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That was a busy week Today...well, yesterday now

Started the day by printing a copy of my theater resume, which went into the car along with my Tom Lehrer songbook with my audition piece. Off to Kaiser for an audiology appointment, which showed I am losing hearing right about where female voices come into the spectrum. Some of that, I suspect, is the room was fairly claustrophobic, and my heavy breathing may have interfered with my hearing for the first few minutes. But I definitely missed a couple of the words she spoke as part of the test.

From there to have my quarterly blood test. Initial returns say I passed that.

Off to work, where I guess it is just me and one other person on a project, but the good news is it is going quickly because the device we're testing is mostly behaving itself. 

From there to Sunnyvale theater auditions. They started at 6:30, and the first group of 10 was already in the theater when I got there a little before 7, but my group didn't get in there until 8:30, and I was the last to sing. I did okay, could have started stronger. Also remembered to ask the director to let me out of the dance auditions because my back hurt and the character I'm going for doesn't dance. When I saw the absolutely crazy all-hands jazz bit the choreagrivator had them do, I was glad I'd bailed because it would have killed me. Major WTF there, but let me back up.

They were auditioning two shows at the same time, Sweeney Todd and Godspell. This made no sense at all. None, Zero. Zip. The shows have nothing in common, and while jazz dance is appropriate for Godspell, it's totally whacked for Sweeney. Come to think of it, there is only one dance number in ST, and it's a duet between Sweeney and Mrs. Lovitt. The ensemble doesn't dance.  GS, on the other hand, is all singing all dancing all frantic. From what I saw most of the auditioners were going for one show or the other, not both. I'm going for a part in ST which will have no dancing at all.

Anyhow, the director was gracious and excused me from the dance audition, and called me back for the part I'm interested in, tomorrow night. The folks at the desk in the lobby gave me some dialog and music, as if I'll have time to do more than just glance at it.

Got home, looked for my CD of the show, and discovered I didn't have one. Odd, I thought I did. So I reluctantly put my shoes and jacket back on and drove through the rain to Rasputin's. They were closed. Closed at 9 pm - they used to be open till midnight. Boo hiss. Back home, went online and downloaded it.

The judge's part is a lot more difficult than I remembered it, and sounds like crap on the OBC recording. Not real helpful. Looking at the music, it's not one of Sondheim's rare moments of brilliance. It's one of his many "let's see how confused and busy we can make an otherwise perfectly good tune" moments. Sigh. Sad but true, for me, going all the way back to West Side Story, his better work has been his novelty songs.

Time to hit the sack. But first, WTF is it with rain in mid-May? I guess Al Gore missed the signs for Global Wetting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check my blood test results

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