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Catching Up

Haven't had time to post much, work has been busy, way too many things going on there, new programs to install which don't want to work for me. Spent yesterday evening with someone I usually meet for coffee on weekends, but we both have been out of town a lot (and she's off on some more trips this weekend). Maybe I'll get to see her photos of Nepal some day. She gave me some good pointers on the executor thing, which she had done when her parents died, and then her brother too. Very very sad, her father had a heart attack driving back home from visiting her and her brother. Her father died at the scene, her mother held on for a few weeks. Not long after, her brother had a heart attack while he was out shopping, and died on the spot. He lived in the same condo complex, and his condo is on the path to hers. Mine will be a lot easier, no house, no car, just paper assets.

Spent some time going over executor stuff. At lunchtime today I stopped in at the BofA to find out what info they needed for me to legally access Dad's bank account, and they have an on-site estate expert who can help me sort out all the living trust stuff. For a fee, I'm sure, but it can come out of the estate. That was a huge difference from the total nimwit response my sister got at her local BofA. Funny thing is she went across the street to Wells Fargo and found a banker who was very helpful and set up an account for Dad there, but when I went to a local WF to try to file my signature with them so I could be added to that account, I for the nimwit treatment too.

Also spent some quality time with the paperwork, and my share the goodies from the parental safe deposit box. It's not much, but there are a few things which have a lot of nostalgic value. My grandfather's Navy wings. My bris certificate. The bill of sale for the house I grew up in on Howard Lane. Silver dollars which my uncle had given to my father for me when I was born. I should have had those years ago. And so on.

Okay, time to go to bed. I was waiting for a couple of DVD copies to finish burning. I'll print them in the morning.

Plans for later today:
Physical Therapy at 10
BP test
Pick up prescriptions

Nothing planned after work
Lots to do Saturday. Band Concert Sunday.

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