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Give Us This Day Our Daily Banana

One nice thing about where I work is the food. Free bananas, apples, and whatever is in season - this week there have been strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges and nectarines.

Finished testing the device I've been working on all week, it's a low-end home theater system with  blu-ray DVD player, and it probably will be certified, but it's not a unit I would run out and buy. Has a high quality sub-woofer, though.

They had another machine ready for me just as I wrapped that up, this time a pretty nice blu-ray player which we expected to do a fast cert on, but in an hour the three of us testing found seven flavors of fail, and next week the box will undergo a full suite of tests, and will fail certification. This is the second unit from this manufacturer which has killer hardware and goofy software.

There was a snafu setting up the second machine which had to be fixed by others, so I ducked out for 90 minutes to go to the local Scottrade office and do the paperwork to get the parental trust account transferred over to me. The fellow I worked with apparently had never seen a living trust before, and was trying very hard to wrap his brain around the concept of no courts, no lawyers, just a notarized document. With help from his manager and the Seattle office where the account was set up, I think we have it right. The routine for this one is to put a hold on the original account, open a new account with a new tax ID number I set up for the trust in my name, show ID and the death certificates (which were faxed to Seattle) and the process will start sometime next week. My account is open, I just need to log in and set up passwords and security questions, but there may be a little glitch in closing the original account because my big sister who lives overseas is also named as a successor trustee in Scottrade's paperwork. She isn't mentioned in the official trust documents, though, and there have been no amendments to it. I'm hoping the official document will clear this up - only because of the hoops sis would have to jump through to get her verified signature sent in. All the siblings are on the same page on this, thanks to being Brought Up Right™, but the less hoops the sooner everyone gets his/her share.

Was going to do laundry tonight, till I realized I have plenty 'o' time tomorrow, and still  one set of underwear left.

Am writing this from starbucks, the free wifi is almost as annoying as the free wifi they gave me each time I used my card.  Damned lawyers. You still have to open a browser and click a box signing your life away and a button which says "connect" if you are on a full-sized screen, or "C" if your netbook screen can't show the whole page at once. Wish they would stop getting so fancy with layout and let the page resize to fit the viewing area.

I tried out the free wifi last night at the late night location in MV, but the netbook kept wanting to be on Google's lame 1-bar connection, probably because it gives direct access with no browser clicking.

Plans for tonight:
Maybe do some editing on the digitized 8mm movies
Fill out T. Rowe Price and TD Ameritrade forms
buy litterbox refills
Go for a swim?
Ye Olde Towne Band is playing at 10:30 am for the Los Altos 4th of July festivities in Shoup Park
Meet friends and carpool to Shoreline Amphitheater for the SF Symphony concert/fireworks
I can go to work if I want, probably won't, though.
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