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Auditions and Corn

Auditions went well. I arrived half an hour early for my 7:10 appointment, and was surprised that they had not started yet. I was the first one there, and expected to fill out the paperwork and wait my turn, but they took me first, putting a cold shortie bottle of water in my hand when  I mentioned needing hydration. The very talented Larry B. was the accompanist, we go way back, I think maybe to my first G&S show at Stanford in 1990. I sang Old Man River, which doesn't have an intro in the arrangement I use, and when I asked Larry to play the starting chord for me he invented a 4-bar intro instead. That helped a lot. He stayed with me for the whole number, and I was surprised they let me sing the whole piece because the last several auditions I went to at South Bay MT and Sunnyvale Community Players they cut everyone off well before we had a chance to show our stuff. I kept waiting for a cut-off, and hoping I could remember the words. I love Lyric's rehearsal/warehouse space because it makes my voice sound HUGE, and this is a number which I can sing to the next county over even without that. I saw the director smile once, but otherwise everyone was non-committal.

I have no idea if there is a part for an old fat bass, but it was just fun to let loose and sing up a storm.

And now it's time to go downstairs where some homemade cole slaw and homemade corn chowder is waiting.

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