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So for the past two nights before bedtime I took one of the teensy muscle relaxant pills which the doc prescribed for my back pain. It relaxed every muscle in my body except for the one which was hurting. That included whatever muscles make my lungs work, which makes for some anxiety. And then I found myself talking to myself out loud, as if I was in the room with me. We were arguing quite loudly. We stopped when I told me this was not like me at all, so cut it out. But it still took forever to get to sleep, because one of me wanted to be on my right side, but the other me wanted to face away from the windows (which would mean being on my left side). We both agreed on hugging the teddy bear (which looks more like a polar bear cub).

And I don't know if it was that drug or the new blood pressure meds, but I've been walking around all day feeling like a zombie. Okay, part of that was meetings from 9 am - 12:30 and from 3-3:45.

Anyway, now feeling awake enough to see Hello Dolly at Saratoga Drama Group South Bay Musical Theater.

Way back last year the director was kind enough to let me audition at callbacks (I was out of town during auditions) and I went through a strenuous dance set which I did not enjoy at all, but I was pretty much the best singer there. I was not considered for the leading role, which was the only part I wanted, and I later found out it went to a very talented man who had also gotten the part I wanted in 1776 a couple of years before with the same director (but different company). During callbacks for Dolly, they stressed how much dancing the men's ensemble did, so I was very surprised when they offered me an ensemble part. I declined, because I am just not in that kind of shape. As it turned out, even if I had accepted I would have had to bail out of the show when my mother got sick, so Fate or something like it may be at work here.So I'll see the show tonight, and am expecting a good time. I'm sure I will know at least half the cast.

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