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The plan was to be at a group photo shoot up at Nola's Iris Garden by 10 am. Actually this was Saturday's plan until I noticed that the shoot was Sunday. But there were things to do online which took longer than expected, and the clutter in the computer room needed to be taken care of - all the boxes left over from the last PC build, and just getting loose wires and stuff off the floor and into shopping bags.

After a major dumpster run, it was maybe 2:30 pm by the time I got into the car. It's not a great distance, but according to my GPS, the last 5 miles of narrow winding country road with no guard rails and vertigo-inducing steep drops to the scenery below  was a 400-meter climb. Sierra Road is not fair for photographers because there are no vista points and no turnoffs but spectacular panoramic views. The road is too winding to be safe just stopping.

Nola's is not just an iris garden, which is good because iris season ended two weeks ago, judging from the lack of sturdy blooms. But she also has roses, California poppies, and a horse ranch. Down in the lower corral a big black Clydesdale was picking up traffic cones and plastic barrels with his teeth and tossing them around. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3395/4633992927_1f9549f027.jpg
Most of the photos I took were of non-iris flora and ranch items. Cows, horses, rusty old cars, etc. You can find them here.

Despite going 3 mph back down that road, I was home before dark, did some more straightening up, which included disconnecting all my land line phones and tossing them in a corner. AT&T U-Verse is due to be installed Friday, I needed to free up some outlets, and I've already told Comcast to kill my VOIP service tomorrow.

Was going to bake some chocolate chunk cookies, but instead called my Dad (he wasn't there, left a message) and started to catch up on the new Dr. Who. I'd made the mistake of watching the Churchill episode first because it was first in the Tivo list, but since it was obvious I'd missed the regeneration and obligatory snagging of a new Companion, I went online to find what was really first, and wrote down the whole order.

In an nutshell, I'm not enjoying it. No spoilers, just that I think they have chosen a Doctor with no charisma, whose face looks like he walks through glass doors without opening them first, and the writing and editing don't flow, they stumble around like a blind man with too short a cane. I love that they chose a redhead for the Companion, but I don't love that they  have not made her particularly intelligent. The special effects seem to be a little shabbier than last season's, especially some of the green screen effects. They have done a good job choosing actors for the small character bits. Halfway through the Angels episode (aka Blink 1.01) I turned it off and switched to The Mentalist. Much better acting, a plot I can understand, superb videography and editing. And the cast doesn't mumble their lines. Not sure if I'll watch the other NuWho episodes.

Dinner was Ha Gow, picked up a bunch of my favorite frozen packages last night at Ranch 99, along with a roasted duck, which was last night's dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
South Bay Musical Theater (formerly Saratoga Drama Group) season auditions
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