Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

eod wrap-up

New dentist is a very pretty American-born Chinese woman in her 20's, friendly manner, and she did a thorough but painless job. Nice clinic with four stations, very modern. The assistants were all very good too.

Afterwards went to Costco to buy croissants and impulse bought an HP wireless all-in-one printer/scanner/copier which allowed me to retire two scanners and a printer, giving me a lot more space in the computer niche. Impressive little machine, wireless was a snap to set up, it printed a check right the first time, and is much quicker to start printing than the Epson USB printer was. Two things made me buy it: Wireless means I can also print from the netbook without having the big PC fired up and it can print CDs/DVDs. The mechanism for that is way spiffier than the Epson's. I wonder if I can print from the iPhone? Hmmm.

The fax part is useless as I have no landline, but who cares?

Imported the first of two DV tapes made from the 8mm films, and once again they seem to have some clips out order. I know my Dad was meticulous about that when he put them on the reels, I suspect the transfer service was not as careful as they needed to be when they repaired splices. I can fix that in software. There is a lot of footage of a trip we made to Washington DC in the winter of 1958-9, which I only barely remember. Odd, because I was already about 9 years old. There is also a clip of my baby sister at about 3 days old being driven home from the hospital. And a lot of time spent at a Catskills petting zoo. Nice to see I was always good with animals. And a priceless clip of #2 sister tormenting the baby.

Okay cupid did it again. They matched me with an old friend. Old friend is using a different city than she actually lives in, and possibly the least flattering photo she owns, and she has cleverly hidden her vast theater experience with the hint that on Friday nights she is often found watching a play which friends are in. And in other theater news, a woman I directed in a play a few years ago posted that she just got her MD.

Plans for tomorrow:
Photo shoot in Los Altos Hills. Import the second tape. Maybe go swimming.

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