Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Growth Industry

We had our quarterly all-hands meeting today, and I'm guessing there were twice as many people there than last time. And they said there are still 27 open reqs for the department.

All during the first presentation I kept trying to reconcile the fact that the speaker had a mild British Commonwealth accent, probably Australia or New Zealand, but I knew our CEO was a US Peace Corps volunteer, so that made no sense. Somewhere in there I realized this is not the CEO, this is our department Veep.

Two hours of that meeting, then an hour of team meeting with boss' boss as the first presenter. The good news is all the presentations at both meetings were interesting and well delivered; the bad news is 3 hours is too much. More than an hour is too much. I was starting testing on a new device today, and that put a huge dent in my progress. And then I found I was assigned the most boring tests we have, starting with one which was supposed to have been split into 10 tests. We don't keep track of time-per-test, but I hate it when it looks like I haven't done anything in an hour.

Time to go home. I tried a more eye-candylicious Starbucks tonight, but the table next to me is now occupied by a group of women gathered around the Obligatory C=Screaming Baby.™.


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