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Yesterday's trip back from Morro Bay up 101 was a breeze, except for the first 10 miles which the stupid GPS picked the shortest route instead of the fastest - took me a short way north on Hwy 1 (which is a freeway at that point) then off the freeway to a road called Old Creek Road which is very much like Page Mill Road from Palo Alto to Hwy 1 - starts out looking like a main drag, but soon becomes a mountain pass, hairpin turns up and down very steep grades. Not what I had in mind.  That connected with Hwy 46, then another 10 miles to 101. Should have taken me up Hwy 41. But the rest of the trip was mostly freeway, no slowdowns until one particularly stupid  spot in Salinas where they have left turn lanes in both directions but there's no break in through traffic, so people waiting to make left turns get impatient and just jam right out there. They need a traffic light there, or better still, an overpass.

Left Morro Bay at 10:30, home by 2:15. 200 miles on the odometer, didn't even use half a tank of gas, so about 45 mpg from the Corolla. I suspect that's about what a Prius would get on a long high-speed trip. My tummy behaved itself all the way, and the only stop I made was north of Soledad just to stretch my legs and re-adjust the seat, which had been messed with the last time I took the car in for service. Rediscovered an adjustment lever I'd forgotten about, which helped a lot. Did not take any photos on the way up, but the ones I took on the way down are here.

Had time to get my nails done, so I did. The Nail Whisperer was in, which was excellent. She asked me if it was too soon to enter her 6-year-old in the Miss California pageant.

At 6:00 I was at my east coast nephew's girlfriend's parents' house in East Paly, very nice fairly new home, walking distance from Ikea (life..some assembly required), her parents are congenial, smart people, we had a good chat and dinner was excellent, though it would have been nicer without broccoli and its evil white cousin, cauliflower. :-)

Chatted till 8:30 when it was time for the young couple to head for the airport. They had flown out for girlfriend's brother's masters degree graduation up at Humboldt.

Home, went to bed way early, since I'd only had about 5 hours' sleep the night before. Woke up at 1:30 with slightly low Hgl, back to bed after dealing with that.

Plans for today:
Audiology appointment, blood test @ Kaiser
Sweeny Todd auditions @ Sunnyvale
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