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||: Week Weekend :||

TGIS. Friday was hellabusy at work, two projects going at the same time, one of them involving three similar blu-ray players, the other a large TV. Much documentation, re-testing and putting of heads together with team leads. Wanted to go to the PO but was just too swamped. The good news is I have all week to finish the TV, which is good because most of my tests involve watching movies and TV episodes all the way through.

Bailed on a photo shoot at the iris gardens in NE San Jose, partly because I needed more sleep, and partly because taking pictures of long-stemmed flowers in 25mph winds is too much of a challenge, and I had some other chores to take care of before it rained:
- PO, mailed my middle sister's b'day present
- ATM, got cash
- Downtown Paly, dropped off two 7" reels of 8mm film at a photo studio which serves as peninsula area drop-off for San Francisco's Digital Pickle service.
- Bookstore, bought some magazines
- Rasputin's, bought The Music Man soundtrack, failed to find one for Mack & Mabel already have one for Forum (auditioning for all three on Monday night)
- Took care of the litterboxes
- Printed new business cards, minus my soon to be discontinued land line
- Got permission from the landlady to have AT&T U-verse installed
- Got the mail, shredded the AARP card and the Geico ad.
- Uploaded a set of my 2005 China photos for my "howeird" page on FB

I probably should have something to eat.

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