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All's Well, I Guess

The travel insurance company sent a check for the full amount, including "non-refundable" downpayment, for the band trip I canceled when Mom got sick. I also had lost my job, so no vacation time available to make the trip either. Also in the mail was a card from Starbucks - a gold card with my name on it. I can still use my vintage Pike Place card and get the gold member rewards. They also sent me my first free drink card (I get one for every 15 I buy).

The morning started early, I had an 8 am physical therapy appointment. She said I have a stiff spine, and the pain is from my rib cage digging into the muscle. Or something like that. Not a spasm. She gave me some exercises and good advice about how to not stay stuck in my chair at work, and set me up for a follow-up with her "drill sgt." next week. On my way back to work there was a prescription waiting for me at the clinic near work. Much less of a line than at Kaiser Homestead.

I was supposed to start on a new machine today, a blu-ray player, but there were so many bugs filed against the TV from the last three days that most of my day was spent writing those up and re-testing. A different engikneer is the lead for the blu-ray, and he was woprking on some other stuff too, so it balanced out. We both found bugs in the first 5 minutes of testing, so this is going to be another failed device, I think. Tomorrow I get to run some tests I haven't run before. We also had a presentation by one of the team on the new test structure coming up soon. Major shift in both the way we test and the way manufacturers use the company's SDK. Should be way too much fun.

Caught the last quarter and a quarter of the NBA finals, and did not see a lot of finesse from either team. I'm not much of a basketball fan, but I know world class play when I see it, and I didn't see it, except for a short burst of 3-pointers from Kobe. Davis showed a lot of heart, but it was like watching a bull in a pinball machine.

Dinner's done. I'm going to try to make Dad's Father's Day surprise - a DVD from the first two reels of 8mm, just over an hour's video. I'll drop off the next 4 reels Saturday, and probably will repat that every 3 weeks till all 16 reels are done. Or is it 17?

Plans for tomorrow:
Look forward to a weekend of photography.

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