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Is It Dead Yet?

Killing time while the first batch of yellow curry chicken drumsticks is wokking. That'll be my contribution to the Peace Corps alumni potluck Saturday at Lafeyette reservoir.

Also happening in the background is some major uploading of photos from Shoreline Park taken during the past two weeks. Much Critter Goodness there. There's a hawk perched at the top of a tree, pelican group feeding madness, very close-ups of a squirrel, a screaming seagull, Great Blue Heron in a swamp, assorted waterfowl, the obligatory burrowing owl photo and a series of photos of a pair of crows who were pulling up the freshly-placed sod to get the insect goodness underneath.

Also uploading are the shots I took on my bike trip from Oakville to St. Helena up in Napa Valley.

As with all my photos, you can find them here in my gallery pages

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