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Suddenly Summer

After a grey and drizzly week, the weather turned to instant summer for the weekend. Sunny, 80s, clear skies. Excellent for outdoor shots at Fanime, huge turnout for the YOTB concert in the park (I had to park a block away), a little to hot and sunny for the photo shoot at SJSU, back to Fanime for more fun Sunday afternoon-evening. Too bad I have to go to work today, but I think I'll go out for lunch.

Musical cars
The apartment parking is a long carport row the length of four buildings. My spot is about halfway down the row. A year ago, the three Googlers with the spot to my right parked a beat-up old pickup with a weather-beaten red camper shell and Fresno license plate frame. Very easy to find my spot when they were parked in theirs. And the spot to my left was empty, also a good marker for a place with 95% occupancy.

That has changed. The spot to my left is now owned by a pair of young men who take turns parking their cars - a black sports-something and an older silver Camry. The Googlers have prospered, and now take turns parking a black sports-something and an older silver Camry. The person two cars to my left now has an older silver Camry. Depending on which cars are parked where, sometimes I can't find my spot till I'm past it.

Time to get ready for work. Went to bed way early, feeling rested but sunburned.


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