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A Matter of Drive

I've been invited to a really cool party, Roaring 20's theme, period costume required, sort of a video preview party for the swing band I saw last weekend. Talented and nice folks, all of them. There will be much eye candy.  I have an outfit which will work, the party is at 8 pm Saturday, and I have no other plans, though there are several other events to choose from Saturday which I'd like to go to. The catch: The party is in Los Osos. Morrow Bay. Taking 101, it's 3 1/2 hours away. By the coast route, a little over four hours. I think I'll let the weather decide. If it's nice, I would enjoy a daylight drive down the coast. If it's raining, the coast would be completely out of the question, and 101 would not be a thrill either. I'd stay overnight and drive back the next morning - the only things on my agenda for Sunday are getting my nails done and auditioning for Sweeney Todd in Sunnyvale. Did I mention the party is invitation only? 
Time to drive home. Photos to shop and uplolad, a couple of videos to do the same with. And if the eSata cable has arrived, need to set up the new backup drive.

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