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It took all day, but with clues and a lot of work from one of my small world acquaintances, I solved a problem with one of our test tools which had me and one other engineer unable to use it. Too geeky to describe here, but the small world story goes like this: he's an engineer where I work, and is in charge of supporting this test tool. He also was the roommate of a fellow of Thai heritage who is now married to one of my Peace Corps alumni friends. She brought him to at least one of our meetings before they were married to compare Thailand notes. And they had their 1st anniversary last week.

Other than that, slow day at work, the firmware for the new device I'm testing was a little difficult to install, plus there was a lecture on something I am very interested in, but the guy speaks fast and with a thick accent, so I mostly just read his slides. I definitely need to look into a hearing aid. Or maybe just stick one in my ear, which would make more sense.

The tests I'm running are very tedious, I was spoiled the last couple of weeks working on new technology which we'd cleaned up the test cases for. The new ones have one test per case, these older ones can have 10 or more tests in the same case, and it's not uncommon for the software to time out on me before I can enter the pass/fail info.

BASFA was kind of fun, but I couldn't hear very well with all the cross-chatter. Miss a couple of LOLs.

On the way there I almost cried listening to a Thai song by a young woman named Ploy (which means "gem") which loses all its poetry in translation. It starts with her telling her boyfriend she doesn't have a broken heart, and she doesn't feel  "small hearted" and she tells him to look at the sky, the sky is our friend, the light from the stars shines down on us from it. She tells him not to be broken-hearted or small-hearted, and the song ends with her saying now she will have no one to miss, so he doesn't have to ask her "who else will you be missing?". The underlying theme is he kicker to the curb because he thought she was cheating on him, but she wasn't.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, IRS, and maybe the bank if the IRS doesn't take too long. Don't really need to do the bank stuff till next week. Since I'm the only one testing this machine this week, I should probably wait.

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