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Long Monday

Long day at work, watched Return of the Mummy for my full length movie test, the TV I was testing didn't give me HD as it was supposed to, but it did for the pilot episode of Weeds. Had to play snippets of several other HD movies to see if it was bad enough to file a bug. Lots of routine repetitive tests which should have gone through quickly, but the unit decided to lock up during some of those, and again it took time to narrow down the symptoms and repeatability. Filed three bugs, which may be a record for me in one day. Stayed till 7:30 because I had an audition at Saratoga, which is one freeway exit away.

The audition was for the whole next season at South Bay Musical Theater (which changed its name last year from Saratoga Drama Group). Very short audition, they had us sing the piece we brought with us, but everyone was stopped after about 32 bars. That worked fine for me, but some people were counting on their spectacular endings.

I was called back for the part I wanted in Music Man, Forum offered me a part which would mostly be sitting in the green room, so I declined.  Knowing the director, I suspect he has pre-cast at least one of the two parts I wanted. Maybe both. Did not get called back for Mack & Mabel, but that's probably because I don't tap dance. The audition sheet for M&M didn't say what vocal range the characters were, which is not a good sign.

Plans for tomorrow:
try to stay dry.

Overnight lows in the 40s, rain the week of Memorial Day - WTF?
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