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Win Some, Lose Some

Bad day at work today. Much political foo. TGIF.


Lots of packages picked up:

  • Lonely Planet's Thailand guide, which was just released last week. Excellent timing!

  • Latest edition ofcmpriest's Four & Twenty Blackbirds, signed (and dated) by the author.

  • A long-awaited copy of OmniPage 15, very fine OCR software which I immediately put to use

  • Thinknet's MapMagic CD and map of Thailand, 2005-2006 bilingual edition. I had the Thai-only one, which was impossible to search.

  • A couple of Thai karaoke DVDs

  • A couple of Theodore Sturgeon books


Was working from home, expecting to be conference called at about 2 pm for our weekly staff meeting. We missed the last 2 weeks. It never happened. Boss sent email at about 6 pm canceling it.

The reason I was working from home is I was waiting for UPS to deliver the way-too-expensive travel pack I'd planned on taking on vacation. They didn't show up till 5:30. It was too big for him to leave at the apartment office, so staying home for it was a good choice.

But the pack was disappointing. Way too heavy, and while it is mostly extremely well-built and designed, the main zipper is plastic, and sewn too close to the frame, so it jams. Went online and filled in eBag's RMA form, and will be sending it back. I'll go with the less fully featured travel pack I already have.

Wanted to see Oklahoma again at Saratoga Drama Group, but still felt bad from work foo, needed to get groceries, and just generally made myself too late to go.

Peace Corps alumni group picnic tomorrow. I'm all set. Will bring along my bike, camera and two roasting pans full of yellow curried chicken drumsticks. I guess I need to make a sign with the ingredients. You never know who is allergic (which is why I left out the peanuts which I usually include when it's for myself). May see the show tomorrow night (closing!). We'll see. No plans for Sunday - may do my usual 10-mile bike ride.

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