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Not So "Me" Day

Was thinking of making this a "me" day, but after sleeping in I ended up doing a series of chores and errands. I stayed in bed later than usual because Domino decided it would be the one morning a year where she would curl up on my chest and purr and not jump off as soon as I went to pet her. 

Went to Amarin Thai and treated myself to an expensive lunch, and flirted a bit with the waitress, but the food wasn't worth the price except for the mangoes and sticky rice.

Found a potential new dentist really close to the apartment, but they were closed today. Will call them tomorrow.

Watched Last Comic Standing, and was not thrilled by any of the comics, and was annoyed at how bad the video editing was. And the judges were way too non-judgmental.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call dentist
Doctor's appointment (mostly routine)
BofA to get Dad's bank account settled
Call about his life insurance
Do some paperwork for some New Zealand shares he owned

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