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Deep friend suckage, sautéed in suck sauce

My audition for Sweeney Todd was mostly awful. I guess my readings were okay, but I didn't really feel it during the improvs, which for a change were actually excellent exercises for getting into this particular character. Part of it, I guess, is I'm thinking of a kinder, gentler show than the director is. Odd, because it isn't at all a kind or gentle show. And then there was the music audition. Two very short snippets taken out of context, one from a number I had never heard before. And while the other is on the original cast album, the album's audio editor decided to yank Sweeney's part way up and stomp all, over the Judge's much more difficult counterpoint. But the bottom line is I did not know the music, and it's some of Sondheim's most psychotic, and my sight reading was just not up to it. Not even close.

The other three guys going for the part were also going for the title role, and all three did a solid job with the judge, and two of them I could see as Sweeney, too. If I was casting it, I would probably have to flip a coin. I've been onstage with both of them, they were both playing the leading character and were great. Number three I have seen perform in a concert format, and while he is also very good, I think the other two are a notch better for these particular roles, at least.

Callbacks end Thursday, I'm not called for any more. Casting will be done over the weekend, cast list will probably be online Monday night.

On my way to callbacks I stopped at Fry's and got a replacement for my shredder. The old one worked well for about a year, which isn't bad for $19.95, but suddenly changed careers from something which cuts paper into strips to something that embosses lines into pieces of paper. Fired up the new one, it's way loud, but it chops the paper into little bits, which is not only more secure, it also saves on recycling can space.

Also picked up an eSATA cable for the new backup drive. I'd ordered one online but it's overdue.

On my way home from callbacks I stopped at Walgreen's and picked up two pairs of my preferred driving sun glasses, one to replace the pair I sat on last week, and one to replace the one I'll sit on or leave somewhere in the future.

Work was good. We finished out testing and bug regressions a day early, and I got a start on a "when you have some free time" project. Hope to get to work on that tomorrow, but probably will be given something else to test.

Most of my blood test results are in, everything is better than the last time except A1C, which was way high - and that doesn't make any sense. But as I keep saying, the human body is not a precision instrument.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post office - mail middle sister her birthday present
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