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Family Day at the Hospital

It started on Sunday with me telling Mom to go to emergency Monday, and her compromising by saying she would call the advice nurse. Tuesday I sent email offering to send my folks concert tickets for their anniversary - Sarah Chang, my favorite violinist, was performing with the Seattle Symphony on their anniversary. This morning Dad replied that they couldn't make it, Mom had spent Monday night in the hospital, and they don't go downtown at night anymore. And call my sister in Baltimore, she's been in the hospital too.

So I call my sister, and she is just out of the hospital with a whole host of issues, including a twisted spine, super-high blood pressure with a super-low pulse rate, and assorted chemical imbalances. I asked if I could call her Twisted Sister and she told me it hurts when she laughs. And she said our aunt had been in the hospital this week too, when something went terribly wrong after a colonoscopy. And aunt's grandson was in the hospital with meningitis. All of this on Rosh Hashana. Coincidence?

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