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I must be in Baltimore, because I'm going to the office building where my sister works. I take the elevator to the 7th floor, because I know that's her floor. [IRL I have no idea which building or floor she works on]. I get out of the elevator and go to the desk which has the floor directory, and start reading. The directory is not the usual dull list of departments, it says things like "We claim American Airlines, Del Monte, Johnson & Jonson as our own" and "We are raiding Paramount Studios for movie clips" and "The orphans of the world count on us for breast milk". I don't find my sister, but somehow it is no longer important. I take the elevator back to the lobby and start walking outside down the block. This is not the Baltimore I have visited, it is like a generic downtown, and I am just walking on the same street for miles, into a section which no longer has skyscrapers and is just one and two story shops. Auto mechanics, mom & pop grocers, storefront churches, etc. I walk into a nondescript office which on the outside has maybe three floors, and get into the elevator. I punch the button for the 7th floor, again intending on visiting my sister.There are several other people in the elevator.

The elevator goes up to what would have been the 7th floor had there been one, and then acts like a monorail car, taking us through the air back along the route I had walked. I look out the now-glass sides of the elevator, trying to locate the tracks we must be on but don't see any, even thought it acts like it is on tracks, and everyone else on the elevator is acting as if this is their normal way to get to the 7th floor.

After a scenic flight over this non-Baltimore, we arrive back at the first building's 7th floor through an elevator sky bridge, and I go back to reading the directory, which is even more entertaining than before with many "we claim"s, and "we own"s and one which says "saving the homeless from a world they never made".

I wake up, still reading the memory of the directory. I have not seen my sister.
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