but each time it tried to play a movie, it gave a generic error message. The logs said it wasn't able to get a DRM license. I installed the current version, and it worked fine. So, back to the docs, and buried in there was something saying this version does not include the licensing widget for linux, only for Windows. Most of my team is running the Windows version, which explains why everyone was stumped.

Going to bed early tonight. Between the headache and doing stuff in the morning for National Train Day, it seems like a good idea.

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