Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Much running arond

On the shopping list: gas, cat food, limes. The plan: Piazzi's for limes, pet food store next door for cat food, gas at Arco on the way back. Piazzi's limes were small and hard and one would have to climb over the avocados to get them. Pet food store next door does not carry Iams. Arco for gas worked, after which I noticed the Valero across the street was .5/gal cents less expensive. Arco only takes cash and bank cards. I always use my bank card - for the paper trail and for always filling up. Arco charges 45 cents (for me that's  4.5 cents/gallon) per bank card use. Cash price was $2.99. Add the 4.5 and it's really 3.035/gal. Velaro was charging 3.03. Actually both of them were charging .99 cents more than the rounded off price, same diff

So, Safeway for limes, Pet Club for cat food.

Then home to change and off to Shoup Park with my horn and a 1:30 YOTB concert. My lip gave out on my about three numbers before the end - anything about a F was not happening. Same thing happened to the guy next to me. Good concert, though. Talked to several audience members and met one of the clarinetists. She was curious about whether the fingering was the same for the French Horn as for my Baritone Horn. Yup, except FH is played left-handed.

Back home, change back into civvies, grab the camera and go to SJSC for a "trade for" photo shoot. It sounded from the responses that there would be maybe two or three other photographers at most, but when I got there (half an hour after start time) there were 10. The model was very photogenic, but a couple of the photographers took over as if it was their personal session, I never got a portfolio-able shot so I left. Fanime was only a mile and a half away, so I headed there and got some good photos, added a lot to my collection of photogs in costume. Got a couple of decent daylight shots of reddheart & D.

Stayed till about 7, put my ticket in the pay meter and it got stuck. Took 20 minutes for the help to arrive (the first guy didn't know where the key went to open that part of the box - obviously an untrained relative of the manager). Manager got there and got the ticket out, and in retrospect I no know he was offering to give me free parking because of the mishap, but his accent and syntax didn't parse till after I'd put the ticket in the other machine and paid for it.

Home by way of Safeway, because dinner was going to be a banana malt, and I needed chocolate ice cream for that.

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA maybe

Fanime photo upload will wait till sometime later in the week.

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