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Whose Day Was It?

Not mine, that's for sure. Got up early to print out parental tax returns to bring to the IRS for a Tax ID number for their estate. At the IRS at 8:35 (they opened at 8:30) and had to wait outside for 15 minutes because the line was that long inside. Got inside and there was no one at the reception desk. An African-American man in a satin-striped beige-on-tan zoot suit two sizes too large for him and wearing a fedora came out of one of the back rooms with some register tape and said "there has been technical problems", but the receptionist would be there soon. He wore no ID but apparently worked there. At 8:50 another IRS employee asked what I wanted, I said I needed a Tax ID for a living trust, and she said "we don't do that here". Their web site says they do. She gave me a book for Employer ID Numbers and a form, and said this is what's used for a trust. She told me I could also apply online.

The web site search had pointed me to EINs but it didn't mention trusts.

So, off to work, I was actually plenty early, so I went online and found the right link, and had two EINs in 5 minutes, one for the trust and one for Dad's estate, which includes the trust.

The machine I was testing started acting up. I filed three bugs. The first one was filed in the wrong place, my boss pointed me to the right place. After filing three in the right place my lead (who was out of the office) emailed that I shouldn't file bugs, just send her notes, because the manufacturers can see the bugs filed in that second place. Too bad.

Fed up with that, I drove to the bank to spend an hour with the estate expert, but she's on vacation till Tuesday. Sheesh. I knew I should have called. But I needed to get out of the office regardless and it was a gorgeous day.

Tackled some of the tougher tests, much tediousness, but at about 4:30 had had enough of that, and chose to do the "watch a high def movie all the way through" test. The machine glitched a couple of times, so I tried another movie. Another glitch. Tried it on another monitor. Third movie kept buffering forever, which is where I left it.

Went shopping, took me three different places to find 6 common items. And could not find corn chowder anywhere.

Home, brought in the stuff from the car. Nothing in my mailbox. Put everything away, flopped into the recliner, put the foot rest up and leaned back all the way and just vegged, with occasional repelling of orange furball. Decided on some piano therapy, thinking Bach's Prelude and Fugue in G Minor, but that's too depressing so I did some songs from Wicked and plunked around in major keys. Something from The Wedding Singer. "If I Told You". That perked me up a bit and scared the cats.

Made some dinner, read email, chatted with someone on IM, updated Quicken, did some research on the law firm which did my parents' wills (all three partners are dead), and I believe now I'll try to get to sleep. Probably turn the computer off first.

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