Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

What Doesn't Make You Stronger...

Physical therapy was easy and good. Forgot to get my blood pressure checked while I was there, but did remember to detour to the pharmacy on my way to work to pick up some prescriptions. Also forgot to ask the PT to look at the suspicious lump on my wrist. Should schedule a regular doctor appt. for that anyway.

Was almost late - stayed up so late I needed eye drops to wake up, an hour late this morning. Had planned on 45 minutes. When I did wake up Domino was sitting on the pillow above my head, head-butting me.

Work should have been a breeze, but a new test tool was not working for my small guinea pig team, so most of the day was taken up troubleshooting.

Forgot to post last time that last night's band rehearsal went well. I still needed a new lip by the end of it. Concert Sunday should be just fine. Then another on the following Sunday for the 4th.

Way too much stuff to do tomorrow:
  • Drop off 4 more reels of 8mm film to be processed
  • Mail back a bunch of cloth shopping bags lil' sis had put stuff in to bring home
  • Wells Fargo to get a signature card on file with them
  • Jeweler to have a couple of pieces cleaned and appraised
  • BofA to open a  safe deposit box
  • Mail DVDs to my favorite theater bum
  • Shop for tennis balls and hard foam roll for PT exercises
  • Movie? Massage?
  • Fire up Dad's CPU to see what all is on it.

Tonight I'm going to be a vegetable. Okra, maybe. But first I need to finish this chai latte and drive down the block to Rotten Robbie's.
Tags: medical, work

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